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Chapter 479: Narrow Space, Shy Little Yu

“Old Mou, is it in this direction”

Sensing the rising temperature around her, Zhang Duoyu couldnt help but turn her head and ask.

“It should be…”

Holding the spiritual plate in his hand, Zhang Zhongmou looked a bit hesitant.

He could track the aura of the Sacrificial Carving through the “Tiancheng Spirit Wheel”.

But the direction the spirit wheel was pointing to always gave people a sense of danger.

Looking into the distance, Zhang Zhongmou listened carefully.

Vaguely, a series of explosions occurred in the direction that the spirit wheel was pointing to.

The explosions, which were beyond the range of the spiritual senses of a Sovereign, could even be heard with the naked ear.

It was not hard to imagine.

What kind of terrible war was taking place at the center of the explosion.

“It must be the battle of the Sovereigns.”

“However, in the White Cave, only those below the Sovereign Stage can enter, right”

“The war between Sovereigns is either a Red Coat or a ghost beast…”

“Or its also a stowaway…”

Zhang Zhongmou fell into deep thought.

“Theres another possibility.”

Zhang Duoyu added, “Maybe the Sovereign Stage creature in the White Cave has been enraged and is now wreaking havoc on the battlefield.”

“Its not impossible.”

Zhang Zhongmou nodded.

“But the probability is too low.

Creatures in the extradimensional space usually guard important treasures.

If its a Sovereign Stage creature, then the treasures that are born next to it must be extraordinary.”

“Isnt that better”

Zhang Duoyus eyes lit up.

“We want Xu Xiaoshou.

We can also take the treasures.”

“Zhang Duoyu!”

Zhang Zhongmous eyes turned cold.

“You have to remember that our purpose for this trip is only to capture Xu Xiaoshou.

Once the battle starts and Red Coat discovers us, both of us will be in deep trouble.”

“Dont forget…”

He paused for a moment and said in a low voice, “Now that the Zhang Mansion is gone, both of us are stray dogs!”

Zhang Duoyu fell silent for a moment.

Her heart was in a mess.


If Xu Xiaoshou hadnt been there, the two elders who were supposed to guard the Zhang Mansion wouldnt have entered the White Cave at this moment.

Instead, it should have been the young man of the Zhang family who was full of vitality!

But it was gone.

All of it was gone!

“Then what should we do now Give up the guidance and take a detour” Zhang Duoyu suppressed the hatred in her heart and asked after coming back to her senses.

“No need.”

Zhang Zhongmou shook his head.

“The guide should be correct.

Even if its not Xu Xiaoshou, we should be able to find the second person who has the Sacrificial Carving.”

“So, we can go there, but we have to hide well.”

“Remember, if you meet a Red Coat, run separately.”

“The Zhang family must leave behind a seed!”

The slightly sorrowful voice echoed in the air, and Zhang Duoyu was speechless.

She quietly followed behind Old Mou, flying low in the air.

“Xu Xiaoshou!”

“Dont let me catch you, or else…”


A pair of bone-like fists fell from the sky like meteors, smashing toward Xu Xiaoshous direction.

In an instant, soil flew everywhere, and stones and wood were broken.

But when the bone-like fists were raised and the White Skeleton looked at the deep pit on the ground where there was no one, it felt that it had been fooled again!

“Roar –”

It raised its head and roared angrily.

Even so, the anger in its heart could not be completely poured out.

That human!

That ant!

It was clearly a scumbag that could only hurt itself with a sharp weapon.

However, its escape methods were strange and varied.

If it was a competition of speed, the White Bone Giant indicated that it could take it down with a few steps.

However, that human had all kinds of interference, making it impossible for the White Bone Giant to defend against him.

All kinds of fire-type missiles and golden light missiles blocked his way.

If he was really close, another stream of famed sword energy would fly past him, and he had no choice but to dodge.

Until he was really close to the White Bone Giants face and his violent fist came crashing down.

This guy actually knew how to teleport!

The White Bone Giant felt that he had lived for so many years and had been born with so much wisdom.

This was the first time he experienced true anger.

In the past, those who dared to disturb his cultivation were all killed without exception by a punch or a kick.

But today, this guy was too hateful!

It was fine if he was hateful, but there was nothing he could do about it!


The White Bone Giant was unable to fly into a rage.

“Chased, Passive Points, 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou carried Yu Zhiwen on his back and jumped left and right, making full use of the Flaming Maple Trees terrain.

