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Chapter 835 The Most Expensive Evolution, the Most Extravagant Awakening!

As for the Breathing Technique, Xu Xiaoshou had learned long ago to control the amount of spiritual energy that entered his body.

Other than the trick of the breakthrough just now, he indeed didnt show any abnormalities.

The Acquired (stage) Breathing Technique had little effect on the amount of Heaven and Earth spiritual energy that was absorbed.

Only when he absorbed elixirs did he feel refreshed.

However, at this moment, his cultivation method had reached the Sovereign (stage).

Xu Xiaoshou guessed that even if he did not rely on elixirs, as long as he breathed normally, his cultivation level would increase by leaps and bounds.

After all, a Sovereign (stage) cultivation method was still passive cultivation — it was equivalent to a person who did not rest for 24 hours a day and tried his best to absorb Heaven and Earth Spiritual Energy.

Sometimes, if he exercised too much, it was considered to have doubled his cultivation… This was much harder than those so-called hardworking talented people! How could the speed of cultivation level advancement not be fast However, Xu Xiaoshou didnt care too much about the cultivation level.

Now that he was a Master (stage) cultivator, he also had the comprehension of the Sovereign (stage) Path Principles brought by the passive skills which had various expertise.

Thus for the three states of the Master (stage), he wouldnt have any bottleneck if he wanted to break through.

If he wanted to quickly reach the Star Worship State, he only needed to find a divine object that was rich in spiritual source and absorb a few more mouthfuls of the energy.

However, the Master (stage) was the root of the Sovereign (stage).

If he wanted to go further in the Sovereign Stage, the best way was to take advantage of the fact that he was still in the Grandmaster Realm to comprehend more of the Order of the Heavens.

This was also the reason why many offsprings of the big families had tried their best to suppress their cultivation level when they reached the Master (stage).

This way, when they reached the Sovereign (stage), they would have more choices to choose the path that was most suitable for them so that they could focus only on one thing.

This was the fundamental cultivation method of the orthodox spiritual cultivator.

Xu Xiaoshou naturally knew about this.

He temporarily put aside the Breathing Technique and began to choose other passive techniques.

Cultivation related was just a matter of time.

If he wanted to quickly increase his combat strength, he had to make good use of the passive points during this short period of rest.

“Passive Points: 1472,625.”

Xu Xiaoshou had used 400,000 points from the 1,800,000 passive points to upgrade all the passive skills in his body to the Sovereign Stage.

His little bit of obsessive-compulsive disorder had now been cured.

There were still a lot of passive points left.

He couldnt help but think of the new functions brought by the systems evolution after he broke through to the Master (stage).

“Evolution Tree!”

This new module was similar to the Awakening Pool.

But the only things that worked were the special passive skills: Passive Fist and Disillusionment Finger.

To evolve these two skills, he needed to use the Evolution Water in the store.

“Evolution Water (Purchase: 1,000,000 passive points).” When Xu Xiaoshou saw the series of zeros, even though he had a lot of points in his inventory, he couldnt help but be speechless.

1,000,000 to evolve once.

It was too expensive! However, since the passive skills had been upgraded, when should he evolve them if not now

Both the passive skills, Disillusionment Finger and Passive Fist, had very good effects.

Xu Xiaoshou had to make a decision.

Which was better to evolve first

The image of the Passive Fist exploding Gou Tou with a single punch was still vivid in his mind.

This special passive skill was too ruthless.

It was a trump card.

As for Disillusionment Finger, it could be very effective for his few mental defenses and counterattacks.

Although the latter had never been used on the missions of the Seven Sword Deity level, it was still considered soul damage.

Xu Xiaoshou estimated that as long as the charge point increased, even if Gou Wuyue were to come, he couldnt take a direct hit from Disillusionment Finger.

If the other party didnt activate his soul defense in time, he might even die! After pondering for a moment, Xu Xiaoshou made a decision.

To evolve Disillusionment Finger!

Passive Fist was enough for his use now.

In addition, his passive skills had shaped up.

At the Sovereign Stage, even if he were to meet a Higher Void (level) expert, he would probably be able to take a direct hit

If he couldnt take a hit, he could still run!

However, if he met that little girlsstrange situation like the last time, even if he had Passive Fist, he would probably be tightly controlled and unable to use his skills.

At his current level, Xu Xiaoshou had long equated himself with the older generation of Cutting Path (stage) and Higher Void (level) experts.

What he had to guard against was not geniuses of the same age and level, but the secret operations of those sly old foxes.

“Evolution Water!”

Gritting his teeth, Xu Xiaoshou bought a portion of Evolution Water.

His Passive Point inventory dropped from 1.4 million to 400,000.

Xu Xiaoshou felt his heart aching.

But at the same time, he was full of anticipation.

He poured the Evolution Water worth a million onto the bare Evolution Tree with only two branches.

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The process of pouring the Evolution Water on the Evolution Tree was ordinary.

