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Chapter 664: Who Are You

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“Sword will!”

The melodious sword cries instantly penetrated a radius of ten miles.

If it were anywhere else, the sword cries might not have been so ear-piercing.

But where was this place This was the heaven geomantic arena! Even within Dongtianwang City which was the central area for spiritual cultivators, this was the place where most spiritual cultivators gathered!

There were simply too many sword cultivators here.

Almost at the same time that Xiao Wanfeng cried out, “Dont kill me!”, all the swords of the swordsmen started to riot at the same time.

“Clang –”

After the melodious sword cry that sounded when the sword will first took shape, what followed was the terrifying air-piercing sword cries storm formed by an assembly of millions of swords.

No one in the audience could sit still.

In such an anxious battle, a mortal had comprehended the sword will

“Am I dreaming”

No one dared to believe what they had just witnessed.

The young man on the arena who had released the sword will was now in the limelight, even overtaking Young Master Xu.

Who wouldnt notice him

When they saw this person, everyone felt even more incredulous.

“Hes a mortal!”

That guy with his eyes tightly shut and his face full of fear of death didnt even have the slightest spiritual source fluctuation.

He was a pure mortal.

However, at this moment, the aura of path energy that was circulating his body was still recognized by many even though there were few cultivators in the Master stage present.

His aura was too intense!

It was so intense that even those who had witnessed a cultivator at the peak of the Innate stage breaking through to the Master stage didnt want to believe that this aura could be released by a mortal.

This was because even a Master might not be able to release such intense path energy.

“Have I gone blind This guy has comprehended the sword will… Is it an Acquired or Innate sword will” Someone cried out in shock as he tightly gripped the spiritual sword at his waist.

It was as if as soon as he released his grip, his sword would tremble uncontrollably as it flew into the sky.

If that did happen, the scene would be even more unbelievable.

All Swords to the Master… This was completely what was happening now.

“He should have innate sword intent… I think”

“Acquired sword intent, One Mile Sword Cries; Innate sword intent, Ten Miles Sword Cries, isnt that common sense”

“Look at the movements of our swords, that youth didnt just comprehend the Acquired sword intent, but…”

“Can the Innate sword intent cause such an exaggerated movement”

Someone tried releasing his grip on his sword.

He watched on as the spiritual quality of the sword was stimulated, and it trembled as if it was about to be unsheathed.

Some unsheathed swords even began to float, but they were only about a foot in the air before they lost all power and fell to the ground.

They continued to tremble on the ground.

“Oh my God, whats going on”

Many carried out such an experiment, and everyone was shocked by this phenomenon.

There were more than ten thousand people in the arena!

It was already good enough that an innate sword intent could activate the spiritual qualities of spiritual swords in such numbers of an order of magnitude.

How could the person have any leftover path energy and energy to mobilize the spiritual swords to assemble as well as gather the power of thousands of swords

One had to know that the guy on the arene was only a mortal!

Even if he wanted to and could do it, just the mental strength required to activate this power was not something a mere mortal could withstand.

If he attempted to do as such, he might even collapse.

However, if they didnt use a phenomenon likeAll Swords to the Master to explain the whole scene, what could they say about the current scene where the spiritual swords had floated and landed

“Could it be that the moment this fellow comprehended the sword will, he immediately reached the peak of the innate sword intent”

Thinking up to this point, everyone was dumbstruck.

On the arena, Xu Xiaoshou had a different view.

He didnt agree with the views of most of the people, that Xiao Wanfeng had comprehended the strongest innate sword intent.

He was one of the few people who knew Xiao Wanfengs background.

Naturally, he also knew that if this guy was not hiding anything from him, he was still in the hidden sword state.

But could the Hidden Sword Technique trigger such sword energy

Wouldnt this break the Order of the Great Path

However, it was very obvious that the white sword aura that had frozen Mu Zixi on the spot was the “I Am the Sword” that he, Xu Xiaoshou, had comprehended.

If whatever he had comprehended was at that level, combined with the strange phenomenon of the Ten Mile Sword Cries, Xu Xiaoshou could conclude that this was just the innate sword intent.

But Xiao Wanfeng was different!

He was still in the hidden sword state!

Regarding the theory that one could not draw ones sword while in the hidden sword state, even Xiao Wanfeng himself acknowledged it.

But now, for some inexplicable reason, this guy had broken the rules and used this inexplicable move.

“Insight, insight…”

Although Xu Xiaoshou did want Xiao Wanfeng to gain some insight, which was why he used some stimulating methods, he wasnt expecting Xiao Wanfeng to gain any insight in such a short time.

More importantly, the insight this fellow gained was so powerful!

“What did he gain insight on”

It was certain that the Hidden Sword Technique forbade him from using his sword, so from this Xu Xiaoshou knew that Xiao Wanfeng had not reached the points that Master Siren had mentioned.

