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Chapter 812 Young Master Xu, What Do I Do without You

He announced four crimes at one go, and with a clench of his hand, the Sovereign domain bloomed with a bang and enveloped Elder Wu.

“Ive been wrongly convicted!” Having been attacked by the Sovereign Domain, Elder Wus heart was full of fear.

He was currently in a sealed state, and it would still take some time to remove the seal.

He was like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered.

How could he possibly counter-attack In a flash of inspiration, he immediately knelt on the ground.

“Trial Officer, Ive been wrongly convicted.

I am really a trial taker.

I am only at the Innate cultivation level.

I did not break the rules…”


A black saber descended from the sky.

It was like a black bolt of lightning that cut through the sky.

It suddenly struck Elder Wus neck, who was kneeling on the ground.

“D*mn it!”

At this critical moment, Elder Wus eyes almost popped out.

He had no choice but to break through the seal on his body at the cost of losing his foundation.

With a boom, the aura of a Sovereign (stage) exploded from his body.

The void suddenly shook.

At the same time, in the tens of thousands of spirit mirrors in the Nine Heavens, one side turned blood-red, extremely eye-catching.

Rao Yaoyao turned her head and stared at the scene in the mirror.

The corners of her mouth lifted.

“Its coming.”


Within the bounded domain, fresh blood spurted out as a human head flew off with a thud.

After that, Order of the Paths destructive power enveloped the body of Elder Wu, cutting off his life force completely and eliminating the possibility of revival.

Even until his death, Elder Wu had not been able to make an effective counter-attack.

“Cutting Path (stage) …” He muttered silently.

The eyes of the rolling human head bulged out, filled with endless regret.

It was all because of a slip of the tongue.

With a slash, he was directly beheaded.

The black-clothed man waved his hand and collected the human head and the corpse.

He then cleaned up the scene and shook his head with a smile.

“Whats the point” “You sealed your cultivation level and forcefully barged into the world of Divine Secret.

Even if you only bump into a Sovereign (stage) trial officer, he can behead you who is at Innate (stage) cultivation level with a single slash, let alone me.” “A lamb waiting to be slaughtered, its truly ridiculous!”

With a sigh, the black-clothed trial taker withdrew his bounded domain.

He was stunned.

Qiu Sheng had just taken a step back.

He did not expect a great battle to break out instantly.

The black-clothed trial officers bounded domain directly enveloped Elder Wu.

This meant that this was a battle above the Sovereign stage which he could not interfere with at all.

In just a short while… When the bounded domain was dispelled, Elder Wu was already gone.

On the ground, there were traces of blood that had become blurry after the clean-up.

If one did not look closely, one would think that it was red earth.

However, the black-clothed trial officer who was brimming with murderous intent was standing not too far away, while the person who was standing on the red earth was Elder Wu.

Elder Wu was a high-rank officer of the higher void (level) Qiu family of Central Region! “My…” Qiu Sheng stuttered.

He was extremely shocked.


where is my Elder Wu” “Are you talking about that stowaway just now” The black-clothed man smiled as he raised his eyes and looked at Qiu Sheng with killing intent covering his eyes.

Qiu Sheng instantly collapsed onto the ground with a thud.

“He… he isnt a stowaway…” Qiu Sheng defended weakly.

“Hmm, alright.

If you say he isnt, then he isnt.” The black-clothed man realized that he had scared the little kid.

He blinked hard and covered up his murderous intent as he said with a smile, “You continue the trial.

Your Elder Wu has something to do and wants to go with me.

You dont have to wait for him.” After saying that, he turned around.

One step, two steps.

Swish, he disappeared into the Order of Dao.

The black-clothed man disappeared.

Qiu Sheng was terrified.


Elder Wu was dead!

Just because he addressed himself asold man just now, Elder Wu was beheaded in such a way.

He was at the Peak of Sovereign.

He was just one step away from Cutting Path (stage)! He had come along to Dongtianwang City this time.

As long as he had enough time, he might be able to break through to Cutting Path (stage) before the Sky City arrived.

