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Chapter 516: Awakening Again and Again!

“Darn it, theres nothing I can do about it…”

In the stone house, Xu Xiaoshou gave up struggling.

This kind of anger and murderous intent that was deliberately squeezed out was obviously not a prerequisite for activating the Status Passive Skill, Swallow the Mountains and Rivers.

But thinking about it, it made sense.

If he could freely control whether the passive skill was activated or not, this thing would have really changed its tone and become an active skill, right

“It should be that during the battle when the mood changes, the Swallow the Mountains and Rivers skill would unconsciously be activated.”

“Then, as the battle progresses, the aura will continue to accumulate.

At the end, when the hands are tied and the eyes are opened, the attack will be done!”

Xu Xiaoshou was pondering.

He felt that just thinking about it was enough to know that it would be very strong!

The scene of the towering giant in the fantasy realm using his ocular power to kill the world was too cool!

If I could achieve that effect…

No, I dont need to do that.

Even if it was only half of the passive points of the spectators, they would probably just fall into the trap, right

Although this passive skill, Swallow the Mountains and Rivers wasnt like the passive skills that could constantly bring about a passive effect, once he entered a battle state, his momentum would probably accumulate…


“Furthermore, its too cool!”

Clenching his fist, Xu Xiaoshou was interrupted from his thoughts.

Thus, he put down this passive skill.

With such a Status Passive Skill, it would be fine as long as it reached Master Stage.

The rest would depend on how the passive skill would display itself unconsciously and disrupt the enemys rhythm.


He glanced at the bottom of the information bar.

“Passive Points: 105,582.”

“I just happen to have 105,000 passive points left…”

Xu Xiaoshou held the broken stone in his hand and planned to put the remaining passive points to the Awakening Pool.

“Then, what skill is good to awaken”

He glanced at the Swallow the Mountains and Rivers skill.

Obviously, this Status Passive Skill didnt have the function of awakening.

In other words…

The choice to awaken a passive skill was still limited to Extended Passive Skills.

“Stealth, and Transformation…”

Xu Xiaoshou temporarily put aside the other passive skills.

After all, these two skills were probably the only ones that could be of great use.

“Lets go with Stealth!”

After weighing the pros and cons, Xu Xiaoshou decided to follow his original intention and take the opportunity to awaken this practical Stealth skill.

Although the Transformation skill was good, this skill had just been released and he had yet to develop a better use for it.

Next, Xu Xiaoshou also couldnt figure out the general path of its awakening effect.

Perhaps, in the end, it would only be upgraded to more transformations.

That would be terrible.

It was equivalent to wasting a practical skill awakening opportunity.


After locking on to his target, Xu Xiaoshou began to exchange for Awakening Stones.

He bound this Extended Passive Skill to it and started to throw stones into the Awakening Pool.

“Awakening failed!”

“Awakening failed!”

“Awakening failed!”

He failed three times from the beginning.

It was very obvious that he had almost used up all his good luck just now.

He calmed down and took a deep breath.

He walked out of the stone house and decided to change to a place where he hadnt sucked all his luck dry yet.

“Xu Xiaoshou”

Seeing Xu Xiaoshou walk out of the stone house, Mu Zixi and the others felt their hearts palpitate and quickly stood up.

“Its okay.

You guys can cultivate on your own.

Dont worry about me.”

Xu Xiaoshous mind wasnt on these people at all.

“I need to be alone…”

He found a flat spot and threw a punch, burying himself in the ground.

“Surprised, Passive Points, 2.”

“Feared, Passive Points, 1.”

Xu Xiaoji curled himself up and buried his head between his knees.

It was better to be out of sight than out of mind.

As expected, this was a devil.

When he became ruthless, he even buried himself alive…

Yu Zhiwen was stunned by what she saw.

“Has he always been like this”

She turned her head to look at Mu Zixi and asked.

Yu Zhiwen felt that she had seen another side of Xu Xiaoshou and it was a little funny.

“Dont bother about him.

Xu Xiaoshou has always been a lunatic.” Mu Zixi waved her hand indifferently.

This kind of situation was inconceivable every time she saw it.

