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Chapter 459: Xu Xiaoshou, Come With Me!

“Why are there so many White Skeletons”

Even Xu Xiaoshu was feeling somewhat panicked in the face of the White Skeleton Beast beast tide.

He was confident that he a chance at the fight if he used all his strength as long as no Sovereigns attacked him first.

But as the old saying goes, it was hard to fight four hands with two fists.

In the current situation, it was probably more than 4000 or even 40,000 hands.

Under such circumstances, if Xu Xiaoshou was still thinking about how to obtain a wave of Infernal energy liquid, than he must have gone crazy.

Yu Zhiwens eyes were also slightly flustered.

With her current cultivation, if she were to fight in close combat, one White Skeleton might be enough to overturn her.

After this beast tide, it would probably be difficult to even find her corpse fragments.

“So, the shockwaves from the battle just now were too great and attracted these guys”


Xu Xiaoshou immediately denied it.

If one were to say that the battle sounds were loud, when the two groups of White Skeleton Giants clashed, the battle sounds were many times louder than when he entered the arena.

On the contrary, the moment Xu Xiaoshou entered the arena, the battle was resolved at lightning speed.

Therefore, this wave of White Skeletons could not have been attracted by the battle.

Taking ten thousand steps back, even if they were attracted here due to the battle, it was impossible to attract so many!

“Something is strange.”

Xu Xiaoshous first reaction was that he had fallen into a trap.

However, on second thought, everyone had been teleported randomly.

Moreover, the White Cave had only just begun, it was impossible for anyone to use any tricks yet.

Then, perhaps the purpose of this group of White Skeletons was not the two of them but something else


The riddle that could not be solved was temporarily put aside.

Come what may, Out of thirty-six plans, the best was to get away at once.

As Xu Xiaoshou said this, he was about to fly up.

However, Yu Zhiwen had a bitter smile on her face.

“Can you run away”

Her beautiful eyes looked mournfully at the approaching White Skeleton beast tide which came even closer in the blink of an eye.

According to this momentum and aura, perhaps only when a Sovereign would be able to run away under such a speed


Xu Xiaoshou looked at Yu Zhiwen firmly and said.

He had “Take the Easy Way Out”.

With the large amount of medicinal pills, it was entirely possible for him to escape from the direction of the beast tide.

Yu Zhiwens eyes suddenly had hope.

Before she could speak, Xu Xiaoshou knew that this girl had misunderstood.

“I can escape.”

He added, “But I might not be able to bring you along.”

Yu Zhiwens beautiful eyes instantly widened.

“Cursed, Passive Points 1.”

At a time like this, this fellow still had the mood to joke around

Xu Xiaoshou was really speaking the truth.

But at this moment, he had to let this girl escape by herself.

To be honest, he couldnt live with his conscience.

Even though it was only a casual invitation when he invited her to form a team.

But Xu Xiaoshou still had his principles.

“Send her into the Yuan Mansion”

Xu Xiaoshou frowned.

This was a good choice.

But once the Yuan mansion was revealed, his last layer of protection in front of the girl would be gone.

Yu Zhiwen was not scary.

What was scary was the other people in the Holy Divine Palace.

For now, Xu Xiaoshou had accepted the Greedy the Cat Spirit, and made friends with Xin Gugu, which was equivalent to being at least halfway on the opposite side of the Holy Divine Palace.

Even if he didnt admit it or think so.

At least, that was how it seemed to others.

Therefore, Xu Xiaoshou didnt think that it would be a good thing for him to reveal the information that his Yuan Mansion had been successfully restored.

At least, if Cheng Xingzhu found out, it would definitely cause unnecessary trouble.


Xu Xiaoshou looked up at the sky.

Could the White Bone Giants fly

Just looking at the two groups of White Skeletons fighting each other just now, it seemed that they couldnt.

In that case, if the two of them flew, wouldnt they be in an invincible position

Yu Zhiwen shook her head directly.

Before she could speak, Xu Xiaoshou saw the flying White Skeletons amisdt the dust in the sky.

