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Chapter 468: Xu Xiaoshou Was Too Modest

“Has the legendary sword been put back”

Gu Qinger looked at the Flame Python in disbelief.

He felt that the Flame Python couldnt bear the humiliation under the pressure of the Bewitching Demon.

It had indeed flown out.

However, where did this last force that pulled it back come from

“Xu Xiaoshou, h-how does this count”

Gu Qinger asked.

Xu Xiaoshou had also just recovered from his shock.

He had never expected that there would be a chance to turn things around after such a desperate situation.

If the famous sword had really been pulled out at this time…

It would be too much for him to endure.

But now…

“What do you think”

He said with a smile, his face filled with joy.

This restriction was too powerful!

The sword that was pulled out was like the water that was splashed out.

But under this restriction, what was done could be undone, and it was no longer a matter of whether he could cling on or not.

Indeed, Gu Qinger was unable to completely break this strange restriction.

In other words, he was unable to successfully pull out his sword.

“The sword has returned to its original position.

According to the rules, you were unable to pull it out.

You want to continue trying…”

After he paused for a moment, he slowly extended a fist.

“Sure, add a zero.”


Gu Qingers face was ashen.

After holding it in for a long time, he finally said, “You Scoundrel!”

Xu Xiaoshou spread his hands and looked at the famous sword.

“Then did you pull it out”

“I clearly pulled it out just now!” argued Gu Qinger.

In response, Xu Xiaoshou said in a more serious tone, “What about now”

Gu Qinger was rendered speechless.

“Cursed, passive value, 1.”

Seeing that the other side was silent, Xu Xiaoshou smiled helplessly.

“According to what you said…”

“Now, pull out your famous sword and Ill put it back into your scabbard.

Does this mean that the ownership of this sword is mine as well”

“If you really can take the sword away, I have nothing to say.

But you pulled it out and let the sword fly away.

This should be your problem, right”

In a clam manner, Xu Xiaoshou explained the matter.

Gu Qinger, on the other hand, was anxious.

He wanted to speak, but was interrupted by the young man on the opposite side.

“Speaking of which, the opportunity I gave you was to take the sword out within three breaths… to be able to take it away is your ability.

If you cant take it away, how can you blame me”


Gu Qinger choked on his words.

He vaguely felt that something was wrong.


If this “Return of the famous sword” was still one of Xu Xiaoshous methods.

How Do You Want to play

Who knows this time draw the sword, it will go on its own.

The next time draw out the sword, even if the action to curb the famous sword, Xu Xiaoshou will not have a third-hand preparation, the sword to summon over

“Cursed, passive, 1.”

“Remembered, passive, 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou completely ignored the other side of the grudge, laughing happily.

To be honest, for a famous sword, it was already good enough for him to not go back on his word.

This guy really didnt manage to break the other hand behind the restriction.

He couldnt say things like, “You pulled out the sword just now, so Ill give it to you”or something like that!

Not to mention that this wasnt how business was done.

Just the act of “Giving”, Xu Xiaoshou wasnt even sure if he could do it.

After all, he did not have a famous sword, so his sword was superior!

“Do you want to continue”

A spiritual interrogation caused Gu Qingers anger to die in his stomach.

He remained silent.

He was thinking of other countermeasures.

If he said it, he would definitely lose to the other party.


He glanced at the vigil…

Forget it!

“Second brother, I dont have any money.”

Gu Qing looked over and said pitifully, “If I pull it out again, Ill add another zero.

I Cant afford it!”

Gu Qing ers face twitched.

Thats right.

His junior brother only had 300 million.

How was he supposed to play with that

Xu Xiaoshou was too bad.

Everyone else only had 1 million.

Why did he start with 100 million

Also, he had already pulled it out…

“D*mn it!”

The more Gu Qinger thought about it, the angrier he got.

“Cursed, passive value, 1.”

Gu Qing San looked at the stalemate and suddenly had an idea.

“Second senior brother! I have a suggestion.

