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Chapter 687: Soul-Fixing Eyes, Ghostly Bronze Prison!

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“Surprised, Passive Points, 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou finally saw the information bar.

The masked man in front of him had not shown any emotion since he appeared.

The only thing that surprised the masked man was his saint servant identity that he reported.

However, the information bar changed immediately.

“Suspected, passive points 1.”

“I dont believe you.” The masked man touched the iron man pendant on his waist, his voice full of certainty.

Xu Xiaoshou was fearless.

He looked at the masked mans movements and said, “I dont care whether you believe me or not.

In short, even if you are the at the sovereign (stage), if you dare touch me today, you will die in the future.

Not only you, but also your organization.”

“Oh” The masked man froze.

“Have you heard of our organization”

Xu Xiaoshou chuckled and didnt respond.

He had never heard of the other partys organization.

However, he could figure out the masked mans purpose.

The Jiang clan was a powerful faction.

It was impossible for there to be only one faction that had the guts to target the Demi-saint Jiang clan.

The information they obtained and the source of confidence of the participants all indicated that there was a huge faction behind the masked man.

The person in front of them was at most a sovereign (stage) .

There wasnt even a hint of the connotations of the cutting path (stage) .

How could such a person have the guts to attack the Demi-saint faction

Therefore, Xu Xiaoshou speculated that the “Yama” wasnt the person in front of him at all.

It was a huge organization that secretly collected the “Lei Familys Eyes”.

This organization might be very big, so big that even the Demi-saint faction could choose to attack after careful calculation.

However, no matter how strong the evil forces in this world were, how could they be stronger than the saint servant

Xu Xiaoshou did not care at all.

In terms of the leader of the dark faction, the saint servant guarded by the eighth sword deity, who would dare claim to be number one if he was called number two

Xu Xiaoshou was thinking.

Unexpectedly, when the masked man saw that Xu Xiaoshou did not speak, he did not waste any more words and chose to walk forward in Xu Xiaoshous direction.

“Are you deaf” Xu Xiaoshous eyebrows jumped.

He did not believe that this fellow would dare to make a move.

“I did not hear clearly what you said just now.”The masked man turned a deaf ear.

His footsteps did not seem fast, but in a few steps, he had already crossed the alley and was almost in front of Xu Xiaoshou.

“Pretending to be deaf and dumb”

Xu Xiaoshou immediately took out a command token from his ring.

“This command token, do you recognize it”

This was something that Bazhunan had given him.

He said that if something happened to him while he was causing trouble in the imperial city, he could take it out to ward off evil.

Xu Xiaoshou believed that even if this person in front of him was not from the same era as Bazhunan, as a member of King of Hell, he would definitely know the authenticity of the command token in his hand.

As expected, the masked man stopped in his tracks when he raised the command token.

“Agreed, passive points, 1.”

Xu Xiaoshous heart relaxed slightly, but in the next second..

“Ignored, passive points, 1.”

“Locked-on, passive points 1.”

“Imprisoned, passive points 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou:

The first message popped up, and he knew that this person had definitely acknowledged his identity as a saint servant.

However, what were the last few messages

Was this masked man really going to act dumb and ignore this command token Was he going to attack forcefully

“Hey!” Xu Xiaoshou instantly jumped up.

He exerted strength on the soles of his feet and was about to jump up into the sky with the help of the rebound force from the shattered floor.

However, the other party controlled the order of the heavens within the bounded domain.

Under the restriction of the order, even if he had a master physique, he would be unable to do anything.


With just one word, the masked man forced Xu Xiaoshou to stay where he was, and he started to panic.

He had fought against the sovereign (stage) before, but it was always a covert attack or a pre-arranged method that allowed him to win against the sovereign (stage) .

In this kind of situation where he was being controlled first and had to fight back, as an innate (stage) cultivator, it was actually very difficult for him to make an impact.

“Its useless.” The masked man was already in front of him.

He shook his head and said, “Youre only an innate (stage).

You think you can resist the sovereign domain Ill say it again.

Hand over the item and I wont kill you.”

“Close-bounds force field!”

Xu Xiaoshou didnt care about it.

He shouted in his heart and chose to activate his newly awakened passive skill.

He originally wanted to give it a try.

He wanted to see if the “rejection” power of the close-bounds force field could even cut off the rules that controlled him within the bounded domain.

The initial hopes werent high.

However, when the force field opened, Xu Xiaoshou unexpectedly discovered that the binding force… was broken!

The toes hidden in his shoes moved slightly, and Xu Xiaoshou knew that this wasnt an illusion.

He realized that the existence of theclose-bounds force field probably wasnt simply using the cutting force to form a force field.

Within, the word “realm” itself contained the meaning of a separate small world that belonged to him.

“You dare to try!”

Xu Xiaoshou was relieved.

After discovering that the “Close-bounds force field” could reject the confinement of the bounded domain, he didnt act rashly.