“White Skeletons with wings”

Xu Xiaoshou had a headache.

Yu Zhiwen nodded bitterly, “Wings are the weapon of this kind of White Skeletons.”

“What about underground”


The eyes of the two suddenly lit up at the same time.

If they couldnt fly up into the sky, then it seemed possible that going underground was the solution

Xu Xiaoshou saw that Yu Zhiwen had the same thought and immediately understood that there might not be any White Skeletons that could burrow into the ground with its huge size.

In that case, as long as they burrowed deep down enough and used their spiritual source to protect themselves, they should be able to survive this wave of White Bone beast tide.

He did as he thought.

“Hold on!”

Xu Xiaoshou instructed and immediately pulled out Hidden Bitter.

Yu Zhiwens gaze was fixed on the black sword sheath that she had not been able to obtain at that time.

However, the situation was urgent at the moment, so she did not say anything.

With both hands on the sword, Xu Xiaoshous gaze suddenly stabilized.

The image of his fight with Gu Qingsan in the banquet hall flashed across his mind.

If one were to ask what kind of single-target attack was the strongest in the world, which could instantly open up a vertically downward small tunnel that was hundreds of feet long

There was no doubt.

“Point of Path!”

The Point of Path from the 3,000 Ways of the Sword was an ancient sword skill that dealt the most explosive damage from a single point that Xu Xiaoshou had seen so far .

He did not know this sword skill, but it did not stop him from imitating it at this moment.

The sword will from his entire body condensed at the tip of the sword.

When the sword cognition attached itself to it, Hidden Bitter instantly let out an excited buzz.


With an explosive roar from Xu Xiaoshou, It seemed that he wasnt using any strength, but a black line that was condensed from pure white sword energy suddenly shot out from the tip of the sword.


Almost at the same time, a hole dozens of feet deep was created on the ground.


Yu Zhiwen was instantly confused.

Was such a huge hole meant to trap the White Bone Giants and sleep together

“Cough, cough.

Sorry, there was an accident.”

As expected, the compression of sword will couldnt be done with such a simple attempt.

And for such single point damages, the further one went, the harder it would be to compress.

When would he be able to be like Gu Qingsan and blast out a passageway that only allowed one person to enter and exit.

The power of this sword skills could perhaps even be increased by several folds.

But at this moment…

“I cant care about that anymore.”

Xu Xiaoshou waved his hand and surveyed the depth of this strike.

The width was not satisfactory, but the depth was still acceptable.

Under the accumulation of power, it should be several hundred feet.

The further down they went, the smaller the width.

It was clear that this blow had been struck into a cone shape.

“Go down first.

Ill use a spirit array to seal the top.

It should be able to withstand it.”

Xu Xiaoshou said and jumped down first.

With the White Bone beast tide advancing like this, it was impossible for anyone to stop and say that they wanted to dig a hole.

Even if those in front wanted to stop, those who followed closely behind would not give them a chance.

In other words, they would not dare to stop even if they wanted to.

Under such circumstances, the beast tide could not be stopped once it started.

If anyone ran too slowly, they would probably be trampled to death by their own kind.

Therefore, as long as they could withstand the pressure from above, the two of them would be able to endure this attack.


A light figure landed beside them.

When Xu Xiaoshou saw Yu Zhiwen descend, spirit threads immediately appeared in his hands.

“Let me do it.”

However, Yu Zhiwen stopped him.

She gently lifted her delicate hands.

Not a single spirit thread could be seen, but the ground on top suddenly began to wiggle.

As though it was being pulled, the ground began to heal on its own at this moment.

Even the hole on top was a few feet wide, it was quietly restored to its original state before the White Bone beast tide arrived.

It was as if a small spherical space had been opened up underground for the two of them to live in.

Everything else was restored to its original state.

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

He could not see anything with his naked eye, but hisPerception could see that Yu Zhiwen was not using spirit threads, array wheels or anything solid like that.

Instead, she was truly controlling the Path and changing traces of the world.

Although it was only a small change in the pattern of the land.