You lend me your famous sword, and Ill use your method to force the flame Python out and then restrain it”

Xu Xiaoshous heart clenched.

How could this person be so clever

Hes trying to get a bug out of me


He was just about to raise the price and end the two brothersgaming experience.

How could he, Xu Xiaoshou, be poached by a partner

But he suddenly thought of something else.

Perhaps this famous swords move just now wasnt just the last move

Maybe this thing can turn on its owner even if its forced to recognize him as its master

Gu Qinger is the most powerful young swordsman Xu has ever seen.

Except for the Big Brother who hasnt fought yet, there are only a few people of the same age in the world who can suppress him.


“If even Gu Qinger, a peerless genius at the continental level, doesnt want a famous sword.”

“Then what is it waiting for”

Secretly, Xu Xiaoshou looked back at the famous sword and suddenly felt an inexplicable palpitation.

He nodded.


“You dont even need to do it…”

Xu Xiaoshou pointed at Gu Qingsan and looked at Gu Qinger again.

He said slowly, “Ill give you another chance.

You dont need to pay more.

Its still 100 million.”

“As long as you can break the restriction and take the famous sword.”

“This thing is yours.”

Everyone was bewildered upon hearing that.


Passive value, 246.”

Gu Qingsans jaw dropped.


Was this still Xu Xiaoshou

This was still that iron rooster who had plucked feathers from wild geese, Xu Xiaoshou

How did he suddenly become so generous.

Even Yu Zhiwen, the Night Guardian, was frightened byXu Xiaoshous words.

Just based on Gu Qingers method just now.

It could be imagined that if this guy used all his strength to forcefully take away this sword, it might not even be a problem.

After all…

“He came from the sword burial mound!”

Upon hearing that, the Night Guardian got anxious.

After he hesitated for a moment, he suddenly thought that with Xu Xiaoshous nature, he couldnt do such a good thing for no reason.


“Was it the holy power”

The Night Guardian was bewildered.

Could it be that Xu Xiaoshou also sensed the saint energy fluctuation that disappeared in a flash just now

He realized that something was wrong with the famous sword

“But that saint energy wasnt caused by Xu Xiaoshou”

“If it wasnt him, who else could it be”

At this moment, looking at the famous sword in front of him, the night watchmans heart suddenly tightened.

It cant be that serious, right

It Cant be that he would come here to slay a ghost beast and send waves of water and push the wave boat for his future successor.

In such a situation, he could easily step into something…

Was that a scheme set up at the Demi-Saint stage


“Fear, passive value, 1.”


“Second Senior!”

Gu Qingsan rushed up to his second senior, grabbed his sleeves tightly, and shook them lightly.

An opportunity!

What a great opportunity!

If he did it again, the famous sword would be in his hands!

He tried his best to convey his message with his eyes, and he was sure that Gu Qinger would receive the message.

Even so.

Under everyones eyes, an even more shocking reply appeared.

“Theres no need.”

Gu Qinger waved his hand in a very carefree manner.


This time, everyone was shocked.

“Is he crazy”

“What a great opportunity! I remember that this guy came out of the sword burial mound, right”

“If the origin of the worlds famous swords is mentioned, perhaps no one in the world knows.”

“But almost all the famous swords can be found in the sword burial mound!”

“Even the most powerful sword of the Eighth Sword Immortal, Qing Ju, is suspected to have fallen into the sword burial mound.

If the world says that the sword retracting technique is the best, no one would dare to claim that its the second best.”

“But now, a great opportunity is right in front of us.


“Should we give up”

Instantly, the scene was in an uproar.

Even Xu Xiaoshou was surprised.

He didnt want the famous sword because he sensed that something was wrong with the sword.

But Gu Qinger..

No, that couldnt be!

“Why was that so” asked Xu Xiaoshou.

Gu Qinger didnt reply.

Instead, he asked back, “Is this your sword”

“Of course.”

Xu Xiaoshou nodded.

