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Chapter 461: Guidance of Fear

“Sword cries”

The swordsman holding the sword, Gu Qingyi, stepped on the white bones on the ground and looked into the distance with a slight frown.

The gray sword in his arms was buzzing with excitement, as if it had found its former opponent.

With this, Gu Qingyi confirmed his guess.

“There is actually a famed sword in the White Cave”

“This place is not an ancient site of the predecessors.

Even the appearance of the entire extradimensional space is only a few years old.”

“Why would a famed sword appear here”

There were many doubts in his heart, but he pressed down on the sword wave in the air and sniffed it.

Gu Qingyis expression still changed slightly.

“Flame Python”

Such a burning flame aura, among the twenty one famed swords, there was none other than the “Flame Python” which ranked third!

But why would the Flame Python appear here

Gu Qingyi pondered in puzzlement.

He even remembered that the last time this famed sword appeared was several hundred years ago.

Even the records of the previous sword-bearer in the history books were vague.

He only vaguely remembered that it was a fire-type spiritual cultivator.

“Was it a Holy Emperor”

Gu Qingyi was puzzled.

The records of all the famed sword-bearers in the Burial Sword Tomb were very clear.

Only those Holy Emperor powerhouses…

Not only the Holy Emperors among swordsmen, but also the Holy Emperors of all Paths in the world had zero records in the world.

Gu Qingyi had a very deep impression.

He had even specially asked his Master about this matter.

However, the only answer he received wasDivine Secrets Shield.

According to the normal procedure, it was impossible for Gu Qingyi not to remember the previous sword-bearer of the Flame Python.

This was because the Burial Sword Tomb recorded the historical facts of the famed swords.

However, if it was a Holy Emperor powerhouse with the addition ofDivine SecretsShield, it might be understandable.

“Its still very strange.”

“If it was aDivine Secrets Shield, then its even more impossible that the Flame Python would have appeared in this small place.”

“The sword of a Holy Emperor…”

“Its already an unprecedented event for a mere White Cave to have theFourth Sword.

How can there be another famed sword like this”

Gu Qingyi slowly walked down from the pile of bones.

He looked in the direction where the sword waves had spread out and pondered with his brows lowered.

“Could it be that the famed sword that was lost in the void fragment river collided with the small world of the White Cave and thus resurfaced here”

“But the probability of this happening is even smaller than the probability of a famed sword falling from the sky!”

He silently raised his head, and this time, his brows were furrowed even more tightly.

“The “Fourth Sword” and “Flame Python”…”

If all of this was all a coincidence, then he had nothing to say.

However, having been trained by his Master to think from the perspective of a chess player, Gu Qingyi felt that this matter was definitely not that simple.

This sword definitely did not resurface in a normal way!

Even so, he was still rather tempted and raised his foot slightly, but then he slowly put it down again.

He turned around.

In another direction.

An even more terrifying and vicious aura spread out, exuding a fatal temptation.

The vicious sword Fourth Sword!

“If nothing unexpected happens, little junior brother probably wont dare to disobey Masters orders and will still follow the target.”

“However, with second junior brothers personality, he probably wont be able to hold it in anymore.”

“Since he wants to go over, then I dont need to do anything unnecessary.”

Nodding slightly, Gu Qingyi continued to set his goal firmly.

He walked in the direction of the Fourth Sword, stopping every step he took.

In the end, he still didnt believe that this famed sword would appear in the White Cave so bizzarely.

However, if he really looked at it according to the unrealistic thoughts in his mind…

“Who threw the sword”

At the same time, on the other side.

In the depths of a dark mineral vein, Gu Qinger and Gu Qingsan each held two swords.

Their faces were covered with dust as they stopped their movements.

Large amounts of ghost crystals were scattered around them.

These were excellent materials for refining objects.

Just a rough embryo made from these crystals might even be comparable to a sixth grade spiritual sword.

If they were purified, in the hands of a good weapon forger, even a fifth grade or fourth grade spiritual sword could be created.

And there were so many ghost crystals in this place.

It could be imagined that after the two of them finished mining, they could probably have one or two fourth grade spiritual swords in their hands.

Even so, after they heard the sword cries, the two of them still stopped and looked at each other.