However, after seeing it for a long time, her immunity became stronger.

The discomfort, confusion, and desire to ridicule would also decrease by a lot.

Yu Zhiwen was speechless for a moment.

She looked at the spot where Xu Xiaoshou had buried himself alive and had the intention to sit down and cultivate but she didnt dare to.

What if the ground exploded while she was cultivating, the space of his Yuan Mansion would be shattered, and the spiritual energy of heaven and earth would be in disorder.

What if he was possessed by the devil


Mu Zixi looked at Yu Zhiwens absent-minded expression and suddenly approached her with interest.

She asked, “How did you and Xu Xiaoshou… got to know each other”

“Why do I feel like you two have a good relationship after meeting each other for a short while”

Yu Zhiwen regained her senses and her pretty face turned red.

“White, White Cave…”

“Oh no.”

“The first time we met should be in your Spirit Palace.

At that time, I saw you too,” she said as she counted with her fingers.

Mu Zixi tilted her head and thought for a while before nodding.



“But, at that time, you two didnt talk so much.” Mu Zixis eyes widened.

“Whats your relationship with him”


Yu Zhiwens ears instantly burned up.

How could she not hear the hidden meaning behind the words of the girl in front of her


“Xu Xiaoshou and I are not the kind of relationship you think we are.

We are just ordinary friends,” she said firmly.

“I dont believe it.”

Mu Zixis expression turned bitter.

“Ive never seen him talk so much to other girls besides me.

You must be too beautiful.

He must have taken a liking to you!”

Yu Zhiwens hands immediately tightened around her dress.

Her mind went blank.

Like, like me

This, this, this…

“No, its not like that.”

“Its not like that…”

“Youre anxious.” Mu Zixis smile bloomed and her expression suddenly changed.

She whispered into her ear, “If he doesnt like you, then… do you like him”

How could Yu Zhiwen deal with such a situation

For a moment, she couldnt speak fluently.

It was already so difficult to talk to a single Xu Xiaoshou.

Why was his Junior Sister also speaking so sharply

The thoughts in her mind suddenly flew away.

Yu Zhiwen seemed to see the scene of Xu Xiaoshou holding her hand and herding sheep on the prairie.

If life could be like this, then that would be…

Suddenly, the scene was cut off.

Masters solemn and profound face appeared.

The solemn head of the Holy Divine Palace.

The fantasy realm was instantly destroyed.

Yu Zhiwens pretty face stiffened and her expression returned to normal.

“Its impossible for us to be together.

I have my own mission and we are destined not to be together.”

“Does that mean that if you dont have a mission, you also want to be together with Xu Xiaoshou” Mu Zixi keenly caught the blind spot.

Yu Zhiwen burst into laughter and asked, “Also”

This time, it was Mu Zixis turn to be embarrassed.

Her face turned red and she stuttered, “You, you havent answered my question!”

“I wont.”

Yu Zhiwen put down her hand and looked into the distance.

“I hope that Xu Xiaoshou can also join the Holy Divine Palace.

With his talent and strength, he can totally do it.”

“I had such a wild hope before, but now…”

Looking at the guy who buried him alive, Yu Zhiwen smiled.

“Its a little difficult.”

“Its impossible,” Mu Zixi said confidently.

“What do you mean”

Yu Zhiwen couldnt help but look sideways.

Mu Zixi also stared at Xu Xiaoshou and sighed deeply.

“Hes not that kind of person.”

“Ive been following him for a long time.

Ever since the first time we met in the Outer Yard of the Tiansang Spirit Palace, he…”

As the young lady spoke, her expression froze.

Whenever she recalled the scene of the two of them meeting for the first time, she couldnt help but want to ridicule him.

At that time, Xu Xiaoshou taught her opponent a lesson who had been sent flying by her.

She had dragged the time and asked him to go on stage on behalf of the referee.

After introducing herself, the other party had said…

“Hello, goodbye!”

“Hu… how hateful!”

Mu Zixi thought about it and clenched her little fist.

At that time, she had wanted to send this hateful and rude guy flying.

But it was very obvious.

Not everyone could send Xu Xiaoshou flying.

