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Chapter 831 The Great Demon King Xu, Crushing the Nightmare!

Xu Xiaoshou swore.

He solemnly swore!

His original intention in accepting Xiao Jings grip was just not to let the 10 or so Master (stage) cultivators die.

After all, to be able to come here, all these Master (stage) cultivators more or less would have some points.

Xiao Jing seemed to have been chased to the point of exasperation that he forwent the points and wanted to kill them directly.

But killing people in this place was useless!

Even if they died, they would still be teleported out of the Yunlun Mountain Range.

Other than venting his anger which was not practical, what else could he get


But the points were good things.

How could he not get them

With such thoughts in mind, Xu Xiaoshou chose to defend against Xiao Jings Flame Explosion for the sake of his point accumulation.

The method he used was nothing more than using his fist to push Xiao Jings palm away to prevent the other party from clenching it.

But he forgot that his passive skill, which had fully formed, could impact other people.

But other people… Not to mention shaking hands!

Even touching it might kill them on the spot!


A mournful scream.

The intense pain hit Xiao Jing, and his face twisted.

His face was deathly pale.

He breathed in the cold air and swung his hand as he retreated frantically.

Blood gushed out from his wrist like a fountain.

It was a mass of bleeding flesh.

The only thing he could do now was to wrap it with the spiritual source to prevent the wound from worsening.

He took out elixirs and swallowed them frantically to stop the bleeding crazily.

The bleeding stopped but his palm was gone… Under normal circumstances, who would bring along a fifth-grade Little Rejuvenation Pill with them!

For such a rare elixir, even if Xiao Jing wanted it, he would have to go back to his clan to apply for it and exchange it with contribution points.

He didnt bring any with him! He also never expected that he would be crippled from the explosion with just a grasp.

There wasnt even the slightest sign of it! Under normal circumstances, a Spiritual Cultivator would have a protective spiritual source.

Even at the most dangerous moment, they would still be on guard and be able to give the defensive spiritual technique to themselves.

However, Xiao Jing didnt feel any threat from this grasp! He didnt even sense any hint of hostility from the young man opposite him, nor did he sense any spiritual source fluctuations or intent to attack.

However, his hand was gone…

It was so extraordinary, so abnormal, so muddle-headed…

And his hand was gone!

“Who are you!!!” Xiao Jing was going crazy.

His hand holding the halberd was gone just like that.

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How could he fight his way out of the encirclement of 200 odd Master (stage) cultivators

He had just obtained the fire-type origin stone, and he had just broken through to the Star Worship State… Xiao Jing was initially in high spirits, thinking that there was no opponent below the Sovereign (stage).

But such a thing suddenly happened… “What the hell is this!”

“Is this guy a hedgehog”

“Even hedgehogs dont have such a disgusting way of attacking!” Xiao Jing had gone crazy.

He freaked out and cursed the young man in front of him crazily.

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned when he saw Xiao Jings hysterical reaction after themissed attack.

He waited for a while.

Soon after, he reacted.

“Good God, you are only a Master (stage) You dont have the ability of Sovereign (stage) to recover”

Having fought with Sovereign (stage) for so long, Xu Xiaoshou had used his sword cognition to cover the enemys wounds to prevent them from recovering instantly.

He did not expect that the cultivator he met in the Yunlun Mountain Range would be severely injured even when he subconsciously counterattacked.


Xu Xiaoshou was speechless.

Wasnt he a little too weak!

As expected, the Way of the Sword was not his forte.

It could be easily seen.

However, if he were to change his attack method and use this Passive Skill to engage in close combat with the various trial takers…

It was a nightmare!

Who could withstand it

Perhaps the trial takers who fought with him in the future would have nightmares like this in their minds.

“Dont be afraid.”

Xu Xiaoshous consciousness also changed in a split second.

Soon, he lowered his frequency and returned all his considerations to the way a Master (stage) cultivator should think.

“Brother Xiao Jing, right” Xu Xiaoshou said sincerely, “Dont panic.

Im not here to kill you.

Im only interested in the fire-type origin stone in your hand.

Give it to me and Ill protect you!”

Xiao Jing was so angry that he was about to explode.

He looked at the face in front of him that pretended to be sincere and was furious.

“Do you know who I am If anyone dares to touch me today, let alone the fire-type origin stone, even if its…”

Xiao Jing was the descendant of the Higher Void (level).

He was a rare genius of the Xiao family, and he had also mastered the Virtual Image.

However, just as he was about to threaten him, someone recognized the identity of the person in front of him amidst the discussions of the surrounding Master (stage) cultivators.

“Young Master Xu”

“F*ck, why is he here”

“Who is this person His physical body seems to be quite strong…” Some didnt recognize him.

“Demi-Saint descendant, unparalleled sacred physique, the Way of the Sword of Sovereign (stage), overlord of the east — Xu Deye!” the familiar person directly summarized the description.

This time, everyone was dumbfounded.