“Second senior brother, if I didnt hear wrongly, was that a famed sword”

Shock oozed out of Gu Qingsans eyes on his dusty face.

He came to the White Cave solely for the Fourth Sword.

Obtaining a ghost crystal mine was already an additional harvest.

He had never thought another famed sword would actually resurface in this lousy place

How was this White Cave an ordinary extradimensional space

This was simply a rare treasure land!

Gu Qingers entire body was trembling.

With a clang, he inserted the two spiritual swords in his hands back into the sword wheel on his back, and then gently pulled out the “Bewitching Demon” in the middle of the sword wheel.

He didnt dare to open the sword sheath, but the slight vibration from the sword inside indicated that he wasnt wrong at all.

“A famed sword!”

He nodded heavily.

Gu Qingsan looked at the two spiritual swords in his hands and hesitated.

“Second senior brother, the task master gave us was the Fourth Sword.”

“The two of us are mining here, wasting time.

If eldest senior brother finds out, he will definitely punish us.”

“Now, if we go and get that famed sword…”

Gu Qinger pressed Gu Qingsans shoulder with his palm and said solemnly, “Little junior brother, do you know what my Dream Is”

Gu Qingsans expression froze.

He looked at the sword wheel on second brothers back and thought to himself, “You really dare to dream.

Even eldest senior brother didnt dare to say that he wanted nine famed swords, but you really fantasized about it.”.

“I know, but there are priorities…”

“If a person has lost his dream, whats the point of living” Gu Qinger interrupted him.

He looked up at the sky like an old man, but the crystal chips on his head caused his eyes to hurt.

He sighed and endured the sourness in the corner of his eyes as he continued to preach:

“As a swordsman, if you lose the Way of the Sword in your heart, how can you press forward”

Gu Qingsans expression turned austere as he bowed and cupped his fists.

“Second senior brother has taught me a good lesson.

I support you.

Go and find the famed sword that belongs to you!”

“You still dont understand what I mean.”

Gu Qinger shook his head.

“The resurfacing of a famed sword will definitely be loud and shocking.

At that time, Im afraid the entire White Cave will be in turmoil.”

“Eldest senior brother knows my dream, and Master knows my dream.”

“They will definitely support me in finding the sword!”

“So” Gu Qingsan tilted his head, not understanding what his senior brother meant.


The corners of Gu Qingers eyes twitched, and he sighed helplessly.

“You still dont understand”

“Ive explained it clearly.

Even when I go, there will definitely be many people snatching the sword.”

“If its me alone…”

He did not continue.

His junior brother was not stupid.

He could already understand this.

Some words that were difficult to say.

So to say half and keep half to oneself, at least on the surface, all would look well.

Gu Qingsan suddenly understood.

“But senior brother, if I go with you, Masters orders…”

“Tell me, if senior brother knew that you were by my side at the beginning, but in the end, I was the only one who died under the famed sword, how would he react” Gu Qinger looked sorrowful.

Gu Qingsan instantly felt a chill down his spine.

“Second senior brother, you must be joking.

Youre so powerful, how could you die”

“Die How could I not”

Gu Qinger smiled as he raised the “Bewitching Demon” in his hand a little higher.

In the dark mine, the strange dark red color was even more terrifying.

“Have you forgotten how we obtained this sword”

Gu Qingsan fell silent.

The scene where thousands of people fought over the sword like a flock of ducks, only to end with mountains of corpses and seas of blood, with blood flowing everywhere seemed to resurface in front of his eyes.

The Bewitching Demon…

As expected of this name!

That night, it was the first time Gu Qingsan saw his eldest senior brother draw his sword, and it was also the first time he saw his eldest senior brother injured.

When he was on the verge of death, it was only thanks to his eldest senior brothers sacrificing the Peerless Ice Lotus which was enough to suppress all eternity, that everything finally returned to peace.

“Ill go with you!”

Gu Qingsan nodded solemnly.

It was impossible for the White Cave to repeat such a tragedy.

After all, the famed sword had resurfaced in an extradimensional space, so there would definitely be less people who could come and fight for it.

However, as long as it was a famed sword, the wordless was only relatively speaking.

“For our dreams!”

With a wave of his hand, Gu Qinger took away the ghost crystals on the ground, and he flew out of the cave.