He even controlled the action of subconsciously wanting to retreat.

As he stabilized his body, he immediately shut off this awakening skill.

Close-bounds force field was switched on and off in the blink of an eye.

What the masked man could see was only this clown in front of him.

After trying to resist in vain, there was nothing left to argue about.

The masked man reached out his hand.

He did not even look at Xu Xiaoshous command token in the air.

He directly touched the spatial ring on Xu Xiaoshous hand.

“You Dare !” At this moment, Xu Xiaoshous eyes were about to pop out.

It was as if the “Eye of heaven” really existed in the ring.

At this moment, his body was still “imprisoned” on the spot.

“Noisy.”The masked mans hand touched Xu Xiaoshous skin.

“Try touching my ring!” Xu Xiaoshous voice was anxious.

“Why wouldnt I dare”

The masked mans hand touched Xu Xiaoshous ring and was about to pull it out.


At this moment, Xu Xiaoshous eyes moved down and stared at the masked mans finger.

He suddenly shouted, and “Close-bounds force field” was instantly activated.

The masked man grabbed Xu Xiaoshous two fingers and pulled them out at the same time.

However, as expected, the ring did not slip out of his hand.

Unexpectedly, intense pain came from his fingers.


The flesh and blood of the shattered fingers scattered in the air as the masked man pulled back.

Time seemed to have slowed down.

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou could see the pupils of the masked man, who was hiding in the ferocious Yamas mask.

His eyes were glowing with a strange green light, and his pupils constricted as if he had seen something horrifying.

The situation was indeed horrifying!

The masked man did not pull out the ring.

Instead, the finger that touched the ring was pulled off by himself!


It was not “Broken”!

Instead, his flesh and blood were completely shattered.

Even his blood turned into a bloody mist and sprayed out under the cutting force of the “Close-bounds force field”.

“Stunned, passive points, 1.”

“Suspected, passive points 1.”


Xu Xiaoshou could even hear a very soft hissing sound coming from the other side.

He did not choose to let the other party off.

Instead, he charged forward at the instant the masked mans finger was severed.

“Close-bounds force field, expand!”

One had to know that the effective attack radius of the close-bounds force field was ten feet in radius.

Xu Xiaoshou was extremely greedy.

How could he let the enemy who wanted to bully him only feel the pain of having his finger severed

What he wanted was for the person in front of him to be shattered into pieces the instant the close-bounds force field expanded!

“Soul-fixing eyes.”

However, at this critical moment, he saw a faint green light flash from the eyes under the King of Hells mask.

With a loud rumble, Xu Xiaoshou felt as if his soul had been hit by a super energy beam.

At this moment, even his mind was in a trance, and his mind was even more blank.

The close-bounds force field, which was supposed to expand ten feet forward, had yet to move when his thoughts stopped and stopped on the spot.

“Soul-fixing eyes!”

When his consciousness returned, Xu Xiaoshou was truly shocked.

Even though he had never seen the “Soul-fixing eyes”of the Lei family, he had only heard the name of this eye-bloodline technique from Luo Leilei.

But at this moment, he didnt delay him from immediately deducing that this masked man had the “Lei Familys Eyes” just like Jiang Xian.

Furthermore, he was the “Soul-fixing eyes”.

Its function was to absolutely imprison the opponent from the level of the soul!

“Imprisoned, passive points 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou wanted to move.

However, it was like a ghost pressing down on a bed.

After the attack, his consciousness became clear, but he couldnt control his body at all.

The feeling of powerlessness made his heart turn cold.

“What a strange ability…”

Just like Xu Xiaoshous exclamation, the masked man was also shocked by the unique spiritual technique that this clown with an innate cultivation level possessed.

An innate stage spiritual technique that could harm a sovereign (stage)

A domain-type skill that could resist the confinement of a bounded domain

The masked mans eyes revealed a look of interest.

The pain on his finger only surprised him for a moment.

In just a moment, his wound had recovered to this extent.

However, this Zhou Tianshen from the saint servant in front of him possessed an ability that he had never heard of or seen before in his life.

“As expected of the saint servant…”

The masked man murmured in his heart.

After thinking for a while, he took out a spiritual sword from his ring and slowly stabbed it at Xu Xiaoshous body.

He was testing.

“Keng keng keng –”

The ear-piercing sound of weapons clashing rang out.

The spiritual swords sword body was pushed forward, but it didnt even pierce Xu Xiaoshous skin.

It was completely shattered by the ability of the “Close-bounds force field”.

The test ended.

The masked man looked at the remaining spiritual sword hilt in his hand and fell silent.

This was a grade five spiritual sword, a master stage sword, and it was worth quite a bit.

But, with just one stab..

It was gone

The spatial ring on the other sides hand was within reach, and the “Eye of heaven” within was also within reach.

However, the existence of the “Close-bounds force field” was just like this name, and it caused the distance between the two sides to increase as if there was a worlds distance between them.

