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Chapter 665: Xiao Wanfeng Dancing On the Line of Life and Death, Mu Zixi Attracting Pursuers

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“Who are you” Luo Yin was stunned for a few seconds before he asked.

“Xiao Wanfeng.” Xiao Wanfeng answered very seriously.

He did not dare to question why he was answering first even though he had asked the question before the other party.

After answering, he asked again, “So, who are you”

“Luo Yin.”


It was as if Xiao Wanfeng was completing some mission.

Hearing this very familiar name, he was certain that this was one of the strong champion candidates as recorded in the information that Miss Yao Yue had brought over back in the VIP room.

Then, he paused for a moment, and a conflicted look flashed across his face.

Following this, as if he finally made up his mind, he slapped his thigh, and berated angrily, “Luo Yin, right! How dare you! Who gave you the courage to stop Miss Mu”

Luo Yins eyelids twitched.

He looked at the person below who was trembling in fear after saying such words and instantly realized that this fellow was just someone who had been sent to relay the message.

However, just as Luo Yin turned his head to look in Young Master Xus direction, Xiao Wanfeng started saying arrogant words once more.

“What are you looking at Im talking to you, didnt you hear me” After hesitating for a moment, Xiao Wanfeng shouted again, “Are you deaf!”

This time, Luo Yin couldnt take it anymore.

The veins on his arms bulged, and he clenched his fists tightly.

Then, he leaped and landed in front of Xiao Wanfeng.

However, Xiao Wanfengs actions were so smooth it was like he had smeared oil on the soles of his feet.

After saying these few words, Xiao Wanfeng turned around and fled.

At the same time, he kept apologizing without turning his head back.

“Im sorry, Im sorry.

Dont kill me, dont kill me…”

However, this guy was running not towards Young Master Xu, but instead Mu Zixi!

“Is he crazy”

Everyone was so shocked that they forgot to fight for a moment when they saw the young mans crazy actions in pulling aggro.

The other party was Luo Yin!

Everyone in the area knew that Luo Yins physical body was invincible.

He was the only one who could contend against Young Master Xu in this match!

However, something more exaggerated happened.

Xiao Wanfeng rushed to the space below Mu Zixi and shouted at the girl in the sky, “Come down! What are you waiting for Come and drink tea!”

After saying that, he took out a wooden table from his spatial ring and placed the tea tray on it.

Then, he actually took out a brand new teacup.

The tea leaves in it were prepared in advance.

Following this, he took out a pot of warm water and started to brew the tea with trembling hands.

Mu Zixi:

Her eyes were opened as wide as copper bells.

She looked back and forth at Xu Xiaoshou and Xiao Wanfeng, not understanding what was happening.

“Were on the same side.

Come Down, what are you afraid of!”

Xiao Wanfeng waved to the top, and then his face turned bitter.

He closed his eyes tightly and said with despair, “Hehe, youre so stupid and weak in the head…”

Mu Zixis pupils constricted, and her temples immediately swelled.

In the next second, the sound of handclaps echoed in the air.


In the cup of good tea that Xiao Wanfeng had poured while trembling just now, a towering tea tree directly burst out from the teacup.

The tea tree immediately turned red when it met the air and instantly swelled.

Following this, the sounds of explosions rang through the arena, blasting away the people who had come forward to watch the show.

However, the main target of the explosion had long disappeared without a trace.

While halfway to Young Master Xu, Xiao Wanfeng even had the time to twist his butt at the people behind me.

Then, he bent his body, covered his mouth with his left hand, and swung his right hand wildly in front of his chest, saying in rapper style, “Yo, Yo, look at this tree.

Its big and red, just like… Ahhh—-“

He had only managed to use the strange flat tone to belt out half a sentence before he let out a scream and rolled forward.

Then, he turned around and glanced at the wooden thorns on the ground.

With lingering fear, he decisively gave up on the mission and pounced over back to Young Master Xu.

“Save me, Young Master Xu, I cant do it anymore!”

It was only at this moment that the endless lingering fear and shame came flooding in.

Xiao Wanfengs face was red, and among the hot sweat on him from all the exercise, cold swear was mixed in as well.

He was speechless!

If he had known that the job of serving tea in First Pavilion in the Sky was so thrilling and exciting, Xiao Wanfeng would never have applied for the job.

How was this serving tea This was killing him!

Moreover, what was it with Young Master Xus mind How could he predict everyones reactions so accurately, and even plan an escape route for him

The most important thing was that the two sentences Young Master Xu had instructed him to rap did not sound so embarrassing when Young Master Xu said it!

Why did it sound so different when it came out of his mouth

“Im sorry, Im sorry…”

As Xiao Wanfeng ran, he bowed to the air and apologized.

Then, when he finally hid behind Young Master Xu, he stuck his head out, puffed out his chest, and said, “If theres anything, just come at me.

This has nothing to do with Young Master Xu!”

Xu Xiaoshou was originally joyfully watching the show.

He was so happy that he almost slapped his thigh and laughed out loud.

However, when he heard Xiao Wanfengs words, he was stunned for a moment.

