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Chapter 773: Painters Fear for the Integrity of Their Art!

Translator: Nyoi-30 Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

As long as Xu Xiaoshou combined his understanding of the Dao with his

Sovereign (Stage)Painting Mastery , he could breathe life into his paintings

and grant them the ability to do combat.

More than that, Xu Xiaoshous paintings returned to the basics, the very

essence of what it is to paint.

the Innate (Stage) and Grandmaster (Stage),Painting Mastery

grounded Xu Xiaoshous solid foundation in the art.

Brushstrokes, split mirror, colour painting, and so on.

The only reason Xu Xiaoshous chicken so ugly was that he had

sloppy, painting an outline in black and white without capturing the details.

If he were to fcxus on the details, he would have given the chicken a glossy coat

of feathers, a majestic crest and perfectly manicured talons.

“But theres no need…”

Xu Xiaoshou knew this.

The more fleshed out the chicken was, the stronger it would or at least that

was what one would think

On the contrary, the chickens fighting strength depended solely onPainting

Mastery and his cultivation level.

It was a crucial discovery.

“What if I dont want this chicken to fight but have it as a paper tiger to fcx»l my


Xu Xiaoshous mind whirled into action, processing various scenarios and

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minute possibilities, going so far as to simulate situations no one else would

dare consider.

Some might have thought he was overthinking the situation, but he was not.

One could never have too many trump cards.

Looking at the chicken, he


The black-and-white chicken that had through the void was happily

clucking away.

Having completed its masters order, it wandered around Yuan Mansion,

causing Xu Xiaoji to click his tongue in wonder.

Suddenly, the void roiled, and the Dao rippled.

lhe commotion created by the

Great Demon King Xu attracted his attention.

Xu Xiaoji looked over, his gaze settling on the ghost beast, the black and white

chicken that had appeared out of thin air.

The funny face he wore melted into

astonishment, eventually tx•coming shocked.

The shock was so great that he could not conceal it.

‘This, this is…” Xu Xiaoji stuttered.

He stared wide eyed at the human elders bodies slowly solidifying beside

Young Master Xu.

They strangely familiar, but he could not put his

finger on uho they were.

That changed their solidified.

It was as if a divine brush was

giving souls to the frames of these elders.

Draped over the shoulders of a

particular elder was a large red coat.

Xu Xiaoji was stunned , fear nearly incapacitating him completely.

“A Red Coat… the Night Guardian”

Xu Xiaojis lips formed anO shalR.

How could he not Imow the Night


The Night Guardian had been the IRrson standing in the sky above the trade


The only difference was his lack of chanting.

Nevertheless, the Night Guardian

was someone he would not forget.

How could he when that venerable Elders

attention had been trained on him for the longest time

Why hadnt he been informed if the Night Guardian had been locked up in Yuan


Wasnt the Night Guardian at the Cutting Path (Stage)

How did Demon King Xu, someone had not made a breakthrough, catch

the Night Guardian who was already at the Cutting Path (Stage)

Yet, Xu Xiaoji felt something was wrong.

He was familiar with the Night


Why was it that the Night Guardian summoned by Young Master Xu did not

seem to possess a strong aura

“What do you think” Xu Xiaoshou finished painting the Night Guardians

figure with his mind and wanted Xu XiaoJis opinion.

“He… isnt a real person, is he” Xu Xiaoji squeaked fearfully.

‘Of course he isnt,” Xu Xiaoshou affirmed.

“Its something I visualized.


does it compare with the real

Xu Xiaojis lips twitchd

What did Xu Xiaoshou mean when he said he visualized it

Could the Great Demon King Xu have the ability to create Cutting Path (Stage)

experts out of thin air

Only a god could create such a miracle!

The painted version of the Night Guardian landed on the ground , unmoving.

Emboldened , Xu Xiaoji went up to the replica and probed it with his senses.

“l can feel the vitality in the flesh and the spiritual signature of the Night


He hesitated and said, “But it dcRsnt have the aura of an expert at the Cutting

Path (Stage).

Its almost like a dummy…”

“He is a dummy, ” Xu Xiaoshou laughed in response.

He gave his imaginary Night Guardian a once over, and his expression diplRd.

