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Chapter 481: The Sword Aura That Made People Despair and Collapse

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“I cant hold it at all!”

The battle was burning.

Zhang Zhongmou grimaced, and his whole body began to bleed.

The power of the white flame was too terrifying.

He did not even have an Innate Level Physique.

How could he withstand it

And once he used his spiritual source, he could even block out a little damage.

The pain brought by the scorching flame burning his spiritual source was no less than the pain he felt when he blocked it out.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Intense explosions spread out from the battlefield and spread out in all directions.

“I cant hold on at all!”

Zhang Zhongmou gritted his teeth and waved the Dark Jade Whip in his hand.

Every time the Dark Jade Whip collided with the White Bone Giant, he felt that he was going to be torn apart.

His internal organs were twitching.

Every punch and every kick of the guy seemed to be so light.

However, when it landed on the body of an ordinary Spiritual Cultivator, every move was as powerful as an ordinary spiritual technique of a Sovereign!


“This Sovereign Physique, together with the flames that can burn spiritual sources and even the Way of the Heavens, is enough to kill all the Spiritual Cultivators alive!”

“I cant continue…”

Zhang Zhongmou thought to himself.

As the battle dragged on, he felt that his condition was getting worse.

At first, he could have taken advantage of the moment when his opponents mind was shattered to catch the Dark Jade Whip.

Now, after a short while, it was difficult for him to even catch the whip.

At that moment, he lost his balance and almost lost his life on the spot.

Fortunately, he managed to push his “Dim Sky Shadow” to its limit in time.

Only then did he manage to dodge the White Skeletons divine trample.


Zhang Zhongmou, who was fully aware that he was no match for the big guy, no longer had the contempt he had before the battle.

If he did not have the burning power in his body, he was confident that he could fight back a little.

But now…

There was no other way but to run.


He faced the White Bone Giant, who was casually bombarding him with its teasing eyes.

Zhang Zhongmou spurted out a mouthful of blood essence and activated the “Dim Sky Shadow” to the maximum again.

Then, he stopped fighting and shot into the sky like a shooting star.

“Little Yu, hurry up! He is going to run away!”

Xu Xiaoshou, who was watching the battle, was panicking.

Although Old Zhang was covered in blood when he was facing the White Skeleton, he was not afraid of the White Skeleton at all.

Often, the Sovereign experts who were forced into a desperate situation were the scariest ones.

Therefore, even though he was in a battle, those two fellows who didnt dare to be distracted at all didnt realize his existence.

He had to wait until Yu Zhiwens Divine Array was set up before he dared to make a move.

As for what array Little Yu was setting up.

He didnt need to know, nor did he want to know.

Proficient in weaving was used to stir up trouble.

As long as the level of the spiritual array was high enough and the power was great enough.

Even if it was just a mere illusion array, Xu Xiaoshou could still tamper with the array pattern and then detonate it.

Although he didnt have the thousand fire seeds that attacked Zhang Taiying that night.

However, Yu Zhiwens Divine Array was definitely higher than Fu Zhis sea of flowers spiritual array by more than one level.

Therefore, as long as he could detonate the Divine Array and use other means, he could definitely finish off Old Zhang.

“Wait, theres still a little more.”

Yu Zhiwens expression was difficult, and she was so tired that she was drenched in sweat.

To set up an array in front of the two Sovereigns, and it was a large array that she couldnt let them discover, was already extremely challenging.

And also with Xu Xiaoshous urging.

If it was anyone else, their hands would have probably trembled from being urged, and the spiritual array would have been exposed.

However, with the existence of the Pearl Gem Star Eyes, not a single error could occur.

Even though Yu Zhiwen was exhausted, the hands that were setting up the array did not tremble at all.

“Hurry up…”

Xu Xiaoshou also realized that he was anxious and might disturb the other party, so he was urging in his heart instead.

However, even though the scene of both sides suffering heavy losses had yet to appear, the anticipation in his eyes was still burning.

He couldnt let Old Zhang escape!

If it was possible, he even wanted to catch up with the other beautiful woman of the Zhang family.

As long as he could make them stay, then he would be able to truly cut off the consequences of the Tiansang Prefecture.