“I didnt ask you to say that!” He immediately turned his head and glared.

Xiao Wanfeng took a deep breath and then spat out, “Im sorry, Young Master Xu.

I wasnt trying to bury my head in the sand.”

Good heavens!

Xu Xiaoshou was impressed by this young mans courage.

Not only was Xiao Wanfeng not afraid of death after provoking everyone, he even dared to poke fun at him

He was about to slap Xiao Wanfeng, unexpectedly, Xiao Wanfeng had already chosen to run away.

This time, he didnt run in the previously planned out direction that Xu Xiaoshou had planned for him.

Instead, he rushed back to Mu Zixi, whom he had just provoked.

“Help me! Brother Xin told me to seek refuge with you once I enter the arena.

Im sorry for what I did to you just now, but I, I…”

He stammered and could not spit out an excuse.

However, his movements were extremely fast.

In the blink of an eye, he had rushed to the front of Mu Zixi.

His face was filled with shame, and he almost knelt and begged for mercy.

At this time, no matter how blind one was, everyone could see that this matter was definitely Young Master Xus doing.

But to Xiao Wanfeng who dared to carry it out as instructed…

“F*ck, hes awesome!”

The audience was stunned by puppet Xiao Wanfengs performance of dancing on the line of life and death.

“Hes just too awesome.

This mortal is the most outstanding person Ive ever seen! Does he not want to live anymore After provoking everyone, he still dares to mess with his own Master Is he planning on doing as such until it kills him!”

“But… Hahahaha, this is making me laugh too hard.

Who would have thought that there would be such a show in the finals Was this Young Master Xus idea”

“Im impressed.

How did he come up with this idea Did he want to fight the two of them together, or was he just gonna play with all of us after playing with the two of them and have a gang fight”

“That Xiao Wanfeng… His name is Xiao Wanfeng, right Did you see Young Master Xus expression That last sentence was definitely created by Xiao Wanfeng himself.

He directly gave Young Master Xu away with that sentence!”

“His actions are too bold…”

Any discerning person could see who the real instigator of the prank was, so how could Mu Zixi not be able to tell

“Did he ask you to do it”

The little girl raised her head and asked the young man in front of her who had an embarrassed expression.

“Sob sob sob…” Xiao Wanfeng was about to cry.

How would he dare to answer “yes”

Young Master Xu was a genuine supreme devil!

He didnt even move a finger, yet he was still able to toy with everyone.

The key was that if he, Xiao Wanfeng, wasnt smart enough to deduce the fact that this young lady was an important person to Xu Xiaoshou from the combination of Xin Gugus words and Xu Xiaoshous leniency in his pranks towards the girl, he would probably be dead by now!

As expected, Mu Zixis desire to protect was triggered by Xiao Wanfeng who was crying in front of her.

She stood on her tiptoes and gently patted the young mans shoulder.

“Dont be afraid, big sister will protect you.”

Then, she took out a golden monks knife from her ring.

This was the Buddha Slaying Blade!

Xu Xiaoshou had snatched it from Monk Bu Les hands.

It was extremely powerful, but its origins were greater, so he didnt dare to use it recklessly and had kept it in his Yuan Mansion.

Mu Zixi thought that putting it away was a waste, so she had brought it out of the Yuan Mansion along with the Empty Hell Magic Staff.

At this moment, the blade was pointing in the direction of its true owner.

“Xu Xiaoshou, how dare you call me stupid”

Mu Zixi was killing the person in front of her over and over again in her heart.

Her anger could not be suppressed anymore, and they were apparent in her words.

“Hand over your life!”

She raised the Buddha Slaying Blade and slashed at Xu Xiaoshou.

“Miss Mu, you cant –“

Luo Yin had long forgotten about the mortals verbal attack.

He reached out to block the golden blade light.


However, this time, Luo Yin, who was not sent flying by the previous explosion, was almost thrown out of the competition platform.

Luo Yins hand trembled violently from the blow.

He raised his head while still on the edge of the competition platform, his face full of disbelief.

Then, he saw a completely different scene than what he had expected.

Holding the knife in her hand, Mu Zixi rushed to the front of Young Master Xu.

However, she did not chop him.

Instead, she pointed the tip of the knife at him angrily.

“Were you scolding me”

“Are you deaf It was Xiao Wanfeng who said those words,” Young Master Xu was calm.

“He was ordered by you!” The little girl looked very angry and irritable, but she still didnt chop him.

“He himself said that he wasnt acting on my instructions and if there was anything the lot of you should go to him… I didnt order him to say that.” Xu Xiaoshou spread his hands.

Mu Zixi snorted with amusement.

“So you admit that everything that happened before he said those words was ordered by you”

“I didnt say that either.

Cant you stop imagining things Its very dangerous!” Young Master Xu was extremely calm.

He paused for a moment and retorted, “So, you stole my knife”


It was apparent the little girls angry words had been choked down by Xu Xiaoshous question.

Then, without thinking, she changed the topic.

“I didnt steal anything.

You can put it there yourself.

I took it openly!”

