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Chapter 836 Terrifying Soul Reading!

Soul Reading These two words, especially the first word,Soul, caused Xu Xiaoshous breathing to stop.

Suddenly, he gasped for air.

“Young Master Xu” Xin Gugu and Liu Changqing, who were standing beside him, sensed something strange.

They thought that Young Master Xus cultivation had gone awry again, so they quickly looked back.

“Dont interrupt me!” Xu Xiaoshous face was scarlet red.

After he opened his eyes and shouted, he continued to close his eyes and looked at the new awakening technique that appeared in his mind.

Xin Gugu,”…” Liu Changqing,”…” “Has he always been like this” Liu Changqing asked hesitantly.

Xin Gugu thought for a moment, nodded, and then shook his head, saying, “In the past, this illness wasnt so serious, but now, its getting worse.”

Liu Changqing was stunned for a moment, then continued to close his eyes and comprehend the Divine Secret technique.

Xin Gugu sighed and looked back at Xu Xiaoshou.

He thought that with Xu Xiaoshous shrewdness, he wouldnt be the first to die even if the sky collapsed.

It was useless to worry, so he continued to look at his trial map.

In the spiritual world.

Xu Xiaoshou was really frightened by this awakening skill calledSoul Reading.

It was because there was no introduction for the extended passive skill awakening.

He could only sense it and deduce it based on the most direct feeling brought about by this awakening skill.

“Soul Reading, a control skill”

“Immobilizing a person and reading their


“But, whats there to read about the soul”

Xu Xiaoshou only frowned for a moment before he suddenly remembered thatPerception was a passive skill that assisted in information acquisition, and his eyes lit up.

Memory Reading

Perhaps this awakening skill could directly read others souls

Just like howPerception could obtain information on the physical level, Awakening Skills were usually enhanced in this situation by an abnormal level.

Therefore, it could read the information on the non-physical level, such as memory

Xu Xiaoshous eyes lit up immediately.

He breathed out hot air from his nostrils and directly stared at Xin Gugu.

Xin Gugu was terrified.

“Young Master Xu” Xu Xiaoshou calmed down after being shouted at.

IfSoul Reading could only read others memories, it should be called “Memory Reading”.

But when he looked at this name…

Soul Reading!


It was not just reading memories, right

If he tried it out and others souls were read until they were rotten, what should he do

After all, even though Xu Xiaoshou had never seen the evil divine skill such as the soul-searching technique, he had heard that it was extremely harmful to the human body.

Normally, after using the soul-searching technique, the person would die.

After all, in terms of soul related, even a Spiritual Cultivator wouldnt be able to cultivate it or attack it.

Something that had never been trained in the entire life was as fragile as a piece of paper.

How could it allow the other partys consciousness to enter it vigorously

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Looking back at the group of members of the Xiao Xu Faction who were cultivating cross-legged below, Xu Xiaoshou was somewhat tempted.

Find a stranger to test his ability

That wouldnt do either!

The members of the Xiao Xu Faction were on the same side!

Perhaps from the very beginning, thisSoul Reading had decided that it couldnt be used often.

It could only be used on those who were extremely vicious and wanted to take his life.

For example, Yi, the Chief of the Transformation Division! “I dont know if this skill can control the Higher Void (level).

If it can…” Xu Xiaoshou deduced based on his first instinct.

He felt that this most intuitive feeling should not be wrong.

Soul Reading should be able to be used at the same time as the battle started, reading the opponents soul.

It was secondary if it could read the information or not.

It was the ability to interrupt the opponents casting at the critical moment, as well as the ability to continuously control when reading the soul that would probably determine the quality and effect of this awakening skill.

It wasnt just a support type, it was also a mind control type!

Based on this deduction…

“Isnt that too amazing”

Xu Xiaoshou thought of that day in Dongtianwang City when he fought with the masked Nine Serenities Ghost Child of Yama organization.

The other party was also a genius who had mastered the Iron-type Upanishad.

However, because he was too arrogant, he could not even use one-tenth of his full strength.

As the result, he, Aje, and the Fourth Sword worked together and turned him into adevil being on the spot.

If the boss of Yama had not appeared, the Nine Serenities Ghost Child would have died then.

That time, Xu Xiaoshou had messed up the information.

As he had fought Yu Lingdi of the Water-type Upanishad, he knew how terrifying the Sovereign (stage) of the Water-type Upanishad was.

Thus, when he attacked, he used all the trump cards.

But the opponent was not.

So it was doomed.

However, after the entire battle, what surprised Xu Xiaoshou the most was not the Iron Upanishad of the masked Nine Serenities Ghost Child, but the opponents eye of the Lei Familys Eyes

Soul-Fixing Eyes!

That pair of Soul-Fixing Eyes with a green light was still fresh in Xu Xiaoshous memory.

If it werent for the fact that the Soul-Fixing Eyes couldnt stop the soulless Aje during that battle, Xu Xiaoshou would have been gone long ago.