However, this terrain could be used by him.

To the White Skeleton that was almost a hundred meters tall, it could not be used as a restriction.

His Master “Agility” had met his opponent once again.

The White Bone Giant that had a Sovereign Physique was a monster that had no weaknesses.

Whether it was an attack, defense, speed, or magic…

Everything was in place!

“How can there be such an existence in the world”

Xu Xiaoshou was extremely distressed.

If not for the fact that he had broken through to the Voidness State and had three chances to ” take the easy way out”, he would have been able to use elixirs and “High Spirits” to travel continuously.

At this moment, he reckoned that he would have been smashed to pieces!

Fortunately, this fellows body was well-developed in all aspects, and his mind was relatively simple.

Other than spitting fire and physical attacks.

He didnt have the consciousness to use any tactics to capture him.

This resulted in Xu Xiaoshou being able to completely restrict him through some basic disturbances, thus putting him in a state where he was on the run, but he didnt die.

“But this cant last forever!”

“Whats the meaning of this chase Im not in a hurry to drink syrup…”

“Isnt it just a glance Is there a need to be so angry”

“Its its fault for not wearing clothes, right”

Xu Xiaoshou used “Perception” to glance behind him and saw a figure descending from the sky.

Without any explanation, he sent Yu Zhiwen into his Yuan Mansion and then ” take the easy way out” before disappearing from the spot.


A deep pit that looked like a sinkhole appeared behind him.

It was a shocking sight.

With a swoosh, Yu Zhiwen appeared in his hand once again.

Xu Xiaoshou dug out a handful of honey and wiped it on the girls mouth.

He looked anxious.

“Still not awake”

At this moment, he only had two tactics left.

Either he gets a Red Coats help.

Or he could wait for Yu Zhiwen to wake up.

He believed that his Divine Secret would definitely be useful at this moment.

As for the Way of Spirit Array…

Xu Xiaoshou had tried it.

Even if his spiritual array was at the Peak of Master Stage, it would still be crushed by the White Skeleton with a single step.


Xu Xiaoshou lowered his head in joy when he heard a sudden groaned in his arms.

“Youre awake”

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Yu Zhiwen had just opened her eyes when the whistling sound of the wind directly blew against her body and triggered pain.

She slightly tugged her body, and she felt as if her internal organs were being torn apart.

“Its awkward.”

Xu Xiaoshou hugged her even tighter.

He still needed to control his strength to hug someone, so he couldnt hug her to death completely.

Otherwise, the beauty in his arms, who had no protective spiritual source, might be directly torn apart.

However, in the state of high-speed flight, if he did not hug her tightly, it would still be extremely difficult for him to maintain the degree where he would not let her slip away.

Yu Zhiwens pupils suddenly flashed, and she almost fainted from Xu Xiaoshous grip.

“It hurts!”

She struggled and said.

“If you know it hurts, then dont move and squirm around.

Dont blame me if you fall!”

Xu Xiaoshous eyes were focused on the White Skeleton chasing after him, and he subconsciously replied.

“I didnt twist…”

Yu Zhiwens face turned red.

Being hugged by this person with the surname Xu, she didnt feel any warmth at all.

On the contrary, it was extremely painful.

However, when her spiritual sense peered at the towering giant that was chasing after him, she felt Xu Xiaoshous completely distracted response.

Yu Zhiwen knew that she owed this young man one.


Under the pursuit of a White Skeleton with strength that surpassed a Sovereign, Xu Xiaoshou did not choose to give up on her, who had completely lost her mobility and had no effect at all.

On the contrary, he even carried her and ran all the way.

Yu Zhiwen could no longer sense how far this place was from Flaming Maple Tree forest.

She only knew that if she had to rely on the medicine that Xu Xiaoshou had fed her just now to sober up, it would have been impossible for her to last for less than four hours.

“So, he has been holding me like this for so long”

“Received Gratitude, Passive Points, 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the approaching White Bone Giant behind him and could not help but ask, “Have you recovered If you dont use your power, Im afraid that we will all die here.”

Once Yu Zhiwen woke up, he did not want to expose his Yuan Mansion.

However, perhaps it was because his level was not high enough, he could not bring anyone with him.

Therefore, if he really wanted to bring Yu Zhiwen with him and run away, he believed that he could only choose to throw her away first and then take her.

This could be used when she was unconscious.

However, he had already woken up.

It was strange just thinking about it.