“For second senior brothers dream!”

Gu Qingsan gritted his teeth and flew up, following.


“A famed sword.”

A low voice suddenly came from the chest of an ordinary-looking man.

Thud Thud.

The mans footsteps were the same as before as he walked on the forest path in the mountains.

Behind him were many black marks of decay.

“Zhong Qu, a famed sword!”

The low voice appeared again with a hint of suppressed anger.

The man named Zhong Qu was finally willing to stop.

He sneered sinisterly, “Didnt you say that you only want theFourth Sword”

“Ive already come here, and youre telling me that you still want the famed sword”

“Thats for you to use!” The deep voice retorted.

“Heh, for me to use”

Zhong Qu could not help but laugh, “Your words are quite beautiful.

If it was really for me to use, would you still be like this with me now”

“Dont think that I dont know what you did after you took my body last time!”

“It was just an accident.” The voice in his chest became softer.

Zhong Qu was speechless and continued to walk forward.

“The famed sword!”

The voice became louder again.

At the same time, there was a faint stabbing pain in his chest.


Zhong Qu spat out a mouthful of blood.

He stopped walking forward, took a deep breath, and returned the way he came.

“This is the last time.”


“Wheres Lu Ke”

In the Red Coats team, Xin suddenly turned his head and looked at the back of the team.

“He, hes gone.”

Another person at the back scanned the team with his spiritual sense, and sure enough, he couldnt see the guy.

“Damn it.”

“This fellow must have been attracted by that damn thing too.

Doesnt he already have one…”

Xin gritted his teeth and looked at the old man beside him.

“Night Guardian, you keep an eye on the team.

Ill go find him.”

“Thats the resurfacing of a famed sword.

How would he dare”

Night Guardian slowly nodded.


“A famed sword”

Luo Leilei looked at Big Brother Shuangxing who was next to her.


Lei Shuangxing used his walking stick to scout the way.

His speed was very fast, as if the sword wave explosion just now had nothing to do with him at all.

Luo Leilei was curious.

“Thats a famed sword.

Arent you tempted”

Her gaze landed on Lei Shuangxings Divine-beating Crutch.

No ancient swordsman would give up such an opportunity.

Even if he already had his first famed sword.

“The famed sword will change hands in the White Cave.

After we leave, wont it still fall into the hands of the Chief”

Lei Shuangxings footsteps stopped for a second before he continued his journey.

He didnt even turn his head.

“Hes coming.”

Luo Leilei was stunned.


This kind of thing where the outcome could be predicted in advance was really boring!

All over the white cave, there were quite a few parties and people who had changed their plans due to the resurfacing of the famed sword.

It wasnt just the swordsmen.

Even the disciples of the Spirit Palace and the people from some ordinary aristocratic families.

Whether they knew about the famed sword or not, they all had the intention of broadening their view and wanted to find out what was going on within the Heaven and Earth phenomenon.

All of a sudden, with the famed sword as the center, people from all over the world came.

Xu Xiaoshou landed in front of the famed sword Flame Python.

At this time, he could already see the outline of the sword clearly .

This was a sword with an extremely exaggerated appearance.

It could be said that this was the first time Xu Xiaoshou had seen such a structure.

From the hilt to the armguard, it was like a python winding up and then opening its throat at the mouth of the sword.

The body of the sword was the snakes tongue that was spat out from the mouth of the Python.

As the black and red lava dripped down, the air seemed to be distorted by the steam, completely unable to bear the weight of the swords heat.

“What an intense aura of fire…”

With just a glance, Xu Xiaoshou dared to say that there werent many fire-type objects in the world that could contend against this sword.

Even though he had Master Physique, he didnt even have the confidence to pick up the famed sword in front of him.


The lava light pillar finally dissipated under the gazes of the two.

As the light disappeared, the lava on the body of the Flame Python sword stopped dripping.

The ferocious python body seemed to have cooled down, petrifying inch by inch.

Following closely behind, the body of the sword which was like the snakes tongue also cooled down.

The entire sword turned from its coquettish and exaggerated ferocious appearance into a dark red sword.

Although its appearance was still stunning, it was not just one level lower than before.

Even its power seemed to be a little weaker.