And now, the Soul Reading that he had awakened seemed to have a soul-controlling effect similar to the Soul-Fixing Eyes as long as he followed the direction that he had predicted.

“Very strong!”

Xu Xiaoshou was certain that this most expensive awakening skill, which was worth close to 400,000 passive points, would have very strong ability.

He suddenly thought that it was indeed somewhat sinful to use Soul Reading on a living person, but what about a dead person “If its used on a dead person, can it read his soul information, memories, and the like” “If it can, this is too amazing.

The strongest investigator” “Oh, why does this name seem a little strange…”

Xu Xiaoshou rubbed his chin, ignoring Xin Gugus strange expression as he continued to think.

After a person died, his soul would not dissipate right away.

It would remain for a period of time.

A Demi-Saint had the ability to capture a remnant soul and bring it back to life.

Perhaps, Yu Lingdi had been resurrected in this manner, but Xu Xiaoshou did not know how difficult the process would be…

Xu Xiaoshou thought.

He felt that Yu Lingdis body and soul had been destroyed by Elder Sang, but he could still come back to life even though he was dead physically and non-physically.

The implications were too great.

And that was not what he was thinking about.

It was only a question of whether a persons soul could be read after death.

This question…

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly looked at Xin Gugu again.

The hair on Xin Gugus back stood on end.

He felt that Xu Xiaoshous gaze was full of ill intentions.

He hugged his arms tightly and stuttered, “You! What” Xu Xiaoshou was amused.

He didnt need to kill this fellow to verify it.

At this moment.

Outside the spiritual array, the members of the Xiao Xu Faction carried the corpse of the spiritual beast in.

“Brothers, stop cultivating.

Weve just killed a Master (stage) extinct giant bear.

You guys who are fire-type can grill it.

I just want a little of the bear paw.

You guys can split the rest.”

The bear-fighting guy shouted.

After that, he glanced at the mountain where Young Master Xu was standing and muttered, “It would be great if Young Master Xu could grill it.

The bear paws that he grilled are simply a delicacy that only exists in the heavens.

After eating it, one can even improve his cultivation level.”

Soon after, a Spiritual Cultivator finished his cultivation and stood up.

He took the bear paws and started to prepare them.

As he was doing so, he said.

“Dont even think about it.

Young Master Xu has started cultivating.” “You didnt see it previously.

Young Master Xus breakthrough drained the Heaven and Earth spiritual energy within a few miles.”

“What the f*ck Can you believe that was the phenomenon of the cultivation of a Spiritual Cultivator at the Master (stage) I dont think the Sovereign (stage) is that exaggerated either! As expected of the Demi-Saints descendant, unparalleled sacred physique!” Everyone was excited when they heard this.


“If you want to talk about Young Master Xus breakthrough, then you have to talk about that calf… Ugh!”

The man had wanted to talk about this matter, but he saw Young Master Xu, who was on the top of the mountain, appear in front of the giant bear at some point in time.

He was even staring at him fiercely.

The man became timid and smiled.

He shrunk his neck and turned around.

“Hehe, come, Ill help Young Master Xu roast the bear paw.

Let Young Master Xu have a taste of my cooking skill.”

“Young Master Xu.” “Young Master Xu!” “Young Master Xu…”

Not many people around were awake.

When they saw Young Master Xu coming over, they opened their eyes to greet him.

After all, Young Master Xu would not disturb their cultivation during the normal time.

He must have come over today to tell them something important.

When Xu Xiaoshou saw the corpse of the spiritual beast, he realized that he had gone too far.

His Soul Reading was somewhat evil when used on living people, but reading the soul of the spiritual beast after death could also verify his thoughts! Waving his hand, Xu Xiaoshou ordered, “All the members of the Xiao Xu Faction, set off! Gather all the members of the faction who have been wandering outside.

Before the opening of the Nine Dagon Range, I need all of you to gather here and directly take all the resources for the second round of the trial.”


Everyone stood up and shouted in unison.

Then, Xiao Jing reminded them of the details and ordered the small teams to send people to find the members of the faction.

In the Cloud Realm world, the communication bead was useless.

Thus they could only rely on the most primitive means, such as running to the gathering point and launching the gathering signal flare into the sky.

The crowd had dispersed.

Xu Xiaoshou said to Xiao Jing, “Dont eat this bear.

I have other use.”

Xiao Jing was stunned.

He wanted to give this giant bear to his brothers! But since Young Master Xu had said so, he didnt ask why and just nodded.

Xu Xiaoshou lifted the front paw of the bear and was about to take it away for testing.


His five fingers pierced into the bears body like a dagger, taking out a large piece of meat.

This time, Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

He wasnt the only one who was stunned.

Xiao Jing was stunned too! Some of the Xiao Xu Faction members who hadnt left were also stunned.

“Young Master Xu, why to this extent” The man with a lot of ideas swallowed a mouthful of saliva and said with pity in his eyes, “Its just a dead bear…” Xu Xiaoshou glared at him.

“You talk too much.

Shut up!”

“Oh,” the man withdrew himself.