If he really wanted to do it…

Well, it wasnt impossible.


Yu Zhiwen said weakly, “Help me get the medicine.”

“Didnt I feed you the medicine”

Xu Xiaoshou answered without even lowering his head.

“Your medicine…”

Yu Zhiwens face turned pale.

“Your medicine is useless.”

“How can my medicine be useless!”

Xu Xiaoshou was immediately angered to the point of laughter.

“That is the Amber Juice that I have meticulously researched and developed.

Its a full…”


Amber Juice

A full ninth grade

Thats right!

His “Breathing Technique” could magnify the effects of the medicine tens of times.

In addition, he could also use his “Eternal Vitality” to resist the effects of the medicine.

Therefore, no matter what kind of injury it was, using the little bee brands Amber Juice was enough.

However, Yu Zhiwen didnt have a “Breathing Technique”.

There was no “Eternal Vitality”!

How could a ninth-grade Amber Juice be able to treat her injuries

No wonder this girl had been unconscious for so long.

I thought she was too weak…

“Why didnt you tell me earlier!”

Xu Xiaoshou was annoyed and said, “Wheres the medicine”


Yu Zhiwen was so angry that she let out a muffled groan.

Tell you earlier

Did I look like a person who could speak just now

“Cursed, Passive Points, 1.”

However, she wasnt conflicted.

At this moment, she didnt have time to be conflicted.

“In my hand.”

The elixir was in the ring on her hand.

Fortunately, the spatial ring had its spatial array.

It was not shattered by the White Skeleton, so there was no need to use the space necklace.

“Theres no time.”

Xu Xiaoshou received a sweep of her “Perception” and immediately changed hands.

He snatched the elixir from Yu Zhiwens hand at the speed of light and stuffed it into her red lips.


This finger suddenly stabbed out, and Yu Zhiwens eyeballs bulged out slightly.

She stared at Xu Xiaoshou with disbelief but saw the anxiety in this guys eyes.

With a probe of her spiritual senses.

As expected, the White Bone Giant had already raised its heavy fist and smashed down.

It was estimated that in a few breaths, the two of them would die and disappear!


Yu Zhiwen did not dare to hesitate.

She forcefully swallowed the elixir that was stuck in her throat.

In an instant, a rich fragrance seeped out from every pore on her body.

The refreshing fragrance of the elixir even made Xu Xiaoshou feel energized.

His escape speed also increased by a lot.

However, no matter how fast he was, he could not be faster than the White Skeletons heavy fist!

“Little Yu!”

Xu Xiaoshou pinched his Yuan Mansion.

“Jewel of Dubhe and Merak Displacement.”

At the critical moment, Yu Zhiwens red lips opened slightly, and she stretched out her slender hand in Xu Xiaoshous embrace, lightly pressing down on the White Skeleton that was rapidly magnifying in the depths of his pupils.

“Hum –”

An extremely faint light pattern interweaved from the sky, instantly fusing into the sky.

In the next second, Xu Xiaoshou felt his vision blur, and the White Skeleton above his head actually disappeared.


Then, there was a violent roar under his feet, and along with the endless airwaves, Xu Xiaoshous figure was directly pushed up.

He looked down in shock.

The White Skeleton had actually gone down!

“When did this happen…”

“No, its displacement”

“Spatial displacement”

Xu Xiaoshou lowered his head and asked in surprise.

Yu Zhiwens complexion, which had originally been a little rosy, was now as pale as paper as if it had been squeezed dry.

She nodded her head lightly, and her voice was extremely weak.

“Thats right.

In the art of Divine Secrets, there is a small usage of space.”

“Small usage”

Xu Xiaoshou was astonished.

This casual small usage actually involved space

That was an absolute power that could only appear in the body of the Dean!


“Small usage, are you that weak”

“Cursed, Passive Points, 1.”

“Alright, stop talking.

After that small usage, you look like you are going to be gone soon.”

Xu Xiaoshou didnt dare to count on this lady anymore.

He held onto his Yuan Mansion.

He had originally thought that if Yu Zhiwen could stabilize the situation, he wouldnt have to expose himself.

But it was only a spatial displacement.

The White Skeleton would be able to react within a breath.


Xu Xiaoshou had made a mistake.

The White Bone Giant, who had suddenly lost its target, did not have any intention of raising its head.

It looked around and was once again incapacitated and furious.

“Wait for me.”