“Soon, it will be done soon.”

Yu Zhiwen said with difficulty.

Her Divine Array was about to take shape.

However, this was not good news.

Because Xu Xiaoshou used “Perception” and knew that Zhang Zhongmous body, which was faster than the speed of sound, was almost at the edge of Divine Arrays pattern.

“Its gone…”

Xu Xiaoshous heart sank.

With the desire to escape from the Sovereign, who could stop him

Even if he could ” take the easy way out” three times, he could instantly appear in front of the other party.

But would he dare to make a move

Perhaps, in just one exchange, he would be destroyed by that old fellows inexplicable means.

“That whip…”


The good news from Little Yu did not arrive, but a loud boom interrupted Xu Xiaoshous contemplation.

The White Skeleton, which was watching its prey fly away, was slightly stunned before it flew into a rage.

It smashed the ground and flew up into the sky again.

It sucked with its huge mouth, and its skull swelled.

It seemed that it would be able to spit out that sky-toppling flame waterfall again in the next second.

“But so what”

Xu Xiaoshou agonized.

Zhang Zhongmou would definitely choose to continue to receive this attack in exchange for more time to escape.

And with his first experience, he would definitely not foolishly stop and choose to refine the infernal aura in his body.

On the contrary, the old man who had spurted out his blood essence would definitely use even faster speed to seize every second to escape and then begin to recuperate.

“Its over.”

Xu Xiaoshou raised his hand, wanting to persuade Yu Zhiwen to stop.

Since Plan A could not be implemented, then he had to take another route.

He took advantage of the fact that the two of them were flying out.

At this time, he gave up on the Divine Array and chose to escape in the opposite direction.

The two of them could escape from the White Bone Giants pursuit effortlessly.

Although this was also a good choice.

Xu Xiaoshou felt that under such circumstances.

This move could be considered the most helpless last resort.

“This is…”

The instant his hand touched Yu Zhiwen, Xu Xiaoshous pupils suddenly constricted, and his expression froze.

What did he see

The White Skeleton that soared into the sky did not spit out the infernal power after it had finished absorbing it.

On the contrary, it swallowed the terrifying power in one gulp!


After a shocking roar, the White Bone Giants entire body cracked open.

On its body, flames were overflowing everywhere.

However, even though it had to endure extreme pain, the White Bone Giants actions were completely out of everyones expectations.

“Bang Bang!”

The terrifying fire-type energy didnt spurt out from its mouth but directly shot out from under its cracked feet.

The terrifying fire cannonball smashed out.

The White Bone Giant was unable to defend against it and was sent flying hundreds of feet.

However, after this attack, it became excited.

As if it had found a new way to exert its strength, after stabilizing its body, the White Skeleton shot out, directly pulling the distance between it and the prey in its eyes.

Then, just as the old force had disappeared and the new force had yet to appear.

It suddenly created a terrifying fireball on each of its feet.

With the help of the reverse force, its body approached Zhang Zhongmou at an even faster speed!

“Isnt this cheating”

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

Wasnt this the “Small fireball hand” and the “Small fireball foot” that he had developed himself

Previously, when he was being chased by this big guy, he had used this move to not only increase the distance between them but also to interfere with the other party.

But now, seeing that the prey was about to disappear, the White Bone Giant had actually used this move of his

And it was a strengthened version!

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

This White Bone Giants spiritual quality was too strong.

In such a short time, not only had he learned his move, he had even used it.

It was simply absurd!

“But looking at the speed, theres a chance.”

No matter how much he ridiculed the White Skeleton in his heart when Xu Xiaoshou saw the White Skeletons speed increase, he could not help but show joy on his face.

“Perception” detected the two figures.

As expected, after the White Skeleton became more and more violent, as if it had not consumed any of its energy, it spat out exploding fireballs.

The distance between the two of them, which should have been widened, was rapidly shortened!

“Darn it!”

Seeing that he could not escape this fellows pursuit even though he had used his blood escape art, Zhang Zhongmous heart sank to the bottom.

“Duoyu, save me!”

He was finally willing to put his pride aside and admit that he could not defeat this extradimensional creature at all.