“So many titles, are you serious” “Nonsense! Hes the boss of the Xu Faction in the east.

I escaped from the hell there… Why did he come over Its tough to deal with him!” The discussion at the side became quieter.

When someone shouted outWay of the Sword, unparalleled sacred physique, everyone knew it was hopeless.

This was a big shot! This f*cker couldnt be measured by the combat strength of an ordinary Master (stage)! Therefore, at this moment, some people had begun to retreat secretly, wanting to leave the


Xiao Jing heard these discussions and stopped his clamoring.

He did have a Virtual Image.

But it was unavoidable for Demi-Saint descendant as he had Saint Statue.

“Young Master Xu” Xiao Jing asked tentatively.

Xu Xiaoshou nodded.

“Since you recognize me, then things will be easier.

I wont let you suffer a loss.

Give me your fire-type origin stone.

I am a fourth-grade Sovereign (stage) conducting alchemy.

I can help you treat this injury on your hand,” he pointed at Xiao Jings broken wrist.

The corners of Xiao Jings lips began to twitch.

D*mn it, wasnt you who caused the injury

“I…” Xiao Jing was hesitating.

Xu Xiaoshou was originally smiling, but he suddenly pulled out the black sword, Hidden Bitter.

With a serious expression, he placed it on the artery on Xiao Jings neck.

“Ill give you three seconds to consider.”


Xu Xiaoshou didnt move.

But Hidden Bitter moved on his own.

Thus Xiao Jings neck began to bleed.


Realizing all this, Xiao Jing broke down.

What the f*ck, what kind of person was this!

How could there be such a contestant

Just now, he was speaking nicely, but in the blink of an eye, his expression changed.

You should at least… give me a way out! The point was, didnt you say that I had three seconds to consider Why did you pull out the sword and start to cut my neck Did I, the descendant of the Higher Void (level), not care about my dignity Xiao Jings face turned green.

Realizing that he had been tricked by Hidden Bitter, Xu Xiaoshou silently moved the broken sword a few fingers away and began to count.

“Three, two, one, have you thought about it”

Xiao Jing was stunned.

“Suspected, Passive Points 1.”

What kind of person was this How could he count so fast However, the unparalleled Sword Will and the unrivaled physical body of Young Master Xu landed in front of him in such an invincible manner.

Xiao Jing suddenly realized that he couldnt even resist the slightest in front of such a person.

“I admit defeat.”

He handed over the fire-type origin stone.

Only then did he realize that the fire-type origin stone in his hand had been replaced.

It had become a Spirit Crystal.

Young Master Xu examined the origin stone in his hand.

Xiao Jing was speechless.

“Cursed, Passive Points 1.” Xu Xiaoshou chuckled as he withdrew his Hidden Bitter.

All of this had been obtained without any effort.

He stared at the origin stone and sighed, “What a good thing, the fire-type origin stone.

I feel that the attainments in the Path Principles of the fire-type attribute alone are much stronger than the Path Pattern Initial Stone.” Liu Cangqing also landed beside him.

He explained, “Path Pattern Initial Stone is a supreme treasure.

It contains tens of thousands of Order of the Great Path and is the lowest level of epiphany.

It is much stronger than the origin stone of a single attribute.

It is even useful for Cutting Path (stage).

Of course, in the Master (stage) and Sovereign (stage) realm, it is much better to obtain an origin stone that is compatible with ones attribute than to obtain a Path Pattern Initial Stone.”

“Having an old man at home is as good as having a treasure at home,” said Xu Xiaoshou.

Liu Changqings eyelids twitched.

He thought to himself,Fortunately Im maintaining the Divine Secret technique at all times.

Young Master Xu, youre not supposed to say this.

It will cause death…

The surrounding Master (stage) cultivators had retreated by more than half.

However, there were still some greedy people who were not afraid of death.

Some 30 to 50 people shouted and charged forward foolishly.

Xu Xiaoshou pulled out his sword.

This time, he did not exude the sword energy.

His figure flashed and he shuttled through the air like a ghost.

He charged forward and when he turned around again, the 30 to 50 Master (stage) cultivators bodies were each pierced with a ferocious bloody hole.

“Ptui!” some people spat out blood.

“Oh, what damage” some people covered their chests.

“What speed is this Space attributes” some could not believe it.

The Master (stage) cultivators who were still gathering the spiritual source in their hands were crippled in an instant.

All of them were shocked.

Xiao Jing, whose palm had just broken, was watching the battle from behind.

He was the one who had seen it the most clearly, and he felt even more panic.

Too fast! He was the descendant of the Higher Void family, and he had the highest level of movement techniques.

However, the speed that Young Master Xu displayed was something that even an ordinary Sovereign (stage) cultivator could not compare to.

In addition to his terrifying battle consciousness, even if he held the fire-type origin stone, it would be difficult for him to catch up with him.

How could he resist

Xu Xiaoshou sheathed his sword and returned to his original position.