“Have you recognized me as your master”

“Not yet,” he said casually, “If I really recognized you as my master, I wouldnt have taken it out to deceive you.”

“Then I understand.”

Gu Qinger waved his hand.

“Little junior brother, lets go!”

Gu Qingsan was dumbfounded.


“Senior brother, that sword…”

Gu qinger sneered, “What right do I have to pull out a sword that even the original owner of a famous sword pulled out”

There was no sound transmission.

Everyone present heard it clearly.

“What do you mean”

Everyone realized that something was wrong.

“What does this fellow mean He wants to say that even that Xu Guy couldnt pull out the sword, so he intentionally placed it here to make a living”

“Thats impossible! If he cant pull it out, why would he dare to put the sword here for others to try”

“Are you stupid”

Immediately, someone slapped his head and reacted, “Its because he cant pull it out, so he might as well put the sword here to make money.”

“Yes, why didnt I think of that!”

With this, everyone understood everything.

“If this guy could pull out the only twenty-one famous swords in the world, how would he have the guts and courage to do business here”

“Are you serious”

“Haha, at the end of the day, who would dare to do this business if they werent confident!”

The scene from the beginning started off in a low voice, but gradually became louder.

Finally, it turned into a chaos.

“Xu Xiaoshou, arent you being too arrogant You have a famous sword that you cant pull out, and youre trying to scam everyones Money”

“This is ridiculous.

How dare you do such a thing Who gave you the courage to do this Arent you afraid of a group attack”

“Even if you want to do business, at least you have to check the goods yourself before you can take them out.”

“Whats the difference between this and cheating”

“You are a thief! Give me back my money!”

“You son of a b*tch, its a few billion.

Youll die a horrible death!”

The discussion and argument finally turned into an angry scolding.

All kinds of unsightly words came to her ears.

Even though Yu Zhiwen knew that they werent talking about her, he still felt a wave of discomfort in his heart.

“Xu Xiaoshou…”

She looked over worriedly, wanting to see how Xu Xiaojie would react.

However, this fellow was completely indifferent.

Even under such reprimand and curses, a look of enjoyment appeared on his face.

“Thats it”

“Reprimanded, passive value, 231.”

“Reprimanded, passive value, 244.”

“Insulted, passive value, 165.”

“Resented, passive value, 241.”

The speed at which the information bar was spamming was so fast that it was smoking.

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the numbers that were flying past his eyes and his heart was almost bursting with joy.

“Come on! Come and scold me! Insult me if you can!”

Turn your hatred into the source of my strength and water the tender sapling in my heart!

Finally, it seemed as if he was tired of scolding her.

Seeing Xu Xiaoshou being silent, everyones unbearable words gradually quieted down and finally disappeared.

The scene fell into a strange silence.

“Ha, youre not saying anything”

“Youve been scolded until youre Muddled”

“If you know whats good for you, hand over the money obediently and give me your name…”

The spamming of messages finally stopped.

“Have you cursed enough”

By this time, Xu Xiaoshou couldnt take it anymore.

She immediately swept her gaze over to the last arrogant person who spoke.

As the sword pressed down, his eye widened in shock.

In an instant, he felt his legs go weak and almost fell down on the spot.


“Cursed, passive value, 1.”

“If youve cursed enough, should I explain a bit”

Xu Xiaoshou asked with a smile.

“Try explaining yourself!”

“Lets see what else you can say with that broken mouth of yours.”There were people who submitted to Xu Xiaoshous whims, and naturally, there were those who were not afraid of the powerful.

Xu Xiaoshou stared at that person with a smile and said slowly, “Firstly, regarding this transaction, I have never used any coercive means.

The money you have to pay, Ive confirmed it in every possible way.

Youre all willing, right”

“Cursed, passive value, 220.”

“Hated, passive value, 169.”

“Secondly, the entire rule of drawing the sword was also determined by you.

Even if it was a team, it was formed by you.

I have never used force on this point, right”

“Cursed, passive value, 238.”


