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Chapter 651: Master Siren

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Everyone was dumbfounded.

In just a few sentences, this arrogant young bodyguards attitude took a 180-degree turn.

As for Young master Xu himself, he seemed to have learned something from the conversation and kept calling him “Old sir.”.

If the outsiders still couldnt figure out anything, then they are really stupid!

“So, is he really a cutting path”

The few fellows who had spoken rudely a moment ago are now shuffling silently towards the back of the crowd.

Even Fang Zheng was a little frightened.

A Cutting Path is going to the First Pavilion in the Sky…to serve tea and water…

Who would believe if this news were to spread

However, regardless of whether the outsiders believed it or not, Young master Xu himself seemed to really believe it.

He waved his hand at everyone and casually said, “Alright! I shall give this old mister some respect.

Todays recruitment ends here!”

After announcing this, he did not say anything else and lifted his hands to take away the tables and chairs.

The reason why his actions turned so straightforward was that this old man, with the surname Mei, in front of him was not the only one.

At that moment, the outline of a white-clothed old man appeared in the sky.

This persons appearance did not attract the slightest attention.

The badge on his chest is the same as Fang Zhengs.

It belonged to the City Lord Mansion.

As for cultivation level…

Unlike Elder Mei, Xu Xiaoshou could tell with just a glance that this is a true cutting path master!

His path energy was restrained, and his spiritual aura was out of this world.

Although he did not speak, there was a hint of a smile in his eyes.

He had an indifferent expression on his face that says, “Young friend, save me some dignity.

Lets call it a day!”

What could Xu Xiaoshou say

He observed that most of the Sovereigns present did not even realize that this person had arrived.

This made it even more obvious that this persons strength was at the sovereign stage.

Since the city guards of the City Lords Mansion had already sent out experts at the cutting path stage, he really had to give this person some dignity today.

“Little Xin, send him off.”

No matter how others reacted, Xu Xiaoshou followed the steps down and welcomed Elder Mei himself.

He then went to the First Pavilion in the Sky.

He knew that if he closed his stall, he would lose hundreds of thousands of passive points.

But today, he definitely did not lose anything!

Passive points could still be earned next time.

For a master at the cutting path stage to join the First Pavilion in the Sky, he must have taken a fancy to something.

Although he had not asked about Elder Meis background, even if he used his toes to think, Xu Xiaoshou knew that no major faction would be so extravagant as to send a master of cutting path stage as a spy.

This Elder has other motives, but it should not be malice.

He can be recruited!

Xin Gugu received the order and immediately unleashed his aura, looking disdainfully at everyone.

“Alright, alright.

Everyone has heard my young masters order.

Thats all for today.

If everyone is still interested, come again tomorrow!”

He chuckled and extended his hand towards Fang Zheng.



Fang Zheng stopped in his tracks and called out to both Xu Xiaoshou and Xin Gugu, who were about to enter the pavilion.

He said loudly, “The matter of setting up a stall is not a problem of today or tomorrow.

It is a serious matter and should not be allowed to appear in the future.”

“To phrase it in another way… you can not set up a stall tomorrow either!”

Even though it was difficult to say it out so directly, Fang Zheng still chose to do so.

After all, the situation today was still the result of the First Pavilion in the Sky not being able to publicize it.

If Young master Xu set up his stall the next day, wouldnt the city guards of the City Lord Mansion be required to come here early in the morning to chase him away

If Young master Xu didnt close his stall, wouldnt the City Lord Mansion not have a day of peace

From there onwards, his team and he would do nothing but stare at the First Pavilion in the Sky while sharpening their blade

Before Xu Xiaoshou could say anything, the bystanders were already filled with resentment.

“Whats the matter Why do you have to intervene in the recruitment tomorrow too How can you do that”

“Today, because of this old man… cough, cough, when this senior came out, everyone had no choice but to leave in disappointment.

If theres no stall tomorrow, isnt that cutting off our road to life”

“Yeah, I was even thinking of coming over to line up tonight.

After all, I would be relying on these ten thousand spirit crystals to earn money for milk powder.”

“Tonight I was thinking of not going back and starting to line up as soon as they left.

Why is it that there will be no recruitment tomorrow”

The last person to speak had already squeezed to the front of the line while others were not paying attention.

Unfortunately, Fang Zheng did not seem to intend to give this group of people a chance.

After fiercely glaring back at the peoples sarcastic remarks, he turned his head and continued to look at Young master Xu who had left into the distance.

Fang Zheng had originally thought that after the clash in the morning, Young master Xu would not be easy to talk to, and he was already prepared to be rejected.

However, after the loud shouts, Young master Xu unexpectedly did not even turn his head and replied, “I know.

I wont be setting up a stall tomorrow.