There was none of the arrogance or the lofty bearing of a Red Coat in his


No sooner had the thought crossed his mind than a change seemed to crcur.


The loud crash of thunder rang in the air.

An overbearing aura exploded in Yuan Mansion, overturning the Thirty

Thousand Alchemy Cauldron.

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned, speechless.

Was this the finishing touch

After he recovered from the shock, Xu Xiaoshou realized that he had almost

emptied his spiritual source and mental strength by giving this phoney Night

Guardian the strength of someone at the Cutting Path (Stage).

Fortunately, his cultivation level had broken through to Master (Stage), and all

of his attributes had reached the Sovereign (Stage).

Still, Xu Xiaoshou swayed on his feet, his vision going black.

However, thanks

to his speedy ability to recover , he avoided fainting due to weakness.

“How is it” He asked Xu Xiaoji again, his pale face full of anticipation.

Xu Xiaoji was so overwhelmed by the familiar aura that he dared not raise his


It was t(X) terrifying.

The Great Demon King Xu had not even moved!

There could be no mistake; the Night Guardian he had snuck a glance at just

now carried a hint of spirituality in his

The aura of someone at the Cutting Path (Stage) in the next second,

and it felt as if the creation had gained a life of its own…

Xu Xiaoji exclaimed, “Its so lifelike, its almost real… Wait.

Theres another


Is he unable to move or talk”

Xu Xiaoshou fell into deep thought when he heard Xu Xiaojis assesment.

He painted this replica of the Night Guardian, and he was the paintings


They shared an incomparably close connection, more so than the real

individual and himself.

Unbidden, a thought came to mind that caused the dummy Night Guardian to


It tilted its head to one side, glaring at Xu Xiaoji as it barked in a stern

voice, “A grain of rice shines as bright as a

Xu Xiaoji nearly jumped out of his skin.

frightened was he that he crumpled

to the ground in a heap of messy limbs.

The phoney Night Guardians aura flared again.

There was no doubt it

m)ssessed the unique strength of someone at the Cutting Path (Stage).

The replicas shout nearly his soul, and that made it all the more

terrifying since he knew the Night Guardian in Yuan Mansion was a fake.

“Lord Shou, this, this, this.„”

“Whats wrong Have you noticed any other flaws” Xu Xiaoshou on

his feet excitedly.

With his passive skill,Swallow the Mountains and Rivers , Xu Xiaoshou had

plenty of energy he could spare, not to mention the impressive capabilities of


He had firsthand of the Night Guardians Cutting

Path (Stage) aura, so mimicking it was no trouble at all.

Even though he did not IX)ssess the strength of someone at the Cutting Path

(Stage) just yet, imitating it through his (Stage)Painting Mastery

was not a problem.

A mortal painting could outline a golden spear, an iron horse, and the soul of a

general in all its humble splendour, so how could he not when he possessed

skills far greater than an ordinary A mere Cutting Path (Stage)s aura

was nothing to him!

Xu Xiaoji scrambled to his feet and circled the imitation of the Night Guardian.

Clicking his tongue in surprise, he said, “Is this really the Night Guardian” He

took a moment to as-sess the figure in its entirety.

“It may possess the same

aura as the real thing, but its movements are too stiff.

It closer to a

puppet than anything else… Still, Lord Shou is amazing! Thisvisualization

method of yours is truly impressive.

How did you do it”

Xu Xiaoshou brushed aside Xu Xiaojis flattering words.

He wanted to create something he could use in combat, not praise for a work of


It was not as if his enemies would submit out of respect for the sheer

beauty of his creations!

‘The movements are stiff, like that of a puppet…” Xu Xiaoshou muttered

It made him think of his other skill:Weaving Expertise.

WithoutWeaving Expertise, he would not have been able to multitask as much

as he presently could.

Albeit, he did not have much use for it at the moment.


did not need to use it regularly, and controlling a plain chicken could hardly

demand more than a tiny portion of his attention.

Now, controlling this fake Night Guardian, on the other hand, was a very

different matter indeed.

Humans and puppets were not the same.

As his thoughts arrived at this juncture , Xu Xiaoshou split his spiritual sense

into two.

Half of it merged with the replica, while the other remained a part of



The leader of the Red Coats waved his sleeves, and his gaze turned cautious,

the muscles over his cheekbones pulling taut.