There wasnt any fluctuation.

Xu Xiaoshou felt that using such a valuable thing, there should at least be some anomalies, right Thus after he imagined a splash, his eyes were fixed on the Evolution Tree to see if there was an anomaly.

But there wasnt at all!

Very ordinarily, when the Evolution Water was poured, one of the branches on the bare tree trunk trembled and then a tender shoot sprouted.

A little green grew sturdily The tender shoot turned into a flower, a bud, and bore fruit.

After the fruit fell off, there was an additional Evolution Fruit in the inventory.

And the flower that bore fruit began to wither and dropped off, blending into the mud.

It was over.

The Evolution Tree turned green, bloomed, and bore fruit.

After going through the whole process, it returned to its original appearance.

If it wasnt for the additional Evolution Fruit in his inventory, Xu Xiaoshou even suspected that his million of passive points had gone down the drain.

“As expected of something that came out of a simple and crude wheel.

It cant even compare to the anomaly of the cloud bead.

Its too shabby!”

Xu Xiaoshou quietly complained.

He controlled the Evolution Fruit with his consciousness and bound it to the Disillusionment Finger.

Suddenly he was stunned and was lost on the next step.

He frowned and then withdrew from his consciousness body.

With some hesitation, he swallowed the fruit… “Is it the way to be” Xu Xiaoshou even wondered if his process was correct.

When eating the fruit, before he could even taste it, it had turned into a special gas and merged into his consciousness.

And then…

“Disillusionment Finger, evolution succeeded!” The information bar suddenly popped up.

Xu Xiaoshou was excited.

He did it right!

He looked at the latest information.

“Disillusionment Finger: when receiving a mental attack, the charge point will increase.

Every 1% increase in charge point will trigger the Spirit Awakening to break away from the control of the mind and to choose whether or not to cast Disillusionment Finger.

One cannot be constantly affected by disillusionment.

Sometimes, one has to take the initiative to attack.

When the situation is intolerable, there is no need to endure!” “Disillusionment Finger (evolution): when receiving a mental attack, the charge point will increase.

Once the charge point starts to fluctuate, it will trigger the Spirit Awakening to break away from the control of the mind and to choose whether or not to cast Disillusionment Finger.

One cannot be constantly affected by disillusionment.

Sometimes, one has to take the initiative to attack.

When the situation is intolerable, there is no need to endure!”

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned by so many words.

Normally the notifications in the information bar were very concise.

Probably it was because typing was tiring.

This was the first time Xu Xiaoshou saw a notification that could fill up the information


The most important thing was that the words looked almost the same…

At first, he thought that there was a bug in the information bar, so he clicked the box twice.

But soon, he noticed the difference.

The only difference!

Before the evolution, every 1% increase in charge point would trigger the Spirit Awakening, which would allow him to escape from mind control.

After the evolution, as long as the charge point had a slight increase, even if it was 0.000… 1%, he could still escape from mind control and choose to cast a skill.

He was stunned for a moment before he came to his senses and was overjoyed.

This meant that he would never be affected by non-physical attacks such as illusion array, illusion spell, mind control, soul control, and so on! It was also because these two pieces of information appeared at the same time that Xu Xiaoshou understood.

Before evolving, his Disillusionment Finger did indeed have flaws.

As long as the enemy did not have a strong influence on his mind and could not increase his charge point by 1%, then he, Xu Xiaoshou, would have to continue to be controlled and could not break away from the opponents mind influence.

Most of these moves would only be used for pure control and not mind attacks.

Due to this, his charge point would most likely not increase.

Even if it did, it would not exceed 1% quickly.

For the time being, this might seem to be a small matter, but it was a big bug in a fight.

It was very likely to be fatal!

It was because other people could choose to use mind control and physical attacks after they had figured out the routine.

The outcome was only these words.

Over and done!

But after the evolution…


Disillusionment Finger had no flaws at all! The continuous mind control could trigger a continuous Spiritual Awakening.

A single overly strong spiritual attack could also immediately awaken the mind and achieve a counterattack.

After evolution, Disillusionment Finger had made up for all the flaws in Xu Xiaoshous spiritual defenses and attacks with one move.

Xu Xiaoshou was overjoyed.

After feeling overjoyed, he couldnt help but feel pain.

This bug, why couldnt it be directly perfected when the passive skill was given Why should he waste millions of passive points to evolve However, when he looked at the passive skill pane again, Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

“Disillusionment Finger (one single awakening) (charge point: 10.65%).” One single awakening Did this mean that there were still two or three more awakenings

He then explored the store.

As expected, the Evolution Water on it had turned into a tier-one Evolution Water.

And there was another item.

(Tier-two Evolution Water (Purchase: 100,000,000 Passive Points).]

Xu Xiaoshou froze.

He counted back and forth seriously for a total of seven times, being afraid that he had counted too many zeroes.