As Yu Zhiwen spoke, she tried to struggle out of Xu Xiaoshous embrace.

However, she realized that when she moved, she had no extra strength to support herself.

“Twisting again”

Xu Xiaoshou lowered his head and raised his hand.


“It hurts!”

“Cursed, Passive Points, 1.”

Yu Zhiwen raised her head and glared at him.

However, before the anger in her heart could pour out, Xu Xiaoshou lowered his head, and she was stunned.

This distance was a little too close…


It was too close!

Even this fellows hair was slapping his face, and even his slightly hurried breathing… it must be because of the long-distance running that made his panting sound so intimate.

It was even hot!

“Let go of me.”

Yu Zhiwens pale face instantly turned red, and her body, which had been cold due to the strong wind, began to heat up.

“What do you want”

Xu Xiaoshou said unhappily, “If I let go, will you fall”


“You dont want to think again Youre a woman who doesnt mean what she says.”

Yu Zhiwen was stunned.

The flirtatious feeling in his heart was directly broken by Xu Xiaoshous mysterious brain circuit.

“Thats not what I meant.”

“What I said is that I want to set up an array and need both hands.

You have to let go of me a little.”


Xu Xiaoshou leaned back slightly.

“Set up an array Arent your hands usable now”


“I need space!”

Yu Zhiwen held back her anger.

It was unknown whether it was due to Xu Xiaoshous stupidity from anger or his “Stupidity”.

“No space”

Xu Xiaoshou paused for a moment and lifted her gently, lifting the weightless girl from a princess carry pose into a sitting position on his shoulders.

His right arm gently wrapped around Yu Zhiwens thigh to prevent her from falling.

Xu Xiaoshou lifted his head.

“Now, do you have space”

Yu Zhiwen was stunned.

She looked at the crimson sky and then glanced at the boundless void.

She subconsciously lowered her head.

However, when her line of sight made contact with Xu Xiaoshou, it bounced back immediately as if she had been electrocuted.

The huge White Skeleton under her feet was still howling wildly, but the void was silent for a moment.



Her heart beat faster.

“This action…”

Yu Zhiwen indicated that she had only done it on her fathers shoulder when she was young.

But how old was she now, yet she was still being carried on his shoulders

Or was it a stranger who had only been in contact with him for less than a day





“Its fine, the space is fine.”

Yu Zhiwen muttered unconsciously.

She waved her hands vigorously.

But the messy hand seals could not draw the divine secrets at all.

Xu Xiaoshou looked at Little Yus comical hand seals that were like a child building a fort.

In his “Perception”, she did not even detect a trace of the divine secrets.

In the information pane.

Attention, Passive Points, 1.

Suspected, Passive Points, 1.

Speculation, Passive Points, 1.

Peeped, Passive Points, 1.

A bunch of random messages popped up crazily.

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

“What are you thinking about”

He raised his hand slightly and slapped Little Yus thigh that was sitting on his shoulder.


Yu Zhiwen cried out in shock and almost stood up.

But at this moment, she realized that she was high up in the sky.

There was nothing under her feet.

If she stood up, she would fall.

She hurriedly hugged Xu Xiaoshous head, and Yu Zhiwen came to her senses again.

Thats right.

She was also a Spiritual Cultivator.

Even if there was nothing under her feet, she could still stand up out of thin air.


“Im not imagining things… Seal technique.”

“Yes, seal technique.”

“Sky Screen!”

“Je-jewel, yes, Jewel Sky Screen!”

While Yu Zhiwen was panicking, her spiritual sense suddenly transmitted the movement of the huge White Bone Giant raising its head.

She was so scared that she was quick-witted.

“Sky, Sky Screen!”

With a wave of her hands, she drew a tear in the sky, and an invisible barrier was drawn out from the void, instantly covering the two of them.

“What is this”

Xu Xiaoshou asked curiously.

He felt that Little Yu had pulled a quilt out of the void and covered it just like that

“Sky Screen, Jewel Sky Curtain.”

Yu Zhiwen raised her head and didnt dare to move, stuttering as he answered.

Xu Xiaoshous “Perception” saw that Little Yus face was red.

He hesitated.

This didnt seem like a big move!

Just now, she had used spatial displacement, and her face was as pale as paper.

Sky Screen…

A type of technique that could make the blood energy flow back

“Thats not right.”

In the “Perception” image, the White Bone Giant had clearly raised its head, but it was as if it didnt see anything and it lowered its huge head.

