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Chapter 815: He Alone Can Fight 10,000 People in the Yunlun Mountain Range with Just a Sword!


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“Master Swordsman!”

Everyone was shocked, and someone cried out involuntarily.

Seeing the power of Master Swordsman in Xu Xiaoshous sword strike, no one present could not figure out what it was.

It was the exact strength of Master Swordsman.

“Who is this person”

“He is the Master Swordsman of Ancient Swordsman”

“Among the major sects in the Central Region, I have only heard of a young genius of Master Swordsman in the Holy Divine Palace.

I didnt expect to meet a Master Swordsman so casually in the Eastern Region.” Some people were surprised.

“Ha, dont you know what Eastern Region is called The name of the Holy Sword Land of the Eastern Region is not for nothing! Even the young Sovereign (stage) the Way of the Sword appeared a few days ago.” Somebody from the Eastern Region said proudly.

“But this guy is not from the Eastern Region.

He comes from the Northern Region.”

“Oh Who Is he”

“Demi-Saint descendant… Young Master Xu!”

‘There were many people from the Eastern Sky Realm among the 60 people.

Even if Xu Xiaoshou didnt draw his sword, some of them would still remember his face.

When someone mentionedDemi-Saint descendant, the entire place fell silent.

Demi-Saint family.

This was too terrifying.

Everyone was a genius and knew each other well.

Among the 60 odd people present, there was not even a Higher Void descendant.

Now, a cloud bead had enticed a Demi-Saints descendant

“In awe, Passive points 64.”

“Suspected, Passive points 2.”

“Admired, Passive points 3.”

While everyone was shocked…


Young Master Xu was shouting angrily on the battlefield that had already stopped in the air.

However, the black sword in his hand did not give him any face at all.

It trembled as it cut, and it almost stuck out its tongue to lick the bald mans blood.

Zhao Xius face turned pale.

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It wasnt from fear.

It was from weakening.

If this bleeding continued, even his cultivation level at the Peak of Innate Stage wouldnt be able to withstand it.

Seeing the black sword cut deeper and deeper, and it was getting more excited as he licked it, Zhao Xiu wondered if his necks artery was going to be cut through!

“Is this the Demi-Saint descendant” The spectators in the distance had a new understanding of the Demi-Saint descendant.

“Haha, its so funny.

A Demi-Saint descendant cant even tame a sixth-grade spiritual sword.

Its simply ridiculous! I can even perfectly control a fifth-grade spiritual spear!” mocked someone.

“However, dont you all think that Young Master Xus sixth-grade spiritual sword is a bit cheap… Is it over spiritualized” Someone exclaimed in surprise.

On the battlefield, Xu Xiaoshou finally couldnt take it anymore.

He quietly complained about this rotten Hidden Bitter for not giving its master any face, and he couldnt even discipline it.

On the surface, he calmly moved the black sword away.

If he didnt move it, before he could tame Hidden Bitter, Zhao Xius neck would have been cut off.

“Thanks for sparing my life.”

After escaping the disaster, Zhao Xiu, who still had a chance to participate in the Imperial City Trial, didnt dare to cause any more trouble.

After cupping his fists and saluting, he covered his neck with his hand and was about to step back.

“Wait a moment!” Xu Xiaoshou shouted at him.

“Young Master Xu, is there anything else Ive withdrawn myself.

I wont be participating in the upcoming battle for the cloud bead anymore…” Zhao Xiu quickly stated his position.

Xu Xiaoshou shook his head, indicating that he didnt mean that.

This was a good subordinate that was comparable to the Master (stage).

How could he let him leave with injuries

“Your injuries are very serious.

I wont just beat you up.

This thing is called Amber Juice, and it has an extremely powerful healing ability.

Try It.”

Xu Xiaoshou took out a jar of honey.

He ignored Zhao Xius sudden change of expression and applied the medicine on his neck directly.

Zhao Xiu could feel the refreshing mint-like coolness on his neck.

When he touched it again, his injuries had already healed.