Xu Xiaoshous palm was covered with the spiritual source and he carried the huge bear away.

Sovereign (stage) physique, Sovereign (stage) sharpness… This had caused him to be like a sword human, a super sword human that was as sharp as a third or fourth-grade spiritual sword human.

Although the giant bear was strong, it was already dead.

Its body had lost its spiritual source defense, so how could it possibly withstand Xu Xiaoshous grab

This outcome wasnt strange.

But the process made Xu Xiaoshou sigh.

“D*mn sword body! Now, how am I going to find a girlfriend…”

On the mountain.

The experiment began.

Xin Gugu and Liu Changqing looked at Young Master Xu who was with a solemn expression as if he was about to do something big.

He opened his eyes fiercely at the giant bears corpse in front of him.

“Soul Reading!”

They shouted in their hearts.

A subtle light flashed in Xu Xiaoshous eyes.

Xin Gugu and Liu Changqing had caught this small detail.

The two of them originally thought that Young Master Xu had gone crazy again and was planning to do something ridiculous.

However, after the light flashed in Young Master Xus eyes, the dead body of the giant bear in front of him trembled slightly without any external force.

The giant bear was too big.

With this tremble, even the mountaintop felt a tremor.

Xin Gugu and Liu Changqing looked at each other and saw the shock in each others eyes.

Young Master Xu was really doing something But what was he doing Other than this slight movement, no one could detect anything else.

But Xu Xiaoshou was different.

When he used Soul Reading, through his eyes, he saw a wisp of a remnant soul floating above the giant bears corpse.

And when this awakening skill began to take effect…

The lost remnant soul seemed to suffer great pain and began to twitch violently.

After that… Xu Xiaoshous memories of the giant bears life flashed through his mind like a scene from a movie.

He felt as if he had become the giant bear.

He was born from the darkness, opened his eyes, and saw the first ray of light.

The giant bears mothers meticulous care and feeding began to grow little by little.

Until the battle over territory, the giant bears mother was killed by the black-winged dragon lion at the Sovereign (stage).

The little giant bear was forced to leave its home and live as a bear.

Looking for spirit ants, digging out bird nests, licking honey…

Fighting wild beasts.

Being beaten by a spiritual beast.

Out of anger, he began to cultivate, absorbing the essence of the sun and moon according to the inheritance in his memories.

Acquired (stage), Innate (stage), Master (stage)…

Comprehending special Path Principles, awakening bloodline talent…

The wonderful scenes flew by, and there was even a complete mating process.

In a flash, Xu Xiaoshou read the tragic life of the giant bear that was ended by the Xiao Xu Faction members.

The memory was broken.

It was because the soul of the spiritual beast was too incomplete.

Xu Xiaoshou estimated that only at the moment of death, or at the spot of death when he used Soul Reading, would he be able to see the most complete memory of the bears life.

But even so, with the enormous amount of information surging into his mind, Xu Xiaoshou still felt a splitting headache.

His soul had long become stronger than an ordinary persons through the use of Perception and Disillusionment Finger.

However, even so, after using Soul Reading, he was drenched in sweat and couldnt hold on any longer.

Furthermore, the spiritual source of his energy reserve couldnt be depleted by an awakening skill.

But now, it was almost bottomless.


“Spiritual and soul skills are indeed powerful and consume a lot of energy!”

Xu Xiaoshou immediately stopped his Soul Reading.

He touched his forehead full of sweat and shook it.

His wet hair directly shook the sweat to Xin Gugus face.

The two people on the side were stunned.

They saw Young Master Xu staring blankly at a giant bear corpse.

However, after a moment of daze, Young Master Xu seemed to have cultivation deviation.

His entire body was dispirited and his body was sweating and trembling.

They even thought that Young Master Xu had been possessed by the soul of the giant bear!


After a few breaths, the dispirited Young Master Xu recovered his aura and returned to his normal state.

“How is it”

Xin Gugu went up and asked.

He also didnt know what Xu Xiaoshou was doing.

But with such a movement, Xu Xiaoshou must be making a big deal again! “The results are remarkable.” In just a few breaths time, all the major energy reserve abilities were activated.

And Xu Xiaoshous energy reserve had recovered a few percent of his spiritual source, barely returning to the normal state.

His eyes were filled with joy.

Soul Reading He could really see the other parties memories, their entire lives.

Not only that, it could indeed cause damage to a persons soul.

In other words, when it was used on an enemy, it had a control and damage effect.

Of course, the most important thing was…

Xu Xiaoshou suppressed the shock in his heart and tried his best to calm his emotions.

The effects mentioned earlier were not important at all.

Soul Readings most terrifying aspect was that this awakening skill allowed one to experience others comprehension of the Path Principles.

After experiencing it, one would be able to learn 10% to 20% of it.

This was too terrifying!

If he wanted to, Xu Xiaoshou could use quantity against quality to achieve a quick comprehension of the Order of the Heavens.

Soul Reading…

This was another divine skill!

Not only was it a divine skill for mind control and post-battle search, but it was also a divine skill for cultivation!


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