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Chapter 844 Did You Ask Me Before Making a Move Against Someone From the First Pavilion in the Sky!

“The Life-devouring Wood Physique” At the same time, Jiang Xian, who had left far away from the battlefield, frowned and tilted his head while he thought about it.

“Is this really the Life-devouring Wood Physique The Life-devouring Wood Physique is only a spiritual physique, but the abilities that this girl has displayed are no less than that of an ordinary sacred physique.

Then, if what she has is actually a sacred physique…” As he had recalled some bad memories, Jiang Xians pupils abruptly contracted.

Seeing this, Duoer thought that the Demi-Saints descendant had been frightened by the Xu Faction leaders methods.

“It seems that you wont be able to do anything else,” She smiled and turned her gaze towards Su Qianqian.

“Then, if I manage to obtain the spatial origin stone, please dont interfere in the future.”

Jiang Xian did not reply.

Duoer only thought that he had tacitly agreed.

Thus, she waved her hands in the air and with that, countless black insect shadows surged out from her sleeves.

At the same time, Duoer moved, and the towering ancient trees that Mu Zixi had summoned disintegrated as if they had been weathered, turning into specks of wood and dissipating

Then, countless poisonous worms flew out from where the ancient trees had just been!

“What are these” Mu Zixis scalp went numb.

She had used did her utmost to create the dense forest, yet the other party destroyed it in an instant

“Black Heart Gu! How is it, you havent seen it before, right” Duoer tilted her head and smiled.

Her body which was wrapped full of bandages under her red dress gave off an eerie feeling along with her words.

Mu Zixi was immediately one guard, facing a great enemy.

This person was completely different from the other cultivators!

She gave off a very disgusting feeling…

“Next, do let me see whether your ancient trees or my Black Heart Gu are stronger” Duoer tilted her head and with a “whoosh”, she appeared not far away from Mu Zixi.

She raised her hand again, and the poisonous worms behind her rushed forward like locusts buzzing in the sky.

Mu Zixi, Xiao Wanfeng, and the others felt their hair stand on end.

Anyone with trypophobia would go crazy faced with the densely packed black insect figures that covered the sky and earth! “Little Tree…” Mu Zixi stretched out her hand.

“Theres no need for trees!” Duoer interrupted Mu Zixis casting

With that, before the remaining seeds on the ground could explode, black poisonous worms came out one after another from them.

The seeds had been rendered ineffective!

At some point, the Black Heart Gu had already invaded all the seeds.

Mu Zixis backup plan had been halted before it could even be activated.

“As expected, you are really disgusting…” Mu Zixi was a little flustered.

She guessed that these poisonous worms had probably been lying in ambush in advance, as she had done, and was not a method that had been specifically designed against her.

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If that was the case, Duoer had probably confirmed her purpose before the fight even began: She wanted to make everyone here die!

“Aunt Mu…” Xiao Wanfeng looked at the sky full of poisonous worms and his face was deathly pale.

He looked at Mu Zixi, wanting to see what else she could do.

“You guys get away first, I will cover the rear!” Mu Zixi waved her sleeve indifferently.

Xiao Wanfengs heart skipped a beat.

He could see that even Aunt Mu was not confident in facing Duoers attack.

“Members of the Xu Faction, follow me!” Seeing that the situation was developing in an unfavorable direction, Rong Dahao waved his hand and gathered the Xu Faction members, wanting to charge into the crowd of worms to help in blocking the attack.

He could see that Leader Mu was powerless.

Perhaps the Black Heart Gu was very strong, so strong that it could devour all the members present, but if he did not charge now, Rong Dahao knew that if he met Young Master Xu again, he would not be able to explain himself.

Xiao Wanfeng and Su Qianqian also did not leave.

The two looked at the swarm of worms that came attacking in the sky.

One was indifferent as she raised her sword, while the other wore a determined look, determined to share life and death.

Mu Zixi clenched her fists.

She indeed found it difficult to resist the wave of attack from the Black Heart Gu, but it was not completely unsolvable.

As long as she used the God Devil Eyes, she believed that she could control the swarm of insects in the sky.

By then, she only needed to reach Duoer and take her head, as if this was what the so-called “Xu Faction leader” should do.

However, she also understood that not all power was suitable to be displayed in the Yunlun Mountain Range.

“Then, there is only one last ability left…” The little girl gritted her teeth and spread out her hand.

A faint light enveloped it, and her hand emitted a weak power of the world.

It was the World Source of the White Cave!

With this, she would be able to do something like create a Sovereign Domain that she believed would allow her to control the army of poisonous worms with no difficulty!

Mu Zixi knew that in order to protect everyone, she had to reveal some of her trump cards.

“Hehehe, an ambitious attempt,” In the distance, Duoer tilted her head and laughed lightly.

Her laughter was ethereal, but it was full of ridicule.