He counted correctly! 10 million passive points! “F*ck!”

He collapsed instantly.

Xu Xiaoshou almost exploded on the spot.

Could I give my life to you 10 million passive points Were you robbing me! The price of a Tier 2 Evolutionary Water was too shocking.

Xu Xiaoshou recovered after a long time, and his face turned green.

“10 million…”

He muttered in a daze, feeling that he would give up on this idea.

But then he thought about it again.

The perfect Disillusionment Finger could still evolve a second time.

What effects would it have Passive skill turned into an active skill

It shouldnt be…

Xu Xiaoshou felt that he could no longer guess the direction of the evolution of this broken system.

After he heaved a heavy sigh of relief, he let go of the unrealistic fantasy of the second evolution.

However, his heart could not help but burn with a raging fire.

Passive points! I wanted to collect passive points! Just a mere one million was not enough to spend.

In the future, my goal would be 10 million!


When he thought of the number of zeros in 10 million…

And the limit of the increase in passive points was 9999.

Xu Xiaoshou really could not imagine how much time he would need to spend to get 10 million passive points in such a crowded situation.

“Passive Points: 472,625.”


Xu Xiaoshou looked at the remaining passive points in his inventory and felt a little sad.

It had been very tough to earn 400,000 passive points.

But the exploitation of the system with capitalist attributes did not consider the hardships of the workers at all.

10 million, that was a nightmare!

“Wake up…”

Xu Xiaoshou did not plan to keep the remaining 400,000 passive points.

After all, compared to 10 million, it was not even a fraction of it.

Fortunately, the price of the Awakening Stone was not high.

Currently, it only cost 30,000 passive points… Wait a minute!

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly stopped thinking and almost burst into tears.

By giving a punch to the extreme, it made people feel that a small increase in price was nothing.

This was the true sin of capitalism! Before the 10 million came out, he thought that the awakening stone was very expensive.

But now…

“Shitty system!” “D*mn it, you only know how to cheat me of my passive points!” Xu Xiaoshou cursed fiercely, but suddenly he said, “Good system, its okay to raise the price, but you have to give me something good…”

After all, he was about to awaken.

If he scolded the system again, it would seem a little irrational.

“Whats so good about awakening” Putting aside the small goal of 10 million, Xu Xiaoshou began to think about the passive skills he currently had.

Awakening was only for extended passive skills.

He now had three extended passive skills that he had yet to awaken.

“Perception, Transformation, and Toughness.” Almost without thinking, Xu Xiaoshou put aside the two skills that were the icing on the cake, Transformation and Toughness, and focused on Perception.

This was a very powerful passive skill.

He allowed Xu Xiaoshou to have the ability to detect everything within 100 miles when he was in the Grandmaster realm.

This was something that even Sovereign (stage) might not be able to do.


Even if it was possible, probing with spiritual senses would cause an expert to have a reaction, a whim, and also not be able to see clearly.

And the most amazing thing about Perception was that it was viewed from the perspective of God.

Furthermore, it could take any shape, transformation, extent, and probe all kinds of directions without anyone noticing.

At the very least, when Xu Xiaoshou used Perception to eavesdrop on the Seven Sword Deitys conversation, there was no reaction from the other party.

However, if he used spiritual senses to eavesdrop on the conversation of others, the Seven Sword Deity could split you into halves.

“I have decided on you!” As it was a support passive skill, and Xu Xiaoshou lacked combat strength in the past, he had saved it until now to awaken it.

However, now that he was at the peak of combat strength, he lacked support abilities the most.

Now was the best time to awaken Perception!

“Awakening Stone.”

30,000 for an awakening stone.

No matter how painful it was in the past, after seeing 10 million, Xu Xiaoshou no longer felt anything now.

He couldnt help but sigh at the power of capitalism, but he also hoped that his last 400,000 or so passive points would bring him the best support-type awakening skill.

Binding skills began with going down the drain.

“Awakening failed!” Xu Xiaoshou had expected this.

He praised the system untruthfully and then began to go down the drain.

“Awakening failed!”

He praised again.

“Awakening failed!” He changed his praise to curse.

“Awakening failed!” Xu Xiaoshou was speechless.

But today, even if he used up all his passive points, he had to awaken Perception.

There was no other!

“Awakening failed!”

“Awakening failed!”

Xu Xiaoshou was speechless.

For the first time, Xu Xiaoshous 10 consecutive awakenings did not succeed.

He was somewhat collapsing.

He did not expect himself to be so unlucky, but he gritted his teeth and continued to persevere.

It was not until the 13th time that he used up a total of 390,000 passive points, causing his inventory of 472,625 passive points to go down to 82,625, that the pop-up message in the information bar finally changed.

What could he get for such a resource-intensive awakening skill Xu Xiaoshou opened his eyes, and his breathing soon stopped.

“Awakening succeeded!” “Perception (Awakening: Soul Reading)!”


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