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Chapter 684: Taking Advantage Of The Situation

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If he was an outsider, he would only be able to see a bit of emptiness on Jiang Qis face.

After all, she was an experienced person.

No matter how overwhelmed she was, she probably wouldnt show it in her body language.

However, Xu Xiaoshou was different.

He only glanced at the information bar and saw the “Suspected” and “Guessed” messages popping up crazily.

He knew exactly what was going on.

Yes, that action just now was done on purpose.

Xu Xiaoshou was not the real Bazhunan.

How could he not know that Jiang Xians target was not Lei Shuangxing, but Mu Zixi

Therefore, all of his actions not only responded to Jiang Xians words on the surface but also hit Jiang Qi in the dark with a subtle psychological action This would make him question his own thinking.

Then, under such circumstances, should he continue to bombard her

No need!

After all, it was too much to overdo it.

Xu Xiaoshou didnt even look at Jiang Qi.

Indeed, he had always been targeting this person and never took Jiang Xian seriously.

But the hostility between Masters was always inadvertently generated.

Sometimes, the lethality of such a blow was the greatest.

“What does the woman you mentioned look like” Xu Xiaoshou asked casually as if the secret confrontation earlier had never happened.

Jiang Xian hadnt noticed anything yet.

His mind was focused on diverting the Eighth Sword Deitys attention away from himself, so he immediately responded.

“I cant say that its a woman.

It should be a little girl.

She had two ponytails and was dressed in green.

Shes from First Pavilion in the Sky.”

He paused for a moment.

He was afraid that the world would fall into chaos.

Then, he said, “Also, Young master Xu from First Pavilion in the Sky has a ghost beast host body with him!”

If there was anything in the world that could attract the attention of a big shot, it would definitely be the ghost beast.

Jiang Xian was not stupid.

It was just that his recovery speed was a little slow.

At this point in time, he has already figured out the Eighth Sword Deitys thoughts from several conversations.

What the other party wanted was probably just information, not human lives.

In this kind of situation, being afraid would only make his performance more unstable.

So after he finished his words of counterattack, Jiang Xian immediately looked up.

As expected, he could already see the first fluctuation in the Eighth Sword Deitys turbid eyes.

“Ghost Beast Interesting…” Xu Xiaoshou murmured.

Jiang Xian was puzzled.

According to Jiang Qis deduction, wasnt the saint servant controlling the First Pavilion in the Sky from behind the scenes

But looking at the other partys expression…

“Her deduction was wrong”

Jiang Xian glanced back and saw Jiang Qi lowering her head, deep in thought.

He had no idea what had been secretly sent just now.

All he could do now was look back with no conclusion and then look at the Eighth Sword Deity, waiting for his next words.

How could Xu Xiaoshou allow the topic to be changed by this little brat

He only echoed the other partys words and thought for a moment.

Then, he reached out his hand and asked, “What about theEye of Heaven you mentioned”

Jiang Xian was startled.

Behind him, Jiang Qi also raised her head.

The two of them had never expected that the Eighth Sword Deitys method of grasping the key points would still be so defined.

After talking around for a long time, it turned out that the other party hadnt forgotten the topic at all!

Jiang Xian hesitated for a moment before saying with much difficulty, “To be honest, theEye of Heaven is our Jiang Clans supreme treasure.

We absolutely can not give it…”

Xu Xiaoshous outstretched hand didnt move, but at this moment, his gaze fell directly onto Jiang Xians eyes.

His expression remained as calm as ever and did not even say a single word.

Jiang Xian was speechless.

No matter how stupid they were, the Jiang clan duo could completely understand the Eighth Sword Deitys gaze at this time.

“Either theEye of Heaven or theThree Loathsome Eyes, you choose.”

Jiang Xian was about to cry.

He had never felt so wronged in his entire life.

As a super leader of the previous era, why did he have to make things difficult for a junior like Jiang Xian

But no matter how wronged he felt.., Jiang Xian had no choice but to force himself to say, “TheEye of Heaven is too mysterious.

Even I cannot control it.

Its with my guard Jiang Lan and he isnt in the manor at the moment.

Hes on a mission outside…”

“Tsk!” Xu Xiaoshou sneered lightly.

Jiang Xian panicked.

“Senior, Im telling the truth.

TheEye of heaven is really not with me.

Even if you kill me, you wont get… Ugh.”

Halfway through his words, Jiang Xian suddenly stopped.

Yes, if he killed him, the Eighth Sword Deity would indeed not be able to get theEye of Heaven, but he would be able to get theThree Loathsome Eyes.

“I, Ill call him over now…”

Jiang Xian picked up the communication bead dejectedly.

Xu Xiaoshou did not speak.

He quietly waited for the other party to finish the call and then watched Jiang Xian put away the communication bead.