In that case, this fellow was definitely walking on a different path.

Since the Hidden Sword Technique forbade one from using ones sword, it meant that under this situation, if the person who had used the sword had no intentions of doing as such, the power of the sword would be greatly reduced.

From this, it seemed that the sword will that Xiao Wanfeng had comprehended at this moment was most likely not aslightly stronger innate sword intent, but theSuppressed All Swords to the Master!

“So, Master Sword Intent”

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly felt that his lips were a little dry.

He stared blankly at the youth in his hand.

This fellow was usually quiet and meek, and now he shocked everyone with a single feat.

Did he have to go to such an extent

Master swordsman…

A Master swordsman!

One had to know that the Path of the Ancient Swordsman was extremely difficult, to begin with.

Under the restriction of the Great Path in the spiritual cultivation era which did not go well with Ancient Sword Techniques, cultivating the Ancient Sword Technique was like sailing against the current.

Therefore, every time an Acquired or Innate sword intent was born, it was a major event.

In Tiansang City, this was the case, and the same went for Dongtianwang City!

Just because one went from Tiansang City to Dongtianwang City, it wouldnt make geniuses in the Way of the Sword like Su Qianqian be stifled.

Just because Dongtianwang City was one of the central cities in the world of spiritual cultivation, it did not mean that the number of people who comprehended the Innate sword intent was as many as the hairs on an ox.

The number of Acquired and Innate stage cultivators indeed varied among different counties and cities, but this was because spiritual cultivators were supposed to gather in the real spiritual cultivation world, and not in cities where ordinary mortals and spiritual cultivators were mixed.

Among these people, there were swordsmen.

But basically, almost 100% of the swordsmen were spiritual swordsmen, and they didnt walk the Path of the Ancient Swordsman.

To them, using spiritual techniques with their sword was the foundation of their cultivation.

In essence, the sword became one of their Innate Elemental Power, and that was as common as the five elements.

Spitting fire from ones mouth, holding swords with bare hands… and the sort.

But the Innate sword intent was a different story.

Even in Dongtianwang City, a cultivator with Innate sword intent was only possible to be nurtured into existence by the big family factions and top-tier Spirit Palaces.

Not to mention Xiao Wanfeng… Xu Xiaoshou didnt know how old this youth was, but he was sure that this fellow was much younger than him.

At most, even if he was older than he expected, he wouldnt be much older than Su Qianqian.


“Master swordsman”

The sudden appearance of the sword will was really giving him a headache.

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly felt that accepting the city administration officers proposal to set up a stall wasnt a very wise decision.

On the first day of setting up the stall, he had recruited the Seven Sword Deity and now, an ancient swordsman genius.

If he set up the stall for a few months, wouldnt the number one faction on the continent become the “First Pavilion in the Sky”

“So, I shouldnt walk the path of individual hegemony.

Instead, I should open a Sect and rely on my personality and charm to recruit disciples” Xu Xiaoshou was highly doubting his previous choices.

He felt that even his decision of standing here on the competition platform in the heaven geomantic arena indicated that he had a wrong understanding of the Passive System.

“Sword will”

Just as Xu Xiaoshou was deep in thought, everyone else was also in a daze.

However, at this moment, the hosts resounding voice finally sounded after a moment of silence.

“Although the heaven geomantic battle today has brought us too many surprises, what with Young Master Xu and the contestant with the sword will… But if I were participating in the competition, I will not forget the ultimate objective of this competition.

To win the Championship! To obtain the qualifications to participate in the Imperial City Trial!”

The host controlled the atmosphere in the arena with his words and quickly pulled everyones attention back to the arena.

Thats right.

This was the heaven geomantic battle.

Even if there was such a wondrous mortal who had comprehended the innate sword intent, but those who should be killed still had to be killed, those who should die still had to die, and the championship was still theirs to take!

“Kill –”

“Charge! ! !”

“Aim at that guy with the Innate sword will.

Dont let that guy grow!”

“Huh Are you crazy He comprehended the Innate sword will without any talent in spiritual cultivation.

With one look, you can tell that he is a genius in the Path of the Ancient Swordsman.

Even if he isnt from a big faction, he will definitely enter a big faction in the future.

Yet you want to offend him”

“Hey, brother, are you blind We can all tell hes Young Master Xus servant.

Do you think he isnt from a big faction”

“Uh, oh… yeah”

“Haha, are you dumb… Die!”

As he joked and laughed, he thrust his sword into the chest of the person beside him and blasted him off the competition platform.

With this, the battle erupted once again.

However, at this level, blood was shed everywhere, but few would kill.

After all, those who could make it to the finals were either ruthless lone wolves or geniuses with powerful faction backgrounds.

If they wanted to make these people die, the effort that they had to put in did not match their goal in competing in the arena.