Passive value, 11.”

“Thirdly, the ownership of the famous sword is mine.

Regardless of whether I can pull it out or how I want to use it, I believe that I dont need to be affirmed by all theoutsiders present here.

Am I right”


Passive value, 87.”


Passive value, 6.”

Everyone was speechless, for Xu Xiaoshous words seemed to have some sort of magical power.

It was just these three sentences.

No matter how angry or anxious the other party was, he could never refute the orders.

Those people could no longer speak.

“Its not like that…”

Someone shook his head, thinking that this was not right.

However, how could he say it out loud He felt that the way he said it was really not right.

“Then what is it”

Xu Xiaoshou calmly looked over.

“I, you…”

“Its not like that!”

That person phrased his words and finally said, “Why does the ownership of the famous sword belong to you Is it because theres a red-clothed person in front of you Is it because of one sentence from him”

“I dont agree!”He said hatefully.

The Night Guardian smiled.

Xu Xiaoshou also smiled.

“If you dont agree, what can you do”


I have no choice.

“Cursed, passive value, 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou sighed and said, “Vegetables are original sins, but its not your fault.

Its true.

With the approval of the red-robed senior, the famous sword is mine!”

“Senior!”Someone said indignantly again, “We still dont understand why Xu Xiaoshou can have the famous sword.

Is it because he was the first one to arrive”

“The treasure belongs to those who are fated.

Its true.”

“But Xu Xiaoshou might not even be able to pull out the sword.

Why can he get the ownership of the famous sword”

“If thats the case…”

“Everyone is unconvinced!”

Xu Xiaoshou still wanted to speak, but the night watchman stopped him and slowly took a step forward.

“If I say that the sword is his, then it is his.

Hong Yi never needs to explain himself when he does things.”


Everyone was so angry that they nearly vomited blood.

Compared to Xu Xiaoshous ability to speak, Hong Yi was completely impervious.

No matter how reasonable his argument was, even if the night watchman didnt say it, he still wouldnt say it.

Gu Qinger stopped in his tracks.

He had already led his junior brother to the end of the team, but at this moment, he could not help but turn around.

“Senior, to be honest, I have always believed in Hong Yi, but today, I dare not agree with your actions.”

There was no resistance.

But this statement expressed Gu Qingers most sincere attitude.

“Thats right.”

Gu Qingsan agreed.

They participated in drawing the sword not for Xu Xiaoshous sake, but for the sake of the night watch.

The Night Guardian looked over, but it was still as calm as an ancient well.

“There are some things that Hongyi doesnt need to explain, and you guys dont have the right to listen.”

This time, even Xu Xiaoshou became speechless.

What a guy that was.

The most pretentious person he had seen so far was the Night Guardian, who was always ignored by him.

That tone…

Upon thinking about it for a moment, he almost jumped up to slap this old guy.

One could imagine how uncomfortable the young people who were choked to the point their faces turned purple felt in their hearts.

“I dont have the qualifications either” inquired Gu Qinger with a smile.

He carried the sword wheel on his back and there were nine spirit swords on the sword wheel.

The spirit swords moved quietly without any wind.

Undoubtedly, this silent confidence and imposing manner directly shook everyones hearts.

“You really…”

The Night Guardian could not find words to express his feelings.

After all, in the world, there was only the eighth sword immortal who could kill a ghost beast with the strength of a grandmaster, even if one looked at the entire history book.

“Hey, youre still far from it!”

But the night watchman stopped speaking in time.

There were some honours and secrets that belonged to Hong Yi.

There was indeed no need to say it.

This was Hong Yis job.

However, Xu Xiaoshou was still not a Hong Yi!

He could still maintain his night watchman routine and ignore the noisy fellows in front of him.

However, the consequences that followed did not mean that everyone would only vent their hatred on Hong Yi.

On the contrary, Xu Xiaoshou was the one who bore the brunt of it.

Not revealing the truth was an insignificant matter to him.