Everyone, go home and rest early.

Commander Fang too.”

Fang Zheng was startled for a moment.

So easy to talk to

At this very moment, his mind moved, and his eyes quickly slid to the side.

His spiritual senses saw the aura that the white-clothed cutting path had intentionally revealed in the sky, and only then did he completely come to a realization.

“In that case, thank you for your cooperation.”

Fang Zheng looked up gratefully and began to instruct his subordinates to clear out those onlookers who wanted to continue taking root in front of the First Pavilion in the Sky.

“All of you, all of you, leave!”

“If you dont take your cultivation seriously, what shortcut are you looking for”

“Serving tea and pouring water… even if such a good thing really happens, its not something that you people can pick up.”

“This cake, without the strength of the cutting path, theres no way for you to pick it up.”

“Go home and look for your wife.

Be careful that she runs away with the old man next door!”

“Go, go, go…”

The white-clothed guards were obviously not that polite to the gathered citizens.

They started to chase them away.

Fang Zheng turned his head once more.

Along with Young master Xu and the others entering the building, the senior of the City Lord Mansion and the cutting path also disappeared.

“Thats the end”

He still wanted more.

Even though this feeling came out of nowhere, Young master Xu, whom he had been debating for so long, originally didnt even want to give that old man with the surname of Mei and a Cutting Path some dignity.

Now, before his ally, a cutting path, could say anything, Young master Xu had already retreated with a glance

As if he had thought of something, Fang Zheng shouted at the ancient building, “Not just tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, you are not allowed to set up stalls in the future!”

No one responded from the First Pavilion in the Sky.

On the other hand, a few of the onlookers were amused.

However, under Commander Fangs cold gaze, they shrunk their heads in fear and scurried away.

“Dont think of taking advantage of this!”

Fang Zheng snorted coldly and left angrily.

He could completely see that Young master Xu did not regard him at all.

However, no matter what, this conclusion was already the best ending for him today.

After the people left, there was nothing outside the building.

However, in the building of the First Pavilion in the Sky, a new person was welcomed.

“Be it heaven or earth, there is nothing that we dont know.

Since ancient times, there has been nothing that we dont know”

Elder Mei stopped at the entrance of the old building.

Looking at the couplets on the left and right, he unconsciously read them out.

Then, he shifted his gaze to the First Pavilion in the Sky.

He smiled and said, “How daring”

Xu Xiaoshou chuckled and said without shame, “Its all a gimmick.”


A couplet in the evening, and another one in the morning.

This morning, it was precisely due to this gimmick that the First Pavilion in the Sky was able to welcome their first wave of applicants who stopped to watch.

He did not further elaborate.

After welcoming him into the hall and introducing him to his seat, Xu Xiaoshou went straight to the point.

“Lets not beat around the bush.

I do not know why you are here, Old sir.

Its not that you really fancy the job of serving tea and pouring water, right”

“Of course not.” Elder Mei was still smiling, making Xu Xiaoshou feel like there was a spring breeze.

“Then… For Money”


“Then what could have led you here Could it be that Elder Mei is interested in the development potential of the First Pavilion in the Sky”

“Not really.”

This time, Xu Xiaoshou could not figure it out.

He said straightforwardly, “Senior, tell me what your purpose is.

If youre hiding something, even if you are at the level of a higher void, I cant keep you here.”

“As expected…”

Elder Mei knocked on the folding fan with an expression that says, “You really saw through it, kid.” He smiled and asked, “How did you see that this old man is of the higher void level”

Xu Xiaoshou did not reply.

“I asked first!”

“Hahaha… Okay.”

Elder Mei laughed loudly and did not hesitate.

He replied, “Before I confess, this old man will ask a question to my young friend.

Are you a spiritual physique or a sacred physique What exactly is a sacred physique”

Xu Xiaoshous brows tightened when he heard this.

He really did not understand why this old man is here.

He did not seem to have any ill intentions, but he is always vague and tactful.

He is very annoying.

“Young friend, dont misunderstand.” Elder mei seemed to have noticed Xu Xiaoshous displeasure and explained, “I happened to pass by this place and was attracted by your physique.

Just now, when I saw you make a move, it seemed like… you are a sword physique”


Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

He thought to himself, where did I make a move just now

However, when he thought about it carefully, it seemed like he really did make a move, the only time.

It was when Xin Gugu was courting death and wanted to grab the old mans collar, but he did “attack” and stop him.


The “attack” did exist, but where did the “sword physique” come from

“Old Sir, you must be joking.

Where would I…”

Xu Xiaoshou said in surprise.

Suddenly, his voice paused, and his heart was filled with shock.


How could this old fellow have such sharp eyes

He is not a sword physique, but he has a passive skill that he had almost forgotten: sharpness.