She wanted to see how these people were planning to resist stubbornly under the unsolvable attack.

Although there was only one Mother Gu to the Black Heart Gu and the rest were all condensed from energy, the moment they came into contact with spiritual energy, the army of poisonous worms could suck any spiritual cultivator dry in an instant.

Their way ofsucking a person dry was much stronger than the so-called Life-devouring Wood Physique.

They would simultaneously suck the spiritual energy, life force, flesh, and blood of a person dry, causing neither body nor soul to be left of the person!

“All of you retreat –” When the army of poisonous worms attacked, Mu Zixi shouted angrily and flew into the air, wanting to block this attack alone so that no one else would suffer together.

The reinforcements from the Xu Faction were obviously too late.

It took time to rush from the back of the battlefield to where the poisonous worm army was.

Xiao Wanfeng was helpless as he could only use his hand to lightly hold the hilt of his sword, giving mental support.

Still, he was extremely worried about Mu Zixi who was about to be the first to bear the brunt of the attack.

As long as there was a need, he could unsheath his sword at any time!

Su Qianqian trembled as she held her spiritual sword, Gui Xue.

Her eyes were closed as she started gathering Sword Will again.

At this moment, Jiang Xian, Tang Zheng, and the others who were away from the battlefield all turned their eyes and looked toward the horizon as if they had sensed something.

“Whats the rush” At the same time, they heard a light and carefree voice that carried a hint of blame, as well as a faint trace of annoyance.

Upon hearing the sound, Mu Zixi and the others instantly stopped, and joy flashed across their faces.

The entire space froze for a second at this moment.

It was not an illusion!

The space had really froze for an instant!

Just as the poisonous worm armys sneak attack was frozen in space and they halted in mid-air, in the blink of an eye, there was a “whoosh”!

The second of silence made the intense sword cries of the black sword that was flying towards them from afar seem even more ear-piercing.

Everyone looked up.

A black sword that was moving at such a high speed that sparks were even coming out of its end surpassed the army of poisonous worms with the momentum of a meteor and pierced hard into the ground between Mu Zixi and Duoer.

“Wu –” The ear-piercing sword cries reverberated in everyones ears, causing them to be stunned for a moment.

Even the army of poisonous worms stopped their advance because they hadnt been controlled in time.

“Sword cries” After a short second of daze, Duoer recovered from the strange sword cries.

She waved her hand, and the Black Heart Gu once again continued its attack.

“I said, dont be anxious!” The voice that came from the surroundings had a hint of anger.

Just as everyone felt this anger, a huge force came crashing down.


The Black Heart Gu army had clearly been flying in the air, but with this, it suddenly sank and had almost been blasted into the ground by the aura.

Even though the worms had managed to stabilize their bodies, their movements now were as if they had been subjected to ten times the gravity, which made it difficult for them to move.

Duoer finally realized that the person who had come was not simple.

She stopped moving and looked at the figure that was slowly descending from the sky.

At this moment, everyone saw the white-robed figure that was descending from the sky.

He was so calm and carefree to the point that even in such a situation, it seemed like nothing would be able to force him to move even a tiny bit faster.

It was as if even if the sky had collapsed, everyone present had to wait for him to slowly descend before they could continue with the rest of the matters.

“Show-off!” Mu Zixi could not help but mutter as she looked at the figure that was descending like a God at the critical moment, he even had a faint layer of golden light covering his entire body for some reason.

However, deep in her heart, she was very envious of Xu Xiaoshou such that he always managed to have such a special aura and light effects when he appeared.

“Young Master Xu…” Xiao Wanfeng raised his eyes and looked at the descending white-clothed figure with some kind of holy light behind him.

He felt like he was looking at an angel

He never held grudges.

At this moment, wwhoever could break them free of such a predicament under such circumstances was a true angel!

“Youre here…” Su Qianqian muttered softly.

She also looked over.

There didnt seem to be much of a reaction from her, but the frost in her eyes had melted a lot.

It seemed that as long as this person appeared, she could temporarily return to the state she had been previously in the small courtyard.

Carefree and without a care for anything.

Even if this person didnt look like that person at all, there were many things in this world that couldnt be explained with “why” and “because”.

Sometimes, with just a feeling, she could determine who the person was.

At this moment, Hidden Bitter, the black sword that had pierced into the ground, felt as if it had been waiting for a century, but the stench of its Masters feet had yet to arrive.

It got itself out of the ground in anger and stabbed straight at the young man who was bathing in the holy light in the sky.

However, the young man seemed to have expected this.

His expression remained the same as he raised his feet and kicked again.

With a “clang!, Hidden Bitter pierced into the ground once more.

Then, as if he hadnt done anything, he continued to land leisurely.

The soles of his feet tapped lightly, and he stood firmly on the black sword.

Xu Xiaoshou looked around.