“Tell me, what is with the Ghost Beast”

After everything was done, Xu Xiaoshou withdrew his hand and continued to fiddle with the teacup on the table.

He was somewhat curious whether Jiang Xian had seen through Xin Gugu or Mo Mo.

The Three Loathsome Eyes had such an ability

“It was my friend who saw through it, not theThree Loathsome Eyes.”

Jiang Xian knew what the other party was thinking.

At this time, he could not bear the blame himself.

He explained,

“Rong Dahao, a disciple of the Higher Void family, the current successor of the Fu Clan.

He has been trying to curry favor with me all this while, but he doesnt have any special abilities other than being able to see a Ghost Beast.”

“He just happened to see the ghost beast host body transformation, so he recognized the true face of the woman from First Pavilion in the Sky.”

Jiang Xian apologized in his heart.

But if the Eighth Sword Deitys attention was really attracted by Rong Dahao, he, Jiang Xian, would definitely offer incense to that fellow and guarantee that the Rong family would be rich for a hundred years!

Its Mo Mo… After hearing Jiang Xians words, Xu Xiaoshou finally understood.

It turned out that she had been recognized by someone he knew.

Back when they had set off from the White Cave and traveled for half a month, Xu Xiaoshou had already specially instructed everyone to change their appearance.

However, the people around him did not have anytransformation.

There were times where it could indeed be easy for sharp-eyed people to see through it.


There was an extremely important symbol for the ghost beast host body to travel across the continent!

Xu Xiaoshou guessed that if Rong Dahao could really recognize Mo Mo, he must have seen through the disguise technique or noticed Mo Mos legendary beast control artifact — the small bronze cauldron.

It was impossible to guard against it!

While sighing in his heart, Xu Xiaoshous expression remained calm as he shook his head and said, “You betrayed your friend.

You betrayed him very quickly.”

“I…” Jiang Xian choked and tried to explain, “I only knew him for a few days, so we cant be considered friends.”

Xu Xiaoshou didnt care whether he was a friend or not.

In his opinion, the Eighth Sword Deity was indeed someone who would be attracted by the Ghost Beast, so he fell silent for a while.

On the surface, he seemed to be thinking.

In fact, Xu Xiaoshou was really just staying silent for a while.

He had to put on an act and engrave all these actions into Jiang Qis heart.

In the time of a few breaths, he had finished his act.

He put down the teacup, stood up, and glanced at Jiang Qi.

“I dont care about the feud between you and First Pavilion in the Sky, nor do I care about the process of you trying to figure out each other.”

“But I am interested in the result.”

Xu Xiaoshou stared at Jiang Qi.

“Youre right about one thing.

I am indeed playing chess, but if another team appears out of nowhere in the game, even if they are from different paths, as long as they interfere with my plan, everything will be clear.”

Jiang Qis heart trembled.

The words of the Eighth Sword Deity were an exhortation.

In the beginning, she had indeed thought of sending a message back to her clan, asking them to support the mission of Dongtianwang City.

But now, it seemed that her idea wasnt bad, but the waters of Dongtianwang City were too muddy.

If she made a wrong move, she might inexplicably break into these life or death situations.

At that time, she wouldnt be able to escape even if she wanted to.

Jiang Qi was very glad that she was in the Jiang clan of the northern region.

If it was an outsider, she wouldnt have mentioned it at all, given the Eighth Sword Deitys temper.

As for the demi-saint family…

Jiang Qi swept a glance at Young Master Jiang.

The only reason the two of them could survive was probably because of this background!

“As for you…”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at Jiang Xian again, he said, neither happy nor sad, “Before I finish my things, you can stay here obediently.

Although I dont want to kill anyone, if I find out that thisThree Loathsome Eyes is not from your clan, but from the Lei family…”

“The world is big but there will be no place for you!”

Upon hearing this, Jiang Xian immediately felt a chill run down his spine and goosebumps rose all over his body.

“Senior, dont worry.

I definitely wont lie about this kind of thing,” He immediately made a solemn promise.

Xu Xiaoshou looked away and didnt reply.

He waved his hand and looked outside the door.

“Call him in.”

“Jiang Lan!” Jiang Xian immediately shouted.

The door was pushed open and another Sovereign appeared outside.

The inside of the Jiang familys manor was indeed emptied by Xu Xiaoshous words.

Even for the servants.

This was because they were afraid that someone would accidentally barge in here and anger the legendary Eighth Sword Deity.

Right now, in such a huge manor, the only person who dared to enter was Jiang Lan.

“The Eye of Heaven.” Jiang Xian didnt waste any time.

Jiang Lan took out the “Heaven Pearl” without saying a word.

He didnt even dare to look at the masked man in the deepest part of the room.