At the very least, after the series of battles, she had seen this guys true tenacious vitality and willpower!

“He doesnt like to be restricted.”

Mu Zixi shook her head gently, and a hint of admiration appeared in her eyes.

“Did you know when he was in the Outer Yard of the Spirit Palace, he won the championship in the Windcloud Competition However, the higher-ups refused to let him into the Inner Yard due to the rules.”

“This guy forcefully relied on his own strength to enter the Inner Yard.”

“When Tianxuan Gates Inner Yard opened.

Just from the secret training realm that you saw, he was the only person in the history of the Spirit Palace who was qualified to enter as an Outer Yard disciple.”


As Mu Zixi said this, she turned around and waved her small fist.

“He even forcefully blew up Tianxuan Gate!”

Yu Zhiwen raised her eyebrows.

“Blew up”


Mu Zixi nodded and suddenly smiled.

“Now, you will want to pull Xu Xiaoshou into your Holy Divine Palace, but after you truly understand this person, such thoughts will not appear again…”


Yu Zhiwen was surprised.


Mu Zixi thought of the explosions that Xu Xiaoshou had caused in the Spirit Palace, and she secretly laughed without explaining.

She only sighed and said,

“The Outer Yard cant trap him, Tianxuan Gate cant trap him, and the Spirit Palace cant trap him either.”

“Even outside the Spirit Palace, whether its the City Lord Mansion, Tiansang City, or Tiansang Prefecture…”

“They cant trap him!”

“Even if its this White Cave…”

“They cant trap him as well” Yu Zhiwen replied with a smile.

Mu Zixi turned around and was equally amused.

“Its not just the White Cave.

I think even your Holy Divine Palace cant trap him.

It cant bear him either!”

“Did you know that he calls himself Fierce Beast Xu”

The little girl rolled her eyes as she said, “Although I also want to ridicule him… fierce beasts wont like being caged.”

Yu Zhiwens smile froze.

“Its not like I want to trap him.”

“Entering the Holy Divine Palace can give him a broader platform and allow him to develop better, so theres no such thing as a cage,” she explained.

“Xu Xiaoshou doesnt need others to give him a platform.”

Mu Zixi had developed a blind trust in her Senior Brother.

Perhaps in the eyes of others, this guy who could bury himself alive had Elder Sangs help all the way.

However, she was even clearer.

Before Xu Xiaoshou knew Elder Sang, this guy had already been able to rely on his own hands to fight for everything he wanted.

In fact, she could even feel it.

To Xu Xiaoshou, Elder Sang was perhaps not like a master, but more like a binding existence.

This kind of binding was not a derogatory binding.

Mu Zixi was not a fool.

She could see many things clearly.

And there were some things that she could see.

How could her master not see it

“Perhaps, Master was only afraid that Xu Xiaoshou would develop too quickly and attract unnecessary trouble, so he was willing to be the banner behind him.”

“This way, others could misunderstand that Xu Xiaoshous growing process was nurtured by him.”

“So, in the end, the focus of outsiders attention can be shifted to the Master…”

As Mu Zixi thought about it, she suddenly felt depressed.

“Just like why did he openly set up a ceremony to acknowledge me as his master, but only privately imparted it to Xu Xiaoshou.”

“He wasnt even willing to give me the title of Master and Disciple…”

At that time, Mu Zixi thought that Elder Sang was favoring her.

However, from the looks of it.

How could she not see that this was definitely favoring Xu Xiaoshou!


“Perhaps with this kind of restraint, Xu Xiaoshou wouldnt go astray.

Otherwise, nobody would be able to pull him back!”

“Whats wrong” Yu Zhiwen looked at Mu Zixis suddenly depressed mood and asked with concern.


The little girl was only sad for a short while before her smile blossomed again.

She couldnt compare to Xu Xiaoshou.

This kind of reality had been clear for a long time.

The only way to catch up to her Senior Brothers footsteps seemed to be…

“Yes, its me.”

In her mind, that charming and serene female voice appeared once again.

Mu Zixi pouted and cursed secretly, “Shut up, I wont let you come out!”

Her voice fell silent.

The air became quiet for a while.