“Its not a poison…”

“What a powerful healing medicin

Two feelings arose at the bottom of his heart at the same time.

“Its powerful, right”

Xu Xiaoshou was extremely pleased with himself as he patted Zhao Xius big, reflective head, he said, “This is theAmber Juice that I concocted.

Its sold in Dongtianwang City now.

After you go out, you can buy it from Plenty Gold Company.

The effect of the Amber Juice is better than the Red Gold Pill, and

the price is cheaper.

Youll make a profit when you buy it.”

Zhao Xiu was confused.

He was dumbfounded.

It was obvious that he had not come back to his senses from the huge difference between the battle just now and selling the goods on the spot now.

What the f*ck was going on

You are the descendant of the Demi-Saint.

You almost cut off my neck.

Why did you turn around and ask me to buy the medicine you concocted

What a f*cking joke!

Zhao Xiu wanted to leave, but when he turned around and saw Young Master Xus sudden gloomy expression, he immediately smiled apologetically.

“Ill buy.

Ill definitely buy.

Ill definitely support Young Master Xus business.”

“Thats good,” Xu Xiaoshou nodded.

“If theres nothing else, can I leave now” Zhao Xiu pointed to the back.

He felt Young Master Xus aura too strange.

He did not seem like a normal Demi-Saint descendant.

He did not even seem like a human!

He did not dare to stay in this godforsaken place any longer.

The best thing to do was to leave now.

“Wait a moment,” Xu Xiaoshou stopped him.

“Young Master Xu, is there anything else…” Zhao Xius scalp had gone numb.

“You swear.”

“Swear what”

“To buy the medicine.

Didnt you say so” Xu Xiaoshou glared at him.

Zhao Xiu was dumbfounded.

“Okay, I swear…” In the face of power, Zhao Xiu raised four fingers in humiliation.

“You swear with the Way of the Heavens,” Xu Xiaoshou pressed down on Zhao Xius pinky finger.

Zhao Xiu was speechless.

“Okay, I, Zhao Xiu, swear with the Way of the Heavens that after leaving the Yunlun Mountain Range, I will go to Dongtianwang Citys golden… What company is that”

“Plenty Gold.”

“Oh, Plenty Gold Company, and purchase the Amber Juice that Young Master Xu concocted!”

“100,000 portions,” Xu Xiaoshou added.

“100,000… Huh 100,000 portions” Zhao Xiu subconsciously followed him and read it out.

When he came back to his senses, his eyeballs bulged.

How could he alone use 100,000 portions of Amber Juice

Besides, he was about to break through to Master (stage).

With his strength, even the Amber Juice couldnt keep up with his cultivation level after he left.

“Is there a problem” Xu Xiaoshou squinted.

Zhao Xiu took a deep breath.

“Theres no problem with 100,000 portions!”

“Ididnt force you, did I You swore it yourself.

Zhao Xius chest bulged.

It was obvious that there was anger that was difficult to vent.

In the end, he exhaled like one had been abused.

He then said with tears in his eyes, “I volunteered it.

Why would Young Master Xu force me”

“You may go now,” Xu Xiaoshou immediately waved his hand in satisfaction.

“Goodbye, Young Master Xu.” Zhao Xiu did not even delay for a second.

He stood up and flew toward the sky like a thunderbolt.

“Where are you going!” Xu Xiaoshou suddenly shouted again.

The cross-shaped sword energy that swept across the sky and earth immediately fixed Zhao Xiu, who was trying to escape, in the air.

“I, L..” Zhao Xiu felt countless sword needles swimming around and repeatedly jumping across.his body.

His blood surged and he almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Didnt you ask me to leave”

Xu Xiaoshou pouted and gestured to Xin Gugu behind him.

“What I mean is since you have lost, youll become my prisoner of war for the time being.

Go stay with my guardians.

Where are you heading to Do you really think that I dare not kill you!”

Zhao Xiu almost broke through to Master (stage) on the spot to fight another round when he heard the first half of the sentence.

The second half of the sentenceDo you really think that I dare not kill you combined with Young Master Xus killing intent that filled the sky, Zhao Xiu became submissive under the pressure.