To Xu Xiaojie, what she might face would be a disrepute!

Sweeping his gaze across the passionate scene in front of him, and then looking at Xu Xiaojies carefree face, the night watchman suddenly felt a sharp contrast.

Even at this point, if he did not say it, Xu Xiaojie would not take the initiative to say it.

This fellows character was really not bad..

Gradually, the Night Guardian closed his eyes.

For the first time, he had the mentality of caring about the feelings of others.

“You really dont have the qualifications!”

He said solemnly.

Following which, he sighed under Gu Qingers disdainful smile and the rolling eyes of the crowd.

“Xu Xiaoshou killed the Ghost Beast.

The famous sword is a reward given by Hong Yi.

Whats wrong with that”

“What about you guys”

The night watchman snorted coldly and flung his sleeves angrily.

“You guys want the ownership of the famous sword.

Where did your confidence come from !”

This scolding directly stunned everyone.


“Ghost Beast”

“Xu Xiao was killed by the Ghost Beast”

Surprise and uncertainty began to appear on everyones faces.

Then, under each others eyes, the trace of uncertainty in the depths of their eyes finally completely disappeared, turning into shock!

“What kind of joke is this”

“Ghost Beast If I remember correctly, the ghost beast-like throne started, and Xu Xiaoshou… Killed the ghost beast !”

“How old is he How High is his cultivation”

“Oh my God!”

Those who were hugging their heads in shock were all present.

Even Gu Qinger was so shocked that he could not speak.

Did Xu Xiaoshou kille a ghost beast

His pupils constricted.

He immediately thought of the night banquet at the city Lords mansion.

The moment the news of Zhang Taiyings death came, he was determined to be a ghost beast and was subsequently killed by Hong Yi.

Xu Xiaoshou seemed to be completely absent at that time.

When he returned, he was followed by the Old City Lord of the city Lords mansion as well as a few great thrones!

Gu Qinger clenched his fists.

At that time, everyone was also suspecting this matter.

In fact, no one dared to believe that a mere Xu Xiaoshou could kill the Ghost Beast.

But now..

After getting the confirmation from the night watchman, Gu Qinger immediately concluded.

The Ghost Beast in the city Lords mansion was definitely killed by Xu Xiaoshou!


“It seems that his true strength has already reached this step…” Gu Qinger clenched his fists.

“Xu Xiaoshou, did you really kill the Ghost Beast”

Gu Qingsan also did not believe it.

But no one dared to not believe what Hong Yi said!


Xu Xiaoshou shook his head calmly.

He had indeed never killed the ghost beast.

Zhang Taiying was fake.

The Dark Nether in Zhong Qus body had only beaten him before he transformed.

Even chasing him away was barely enough.

If it wasnt for the timely appearance of the night watchman, he probably wouldnt have made it.

Thus, he could only answer truthfully.

However, this “truthful” answer, in the eyes of everyone, had completely changed.

“It was really you who killed him…”

“So your strength has already reached the point where you can kill Ghost Beasts.

If so, why did you… humiliate me that day” Gu Qingsan was about to cry from anger.

Did that mean Xu Xiaoshous strength that day was just an act

“Cursed, passive value, 1.”

The other people also felt helpless.

If it was another competition, it would be fine.

What combat strength, sword skills, perhaps there was really hope to compete.

But a ghost beast…


“Respected, passive value, 211.”

“Respected, passive value, 242.”

“Envied, passive value, 63.”


The night watchman looked at Xu Xiaoshou with admiration.

To be honest, at this point, the fact that the young man could utter such a thing was truly out of his expectations.

Indeed, there was no arrogance at all.

There was also no joy that could not be suppressed after the other young men had been exaggerated.

A simple “no” hid his achievements and fame.

“Xu Xiaoshou…”

“Sigh, Xu Xiaojie is good at everything, but shes too modest.”

With a smile, the Night Guardian shook his head.

“Appreciated, passive value, 1.”


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