“Hehe, openly…”

Young Master Xu pointed at Luo Ying, who was still at the edge of the competition platform with a shocked expression on his face, and he said “Whats with this guy Are you very familiar with him Do you know where hes from, how his family background is, and what kind of person he is If you dont, how dare you allow him to protect you What if hes a liar”

“I!” The little girl couldnt find the words to refute.

Like the audience and the contestants, she also felt that Xu Xiaoshous words were quite strange, but she couldnt pinpoint exactly what was not right.

However, Xu Xiaoshous aggressive aura and his concerned tone made it sound like he was doing everything for her good…

Mu Zixis anger couldnt help but be suppressed, and she even lowered the knife.

“I didnt ask him to protect me.

I dont even know him…” The little girl felt wronged.

“Ha!” Young Master Xu sneered, “You dont know him, but you dare to ask him to help you like this You even allowed him to take a stab for you Who would believe your words”

Hmm Who was Luo Yin taking the stab for again… Mu Zixi couldnt think straight.

Luo Yin had taken the stab for Xu Xiaoshou, but he seemed to have done so to avoid her from offending Young Master Xu… So, to put it another way, it was reasonable to say that he was taking a stab for her

Just as she was thinking and was still unable to understand the words straight, she heard Xu Xiaoshou “tch” and mutter, “I wonder what youre doing all day long… The knife.”

Saying this, the young man took a step forward and gestured for Mu Zixi to raise the knife a little higher, which Mu Zixi followed suit in a muddle.

“Give it to me!”

Xu Xiaoshou flipped his hand and grabbed the knife, then directly sent it back to his Yuan Mansion.

God knows when this Buddha Slaying Blades blade light sent Luo Yin flying, Xu Xiaoshou himself was also very shocked.

It could be said that in the entire arena, the only one who could be considered a threat to him was Luo Yin.

Even though they were in different zones previously, the moment he had entered the competition platform, Xu Xiaoshous “Perception” had locked onto Luo Yin.

There was no other reason other than Luo Yins physique being very special.

Xu Xiaoshou speculated that he might have the sacred physique, which was above the spiritual physique.

Otherwise, Mu Zixis explosion would have caused injuries to this guy.

Now that he saw the blade light from the Buddha Slaying Blade could hurt Luo Yin, this meant that it might also be able to hurt him.

After all, according to what Elder Sang had said before, the Master Physique wasnt invincible.

A slightly special spiritual physique and the sacred physique could be comparable to or even surpass the Master Physique.

After completing the action of seizing the knife, Xu Xiaoshou no longer had any scruples.

He took a step forward and grabbed the junior sister in front of him with a backhand.

He grabbed her neck in his elbow and bent the girls body, locking her with his feet.

“How dare you point a knife at me”

“” Mu Zixi was dumbfounded.

No matter how much she thought about it, she could not understand that Xu Xiaoshou had done all this just to seize the knife.

His tone was full of worry for her just a minute ago…

“Damn it!”

She punched and kicked at him, but the little girl was unable to break free from the restraints of Xu Xiaoshous Master Physique.

Her movements were completely locked.

“Ahhhhh, let go… Umph.

Let me go!”

“Cursed, Passive Points 1, 1, 1, 1…”

The farce on the arena had yet to subside, and another farce had started.

This time, not only were the audience stunned by their actions, but even the contestants were at a loss.

“What are we doing here”

“Arent we in a competition What are they doing”

“Does Mu Zixi know Young Master Xu Based on what they said, that blade that sent Luo Yin flying was stolen by Mu Zixi from Young Master Xu”

“I, I, Im blind from all this PDA… Should I get off the stage This place isnt suitable for me.”

“Ahhh, Young Master Xu, ahhh –“

“I wish the two of you a happy relationship!!!”


The contestants who had fought their way out of the other zones finally realized that with young master Xu around, regardless of whether they were contestants or not, or whether they were in the arena or not, they would only have one identity left… Audience!


What was the difference between whatever they were doing now and watching a show in a different place

It was clear that Young Master Xu was only here for a vacation and was conveniently trying to bring his disobedient younger sister or girlfriend back!

At the edge of the competition platform, Luo Yins face was suddenly filled with anger.

He tidied up his appearance and stood up before saying coldly to Young Master Xu, “Let go of Miss Mu.”

Mu Zixi, who was struggling, stiffened.

Her expression became a little strange.

She wasnt really stupid.

At this point, coupled with Xu Xiaoshous words, if she still couldnt figure out why Luo Yin had done such strange things in the previous and current match, then she was really stupid.

If that were the case, even she had to admit that she was stupid!

“Look at what youve done!”

Xu Xiaoshou glared at his junior sister fiercely, cursing in his heart for the bad luck.

Previously there was Fu Xing, and now there was Luo Yin.

This junior sister didnt even look like she had grown up yet.

Why did she have so many pursuers

However, even if he didnt think much of his junior sister, but it was his family business.

What right did this outsider have to butt in

Xu Xiaoshous cold eyes swept across and landed on him.

Knowing himself as Young Master Xu, someone even the other party didnt want to offend, he acted even more arrogant..

He immediately snorted and directly retorted, “What has it got to do with you


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