Yu Zhiwen looked at Mu Zixis absent-minded expression and smiled, “I can see that you are the one who understands Xu Xiaoshou the most.”


Mu Zixi admitted it without any hesitation.

“You like him” Yu Zhiwen suddenly leaned over.


Mu Zixi nodded unconsciously and suddenly came back to her senses.

She said in embarrassment and anger, “Ah! No, youre scamming me! Did you learn from Xu Xiaoshou If you dont learn from the good, youll learn from the bad!”

A trace of sadness flashed in Yu Zhiwens eyes, but she quickly regained her calmness and giggled.

“Its so obvious.

Who couldnt tell”


Mu Zixis face instantly turned red, but she seemed to have thought of something.

Her small face turned bitter and she said with a grievance, “He wont like me.”


“Because of Xu Xiaoshou.

He doesnt like small ones…”

Yu Zhiwen was stunned.

She didnt know what Mu Zixi meant by “small” until she looked at the girl in front of her with her burning eyes and looked at her at the same time.

Rub Rub Rub Rub.

Yu Zhiwen crossed her arms over her chest.

She was so scared that she took a few steps back.

Her neck was pink.


“What do you usually eat for three meals Do you eat anything” Mu Zixi moved closer and carefully asked.

She was afraid that others would hear her.


Yu Zhiwen was so embarrassed.

How could this pair of Senior Brother and Sister be so weird

“I dont eat…”

“Impossible!” Mu Zixi had a look of disbelief.

“If you dont eat, how did it grow” She looked down.

Yu Zhiwens dress was tightly clenched, and she was so embarrassed that she wanted to find a hole to hide in.

But looking at the serious expression of the girl in front of her…

How could she refuse to answer

She couldnt refuse!

“Its… its natural…”


Mu Zixis eyes bulged when she heard that.

She clutched her chest, feeling as if she had received a hundred million hits.

She instantly lost the desire to continue asking questions.

“Are, are you okay”

Yu Zhiwen was so scared that she quickly went forward to support her.

But when Mu Zixi raised her head to look at the girl, she felt an overwhelming pressure and wanted to fall.

She covered her face and flung the other partys hand away.

“Wu Wu Wu”, she ran away.

“I can help you…”

In her mind, that teasing female voice sounded once again.

“You shut up!”

Mu Zixi was embarrassed and angry at the same time as she roared in her heart.

She found a big rock that was behind Yu Zhiwen and hid there.

“Alright, then I wont say anymore.”

Mu Zixi was suddenly startled.


“What did you say just now”

“Eh Didnt you ask me not to say anymore” The female voice laughed coquettishly.

“Not that sentence, the last sentence…” Mu Zixi tapped her index finger and asked timidly.

“I can help you”

“How” She asked hurriedly.

It seemed that even if the sky fell, it wouldnt be as big as this matter.

“First of all, you have to know that you and I were originally in the same body.

It was only because I was injured when I was young and hid that you appeared.

So, as long as you completely accept me…”


Mu Zixi instantly woke up.

She tightly hugged the big rock in front of her as if she was hugging something that could not be lost.

“I wont let you take away Xu Xiaoshou!”

Her mind was completely silent.

The next second.


Mu Zixi hugged her head as if she had endured some intense pain.

Her entire body began to tremble and sweat poured down like rain.

“Its impossible to punish me!” She stubbornly replied.



“Cursed, Passive Points, 1.”

“Awakening failed!”

“Cursed, Passive Points, 1.”

“Awakening failed!”


“AH –”

Xu Xiaoshou was going crazy.

He almost rushed out to settle the score with his Junior Sister.

This was such a crucial moment Cant you restrain yourself a little

Why did you curse me before each awakening How can I succeed like this

Even my luck was directly cursed away by you!

“Huff, Huff, Huff…”

After waiting quietly for a while, Xu Xiaoshou did not plan to change his position.

Even if he had to fight to the death today, he would still awaken this passive skill.

“Its the seventh time!”

Xu Xiaoshou wanted to cry, but no tears came out.

Although the passive points for the reserve awakening were divided into 100,000 every time.