Nobody know what he saw, but he was nodding lightly.

In the beginning, when he appeared, the notifications in the information bar had appeared as such.

“In Awe, Passive Points 1245.”

After he settled down, he didst speak another word for a good long time.

Even Hidden Bitter had become impatient from the wait, and it struggled like a maggot trying to wriggle up.

Bu then, the information bar had become as such:

“Suspected, Passive Points 644.” Conjecture, Passive Points 438.”

“Disliked, Passive Points 120.”

Duoer looked at the strange man who had suddenly appeared.

After waiting for a while, she realized that he had no intention of speaking.

He only nodded to everyone around him and occasionally waved his hand.

With that, she suddenly realized that this person might be seriously ill in the head!

“Who are you” After a long while, Duoer could not help but ask first.

After waiting for so long, this question had finally been asked.

Xu Xiaoshou lifted his chin and glanced at her with disdain.

Then, he looked at his junior sister and call her to account, “Whats wrong with you Why did you kill all of them Do you not want the points anymore”

Duoer, “…”

Her eyebrows and the corners of her eyes twitched.

She felt that she had been ignored.

Behind Xu Xiaoshou, Mu Zixi stomped her feet in a slightly irritable manner and retorted, “Are you blind Cant you see that these people are just unconscious How many of them did I


Xiao Wanfeng raised his hand and said weakly, “I can testify to that.

Aunt Mu did only send kill a few.

Most of them had been killed by Miss Su, but thats only because we didnt have a choice at that time.”

Hearing this, Xu Xiaoshou turned around and looked at Su Qianqian.

Its been a long time since he had met the little girl…

Su Qianqians eyes met his and the corners of her mouth curved slightly.

Big Brother Shou…

However, Xu Xiaoshous expression remained the same as if he was just seeing a stranger.

As soon as their eyes met, he moved his gaze away, “Thank you for saving the people from the First Pavilion in the Sky.

In the future, if you have any requests, just say them.”

Su Qianqian was silent.

She felt a deliberate distance between them and knew why, so she didnt say anything more.

“Who are you!” Duoer couldnt help but ask again.

Her tone was already quite irritable.

Xu Xiaoshou stood on the black sword and turned his gaze over, pausing for half a second before he looked over at the members of the Xu Faction.

The Xu Faction had grown stronger!

Back when he had handed it over to Rong Dahao, he had clearly stated that the Xu Faction only needed 900 people.

However, after Mu Zixi took over, she clearly ignored this rule.

At this moment, she had increased his followers by a few hundred.

Seeing the man look over, Rong Dahao immediately cupped his fists, “Greetings, leader!”

The corner of Xu Xiaoshous mouth twitched.

What kind of rule was this

The Xu Faction hadnt been like this in the


With his, he could already tell how unreliable Mu Zixi was, training these people to such a ghostly state…

Even though among the thousand Xu Faction members, hundreds of them were rookies, Young Master Xus appearance had been too powerful and the way he spoke had been too sharp.

Thus, in just an instant, the rookies also understood who this person was.

With that, along with the 900 members who had joined earlier, they cupped their fists and respectfully shouted, “Greetings, Xu Faction leader! The leader will rule the martial arts world for thousands of generations!”

Their sound waves shook the heavens and dust billowed.

Mu Zixi, “…”


The results of her many days of training had been plagiarized!

“Cursed, Passive Points 1, 1, 1, 1…”

When Xu Xiaoshou heard the uniform shout, his spirit was aroused and he couldnt help but puff out his chest.

He decided to abandon his previous ignorance.

His junior sister had taught these people well!

“Young Master Xu” On the other side, Duoer could no longer suppress her speechlessness.

She narrowed her eyes and asked, displeased, “So you are Young Master Xu of the First Pavilion in the Sky, Xu Deye”

Xu Xiaoshou finally turned his eyes to her and smiled, “Since you know me, why did you ask so many questions just now”

Duoer was angered.

Didnt she just deduce this from the words of the people around Before this, who would have thought that someone who seemed crazy would be the Demi-Saints descendant, Xu Deye!

There wouldve been something wrong with her brain if she had linked the two together before this!

Rather, being a Demi-Saints descendant like him had even lowered her status!

Duoer was furious, “You…”

“You, my ass!” Xu Xiaoshou suddenly interrupted and shouted angrily, “Who are you Did I give you permission to speak”

After saying this sentence, his gaze became serious, and the atmosphere dropped to the freezing point.

Everyone shivered as they could feel the terrifyingly low pressure starting to wreak havoc in their hearts like ice mist.

Xu Xiaoshou jumped down from Hiden Bitter, and with a flip of his hand, the black sword entered his palm.

He pointed his sword forward, blocking the Black Heart Gu that covered the sky alone.

His expression was cold as he said coldly, “Did you ask me before making a move against someone from the First Pavilion in the Sky!”


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