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The situation was extremely awkward.


The Jiang clan, the Yama, the storyteller…


The situation between the cutting paths suddenly changed from a life-and-death battle to watching a show.


Because the two Bazhunan in front of them were too realistic.


No one would have thought that there would be fake Bazhunan on this continent that couldnt be identified by sword cognition.


That was sword cognition!


Sword cognition was the only second-generation Penetrating Divine Senses that could rival the God Punishment Tribulation.

On another level, it was a magnificent feat that transcended the ages.


This skill…


Both of the imposters in front of them had it


It couldnt be that both of them were real!


The Jiang clan, the Yama, and the storyteller all felt that their worldview had been refreshed.

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At this moment, even the seventh chief of the saint servant, the Storyteller, couldnt tell who was the real Bazhunan.


Or perhaps, both of them were fake


But which one of them had a connection with Bazhunan


Because if they didnt have a connection, it was impossible for the other party to learn sword cognition.






If one could successfully learn sword cognition through self-taught, the Eighth Sword Deity wouldnt have such a respected position in the path of sword cultivators in the entire Shengshen Continent.


The three parties outside the arena wisely chose not to interrupt.


They also gave away the main character of this situation to the two Bazhunan in front of them.


The current situation was very unexpected, and it couldnt help but give people an absurd illusion.


“As a cutting path, I really cant interrupt this absurd debate of who is the real Bazhunan!”



One of the opposing parties, the scruffy-looking man, stared at the sword cognition in Xu Xiaoshous hand and hesitated.


This was the first time he had encountered such a troublesome opponent.


However, although this person had sword cognition, he was obviously not the real deal.


Hence, after a long silence, the uncle could not help but be curious.

He suppressed the urge to attack and asked, “Where did you learn your sword cognition”


Xu Xiaoshou smiled and replied, “Where else could I learn sword cognition Naturally, I was the one who comprehended it.

This thing, its not to the extent that you can walk on the street and someone will appear to teach you, right”


The scruffy-looking man was stunned.


In the blink of an eye, he understood the voice-over of the person in front of him.


Then, the next second, shock appeared in the uncles eyes.


It was him…


It was that kid…


The guy he met in Tiansang City had actually grown to this extent in such a short period of time


The uncle was stopped by Xu Xiaoshous words.

He was shocked and did not reply.


Xu Xiaoshou looked at him and asked again, “What about you Where did your sword cognition come from”


This was the question he really wanted to ask.


Up until now, he had been unable to figure out the identity of this scruffy-looking man.


The uncle pondered for a long time before replying, “Im different from you.

Everyone in the world thinks that sword cognition was created by me.

Little did they know that this was what I was taught of by a stranger I suddenly met on the street.”


Everyone was stunned.


This explanation completely overturned everyones understanding of the origin of sword cognition.


Hes Bazhunan, right


Is it really alright for him to say that


Even Xu Xiaoshou was quite surprised.


You must be joking!


Is this guy playing a joke on me


“Funny!” Xu Xiaoshou sighed softly.

“I didnt expect to meet a fake, but you dared to tarnish my reputation.”


The uncle was stunned.


He obviously didnt expect that at this time, the other party would still act like he was immersed in his impersonation of Bazhunan.


However, now that the secret code was matched, he knew Xu Xiaoshous identity.


Therefore, he did not expose him and did not continue to target him.

He only smiled and continued, “You said that you are Bazhunan, then why are you here”


Xu Xiaoshou flicked his sleeves and said with his head held high, “I, Bazhunan, have been doing things all my life, why do I need to explain myself to others”



The uncle was stunned again.


This fellow in front of him was acting like he, Xu Xiaoshou, was having a lot more fun than him!


Before he could speak, Xu Xiaoshou asked back, “What about you What are you here for”




The uncle was not as secretive as Xu Xiaoshou.

When he heard that, he turned to look at the Yama duo.

“I have a business to attend to.”


The Yama duo was still watching from the side, secretly recovering their state.


Unexpectedly, the two Bazhunan were chatting in front of them.


One of them was actually targeting the two of them.


The Yama duos hearts shook.


“Is it related to us” Yin Cao was scared by the stare and asked first.


Scruffy-looking man nodded.

“It has nothing to do with you, but it has something to do with your boss.”


Lord Huang Quan…


Yin Cao and Hundred Ghost looked at each other and became even more flustered.


This person pointed his sword at Bazhunan right from the start.

It was obvious that his cultivation level was not ordinary.

The credibility of him being Bazhunan was even higher.


But at that moment, Bazhunans authenticity did not matter anymore.


It was obvious that the issue of their lives was more crucial.


“May I ask, what is it” Yin Cao asked.


“If Im not mistaken… Yama” The uncle stared at Yin Caos Flower Fairy Eyes and recognized that this was the fake storyteller.


Yin Cao did not respond but remained silent.


The uncle said again, “If you dont deny it, then that would be easier for me to deal with.

I wont kill you.

I just want to ask you… is Shang Xuan Sword in the hands of your boss”


Shang Xuan Sword!