Flying up into the sky, the Night Guardian raised his hands overhead, shouting

angrily, “Great Dark Sky!”

His aura surged, and waves of spiritual energy washed over the area like a


Xu Xiaoji was caught flatfooted by this sudden development.

‘Ihe Night

Guardian had transformed from a lifelike puplkt into a of immeasurable

might! It was a demonstration of B)wer.

he gawked

dazedly at the Great Demon King Xu.

It was then that he realized what had sparked the change.

Xu Xiashou

controlled the Night Guardians imitation while lcx»king at him with a smile.


apikared unphased by his act of multitasking.

Is it He asked.

The sound was not caused by the chicken, but rather it was the

chattering of Xu Xiaojis teeth.

It was over.

Xu Xiaoji could already imagine the reign of terror the Great Demon King

would bring once he returned to the outside world.

It was the ability to frame someone!

As the saying gck-s: Strange powers exist that may confound even god.

The Great Demon King Xus new ability did not just confer the B)wer of a

it would bring unmitigated disaster to all comers of the world!

Masking his fear a veneer of nitpicking, Xu Xiaoji said, “Your creation

has the aura and the spiritual signature right, but it doesnt B)ssess the combat

techniques of the original.

Xu Xiaojis words were at the fake Night Guardians technique,Great

Dark Sky.

It was, in all likelihcxxl, a spiritual combat technique.

Apart from the gale it produced, all other manifestations of the technique were

illusory and no physical B)wer them.

Who knew that Xu Xiaoshou had already expected this.

The comers of his lips

into a devious smile.

Theres no rush; this is just a test run.”

Three breaths later„.

Xu Xiaoji watched as the Night Guardian descended, abruptly shrouding the

entirety of Yuan Mansion in heavy darkness.

‘mere were no faults he could see.

“Feared, Passive Points 1.”

Anyone could splash ink on a scroll and say they had created anink painting.

It did not even require a technique!

Emotions ran wild in Xu Xiaoshou.

only thing that disappointed him was

his inability to replicate the Night Guardians ability to shield the six senses

with his technique.

His Night Curtain was just that; a curtain.

‘mere was nothing special atx»ut it.

At this moment, a thought struck him.

What if he his creation in the

Void Painting Scroll Could he store spiritual techniques or physical objects

and use them when needed

Xu Xiaoshou fell into deep thought.

There was a possibility, but it would not easy to execute.

Such an action

would certain accomplishments in the Dao of array formation, a

discipline not under the purview of his pas.sive skill,Painting Mastery.

He could visualize a dummy and the of a fake spiritual technique, but he

could not pull a spiritual out of thin air.

Even how a spiritual

technique would react in storage was up for debate.

That was something touching on the aslk•cts of the divine!

Then again, it wouldnt hurt to try, would it He could paint a few special

effects of reputed spiritual techniques and store them in the scroll.

‘Ihat was a

start, wasnt it

His thoughts turned to Xu Xiaoji.

Not long after, a huge Golden Buddha appeared behind him

The enormous Buddha was more than 300 feet tall and touched the sky.

It had

angry eyes , a bushy lh•ard, thick eyebrows , and a mountainous sword in its

As the sword hurtled downwards, even time seemed to slow to a crawl.

Xu Xiaoji stcn-ld rooted to the sm)t, paralyzed by an ovenvhelming sense of fear.

It was not until the sword passed through his body but did no harm that he

realized it was a conjuratiom

It was also a result of the Great Demon King Xus Visualization.


“What kind of spiritual technique is it”

“What did the Great Demon King Xu figure out”

“Why does his breakthrough to the Master (Stage) feel so different from

everyone elses

Xu Xiaoji screamed incoherently in the depths of his heart.

It felt like he was going crazy.

This Great Demon King Xu was already a nightmare.

With truth and mixed seamlessly, how would anyone be his match in

the future Would they be taken out by some means if they believed this great

Buddhas chop was real

Ihath was a very real IX)ssibility if they could not distinguish illusion from


“Crazy, crazy, this world is crazy!”

Xu Xiaoji hugged himself , warding off the deathly chill that ran down his spine.