It couldnt see

“This is similar to the previous concealment array”

“Yes, yes.”

Yu Zhiwen felt that it was great that she could speak.

This way, she could not hear her thumping heartbeat.

“The Sky Screen is a Divine Secret that is even more brilliant than the divine traction.

It can even make it so that it can not directly sense the Sovereign with the naked eye and spiritual sense.”

She paused for a moment.

“Thump thump…”

“Thump thump…”

Yu Zhiwen immediately added, “Even if its just passing by, its possible that only at the Cutting Path Stage that you would notice that there are some strange colors here.”

She paused.

“Thump… Thump…”

“Thump… Thump…”

“However, the sky screen that I can pull out is very small, so you must not move.

Otherwise, you might be directly discovered.”

“Thump… Thump…”

“Thump thump thump…”

“I, I, I… Yes, this is also a small use of the Divine Secret.

I dont know much, so I can only…”

“Your heart is beating so fast.”

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly interrupted.

With a Swish, Yu Zhiwens ears turned red.

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou could feel the lovely person on his shoulder melt for a moment and instantly became much softer.

But in the next second, she straightened up again.

“No.” Yu Zhiwen turned her head.

“You did.”


“Okay, you didnt.”

“I did!”

The air became quiet.

Xu Xiaoshou was also stunned.

He had planned to let this girl go…

Yu Zhiwen was also stunned.

Ahhhh, what am I saying!

“Little Yu…”

“Xu Xiaoshou, shut up!”


“Peng Peng…”

“Peng Peng…”

In the narrow sky, what interweaved was not only the noises created by the White Skeletons bombardment on the ground but also the sound of heart thumping.

After a long time.

“Little Yu, are you going to sit like this forever”

Xu Xiaoshou was holding Little Yu, so there was no pressure at all.

However, the rapid heartbeat in his ears…

He was afraid that something would happen to this girl.

“Yes, I can come down…”

Yu Zhiwen subconsciously came back to her senses.

The words that came out of her mouth were cut off by the sudden image in her mind.

Come down

What about after coming down!

The space in the sky screen was so small.

After coming down, where would she be standing

Facing Xu Xiaoshou

With her back facing Xu Xiaoshi

Any position would be more… unbearable than this!

“This is good enough.

Im not going down.”

“If youre not going down, then your heartbeat…”

“Xu Xiaoshou, shut up!”


Xu Xiaoshou raised his head and lowered his head.

Looking at Little Yus pretty face, which was so red that it looked like blood could be squeezed out with just a pinch, listening to the heartbeat that seemed like it could pop out from his throat with just a pinch, the corner of his mouth twitched and he immediately held it back.

He didnt move at all!

“Conjecture, Passive Points, 1.”

“Peeped, Passive Points, 1.”

“Attention, Passive Points, 1.”

“Suspected, Passive Points, 1.”

Even if he stood still, he could gain passive points



Suddenly, two people rushed out from “Perception”, which made Xu Xiaoshous pupils shrink.

“This is…”


The explosion shocked Zhang Zhongmou.

He immediately sent out his spiritual sense.

What did he see

A White Bone Giant that was almost 200 feet long was jumping back and forth in front of him.

With one leap, it could fly hundreds of feet away.

With one leap, it could even cover the sky for a moment.

“What the heck is this!”

Zhang Zhongmou felt pain in his mental strength and immediately realized that something was wrong.

This fellow, this white flame…

It definitely had the strength that surpassed a Sovereign!

“Run, get out of the way first.

Dont clash with it head-on,” Zhang Zhongmou said anxiously.


Zhang Duoyu turned her head hesitantly.

“Old Mou, didnt you say that the aura of the Sacrificial Carving is here”

“Who cares about the Sacrificial Carving!”

Zhang Zhongmou did not even turn his head back.

He turned around and said, “If a fight breaks out and Red Coat comes over, how are you going to explain it”

That was true.

Zhang Duoyu suppressed the anxiety in her heart and turned her head back.


But at this moment, a white flame suddenly flashed past her ear.

If she had not avoided it in time, her head might have been pierced through.

“Old Mou.”

“Huh Run!”

“I cant run anymore.”

Zhang Zhongmou turned his head when he heard that.

The air was silent.

The irritable White Bone Giant was completely silent.

Its eyes, which were filled with white flame, looked at the two ants not far away.

The excitement in its eyes was almost overflowing.



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