But the methods used, if extended, was simply shocking.

A mere human could actually change the Way of the Heavens and then affect the state of the real world

“This is theDivine Secrets”

Xu Xiaoshou instantly felt that Fu Zhis Divine Secret was extremely weak.

That fellow was still stuck at the mindset of a Spirit Array Caster while studying the Divine Secrets.

Thus, after researching and researching, he could only create a few layers of nested structures.

Although in the three-dimensional dimensions, it was indeed completely beyond the level of a Spirit Array Caster.

But at that level, strictly speaking, he had not even touched the surface of the Divine Secrets!

“What level is your Divine Secret”

Xu Xiaoshous horizons were greatly broadened, and he asked curiously.

“There isnt any level.”

Yu Zhiwen merely controlled the Path to change some traces, and her face had already became much paler.

She was drenched in sweat, and even her hair was wet.

“The Divine Secrets starts from the Master Stage, because only Masters can barely come into contact with the Way of the Heavnes.”

“Thats why the Divine Sorcerers who dont become Masters are all fake,”she explained.

Xu Xiaoshou nodded thoughtfully.

He glanced at the spirit threads that were sticking out of his hand and realized that his thoughts were also limited.

“The Great Path exists objectively.

Its just that it cant be seen with the naked eye.”

This conclusion was what he had gained from the fantasy realm of “Weaving Expertise”.

However, it was precisely due to his stereotyped impression, that when he set up spirit arrays, he still chose to use spirit threads to replace the array patterns.

“But why cant I just use the Way of the Heavens to replace the array patterns”

Xu Xiaoshou felt as if a door to a new world had been kicked open.

‘Weaving Expertise included theDivine Secrets.

This was something he was certain of.

However,Weaving Expertise did not tell him how to learn theDivine Secrets.

Or to put it another way, he had already grasped all the basic experience and knowledge of theDivine Secrets, but he did not know how to use them.

If that was the case…

Xu Xiaoshou raised his eyes slightly and looked at the soil above him.

In his line of sight, apart from the elemental light spots, there was a faint trace of the Path that he could barely see with hisPerception.

“Unity of Man and the Heavens”

Yu Zhiwen was surprised.

Just by answering a question of the other party, Xu Xiaoshou had directly comprehended to this level

Just how terrifying was this fellows talent!

She didnt even begin to explain a single word related to theDivine Secrets.

And this fellow had already touched the threshold of theDivine Secrets

“He doesnt even have thePearl Gem Star Eyes…”

Thinking of this, Yu Zhiwen was even more shocked.

“Respected, passive value, 1.”

However, even though he had an insight, Xu Xiaoshou still did not succeed.

Without Yu Zhiwens pair of Star Eyes, he could not see the Way of the Heavnes with the naked eye.

This was indeed the biggest injury.

At the moment, he still could not achieve true Unity of Man and the Heavens.

In other words, he still could not go into the state of Unity of Man and the Heavens whenever he wanted to.

This was actually also what all Masters yearned for but could not achieve.

Since they couldnt enter the insight state of Unity of Man and the Heavens, no one could see the Way of the Heavens.

Naturally, there was no way for them to change the Way of the Heavens.

However, after trying it out a little like this, Xu Xiaoshou felt that he already had a chance.

He had the foundation of the Divine Secrets, what he was lacking was the Star Eyes.

However, the Star Eyes ability to see the Way of the Heavens could be replaced by one thing.


Thats right, it was “Perception”!

“Perception” at Master lv.

1 could only allow Xu Xiaoshou to vaguely see a little of the traces of the Path.

However, with this direction, Xu Xiaoshou estimated that the subsequent upgrades of this passive skill would definitely develop towards the path of clear traces of the Path.

And as long as his cultivation reached the Master Stage, his “Perception” rose to the Sovereign Stage.

“Ill be able to achieve Divine Secrets in one go!”

The sudden burst of light in Xu Xiaoshous eyes startled Yu Zhiwen.

“Are you alright”

She comforted him with concern, “Its normal for you to be unable to see anything on your first try.