He was rcxking back and forth on the ground, planning his future, preferably

somewhere far, far away from this demon overlord.

When he caught sight of the Great Demon King still lost in thought, he nearly

screamed! Was he planning to seal all routes by improving his

technique further Vicious! Utterly vicious!

Althoughvisualization consumed a lot of energy, it was but a drop in the

txean for Xu Xiaoshou, who could return to peak performance at the drop of a


Xu Xiaoji believed this was part of Xu Xiaoshous deception to mislead and

cloud his enemies judgment.

The Great Demon King Xu would rest for a short while after materializing

another lifelike person.

‘Ihe Night Guardian was far from his only goal.

Soon, fakes of Elder Sang, the Storyteller, Bazhunan, Gou Wuyue, and even Ai

Cangsheng came into existence.

These individuals were all the result of •visualization!

Xu Xiaoji had not seen most of them before.

One or two of them seemed

familiar, though it must have sometime before he entered Yuan Mansion

and fell into the clutches of the Ihvil incarnate.

Each persons idiosyncrasies: their movements, speech patterns and weapons

were reproduced faithfully.

Battle he would never have dreamed of crcurred in

front of him.

Xu Xiaojis worldview shattered into and the shard the

fragmented worlds grounds.

Bazhunans imitation held his sword and charged forward, shouting crazily,

sky rests above, and l, Bazhunan, stand atop it.

Who dares challenge me

for the Qingju (Sword) Who dares to fight me to the death”

Gou Wuyues imitation pulled out the famed sword, the Voice of Nulan.

“l will

fight you.

Sword, come!”

The imitation of Elder Sang sneered, “You cant even take a punch from my

handsome disciple, and you dare to fight him Taste the power of my palm…


Ai Cangsheng: “Damn it, my Evil Sin Bow, my Eyes of the Great Path… Gcxi, Im

willing to give up everything in exchange for the power to heal my lower txxiy.”

Rao Yaoyao: “Heh, half-paralyzed man, wait for your death on the Sacred


Storyteller: “Brother- Brother!”

Bazhunan: “Damn, sissy! (kit lost!”

After which, Storyteller was bifurcated neatly in two.

Xu Xiaoji was stunned.

He stared blankly at this world-shaking battle.

If this scene had occurred in the outside world, the clashing forces would have

been enough to fill the sea and create new lands.

Xu Xiaoji turned his head away, not daring to watch the fight tktween

‘me words that were sB)ken by those venerated added

to his shcRk.

“S-so, this is the Great Demon King Xus inner world”

Its over; the Shengshen continent is finished! •

“Seniors, your reputations will tarnished for the rest of your lives! ”

On the other

Xu Xiaoshou was not just ming around.

While this world-shaking battle tcxjk place, he was busy painting

B)rtraits of anyone he had seen in the past.

He discovered that they could last indefinitely as long as he supplied these

‘visualized replicas with spiritual energy.

The techniques they could alsomaterialized at the cost of their

spiritual source and mental strength.

However, the energy each required was very small.

Yet, the phenomena they

could was magnified exponentially.

It all depended on the artists imagination.

For Xu Xiaoshou, who hadWeaving Expertise and an unlimited spiritual

source, the spiritual energy needed to create a replica was negligible.

As long as he a few attributes and gave his creations spirit- gathering

arrays while he them, he would not even need to expend much

of his spiritual source to flesh out the details of the characters he painted.

It would increase hisvisualized creations chances of survival several times.

Since this world had no concept ofcopyright (or at least Xiaoshou thought

so), he could paint more who would make waves in the world as he

gained proficiency in Visualizing.

‘Perception gave Xu Xiaoshou an impeccable memory.

He could even copy every persons subtle expressions and actions.

He had often observed the and objects around him as a dutiful

wallflower, staying in the background and doing nothing else; acting was his

only recourse to drive away his loneliness.

Now that the stage was his, how could he let go of this opportunity to perform

with his co-stars Everything had to be perfect.

In the end, hevisualized so many things to the moint of exhaustion.


on the ground with his breaths billowing like a forge, Xu Xiaoshou smiled, a

manic glint in his eyes.

“He is insane!”

“On the day that he brings me, Xu Xiaoji, out of seclusion, this world will



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