His aura immediately withered, and he realized that even if he broke through to the Master (stage), he couldnt

withstand the power of this Master Swordsman.

He walked over obediently and began his recuperation behind Xin Gugu.

Everyone was shocked.

In the beginning, everyone was just watching a good show.

Demi-Saint descendant selling medicine on the spot was too comical.

Was he really lacking money It was not right!

Young Master Xu was definitely tarnishing his familys reputation.

However, as they were watching and ridiculing him in their hearts, everyone felt that something was wrong.

‘The appearance of thecross-shaped sword energy that even the Peak Innate Stage cultivator couldnt defend meant that no one present could withstand a single glance from Young Master Xu.

Furthermore, Young Master Xu said something shocking.

“If you lose, youll become a prisoner of war”

Many people were panicking now.

During the battle just now, the number of people attracted by the spiritual light of the cloud bead had exceeded 70.

Only a handful of people was last attracted by the spiritual light, which meant that those who had noticed the cloud beads spiritual light had all been attracted over.

But now, Young Master Xu said that he wanted to take war prisoners, and combined with what he had said, “Everyone, you have been surrounded by me…”

Without a doubt, Young Master Xus intention was obvious!


“If we cant beat him, we can only run.”

Even though they were famous figures among the younger generation of the Central Region, Tai Xing of the Mystic Heavenly Mansion, Mo Beibei of the Three Lives Sect, Xi Guanghan of the Virtuous Palace, and Zhu Dong of the East Court, had the same thought.

They were all smart people, so they naturally didnt want to be used by others.

However, if they resisted Young Master Xu, their jade pendants of the trial might be crushed.

If that happened, the Imperial City Trial and even the Sky City would have nothing to do with them anymore.

Not to mention the Path to the Holy Palace that everyone coveted.

The cloud beads spiritual light finished spreading at this moment.

An alluring crystal ball landed on the ground with a thud, but no one dared to go forward to snatch it.

100 points.

And became a slave.

One could easily think about which was more important.


A shout came from somewhere.

At the same time, 70 odd people turned into 70 odd rays of light and flew out from all directions.

“We cant stop them…” In the waiting zone behind, Liu Changqing moved in front of the ashen-faced Zhao Xiu, wanting to help.

He had only seen Young Master Xus methods and didnt know his abilities.

Naturally, he didnt think that Young Master Xus cultivation level would allow him to retain 70 odd geniuses from the five regions even if he had the power of the Master Swordsman.

“You dont have to do anything,” Xin Gugu pulled him back and said with a smile.

“Young Master Xu had said that we would only watch this trial as much as we could… Young Master Xus abilities are far beyond your expectations.”

Liu Changging was startled and chose to believe Xin Gugu.

Zhao Xiu, who was at the side, sneered.

What joke was this

Master Swordsman was indeed powerful.

But to keep 70 odd Innate experts of the five regions, these two people, including Young Master Xu, were all dreaming!

“You dont believe in my ability”

In the air, Xu Xiaoshou looked at the overflowing light and realized that he had been underestimated.

These guys…

‘They had been told that they were surrounded, so why didnt they believe that!

“You want to run”

“No way.”

Lowering his eyelids, Xu Xiaoshou gently lifted his sleeves in the air.

The Sword Will that filled the sky shot out like lightning in all directions, stirring up stones and sand within a radius of 10 miles.


The flow of time in the world seemed to have slowed down.

Suddenly, the mountain was shattered by the Sword Will.

Crushed stones and sand rose into the air.

Each one of them released shocking sword energy.

“This!” Zhao Xius pupils shrank behind him.

Was this the Master Swordsman

Liu Changging was also dumbfounded.

Controlling everything within a 10 miles radius, was this the Master Swordsman

‘Innate Sword Intent, the sword cries within a mile.”

‘Master Swordsman Intent, the sword cries within 10 miles…

However, this was only the phenomenon of a breakthrough in sword intent.

It was not the Master Swordsman.