Everyone was shocked when they heard this.

Even Xu Xiaoshou was no exception.


Now, he was no longer an ignorant little idiot.

He had heard of Shang Xuan Sword before.


This sword was not a famed sword.


But it was one of the nine supreme divine weapons.

It was on the same list as Ai Cangshengs Evil Sin Bow.


It was said that the sword was magical.

It could even ignore any defense.

He wondered if the rumors were true.


Such a treasure was in the hands of Yama


Xu Xiaoshou suddenly recalled the scene when the golden-robed masked man appeared to save him.


At that time, he noticed that there were two weapons crossed on the back of Huang Quan.


One was a Tang blade, and the other was a long sword.

Both of them were extraordinary.


“So, that sword is the Shang Xuan Sword” Xu Xiaoshou suspected.



The arena was filled with peoples attention.


The Jiang clan and the others were also looking at the Yama duo.


When Jiang Chaotian heard about the Shang Xuan Sword, he calculated that the Yama duo each had their own Lei Familys eyes.

In his heart, he had already raised the danger level of this organization to the highest.


However, Yin Cao didnt answer directly.

He only said, “We dont know anything about Lord Huang Quan.”


The scruffy-looking mans tone was as calm as ever.

“If you dont deny it, then its easy to handle.

Has your Lord Huang Quan ever had a sword on his back You should have seen it before.”


Yin Cao stayed quiet.


When did not answering directly become not denying it


This time, he was completely speechless.

He could not even change the topic.


“No.” Yin Cao could only deny it.


At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou said, “Youre lying.”


Everyone looked at the other Bazhunan who was furiously trying to gain a sense of presence.


Xu Xiaoshous version of Bazhunan strolled slowly and said slowly, “Huang Quan, its not like I havent fought before.

If I am not wrong, not only is the Shang Xuan Sword with that brat, but also Hun Che”


Similar to Shang Xuan Sword and the Evil Sin Bow, Hun Che was one of the nine supreme divine weapons.


Bazhunans words stunned everyone.


The scruffy-looking man was no exception.


He already knew Xu Xiaoshous identity.


He was just a junior.


It was fine if he was just pretending, but how could he dare to butt in when there was no proof of his words.

Furthermore, his identity would be exposed if his words did not match up


Yin Cao and Hundred Ghost were even more dumbfounded when they heard this.


They naturally knew that the Shang Xuan Sword and Hun Che were with Lord Huang Quan!


However, how did outsiders know


The Bazhunan who asked about the whereabouts of the Shang Xuan Sword was already the real Bazhunan in their hearts.


But now, the other Bazhunan could even say that Hun Che was also in Lord Huang Quans hands.


He had fought with Lord Huang Quan before


Did he call Lord Huang Quan… a brat




Yin Cao was terrified.


Which one was real


If both were fake, how could they give such accurate information


One came for the sword.


The other came for the blade.


Since when did the Bazhunan imposters reach such a high level


Lord Huang Quan had not fought for many years.


If these two people were not people from that era, how could they know about the existence of the Shang Xuan Sword and Hun Che


On the other side.


Xu Xiaoshou was just bluffing.


But seeing the changing expressions of Yin Cao, he felt that he was pretty spot on.


Yamas Huang Quan actually had two supreme divine weapons, Shang Xuan Sword and Hun Che at the same time


At this moment, even Xu Xiaoshou felt that it was a little absurd…


What could a mere Huang Quan do


It must be known that Ai Cangsheng only had an Evil Sin Bow!


The power of that bow..


When Xu Xiaoshou thought of the Evil Sin Bow that had shot the second-in-command saint servant, Elder sang, into the prison of the holy divine palace, he suddenly understood.


Why did the real saint servant, Bazhunan, tell him not to bother with Yamas people for the time being.


Was Yama really that perverted


“Hun Che is with him too”


The scruffy-looking man who was not far away was also surprised by this new information.


He stepped forward and looked at Yin Cao.

He went straight to the point and said, “I dont like to kill people.

Give me the location of Huang Quan, and I wont cause trouble for you juniors.”




These cutting paths were like juniors in the scruffy-looking mans eyes.


At this moment, Yin Cao, Hundred Ghost, and Jiang Chaotian felt helpless.


The person in front of them was someone with sword cognition.


In the end, this person wasnt Bazhunan.


But at the very least, he wasnt that bad!


After all, it shouldnt reach the extent that a person with sword cognition wouldnt even be at the innate stage in terms of combat strength


With a subjective judgment in his heart, Yin Cao didnt want to start a war with this man, but he couldnt expose Lord Huang Quans whereabouts.


Hence, there was nothing he could say at this moment.

Yin Cao could only freeze on the spot.


“Youre not going to say it”


The man pressed on step by step.


His aura was so overwhelming that it was suffocating.


But at this moment, the storyteller suddenly spoke.


“Brothers, wait!”


At this moment, the storyteller actually could not figure out which one was Xu Xiaoshou, which one was the fake brother, and which was his real brother.