But just now, with just a raise of his hand…

In that instant, this old man was able to observe him so carefully

One had to know that Xu Xiaoshous passive skillsharpness was only at the innate stage.

Under the radiance of the passive skills of the Grand Master stage, it was almost eclipsed.

But this time, the old man in front of him was able to find thesharpness from nowhere.

“How did you find out”

Xu Xiaoshou immediately changed his way of speaking.

He had an expression that said, “I wanted to keep a low profile, but my strength was too strong.

I had no choice but to be seen as a sacred physique.”.

Elder Mei smiled and nodded.

“This old man naturally has a way to see through it.

However, your sword body seems to be a little special, and even this old man cant see through it…”


Xu Xiaoshou caught the details in the tiniest of places and asked in return, “From what you mean, old sir, other than this young masters sword physique, the world is so big that you can recognize all the sword bodies”

Xu Xiaoshou paused and continued, “Are you a swordsman”

Elder Mei was surprised and laughed after a long time, “You are smart… Not bad, I am a swordsman.”

“Ancient Swordsman”

“… Yes.” Elder Mei hesitated and nodded.

“Wow, I managed to meet two ancient swordsmen today May I know your full name”

Xu Xiaoshou was pleasantly surprised and added, “I admire ancient swordsmen the most in my life, and I also want to follow this direction.

Today, seeing an ancient swordsman with a higher void level cultivation level is like seeing a miracle!”

This time, Elder Mei hesitated.

He was so hesitant that he could not speak.

After a long time, he said, “Little friend, you havent answered this old mans question.

Your Sword Body…”

“Old sir is very famous, right”

Xu Xiaoshou leaned over and tilted his head to interrupt him.

“You are a higher void and an ancient swordsman.

The world is vast.

I reckon that not many people can cultivate to the level of Old Sir.

Are you afraid that if you say your name, Ill break it”

“Dont worry.”

He patted his chest heavily and Xu Xiaoshou promised, “Im not that kind of person.

Ill definitely help you keep it a secret!”

Elder Mei remained silent.

He was stunned for a long time before he sighed helplessly.

“Youre really the most eloquent person Ive ever met.

You dont even give people a pause when you speak.

Youre so aggressive.

Youre really amazing.”

“Hehe, you flatter me, you flatter me.”

Xu Xiaoshou smiled and changed the topic.

“So, whats your name, Old Sir Is your surname really Mei Youre not lying”

Elder Mei choked and his mouth began to twitch.

He originally wanted to use a compliment to make a joke and change the topic.

Who would have thought that this young man would not take his attack at all…

Thats not right!

Ever since he entered this ancient building, this kid in front of him had not once stopped to take his verbal attack.

One question after another, like the most exquisite breaking point stance of the sword technique, unceremoniously struck him.

The key point was that the one who was truly difficult to withstand was himself!

“You have an innate cultivation level, how dare you speak to this old man like this” Elder Mei was so angry that he was amused, and his eyes widened.

“Hehe, isnt this how you feel when you have something to ask of me I have to figure out where you came from before I can judge whether or not we can continue talking.

Dont you think this is the reason”

Xu Xiaoshou retracted his body and withdrew his overbearing aura.

Elder Mei felt a lot more relaxed.

He was very generous in admitting that he did not trust the other party.

At this moment, if Elder Mei was still unwilling to let go, then it would indeed be a little boring.

Both parties could not continue the conversation.

As expected, Elder Mei sighed.

“If thats the case, you can call me Master Siren!”

Siren… Xu Xiaoshous brows raised.

He was still wondering why this name sounded familiar, but he felt like he had never heard of it before.

At this moment, a loud exclamation sounded from the door.

“Ah… Master Siren!”

When he turned around, it was Xin Gugu who brought Xiao Wanfeng into the building.

The exclamation also came from the young mans mouth.

Xin Gugu had originally thought that Xu Xiaoshou seemed to have a good eye for this youth.

In addition, the crowd outside was a little sparse, so this youth pounced over and begged for a chance.

Based on the other partys principle of revealing the secret of “City in the sky” and “rather than letting a potential opportunity off, its better to hold on to it”, Xin Gugu had brought him in.

He did not expect that once he entered the hall, this fellow would be so noisy.

Xin Gugu immediately threw a slap at the young man, causing him to fall to the ground.

However, Xiao Wanfeng, whose nostrils were already filled with blood, struggled on the ground for a long time before raising his head.

His face was not facing the direction of Xu Xiaoshou, who he was pleading to wholeheartedly earlier.

Instead, his face was facing the elder, filled with shock and fanaticism.

“Master Siren… Master Siren…”

“Are you really Master Siren”

“The Seven Sword Deity!”


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