Xu Xiaoshou frowned.

“This is…”

“The famed sword is self-obscuring.”

Yu Zhiwen explained, “The power released by the famed swords is too powerful.

It has the power to tear apart an entire small world.”

“Therefore, the moment they is born, it will be sealed by Heaven and Earth.”

“This is theHeavenly Obscurity of the famed swords.”

She paused for a moment and added, “The power that is released by what the ancient swordsmen call “Fitting · Heavenly Unravel” refers to this.”

“Then, self-obscurity…”Xu Xiaoshou was confused.

“Self-obscurity is the second seal that a famed sword will have after it is born.”

“At this time, it has already been born.

As a weapon of calamity, these famed swords are all telepathic.”

“They know that once they completely indulge in their outstanding appearance and power, it will definitely cause people to fight over them.”

“Thats how calamity came about.”

“Therefore, for the sake of their own safety and the safety of the people, under the control of the Way of the Heavens, the famed swords have the process ofself-obscuring.”

“I see.” Xu Xiaoshou came to a realization.

Yu Zhiwen paused for a moment, and a hesitant look appeared in his eyes.

“Theres something that I dont know whether to say or not.”

“Go ahead.” It was impossible for Xu Xiaoshou to not listen to her.

“I think…”

Yu Zhiwen looked at the Flame Python that had cooled down and turned into a dark red form.

She said slowly, “I think its a little strange that it appeared here.”


Xu Xiaoshou could sense that the birth of the famed sword would definitely attract a lot of people, but he was not anxious.


“I dont know either.”

Yu Zhiwen shook her head.

She wanted to say something, but she stopped.

Finally, she said, “It could be intuition, or it could be a misconception.”

Xu Xiaoshou:”…”

To be honest, he had always believed in intuition.

In the past, he didnt believe in it.

However, spiritual cultivators were compatible with the Way of the Heavens.

Sometimes, intuition was akin to predicting the future.

However, to give up on the famed sword in front of him just because it was “strange”…

Xu Xiaoshou felt that it was impossible for him to do so.

Or rather, in other words, it was impossible for anyone in this world to do so.

“There arent any prompts…”

Xu Xiaoshou glanced at the information bar.

There were no special prompts.

He then felt his bodys condition.

He was in good condition and had already recovered to his peak.

As for abnormalities…

Back then, before he was ambushed by the assassin, his body would always be abnormal on a whim.

Now that such a big thing had happened, he was still in a bizarrely well condition.

Xu Xiaoshou could only say only if he had went crazy would he not take the sword .

“It should have cooled down.”

Looking at the Flame Python that had completely fallen silent, and was floating in the air as if it was struggling and trembling but could not break free from its original position, Xu Xiaoshou felt that something was a little off.

He finally dared to use his spiritual sense and “Perception” to probe it.


In just an instant, an extremely compatible feeling arose spontaneously.

Without even waiting for too long, Xu Xiaoshou felt that he had been brought into the world exclusive to this famed sword.

This was a world of lava.

The color of fire, burning everything, was its pronoun.

Above a scorching sea of lava, a huge sword that was dozens of feet long and wide was suspended in the air.

The sword was very strange.

It was like a large cross, with a sword body embedded at the bottom.

On the handguard that was spread out horizontally, there were three flame pythons hanging down from each side.

The flame pythons were ferocious.

Their mouths moved, and lava dripped down, burning the void.

The remaining sword handle was formed from the bodies of six snakes.

It was so long and that it was almost as long as the sword body.

“What a cool sword!”

Perhaps it was because he had a preconceived idea that this was a famed sword.

Xu Xiaoshou felt that he loved this sword in front of him to death.

Its exaggerated shape, ferocious aura, and formidable power all pierced deeply into the soft spot in his heart.

“Get it!”

This thought couldnt help but arise in Xu Xiaoshous mind.

This time, even he himself didnt realize that the depths of his eyes were already slightly red.

“Controlled, Passive Points 1.”

A message popped up on the information bar, shattering the illusion in an instant.

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

He blinked his eyes violently, thinking that he had seen wrongly.

However, the truth was that the information in the information bar would not be refresh unless it was updated again.


Xu Xiaoshous heart palpitated.