He could not even escape and could only call for help.

A thousand miles of telepathic communication had been activated.

However, they had fought for such a long time just now.

Perhaps, Zhang Duoyu had run far away a long time ago.

It would take time for her to come back to help!


Just as Zhang Zhongmou rushed out of the Divine Array, he vaguely sensed that something was wrong with the Way of the Heavens, which was the most crucial step.

However, before he had time to think about it, he heard a series of explosions behind him.

Then, the figure that covered the sky spurted out white flames and rushed in front of him.

Time seemed to have been delayed.

Zhang Zhongmou could clearly see the clear mockery in the eyes of the White Bone Giant that brushed past him.

His line of sight shifted and landed at the foot of this fellow.

Spitting out white balls with his feet was no longer enough to satisfy the pleasure of this big fellow.

Having no spiritual sources to consume, it directly chose to continuously spit, turning into a fountain of fire with its feet, pushing its speed to the point where even it lost control.

“Its over!”

Zhang Zhongmou felt a chill run down his spine.

The White Bone Giant that had rushed past him suddenly turned around and split.

The white flame on its feet had disappeared, but the white flame on its feet had intensified.

After using its Sovereign Physique to withstand the powerful recoil, its entire bone froze for an instant.

In that instant, Zhang Zhongmous vision was shrouded in darkness.


The void was directly blasted apart by the White Skeletons double fists.

That terrifying airwave was stirred up, almost causing the array pattern that Yu Zhiwen had laid out to be shaken out.

Fortunately, this girl was powerful.

Seeing that something was wrong, she immediately stopped and completely fused the Divine Array pattern into the Way of the Heavens, directly transforming it into nothingness.

After the explosion, she continued to set up without being moved.

“What a good fellow.”

Xu Xiaoshous eyes lit up.

This time, it was exactly like Gu Qingsans method of no transformation.

It was simply a gods hand.

If not for all of this, the Divine Array would probably have been detonated at this moment.

“Wheres Old Zhang”

Xu Xiaoshou didnt dare to think too much and continued to look over.

After the explosion, Zhang Zhongmou seemed to be fine.

He instantly changed his route and charged straight towards the sky.

“That move again.”

Xu Xiaoshou instantly understood that the old man had used his weird spiritual technique again to avoid the extreme physical attack.

He felt a little helpless.

However, a new move could destroy everything.

This move might really be the only way to defend against the White Skeleton.

However, this time, the White Bone Giant, which could not hit its prey, did not look disappointed at all.

On the contrary, it was extremely excited!


A whistling sound was heard in the air.

After the punch, the White Skeleton, which had no effect at all, did not choose to stop.

On the contrary, it seemed to have expected that Zhang Zhongmou would dodge its attack with the old way.

After the heavy punch, it did not even aim.

Instead, it spat out white flames in all directions in the air without any blind spots.

“Swish, swish, swish!”

The big guy which was almost a hundred meters tall kept turning his head, shaking his head, and lowering his head in midair.

The white flames in his mouth were like a water pipe that had gone out of control due to the excessive flow of water.

It was so comical.

However, such an absurd attack was truly effective!

Zhang Zhongmou had already passed the peak state where he could activate the “Dim Sky Shadow” at any time.

At this moment, even if he used his spiritual source, his energy reserve would still be in pain as if it was being torn apart.

Therefore, after avoiding the White Skeleton, he did not expect that the White Skeleton would end its stupid physical attack and use such a ridiculous move instead.

Caught off guard, he tried to activate the “Dim Sky Shadow” again.

However, the damage caused by the burning power in his body was finally revealed.

Under the superposition of the various negative states, he could not activate his spiritual source at the moment, and he was only half a breath slower.

Half a breath.

It was enough to kill him!

With the final swing of the whip and the collapse of the white flame, Zhang Zhongmou was finally overwhelmed by endless fear.

“AH –”

A mournful scream came.

Hearing the sound of sadness, the listener shed tears.

Xu Xiaoshou was overwhelmed with joy.

“Got it!”

Using his perception, he could see that the old man could only use his spiritual source to cover his body since he could not use that weird spiritual technique.