Looking at the Master (stage) cultivators who didnt know what was good for them, he said with a smile, “You guys dont know whats good for you, do you I originally didnt want to hurt anyone, but you guys insisted on charging forward before you were willing to give up” The 30 to 50 Master (stage) cultivators covered their chests, unable to utter a single word.

“Cursed, Passive Points 46.”

“Stay here and dont move.

Wait for my return.

Youre not going to die.

Dont worry.” Xu Xiaoshou left these words and soared into the sky.

He thought of something and looked at Xiao Jing, “You too.”

Xiao Jing was speechless.

“Do I dare to move”

“I dont dare to move at all!” thought Xiao Jing.

40 odd people looked at Xu Xiaoshou as he flew into the sky, not knowing what he was going to do.

At this moment, the other hundred or so Master (stage) cultivators who were fleeing in all directions had also reached an extremely distant place.

They thought that they couldnt defeat the Demi-Saint descendant, but at the very least, they could escape.

Unexpectedly, when they reached the edge of the mountain, they were all bounced back as if they had encountered a ghost.

“Array” Everyone panicked at this moment.

An array that covered a radius of one mile.

It was such a big move… When was it set up

And who did it

Xu Xiaoshou flew to the highest point and shouted with a smile, “Everyone, stop running.

You all have been surrounded by me, Xu.

Return to your original positions obediently and give the points.

I guarantee that each of you will only be plundered once, no more than that.” “Suspected, Passive Points 125.”

“Cursed, Passive Points 146.”

Nobody turned around.

Xu Xiaoshou saw that his words did not work and was furious.

He raised his hand.


Ten-sided sword energy shot out and directly exploded on the barrier, causing a white killing shadow to explode.

Aura soared into the sky.

“In three breaths time, if you dont return, youll die!”

Everyones hearts trembled.

This aura really suppressed over a hundred of them.

How could one persons strength be so terrifying

Why did this Young Master Xu rush here so quickly! Those who had witnessed Young Master Xus brutal combat strength from the First Pavilion in the Sky had tactfully chosen to turn around.

However, it was clear that there were no lack of Master (stage) cultivators who had been robbed twice.

After gritting their teeth, they chose to charge forward once again! Xu Xiaoshou instantly turned his gaze and locked onto the 18 Master (stage) cultivators.

Hidden Bitter trembled in his hands.

“Swish, swish, swish…” Unparalleled sword energy gathered in an instant.

The 18 Master (stage) cultivators did not even have the time to turn around and react before the sword energy swept past them and severed their heads.


Everyone who saw this scene with their spiritual senses felt a chill run down their spines.

“He really…” This time, no one dared to be impulsive.

Xu Xiaoshou held Hidden Bitter which was trembling with excitement and began counting down, “Three!”

One word.

More than a hundred figures slid down and returned to the abyss that they had dug themselves.

Everyone looked at the deep pit in front of them and was speechless for a moment.

What was this

Digging a pit and burying themselves

“Very good.

All of you are very obedient.

I like this obedience.” Xu Xiaoshou flew down and took out the trial jade pendant.

He pointed at one of them and said, “Dont panic.

Start lining up.

Come one by one.

After plundering, everyone goes to the side to rest.

You are not allowed to leave this place without my order.” The 200 Master (stage) cultivators were like marionettes.

Under Young Master Xus tyrannical power, they didnt have the slightest intention to resist and started lining up.

Xiao Jing was stunned by what he saw.

How did he do it

If it was a normal day, with so many people, how could they accept such domination Even if this person was Young Master Xu, even if his Way of the Sword was unparalleled… But there was still a chance to fight, right He was so ruthless when chasing me, but when he met a real tough guy, he immediately wilted Xiao Jing frowned as he looked at this strange scene in front of him and suddenly thought of something “Aura”


The aura that emanated from Young Master Xus body was supreme.

Under the influence of such a monstrous aura, everyone had the thought of not being able to resist.

Originally, if everyone joined hands in advance, they might be able to get rid of the influence of this aura.

However, it was too slow.

After seeing Young Master Xu draw his sword, the aura left a scar at the bottom of everyones heart.

It was like a nightmare, impossible to find, but it was real.

“So terrifying…” Xiao Jing held his broken wrist, and for a moment, he even respected Young Master Xu more.

He was the great demon king!

It was easy to succeed in the Way of the Sword; it was easy to cultivate Spiritual Cultivation.

But this unparalleled aura, how much experience did a mere youth have to go through to be able to cultivate it






On the other side, Xu Xiaoshou had begun to collect the points.

For every person who left in front of him, the points in his trial jade pendant would increase by a notch.

Not to mention, it had already been a few days since the opening of the Yunlun Mountain Range.

Those who were able to rush to this place were the cream of the crop among the trial takers.

These people usually had thousands of points.

The lowest was 6,000 points.

The highest was 40,000 points!

Clearly, many of the people under them had lost their lives.

With the plunder, Xu Xiaoshou, who was lagging behind in the point ranking, jumped up and entered the top three.


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