He only took a quick glance at Jiang Qi when he handed the “Heaven Pearl” to Young Master Jiang.

Jiang Qi shook her head slightly and pursed her red lips without saying a word.

“Young Master Jiang, shall I leave”


There was another bang on the door.

It was as if Jiang Lan hadnt appeared at all.

The scene returned to silence.


Jiang Xian handed the “Heaven Pearl” to him with both hands.

Even though he was reluctant to part with it and even though it was the Jiang familys supreme treasure, it was already a blessing in disguise to be able to exchange a treasure for his life at this moment.

Perhaps some factions that had investigated the Saint Servant knew that there was a person called Lei Shuangxing among the Saint Servants faction.

They probably didnt dare to associate thistear with thattear.


Not only did these people not know that thistear was really thattear, but also the fact that the Saint Servants chief was undoubtedly the Eighth Sword Deity.

What they absolutely didnt dare to think about was that the rumored Eighth Sword Deity was actually intimately connected to the fallen Lei family.

AHeaven Pearl in exchange for such important information.

To the Jiang family, this wasnt a loss.

This was the reason why Jiang Qi didnt say anything to stop young master Jiang.

Xu Xiaoshou waved his hand and took theHeaven Pearl.

It was a crystal ball the size of a fist.

Thick white mist was enshrouding it, around a milky-white eyeball.

At this moment, the eyeball didnt move at all.

He unceremoniously put it into his ring, and Xu Xiaoshou didnt ask any more questions.

Regarding “Heaven Pearl”, the “Eye of Heaven”, and what he had remembered of Luo Leilei having mentioned once about the relationship between the “Eyes of the Unknown” and the various tearful eyes… He believed that if he asked now, he would definitely get the answer he wanted.

But he is the Eighth Sword Deity now.

There are some things that people could be ignorant of, but they can not act so foolishly for outsiders to see.

It would be too easy for them to catch him in his act.

“Remember what I said today.

Before I investigate it thoroughly, wait obediently in this room.”

As Xu Xiaoshou spoke, his figure began to blur.

His gaze swept past Jiang Qis body and landed on Jiang Xians eyes.

He stared straight at him, and his figure gradually disintegrated.


At this moment, he seemed to have remembered something.

As his body disintegrated in a way that even the Way of the Heavens could not see, the lingering sound reverberated endlessly.

“I will protect the Lei familys Yu Gu.”

“You can spread these words.

I, Bazhunan, said it.”


When the echo finally disappeared completely in the room, Jiang Xians butt smashed heavily onto the chair.

Only then did he realize that his clothes were completely soaked in sweat.

Even his hair looked as if it had just been washed and wiped.

Some of it was still wet and stuck to his scalp.

He didnt look like someone who held some authority at all.

“He left” Jiang Xian said in a daze.

“He left.” Jiang Qi stood up and pushed the chair back to its original position.

After sweeping her gaze across the room, she immediately sent a telepathic communication to Jiang Si and told them to hurry back.

“Why would the Eighth Sword Deity come looking for me” Jiang Xian was still in fear as he spoke in a daze.

Jiang Qi replied, “Because the person we are eyeing might not be Lei Shuangxing, but rather, it might be the remnants of the Lei family.

According to the tone of the Eighth Sword Deity, even if its just a tiny bit of hope, he still has to protect the person.”


Jiang Xian was puzzled.

“But from how the Eighth Sword Deity behaved, hes not the mastermind behind the scenes of the First Pavilion in the Sky.

Since hes not the mastermind, he must not know the person by Xus side.”

“He had also implied that he came because of Lei Shuangxing, and Lei Shuangxing is blind, so even a blind person can sense my Three Loathsome Eyes”

As the saying goes, the speaker has no particular intention in saying something, but the listener reads their own meaning into it.

Jiang Qi suddenly realized something from Jiang Xians words.

There seemed to be a loophole in such a huge conversation

The Eighth Sword Deity came for Lei Shuangxing, but he only took away theEye of Heaven.

Before he could accomplish his task, he had to ground the people of the Jiang Clan to prevent them from touching the other suspectedYu Gu of the Lei family of the First Pavilion in the Sky.

Everything sounded as if the Eighth Sword Deity was not the mastermind behind the First Pavilion in the Sky.

However, the other party was always protecting the First Pavilion in the Sky, whether intentionally or not.

Perhaps even the Eighth Sword Deity himself did not notice this detail, but Jiang Qi was different.

After recalling the content of the conversation in her mind, she had a little thought.

“He didnt mention it on the surface, but his concern for the First Pavilion in the Sky does exist.”

“If we really want to investigate the First Pavilion in the Sky, with the Saint Servants ability, we can do it in a minute.

Why do you want us to wait”

“Also, is it necessary for the chief of the Saint Servant to pay so much attention to such an insignificant small organization”


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