However, wasnt this an act to burn himself

The terrifying white flames instantly melted a small part of his body.

This was not the end.

Zhang Zhongmou, who was overwhelmed by fear, found that the White Skeleton had appeared behind him.


After a pair of heavy punches.

The White Bone Giants face was filled with the incomparable satisfaction of finally hammering a physical object.

It was as if the OCD sufferer had been instantly cured.

At that moment, even though the struggle from the strength in his hands was so weak.

The White Skeleton also stopped its attack and fell to the ground, choosing to dance around.

“Huo Huo!”

“Huo Huo!”

“Sou –”

The shooting star was destined not to return home.

Zhang Zhongmou, who had originally escaped the pattern of the Divine Array, was once again hammered into the center of the spiritual array after this back attack.

He was completely unable to resist the attack.

Even when he saw that the White Skeleton was about to attack, white flames had already burnt his body and spiritual sources until they were rotten.

With such a degree of injury, it was likely that even sitting down to recuperate would be a problem.

How could he fight back


Seeing that the old man was still alive, Xu Xiaoshou flew to his side.

Wasnt this a heaven-sent opportunity

Zhang Zhongmou, who was heavily injured, was a Sovereign that could not be resisted at all.

How could he withstand his famed sword

“Do you need help”

Yu Zhiwen took the time to ask.

At this moment, even she knew that her plan was meaningless.

Xu Xiaoshou had a grudge with this old man and wanted him dead, and Yu Zhiwen had already seen through it.

Now, this guy had entered the center of her Divine Array.

Even if he was a Sovereign, to kill him was only two steps.

One, isolate the Way of the Heavens.

Two, spatial dislocation.

Even if he had the recovery rate of a Sovereign, he would not die even if his head was cut off.

He would not be able to continue working after isolating the Way of the Heavens.

As a result, Zhang Zhongmou would not die…

Xu Xiaoshou nodded.

“Theres no need.

Continue to set up the array.”

Unexpectedly, Xu Xiaoshou refused.

He slowly pulled out his famed sword.

Old Zhang could die, but because of his carelessness, his appearance did not cause much damage to the White Skeleton.

A situation where both sides suffered heavy losses did not occur.

In that case, Yu Zhiwens Divine Array had its purpose.

Killing people with the famed sword was as easy as a single slash.

Why did he need others to take action


The famed sword returned to its sheath.

The crisp sound was completely ignored by the sound explosion that came from Old Zhang.

Xu Xiaoshou did not even seem to make a move.

He slightly let go of Yu Zhiwens thigh.

With one hand holding the sword, he returned the sword.

Zhang Zhongmou that was shooting from the sky turned into two and shot out explosively.

His head and body were separated!


The dancing White Bone Giant was stunned.

He hadnt even started to torture the prey, so why did the prey split up on its own

A raging flame suddenly appeared in its eyes.

Wasnt the faint sword will that flash past was the same sword will from the guy that it was chasing previously

In other words, that ant was still here.

He even snatched away its toy!


An earth-shattering roar raged in all directions.

A white flame spurted out from under the White Bone Giants feet, and his figure instantly shot over.

This time, Xu Xiaoshou immediately panicked.

“I was exposed”

He subconsciously pinched his Yuan Mansion.

“I dont think so…”

The confidence on Yu Zhiwens pretty face gradually disappeared along with the big guys dash.

“He should…”

Xu Xiaoshous legs went soft.

After witnessing the true combat strength of the White Skeleton, he did not have any thoughts of a duel at all.

But now…

“Somethings not right!”

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly stopped thinking.

The trajectory of the White Skeleton that his “Perception” saw did not seem to be coming for him.

Instead, it seemed to be charging towards the two halves of Zhang Zhongmou that flew out from his side!


As expected, the huge head swept past under his feet.

The White Skeleton did not discover Xu Xiaoshous location at all.

Its goal was only to capture Zhang Zhongmou, who was not completely dead yet.

It wanted to completely vent the anger and hatred in its heart.

That was all!


Zhang Zhongmou, who still had a bit of consciousness left, watched in despair as the lower half of his body fell into the White Skeletons right hand.