However, he was now gone! The appearance of the black-clothed trial officer had instantly destroyed Elder Wus delusion.

Similarly, the trial officer who killed Elder Wu with a flip of his hand and did not even give him an explanation had brought tremendous fear to Qiu Sheng.

“The only reason why I am alive is that I am a trial taker.

I am truly at the Innate (stage) cultivation level…” Qiu Shengs calf muscle began to tremble.

Suddenly, his expression turned furious.

“Cloud Realm World! This bullsh*t Cloud Realm World is not used to test trial takers.

This is the Holy Divine Palaces inescapable


In the middle of vegetation dozens of miles away.

Xu Xiaoshou and the other two were squatting.

The matter in the distance had settled.

The three of them looked at each other.

“F*ck, theres a trial officer” Xin Gugu was scared out of his wits.

From the killing intent that filled the sky, he could see that it was redclothed people.

What trial official It was his natural enemy! “He just killed him directly without talking any nonsense” The corners of Xu Xiaoshous mouth twitched slightly.

The three of them were on their way for a short while.

When they saw the young man Qiu Sheng killing the beast, they stopped to observe from afar.

It was because, in Xu Xiaoshous Perception, the aura that Elder Wu gave him was a little strange.

He seemed like a normal person, but not exactly like one.

Xu Xiaoshou asked Liu Changqing, but Liu Changqing said that he couldnt see through it either.

It could be a sealing technique, or it could be caused by a special technique.

It was a normal phenomenon.

Even Liu Changqing couldnt see through it, so Xu Xiaoshou didnt think of greeting him.

However, he did not expect that the conversation between the two of them would reveal a person who addressed himself as anold man.

And in a very short while, the black-clothed trial officer appeared and beheaded the person on the spot.

It was so terrifying! “Do you still dare to call yourselfold man” Xu Xiaoshou came back to his senses and looked at Liu Changqing with a smile.

Liu Changqings face was dark.

He was a little scared and felt glad at the same time.

He then said, “Fortunately, old… uh, fortunately, I used the Divine Secret technique to change the behaviors of the three of us from the beginning.

I didnt dare to relax because I was afraid that you might say the wrong things.” “Fortunately, fortunately…” Liu Changqing patted his chest and panted.

“This time, I saved my life.” Xin Gugu was still taking a deep breath.

As he did it, he wiped the sweat on his forehead and lamented, “D*mn it! In the Cloud Realm, people are forced to seal their cultivation level to the Innate stage.

Once the stowaway is exposed and the seal is not unsealed in time, the red-clothed people who were supposed to kill the Sovereign (stage) and the Cutting Path (stage) have all become killing the Innate (stage).

This…” “Isnt this just like catching a turtle in a jar” Xin Gugus face was pale, “My Sister Tang said that red-clothed people are all experienced and cunning.

She is indeed not lying.” Xu Xiaoshou witnessed the entire process and was similarly shocked by the red-clothed peoples method.

This was too brilliant!

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Using Abyss Island as a lure and using the Cloud Realm to capture people, how many people would be caught in this wave The key point was that Elder Wu did not do anything overboard.

He only said one… no, half a sentence wrongly.

It was only because of his self addressing that he was gone.

“Definitely, someone was watching!”

Xu Xiaoshou was certain that the Cloud Realm could send out images of the trial takers in it.

Furthermore, there would be people rotating and watching them 24 hours a day.

The moment the stowaways revealed any flaws, red-clothed people would be right in front of them.

If the red-clothed people really misunderstood the trial takers, it would still be fine.

If not…

“What a brilliant move, doing one thing under the cover of another!”

“This move of the red-clothed people, even I didnt expect it.

Its really too sinister!” Xu Xiaoshou sighed from the bottom of his heart.

He had been very careful, but he did not expect that even a self-address mistake could cause a person to fall into a situation where one could not be saved.

If he did not see the trial offer appear this time…

Perhaps a few days later, if he relaxed, or if Liu Changqing relaxed, the three of them would be completely wiped out! Even the stronghold of the Saint Servant in the First Pavilion in the Sky might be discovered, and Mu Zixi, Mo Mo, Xiao Wanfeng, and the others would inexplicably have to take the blame and die.


