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Chapter 868 Hi Bye! 1


The mission failed!

Yi did not want to think too much about what would happen after tonight.

He cleared his thoughts completely and began to think about how to explain to Rao Yaoyao.

After he cleared his thoughts and truly calmed down, Yi completely recovered his previous calmness.

But he could still feel faintly…

Things didnt seem to have truly ended

A Great Void, after experiencing everything that happened tonight which made no sense, still had something to worry about.

But it was very difficult to recall what it was…

Often, the most crucial information was in a dark corner!

Yi stopped in his tracks.

He had a large amount of interrogation experience.

Moreover, many times, after the interrogation failed, he would return to his calm path and capture some crucial information that he had overlooked before returning to the successful interrogation.

Looking back at tonight…

After the interrogation, was there really nothing but thatBoy! that he had a deep impression of

Yi stopped breathing and his brain started to spin crazily.

“Life-Devouring Wood Physique, Saint Servant Sleeveless…”

“Life-Devouring Wooden Physique, Sang Qiye…”

“Why did I seem to have seen these two before.

They seem to be related.”

Yi frowned.

He was sure that he didnt know that Mu Mixi had seen Sang Qiye before.

However, whenLife-Devouring Wooden Physique andSang Qiye were in the same frame in his mind, Yi was sure that he had seen them somewhere before.

There was definitely a connection between the two!

“Sang Qiye…”

He couldnt connect the dots from Mu Zixi.

Yi started from the Saint Servant Sleeveless.

The information about Saint Servant Sleeveless that he came into contact with was the information sent to the six divisions after the other party was imprisoned.

This was a great victory for the Holy Divine Palace.

Almost all the higher-ups of the six divisions received information about Sang Qiye, and Yi was no exception.

In the information…

“Yes, its in the information!”

Yis eyes suddenly lit up.

In the information, he had seen such sentences: Sang Qiye had two disciples in the Tiansang Spirit Palace.

One was Xu Xiaoshou who had joined the Saint Servant, with details at the back.

The other was Mu Zixi who had done nothing and had the Life-Devouring Wood Physique.

Nothing else was mentioned about Sang Qiyes second disciple except this sentence.

Yi didnt even know about Mu Zixis look, the cultivation level, and the sex.

However, the Great Voids photographic memory and powerful intuition had allowed him to find this inconspicuous piece of information from the depths of his sealed memories after he came into contact with Mu Zixi, because of theLife-Devouring Wood Physique andSang Qiye.

It was so inconspicuous!

It was so inconspicuous that even Rao Yaoyao, Ye Xiao, and the others couldnt connect them together.

It was because everyone knew that infernal lineage had very strict requirements for their descendants.

Basically, when one disciple had grown and developed, the other disciples would either die or cripple.

This piece of information was so crucial!

It was so crucial that if this inconspicuous thing could be connected to the current situation, it would be the real password to solve the puzzle!

Yi didnt change his expression, even though his heart was in turmoil.

But what he displayed was an extremely indifferent expression.

He turned around.

His face naturally returned to Sang Qiyes appearance.

This time, he didnt threaten or never threatened.

Yi only used Sang Qiyes voice.

Not far from Mu Zixi, under the hazy night sky, he was as if he had known her for a long time as he asked in a very ordinary manner.

“Oh yes, Disciple, Master still dont understand one thing…”

Mu Zixis small face was still filled with joy.

When she heard this, she subconsciously answered, “What is it”

It was just three words.

The little girls eyes froze.

She realized that something was wrong.

Her entire body was emitting cold air, but she had yet to be able to react.


At this moment, a sonic boom erupted from Yis position.

His figure suddenly tore through the space.

At this moment, he was using all his strength to attack Mu Zixis face.

He grabbed it with his hand.


The little girl watched helplessly as the afterimage disappeared not far away and anElder Sang appeared in front of her.

When the newElder Sang faced her, he directly grabbed her neck with one hand and forcefully lifted her up.

The world then turned upside down…

“You… really… are… lying!” Yi roared hysterically, pausing after every word he said.

At this moment, the anger in his heart was like a river that was flowing endlessly.

He felt ashamed and angry that he had been deceived and humiliated by a junior.

He also had the trauma that he had almost missed out on a key person.

Would a stranger care about the question asked by a former enemy, Sang Qiye

She should care about the wordsDisciple andMaster!

“Youre insulting me!”

He was furious.

Mu Zixi, who was lifted high, was pushed back to the limit of his arms.

He then bent his body and smashed her onto the ground.


The air blast exploded along with the gravel.

A deep pit that was hundred of feet or so in size was blasted out on the spot.


Mu Zixi opened her mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood.

Her vision was drowned by the sand and blood.

She only felt that at this moment, even the world had lost its color.

Under the fury of the Great Void, even if he didnt use his spiritual source, even if he only relied on the strength of his physical body, it was still not something a Master (stage) junior could withstand.

Mu Zixi could only feel her entire body crack.

She could clearly feel that the flesh and bones on her back had completely shattered.


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