He felt an intense pain in his head.

He realized that his head had also been grabbed by the White Skeletons left palm.

“Let, let me go…”

The White Skeleton had spiritual qualities.

This spiritual quality could be seen from the battle consciousness it has displayed.

It also understood human nature.

This human nature could also be seen from its jubilant dance just now.

However, it was clear that the spiritual quality of this extradimensional creature was not used to communicate with humans.


Grabbing Zhang Zhongmous lower body, the White Skeleton threw it on the ground in fury.

The body that had been melted by the white flame was only left with half of its shell that could not withstand such a huge force and was directly shattered.

However, the White Skeleton was still not satisfied.

Its hand swooped down and ruthlessly grabbed at the body fragments that had bounced back from the ground.

“Pa Pa Pa…”

Zhang Zhongmou felt that the world had turned dark.

He had never thought that his path as a spiritual cultivator would end up in the White Cave in such a comical way.

He had wanted to take advantage of the illusion that he was severely injured to pass it on.

He wanted to use this opportunity to fly as far away as possible from the White Skeleton to use the last ray of light.

Then, he would escape underground!

This was his final thought.

But who would have thought that

A streak of sword energy suddenly appeared in the air and directly disrupted his plan!

“Is my life over…”

Zhang Zhongmou even lost his anger and despair.

He could not understand how other people could exist in this terrifying place where the White Skeleton was wreaking havoc and not be discovered by him.

He also could not understand why the other party would attack him!

“Sword energy…”

His memories seemed to be flying around and dissipating.

The boiling sword energy that suddenly appeared at the end of his life stopped there.

Zhang Zhongmou discovered in shock.

He seemed to be able to sense a slightly familiar scent from it.


“Isnt this the sword will released by Xu Xiaoshou, the person who attacked Zhang Mansion that night and was protected behind the scenes”

“No, its not the sword cognition!”

“This is only the sword energy, not the sword cognition.”

“But… the roots come from the same source!”

Zhang Zhongmous head, which had been tied up, was shaking violently.

His eyes were wide open.

“In other words, the protector did not appear.”

“The one hiding in the dark is… Xu Xiaoshou, who comes from the same lineage as him!”

“Xu Xiaoshou is here!”

At this point, his rage and humiliation were unbearable.

“Pop!” A terrifying spiritual source burst out.

Zhang Zhongmous remaining head was once again in an accident.

He suddenly shot out from the White Skeletons huge palm and shot toward Xu Xiaoshous hiding place.

The head, which was completely burnt and even its bones were ghastly, could still be seen no matter how empty its eyes were… Zhang Zhongmou had found Xu Xiaoshous location!

“Hes not dead yet!”

Xu Xiaoshou was extremely shocked.

This scene was horrifying.

Was this the life force of a Sovereign

Old Zhang had found him!

“Watched, Passive Points, 1.”


The moment Yu Zhiwen decided to make her move, the White Skeleton pinched his fingers.

Zhang Zhongmou, whose speed had been completely reduced, could not dodge the two fingers that were like heavenly pillars.

“I am not reconciled!”

“AH –”

A shocking hatred erupted from the remaining skull.

That shrill cry was like a needle, piercing Xu Xiaoshous soul.

But in the next second.


The White Skeleton squeezed his fingers.

Zhang Zhongmou has died!

“Huo Huo Huo, Huo Huo Huo…”

Xu Xiaoshou watched in shock as the White Skeleton crushed Zhang Zhongmous skull.

After a second, it started its demonic dance again.

At this moment, even Yu Zhiwens hand trembled slightly.



Yu Zhiwen nodded calmly.

It was difficult for a Sovereign to die.

Therefore, no matter how cruel the scene in front of her was, she was unmoved.

That was because, in the headquarters of the Holy Divine Palace…

There were many different ways to die and different torture methods were tested on the bodies of the Sovereigns who were criminals, they kept practicing.

In comparison.

Zhang Zhongmous quick death was already not bad.


The dancing White Bone Giant suddenly stopped.

Xu Xiaoshous heart tightened.

Before he could think, he saw a figure shooting over from afar with his “Perception”.

“Who is it”


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