Thinking of his junior sister and the others, Xu Xiaoshou felt uneasy.

Could it be that nothing had happened to me, but Junior Sister made a mistake and had exposed her identity

‘Startled, Passive Points 1.

He was shocked!

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly thought, could it be that the higher-ups of the red-clothed people were planning to make use of this random teleportation After splitting everyone up, there would always be a few people in a team who were not so smart.

The moment they made a mistake, they would be uprooted as a whole

“Thats brilliant!”

Xu Xiaoshou realized that things werent going well.

At this moment, he was extremely glad that he had inscribed his name into an advertisement.

“I have to get the points immediately and let them see me, come over and meet me.

Otherwise, the longer we take, the more dangerous it will be.

Who knows which node will be exposed, and everyone in the First Pavilion in the Sky will be killed!”

Xu Xiaoshou stood up immediately.

After explaining the reason, Xin Gugu and Liu Changqings expressions were extremely grave.

The three of them did not dare to stop for long.

They rushed forward and began to use their Innate (stage) speed limit to advance.

Cloud bead! Cloud beast! It was only the beginning, and there were only about a hundred people on the point board.

As long as they earned 100 points first, they believed that those who had just grasped the trial jade pendant and flipped open the point board from time to time would definitely see Xu Xiaoshous name.

However, after a few more days, they would have become numb to the points.

Based on Mu Zixis character, it was very likely that she would spend the entire day collecting points and did not look at the point board for a few days.

It was possible that she only wanted to rush to the top of the ranking.

“Look for cloud bead!” Xu Xiaoshou first set a small goal and decided not to look for the clueless cloud beast.

The three of them sprinted at a slow speed.

They were extremely anxious, but they could only display the speed of the Innate stage.

There was nothing they could do, they were being watched!

In the West.

In a desolate land, Xiao Wanfeng was alone.

He was holding a tea tray looking up to the sky.

He wanted to cry, but no tears came out.

“Oh my God, why am I alone!” After being randomly teleported in, Xiao Wanfeng suddenly realized.

He, the champion of the heaven geomantic battle, could only fight alone without a guardian holding his hand.

After he realized all of this, he was in despair.

Originally, he had followed Young Master Xu to the Imperial City Trial, and he was just a follower.

All he needed to do was to serve him tea and water.

Now, if he really wanted to let him experience…

In the hidden sword state, what was there to experience Not to mention experience, even if he encountered a spiritual beast, he would not be able to defeat it!

Xiao Wanfeng estimated that if he encountered a human or a spiritual beast, there should only be two outcomes.

Either he would win by running.

Or he would be eaten up.

This terrified him.

He stood there for a long time, not knowing where to go.

He wanted to go somewhere else, but he was afraid of meeting a human or a spiritual beast.

If he didnt want to go, he could only wait for death.

“Young Master Xu, Young Master Xu, what do I do without you…” Xiao Wanfeng felt, and his face twisted.

At this moment, another spiritual light flashed not far away.

It was obvious that a rare treasure had appeared.

“Should I go over” The young man was conflicted again.

With a solemn expression, he poured himself another cup of tea and drank it in one gulp.

Then, he poured out the tea leaves and picked them up one by one before throwing them onto the ground.

“Go over.”

“Im not going over.”

“Go over.”

“Im not going over.”

“Go over!”

“D*mn it, why is it going over again! I definitely wont go over!” The last piece of tea leaf was counted, and it wasgo over.

Xiao Wanfengs feet felt as if they were filled with lead, and he couldnt even move.

How would he dare to go over At this moment, the ground beside his feet was full of tea leaves.

Xiao Wanfeng wanted to pee.

The spot where he landed was obviously very good.

Spiritual light would flash from time to time.

From afar, Xiao Wanfeng could hear the sound of weapons clashing, as well as the shrill screams of people.

This meant that some people had started fighting over these rare treasures.

Xiao Wanfeng had paid attention to the point board.

Every time a rare treasure appeared, a name would appear on the point board before too long

He now understood.