If one wanted to win the championship, one should defeat the most opponents with the least price!

The situation became chaotic.

Xu Xiaoshou immediately picked up Xiao Wanfeng and flew into the sky.

He was not afraid of becoming a target in everyones eyes because not many dared to make a move against him.

As for those who dared to do so, not only could they not cause him any damage, they might even bleed from it.


He used Hidden Bitter for a counter-defense move.

With a thought, the sword energy on Mu Zixis body shattered.

The little girl flew into the air.

Her big eyes blinked twice, but she was unable to react to what had happened.

Yes, the sword energy just now had indeed frozen her, but the damage was basically zero.

As for the person who had cast the sword energy, Mu Zixi could tell from a glance who it was.

Her gaze landed on the human-shaped shield in front of Xu Xiaoshou.

She didnt know him!

Although he had shouted the loudest just now, at a glance, this fellow couldnt be a swordsman!


“Young Master Xu! Young Master Xu, how dare you made me freeze on the spot!”

Mu Zixi pursed her lips and pounced forward without hesitation, wanting to continue chasing after this hateful senior who had snatched the limelight away the moment he entered the arena.

“Miss Mu.”

At this moment, a tall and sturdy man with a height of two meters appeared and blocked in front of Mu Zixi.

This man had long black hair loose down his back and was dressed in a white training suit.

The outline of his muscles could be seen from his bulging clothes…

Lets put it this way, the muscles on his arm were comparable to the size of Mu Zixis head.

Mu Zixi raised her head high until she saw the familiar chin.

Hatred flashed across her eyes.

“Its you!”

From this well-defined chin, she could tell that this man was clearly the culprit who had inexplicably started fighting with her in the previous match.

In the end, both sides suffered heavy injuries and the champion fell into other hands.

“… Luo!”

The little girl racked her brain for a long time before she remembered this persons name.

The mans voice lowered slightly as he said in a scholarly voice, “Im Luo Yin, notLuo.”

Mu Zixi was instantly irritated.

“I dont care if youre Luo or Luo Yin.

I dont have time to fight with you now.

Get out of my way!”

“Does Miss Mu know Young Master Xu”

Luo Yin turned his head and glanced at Young Master Xu before advising the girl in front of him, “If you dont know him, Ill kindly remind you… that guy isnt simple, and he might not be as lenient as me.

I hope Miss Mu will think twice and dont go over.”

“Mind your own business!” Mu Zixi immediately retorted and was about to cross over, but the more she thought about his words, the more she felt that something was wrong.

“What do you mean bylenient You mean, I need you to be lenient on me”

Luo Yin smiled.

His figure was strong and stocky, but his face was manly and refreshing.

When he smiled, it was like a spring breeze.

“Get lost!”

The more Mu Zixi looked at his smile, the more she hated him.

She clapped her hands, and a seed appeared in the air.

“Little Tree, Rise!”

With a whoosh, the seed budded and instantly turned into a towering ancient tree.

The crown of the ancient tree shook, and tree seeds scattered all over the sky.

Following endless “whoosh” sounds, a small forest appeared out of thin air and surrounded Luo Yin.

Clap clap.

Mu Zixi clapped her small hands and her cheeks puffed out.

“Little Tree, explode!”

“Boom, boom, boom, boom…”

The blast wave that was blasted out in an instant shook even the partition fence in the sky.

Some of the contestants in the arena who were close to the area did not even have time to react to the sudden battle above them.

They were blasted away by the blast wave.

Blood splattered everywhere as they were sent out of the arena.


Mu Zixi wrinkled her nose.

Only then did she put her hands on her hips in satisfaction.

She was about to rush to Xu Xiaoshous side among the smoke and dust from the explosion.

However, the moment the wind blew and the smoke and dust dispersed, the burly mans figure became clear.

His training clothes were still spotless.

There wasnt even the slightest bit of damage to his clothes, let alone his body.

“You!” Mu Zixi widened her eyes.

In the preliminary match, when she used this move, this fellow had been sent flying even with his strong physique!



Luo Yins eyes were apologetic.

However, he didnt care about the explosion at all.

Instead, he was concerned about this girls future.

“I cant let you go over.”

The explosion had cleared the area.

For a moment, compared to the densely packed central zone, Mu Zixis area seemed empty.

At this moment, a trembling voice sounded from the ground.

“Umm, how are you”

Luo Yin looked over and saw that the person on the ground was the person who had comprehended the sword will that had stunned everyone earlier.

At the same time, he was also Xu Xiaoshous servant who had been holding the tea tray.

He seemed to be accumulating courage.

It was obvious that this guy was clenching his teeth, and his muscles were tensed up from the exertion.

After taking deep breaths for a long time, he finally mustered up his courage and stopped his legs from trembling.

He said, “Hello, Young, Young Master Xu asked me to come over and ask you….

Who are you”


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