However, it was not good for him to expose one of them.

After all, it was possible that one of them was one of his own.


Therefore, he only had the choice of using his cutting path body to make a humble voice.


Xu Xiaoshous Bazhunan and the scruffy-looking mans Bazhunan turned their heads at the same time and looked at the storyteller.


The storyteller was stared at by these two pairs of turbid eyes, and his entire person was in a daze.


This was too similar!


Big brother, big brother, what exactly did you do outside in order to produce these almost identical imposters


Suppressing the urge to ridicule, the storyteller announced a bad fact to everyone:


“White-clothed, hes here.”


Outside the small world.


The storyteller couldnt see the scruffy-looking mans figure clearly before, but that was because the other party was strong enough.


However, the aura from the Spirit Gems trade fair moved, and several thrones and cutting paths were sent out in unison.

They came to this place to investigate the fluctuations of holy power.

He could tell with just a glance from the storyteller.


It was a deal.


The arena was filled with people of all colors.


Jiang Chaotian knew that reinforcements were coming, and he was overjoyed.


Yama and Xu Xiaoshou knew that their time was coming, and sorrow came from their hearts.


At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou started to curse the Bazhunan who really knew how to do things.


It had been so long, but they still hadnt been able to attract the white-clothed and red-clothed people at the trade fair.




How was the situation there


Had it ended


Xu Xiaoshou began to panic.


The only one who was not in a hurry was the scruffy-looking man.

He stared straight at the storyteller and asked calmly, “How long will it take for them to arrive”


The storyteller thought to himself,you really treat yourself as my elder brother.

You really think of me as a subordinate who you can order around.


However, the other party had used sword cognition, so he didnt seem like an outsider.


The person who pretended to be Bazhunan was none other than Bazhunans fan.

In other words, he was half of their own.


Thus, the storyteller replied, “He left a mark in the space.

He cant be held on for too long.

Itll take about the time it takes to brew a cup of tea.”


“Thats enough.” The scruffy-looking man nodded and turned to look at Yama.


At this moment, the pressure suddenly arrived.

The Yama duo were extremely flustered.


Anyone could tell that this mans “Thats enough” was to express that the time before white-clothed arrived was enough to kill both of them.


Yin Cao couldnt hold on any longer.


His Flower Fairys cherry blossom eyes bloomed as he pounced forward.




An angry shout.


Everyone present felt the world turn upside down and the world spin.


The Hundred Ghost standing behind Yin Cao understood and immediately took out a drop of golden saint blood from his ring.


Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.


The Flower Fairys illusion was very strong, but perception could still transmit some real images from time to time.


And within these images, there was such a scene.

It was the Hundred ghost swallowing the saint blood.


“Yama also has saint blood”


Xu Xiaoshou was extremely shocked.


However, when he thought of Yamas boss, Huang Quan, who had the Shang Xuan Sword and Hun Che, he immediately felt relieved.


However, Xu Xiaoshou was unable to stop him


Because the images sent by perception were too late, the Flower Fairys illusion may not be very effective on him, but it did have some effect after all.


He couldnt stop the Hundred Ghost from consuming the saint blood.


The power of a cutting path that consumed the saint blood was obvious.


Just as the storyteller realized that something was wrong, Jiang Chaotian felt that the fantasy realm was ridiculous, hence he forcefully struggled and saw the scene of the Hundred Ghost consuming the saint blood.


Everyone knew that it was too late.


The saint blood had already entered his throat!


“Haha, Bazhunan”


Yin Cao laughed wildly.

It was only then that everyone realized that he had not pounced forward at all.

Instead, he had brought the Hundred Ghost with him.

Under the illusion of the fantasy realm, he was continuously retreating in reality.


As he retreated, he even mocked, “Do you really think that I cant tell that youre a fake So what if you have sword cognition Isnt it only…”




At this moment, a slight sound appeared, and a sudden change occurred.


Yin Caos words came to an abrupt end, and his mocking smile froze on his face.




With a “Pa” sound, a crisp snap of fingers appeared.


Everyone felt as if the world was spinning, and the scene shattered.


Then, another scene appeared:


It was the scruffy-looking man who moved without the wind, his body pressed against the Hundred Ghost as he retreated.

His two fingers clamped on the saints blood, and another scruffy-looking man stood in front of Yin Cao.

His four fingers pierced through Yin Caos throat, stopping the shocking scene of his words.


Two men


Everyone was stunned for a moment before they immediately reacted.


Fantasy realm!


This… was also a fantasy realm


“Fantasy realm” Yin Cao was similarly shocked.


In this world, there was actually an illusion that even his Flower Fairy Eyes could not see through


However, the moment he said those words, he heard his own voice sounding rather unclear.


Suddenly, pain appeared on his face.


Unable to hold it in, Yin Cao spat out a mouthful of blood.


When he realized that his words were vague and that he was in pain, Yin Cao realized that something was wrong and his expression changed to one of shock.



is not an illusion!”


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