When the spiritual light shone, it meant that the cloud bead had been unearthed.

If it was destined, anyone could go and snatch it.

From the beginning until now, Xiao Wanfeng had seen no less than seven or eight spiritual lights.

Destiny was indeed destiny.

But to him, these cloud beads were detined but not meant to be!

If he couldnt give the cloud beads their status, what was he going to do by going over Was he throwing his life away “Perhaps, throwing life away is also a choice…” Xiao Wanfeng, who was standing in the same spot, suddenly had an insight.

He felt that instead of spending 10 days in fear and unease, he would rather use up the three chances of the trial jade pendant of beingplundered early and being chased out.

As for crushing the trial jade pendant…

D*mn it!

Who wouldnt have some hope Perhaps he would bump into Young Master Xu

He, Xiao Wanfeng, could die standing, but not commit suicide in humiliation!

“Let me go over and take a look.

I want to see what cloud bead looks like.

Whether I can get it or not is another matter.

When we come to the pig farm, we cant just go home without seeing a single pig, right” After regaining his confidence, Xiao Wanfeng suddenly took a step forward… to urinate! After he finished urinating, he was refreshed.

He poured himself a pot of tea and washed his hands.

Holding the wooden sword, he strode toward the place where the cloud bead was unearthed.

Among the rocks…

A ray of spiritual light was shining with a strange color, wrapping around a crystal bead the size of a human head.

The crystal bead was milky white, and there was a strange phenomenon of clouds and mist lingering inside.

It was emitting an obvious aura of path energy, as well as a majestic spiritual strength.

Several figures rushed over from all directions, their eyes filled with fervor.

“Get lost, this cloud bead is mine!” “Haha, I saw It first.

When the spiritual light dissipates, this treasure will be mine.

Who dares to snatch it from me Ah!” “Cloud bead Good stuff, I got one earlier on.

I didnt expect this thing to not only contain a large amount of pure spiritual sources but also help people comprehend the Order of Dao.

It isnt a cloud bead, its a secret treasure!” “Mine, mine, its all mine…” Seven figures appeared in the blink of an eye and landed beside the cloud beads spiritual light.

“D*mn spiritual light.

This is definitely the work of the higher-ups.

The cloud bead is unearthed along with the spiritual light, and the light has to be maintained for so long.

Its obvious that they want to attract more people to fight over it.” “Hehe, thats why this is a trial.

If you can do it, go and shatter the spiritual light.

The cloud bead will belong to you.” “I dont believe you! Even a Master (stage) is unable to shatter the spiritual light.” The wait was long.

Fortunately, no one else came over.

The few of them were wary of each other and sized each other up.

Suddenly, one of them spoke up and suggested, “All of you look familiar to me.

Were all from this area.

Many cloud beads are unearthed here.

Currently, most of the people on the point board are from our area.”

“What do you think” the other person turned to look at him.

“Join forces!” The person who spoke first smiled.

“There are more than seven of us here, but there are more cloud beads.

As long as we join forces, no one else can stop us.

After we gather all the cloud beads, we will split them equally.”

Everyone was smart and thought of the same thing.

“Not a bad suggestion.”

“I agree!” “I think its feasible.

We are all experts.

Its too disadvantageous to fight one-on-one.

Its easy for others to take advantage of the situation.

I once saw a cloud bead being unearthed and it was a three-way fight.

In the end, it was snatched by another party.” As soon as these words were said, everyone immediately agreed with the suggestion.

The person who spoke first turned his head and laughed, “That fisherman is you, right” “Haha! Naturally, those who meant to be would obtain the treasure.

How could I sit back and watch others make a move” This time, everyone had a unanimous opinion.

“If we join forces and form a team of seven, no one in this area can fight us.” “Very good.

Next, the moment anybody dares to come out, we will crush his trial jade pendant directly!” someone said.

“No, we have to plunder three times before we crush it.” Some people had malicious intentions and laughed sinisterly.

“Hahaha…” the seven of them looked at each other and laughed loudly at the same time.

At this moment, a decisive fellow stepped out with large strides from the corner.

It was Xiao Wanfeng!


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