Yet it could control everything within a five-mile radius.

“The Sovereign (stage) Way of the sword” Zhao Xiu wasnt stupid.

While he was shocked, he thought of this possibility that could make peoples jaws drop.

The 70 odd people who had rushed away also realized that something was wrong.

The pressure of the Sword Will was terrifyingly powerful.

It was as if they had met an elder of the Sovereign (stage) in the sect or clan, who was extremely powerful.

Such a Sword Will, did it come from a youth of the same generation

A melodious sword sound pierced through 10 miles.

At this moment, Hidden Bitter reached the peak of its excitement amidst the intense buzzing and trembling.

The sword body suddenly straightened and kept shaking.

“Fleeting white clouds, myriad sword stance!”

Xu Xiaoshou softly muttered at the same time.

Rings of sword light followed Hidden Bitters sword bodys movements, cutting through the void and disappearing 10 miles away.

No one could see the process of the sword light flying.

Even Liu Changqing could only see it vaguely.

‘The sword light that looked like rings was actually not flying at even height.

They flashed above the heads of the people who were flying, high or low.

Then, without exception, they only cut off… a strand of hair of the people who were escaping!

It was 70 odd people.

After the circle of sword light passed, they all felt their hearts palpitate, and they suddenly stopped.

Inan instant, time seemed to return to its original speed.

The hair that fell from the foreheads of the people who were running away fluttered and swayed like the leaves of the parasol tree in the late autumn.

It concealed the will of death and melted on the ground.

“Whats this!”

Tai Xing, Mo Beibei, Xi Guanhan, Zhu Dong, and the others felt their hearts beating wildly at this moment.

‘These four young geniuses from the large clans and sects could see from this move alone that if Young Master Xu had wanted to, they would have died by now.


It was only at this moment that a deafening sound suddenly rang out from 10 miles away.

Everyone looked over in shock.

‘They saw the smoke and dust being blown up by the sword waves.

It was like a flat-bottomed thunder, drawing a life and death barrier from 10 miles away.

It was like an open-air barrier, drawing a prison for these 70 odd little lambs who were trying to escape!


Countless people swallowed their saliva at this moment.

In their shock, everyone reacted in unison.

“So, Young Master Xu is not the Master Swordsman.

He is the Sovereign (stage) the Way of the Sword!”

Xu Xiaoshou stood still on the spot.

He smiled and kept away Hidden Bitter, which seemed to have caused the endless surging aura in the sky, back into his scabbard.

Then, he looked into the distance.

“Everyone, do you still want to run”

A soft, death-like horn, accompanied by endless echoes, resounded in the hearts of the 70 odd people.

Tai Xing, Mo Beibei, Xi Guanghan, Zhu Dong, and the others looked at each other from afar with bitter expressions.

They knew that if they didnt become war prisoners this time, they would be forced to end their Imperial City Trial.

“Young Master Xu is mighty!” Zhao Xiu, who had recovered from the shock in the waiting zone, rolled and crawled over.

After staggering a few steps, he finally stood up straight and shouted.

Working under the Sovereign (stage) the Way of the Sword, he was still the number one lackey.

It was not a loss to him.

Even the clan leader had to be on good terms with such a figure!

After shouting, Zhao Xiu could not help but turn his head and look at the two people beside him in shock.

“The two of you are guardians.

In other words, Young Master Xu is an Elixir Master”


Xin Gugu nodded and retracted his envious gaze.

He also wanted to flaunt his might like Xu Xiaoshou, but it was a pity that he could not make a move.

Great! Drawing his sword in front of a group of young Innate (stage) cultivators gave him the feeling of a Sword Deity.

This was the fastest way to break through to the Sword Deity realm.

After receiving a confirmation, Zhao Xiu swallowed his saliva once again.

He secretly looked at Young Master Xu, whose clothes rustled in the air.

At this moment, he felt that Young Master Xus ordinary face had now become lively.

“How is he an Elixir Master And he needs to have guardians”

“He alone can fight 10,000 people in the Yunlun Mountain Range with just a sword!”


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