The famed sword was controlling him to take it

It also felt that it was very suitable for him and wanted him to become its sword-bearer


Xu Xiaoshous pupils suddenly constricted.

He realized that something was wrong.

This was completely impossible!

Everyone would subconsciously think of themselves as the chosen one.

Any good thing or wonderful thing that happened to themselves would immediately be explained with an understandable explanation.

However, it was impossible that the truth was so.

There were many fire-type swordsmen in the world.

There were definitely many more who were more suitable to be the Flame Pythons sword-bearer than he was.

As for the famed sword, would it be the kind of sword that had never seen the world

Would it not know that he was just a mere existence like an ant, or to put it in a nicer way, he was just a more outstanding one among the ants

It definitely knew!

This was a famed sword!

How could it possibly grovel and beg him to become its sword-bearer !


Xu Xiaoshou carefully read the words.

This was the first time this word had appeared on the information bar.

If it was changed to “Guided” or “Instructed”, Xu Xiaoshou felt that the problem might not be so big.



A derogatory term

Someone wants to control me to take this sword

“Somethings not right!”

Xu Xiaoshou took a step back in fear and looked at Yu Zhiwen.

He thought to herself, a womans sixth sense is really accurate.

Yu Zhiwen was baffled by his gaze.

Her face turned red and she tilted her head slightly.

“Whats wrong”


Xu Xiaoshou subconsciously replied and his gaze fell on the sword body of the “Flame Python”.

Could it be that he was thinking too much

Was there someone here

There wasnt!

And from the start of the birth of the famed swords till the end, he had seen through it step by step with his own eyes.

From the completion of its sacrificial refinement in the depths of the extradimensional space to its breaking out of the ground, the process was very logical!

Even if there was no doubt about anything, Xu Xiaoshou still did not dare to be careless.

There were not many things that he could not figure out, but each of them was at least at the level of Elder Sang.

Towards the famed sword…

Perhaps it could no longer be measured with his own thoughts.

An item of this level, even if it wasnt a human, could already be an important chess piece in the eyes of a mighty figure.

Once he touched it, he might be drawn into an unknown vortex.

“Whats the weirdness you were talking about”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at Yu Zhiwen.

Yu Zhiwen had only said it casually.

She had never thought that Xu Xiaoshou would really care about it.

Under such questioning, she began to think deeper.

“Why is the Flame Python in the White Cave”

“I remember that this place was only opened up a few years ago, right”

“Once a famed sword loses its owner, it will return to the Heaven and Earth, and its sacrificial refining would take at least a few decades, and even hundreds or thousands of years.”

“To be honest, it shouldnt resurface at this moment.”

Looking at Xu Xiaoshous somewhat solemn expression, Yu Zhiwen paused for a moment before saying, “However, the Fourth Sword that shouldnt be here also appeared, so…”

“I dont know anything.

Just think of me as talking nonsense.”

Yu Zhiwen was afraid that her words would affect Xu Xiaoshous judgment and make him mistakenly think that she didnt want to let him take the sword.

After all, the famed sword had already appeared in front of them.

It was ridiculous to say that it was impossible for it to resurface.

However, Xu Xiaoshou clenched his fists slightly.

He used his spiritual sense to probe the body of the sword again, and the feeling of falling into the illusionary realm of the famed sword came again.

A kind of desire arose from nowhere and went deeper.

“Get it!”

At the same time.

“Controlled, Passive Points 1.”

Xu Xiaoshous mind shook and he left the illusion.

He felt a chill down his spine and his whole body was drenched in cold sweat.

“Its not a misconception!”

“There really is someone who is controlling me and has been detected by the information bar”

Xu Xiaoshou was terrified.

This kind of terror, which originated from the unknown, was even more terrifying than seeing Elder Sangs ghostly face on one of the nights by the banks of the Goose Pond when he inexplicably looked back.

He was frightened.

He could clearly see his surroundings with his “Perception”, but he still turned around involuntarily.

The wind blew.

The sound of gravel rustled.

There was nothing in front of him.

“Damn it, am I scaring myself”

Xu Xiaoshou stared fiercely at the “Flame Python” in front of him and felt a wave of f*cking absurdity.

The famed sword was right in front of him.

Was he moved

He dared not move!


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