“Impressive,” the masked man said.


Passive points 1.”

Then, he extended his hand from his sleeve again.

This hand seemed to have recovered after being injured.

The skin was glossy and tender.

It was like a hand that only a woman could have.

Even the fingers were very white and slender.

However, the next second, his hand turned into high-temperature red molten iron and dripped down.

“Chi chi”

Just by touching the ground, the high-temperature molten iron melted into a pit, as if it was not molten iron, but lava.

“Chi chi chi…”

More and more molten iron gathered on the ground, forming one pool after another.

“Ghost Bronze Prison!”

When the amount was enough, the masked man waved his hand in front of his chest, and the pool of high-temperature red molten iron was suddenly mobilized.

Outside the “Close-bounds force field”, it formed a human-shaped molten iron cage.

Xu Xiaoshou was trapped in it in all directions without any blind spots.

Darkness enveloped him.

“Move…” Xu Xiaoshou screamed in his heart.

He could clearly see everything that was happening in front of him, but the masked mans ability was too powerful!

Or rather, “Soul-fixing eyes” was really an unsolvable ocular technique!

After such a long time, he still could not regain control of his body.

Xu Xiaoshou had passive skills all over his body, and he was confident that he wouldnt be afraid of any physical attacks in the world.

But he never expected that the opponents “Soul-fixing eyes”, like Mo Mos “Seal” attribute, would restrain him so much.

“Refine!” The masked man gave another order.

The molten iron that circled around Xu Xiaoshous body was like a surging tide, pouring straight down into the “Close-bounds force field”.

“Chi chi chi…”

The sound of cutting appeared again.

However, this time, the molten iron, which was not as solid as the spiritual sword and existed in the form of a fluid, was able to recombine the moment it was cut into pieces by the “Close-bounds force field”.

“Its over!”

Xu Xiaoshou had never thought that someone would be so smart as to think of a way to crack the “Close-bounds force field” in such a short time.

The force field was thin, but the impact was very strong.

Basically, if the molten iron wanted to infiltrate, it would be cut and sent flying out.

However, the “Close-bounds force field” could not withstand the amount of molten iron, and it was poured in from all directions!

As time passed.

Some flowing molten iron walked through the force field and splashed onto Xu Xiaoshous body.

The first drop.

“Zi ~”

“Attacked, passive points 1.”

Xu Xiaoshous master physique was pierced through by the hot molten iron on the spot.

The piercing pain hit him.

He even felt that the area from his shoulder blade to his heart was about to be melted by that drop of molten iron.


Xu Xiaoshou couldnt hold it in anymore.

Even though this masked man was only a sovereign (stage), he was much stronger than all the other sovereigns (stage) he had seen.

Xu Xiaoshou guessed that only someone at Yu Lingdis level could truly go up against him

This usage of the “Iron” attribute was too perfect!

“Ma Ma…”

In this world, the only person who could respond to Xu Xiaoshous actions through his soul and body was Aje.

As more and more molten iron seeped into the close-bounds force field and dripped onto Xu Xiaoshous body, Aje moved.

Two red lights shot out from Xu Xiaoshous chest.

The masked man actually sensed that something was wrong at the first moment and chose to retreat!


After sensing the threat, the masked man suddenly retreated.

Aje also punched through the ghost bronze prison and the close-bounds force field in an instant.

Wearing a body that was corroded by hot metal and carrying the terrifying cutting power of the close-bounds force field, Aje didnt even let out a cry of pain.

It didnt feel any pain.

The target of the punch was the person who dared to hurt Ma Ma.

There was no way to retreat!

In a split second, an obscure green light flashed under the mask of the masked man, Yama.

“Soul-fixing eyes!”

He shouted.

However, the “Soul-fixing eyes”, which was usually successful, seemed to be completely ineffective against a divine puppet like Aje.

Aje was not a human.

The masked man looked at the small mind that was still able to move freely after being soul-fixed.

In an instant, countless questions flashed through his mind.

However, he reacted quickly and immediately abandoned all these thoughts.

He threw out a black iron fist and caught Ajes fist.


The explosive force of the air wave spread out for thousands of feet.

Even the sovereign domain started to tremble.

At the same time, Xu Xiaoshous finger moved.

“My body is back!”

He immediately activated his exploding posture.

Countless golden light spots exploded and directly shattered the “Ghost Bronze Prison”.

At the same time, he soared into the sky and looked at the center of the battle.

This glance startled Xu Xiaoshou.

“Startled, passive points, 1.”

The arena.

The two fists, one big and one small, were surprisingly evenly matched.

Neither side retreated even half a step.

But at the same time, both werent able to harm their opponent.

Xu Xiaoshou, who wanted to help, froze in mid-air, and the corners of his mouth began to twitch.

He looked at the masked man whose dark purple sleeves had been shattered and suddenly felt his scalp go numb.

“This guy can use his physical body to block Ajes punch !”


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