But in the past, there wasnt a time when he didnt successfully awaken it before 100,000 or even 40,000 to 50,000.

This time, he wouldnt want to break his record of spending 100,000 and still fail.

“Dont mess with me, I cant afford it…”

Xu Xiaoshou was in the Purple Mansion Origin Court, looking at the red screen and praying sincerely.

If this 100,000 were to go down the drain, he would lose two Master Stage passive skills.

He still had to go out of his Yuan Mansion to face so many dangers in the White Cave.

How could he not have the support of Stealths awakening skill

“Give me a chance, give me a chance…”

After exchanging for another Awakening Stone, Xu Xiaoshou hesitated on the binding skill.

“Why dont I try Transformation”

He was a little tempted.

He might be able to use it differently.

However, if he were to calculate according to the probability, it would be about time for him to use Stealths awakening skill.

It was time to change.

If he were to calculate the probability again, wouldnt he suffer a great loss

“Ill take a gamble and turn my bicycle into a motorcycle!”

“I, Xu Xiaoshou, will fight to the death with you today!”

Gritting his teeth, Xu Xiaoshou once again bound himself to Stealth and threw the Awakening Stone into the pool.

“Awakening failed!”

“Darn it! Ah, ah –”

Xu Xiaoshou was going crazy.

He directly exchanged the remaining 20,000 passive points into two Awakening Stones.

At the same time, he bound himself to Stealth and threw them at the same time.

“Dong Dong.”

Water splashed.

When he came back to his senses, he looked at the information bar.

“Awakening successful!”

“Stealth (Awakening: Vanishing Technique)!”

“Second awakening failed!”

Xu Xiaoshous soul instantly left his body for a full ten breaths.

“Darn it!”

The next second, along with a cry of surprise and joy, his entire person was like a monkey that had emerged from the ground.


“Haha, who can stop me”

“In this world, who can stop me!”

“Hahaha –”

Yu Zhiwen raised her head to look at the crazy young man in the sky in shock.

She felt as though her worldview had been shattered, and her understanding of this fellow had once again been refreshed.

“Suspected, Passive Points, 1.”

“Again, again”

Mu Zixi, who was already exhausted, lay on the ground with one hand on her forehead.

She was too weak to complain.

“Cursed, Passive Points, 1, 1, 1, 1…”

Xu Xiaoji…

How would Xu Xiaoji dare to make a scene after witnessing Xu Xiaoshou laughing in the sky

He didnt move at all.

He looked like a dead body.

“In Awe, Passive Points, 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou regained his consciousness and once again entered the deep pit underground.

He buried himself properly before looking at the information pane in fear.

He was afraid that he had gone mad just now and had hallucinated.

And if he woke up, everything would be returned to normal.

However, at a glance, three different messages of different lengths appeared before his eyes.

It was obvious that Xu Xiaoshou had not gone mad.

Everything he saw was not an illusion either.

“Vanishing Technique”

Before he could even begin to think about it, he began to bare his teeth with a pained expression on his face.

It was very obvious that when he looked at the sequence of information, his ninth awakening had been a success.

That meant that the 10,000 passive points from the 10th awakening had been completely wasted!

However, after he came back to his senses, he looked at the failed second awakening in silence.

“Second awakening”


“In other words, this awakening skill can not only be awakened once but it can also be awakened a second time”

After spending 10,000 passive points to obtain a new piece of information, Xu Xiaoshou immediately felt that it was not a loss.

“If there is a second awakening, is there a third awakening Or even another four or five times”

He felt that he had found another path for his combat strength to evolve at a high speed.

But on second thought.

A single awakening could cost 100,000 passive points.

According to the nature of this darned system, wouldnt a second awakening cost a million

“I cant afford to mess with it, I cant afford to mess with it…”

Xu Xiaoshou instructed himself that he must not get involved.

At the very least, at this stage, even if he knew that he had the qualifications to awaken a second time, he could not attempt it.

Because the moment he tried it.

Perhaps other skills had not improved, but the skill of throwing away points could be cultivated to perfection.

His attention was once again placed on the newly awakened skill.

“Vanishing Technique!”

He narrowed his eyes and pondered, “What function does it have”


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