Its already pretty good that you managed to enter the state of insight with one try.

Theres no need…”

The more Yu Zhiwen said, the more she felt something was off.

Words like “theres no need to be sad” were also cut off and swallowed back into her stomach.

Xu Xiaoshou did not look even the slightest bit sad.

This fellow looked as if his inability to comprehend the Way of the Heavens was something worth rejoicing over.

He was simply too happy!

It was as if failure made him happier than success.

“As expected of a weirdo…”

“Criticized, Passive Points 1.”

“What are you thinking about Be quiet for a bit.”

Xu Xiaoshou placed both hands above his head, and did not dare to even use his spiritual source.

He relied solely on the strength of his physique to block the huge force above him.

The surroundings shook and trembled even more violently.

Clearly, the White Bone beast tide was already infinitely close to the top of the two of them.

Yu Zhiwen no longer let her imagination run wild.

She raised her head slightly and stared at the soil above her head with a similarly grave expression.

“Can you withstand it”

She lowered her voice and asked.

The two of them did not dare to use their spiritual source.

Once they used it, the group of berserk fellows above them would definitely sense it.

Although the possibility of them digging underground was not high, but what if


In response to her, when the tremor reached its peak, Xu Xiaoshou could not help but let out a muffled grunt.

Yu Zhiwen looked over worriedly, only to see Xu Xiaoshous face flushed red.

Veins bulged on his forehead and neck, and bean-sized beads of sweat instantly dripped down.

Her heart tightened.

It was a scene that she could imagine:

The White Bone beast tide whizzing past above their head.

The two fellows hiding at the bottom could only rely on their physical bodies to forcibly prop up the group of White Bone Giants that were already extremely heavy.

The most important thing was that Yu Zhiwen realized that she couldnt help at all!

If she used the Divine Secrets, she would definitely be noticed.

But just watching…

Yu Zhiwen couldnt bear it.

She hesitated for a moment, then slowly stretched out her hand and tiptoed to support the soil above her.

The pressure that Xu Xiaoshou felt didnt decrease in the slightest.

Clearly, this girl had also used her full strength.

But her full strength… was like a drop in the bucket.

“What are you doing”

Xu Xiaos voice buzzed, and he was almost amused.

With your little hands and feet, what can you help with


Yu Zhiwens pretty face turned red.

“I want to help.”

“Your help is like nothing.”


This time, even Yu Zhiwens snow-white neck was dyed red.

For a moment, she did not know whether to stop or not to stop.

“Stop your supernatural powers.”

Xu Xiaoshous eyes were smiling.

The White Bone Giants were indeed a little heavy, but he had “Strengthen”, “Recoil”, and “Toughness”.

With the ground under his feet as a fulcrum, there were very few people in the world who could bend his knees.

These beings didnt even have intelligence were obviously not included in this list.

Yu Zhiwen obediently stopped.

For a moment, she didnt know what to do.

She looked at the indomitable Xu Xiaoshou in a daze, and her heart began to beat faster.

There were clearly deafening roaring sounds above her, but she felt that she could even hear the thumping of her own heart clearly.

Bean-sized beads of sweat dripped down from the young mans forehead, past the corner of his brows, and into the rim of his eyes.

However, they seemed to be unwilling to continue falling, and instead, they accumulated in his eye sockets.

When the next drop fell and converged, it suddenly drilled into Xu Xiaoshous eyeballs.

In an instant, the feeling was so sour that the crows feet at the corner of this fellows eyes started to form.

The corner of Yu Zhiwens lips curled up.

“What are you laughing at”

Xu Xiaoshou immediately noticed it.

The space in the small pit was too narrow, but his “Perception” could see it so clearly.

Let alone Yu Zhiwens accelerated heartbeat, he could even detect the sound of her breathing.

She was so close.

However, he glanced at the information panel.

He wasntmocked

Then what was she laughing at


Yu Zhiwen didnt know why she wanted to laugh, but seeing the seemingly invincible Xu Xiaoshou defeated by his own sweat, she wanted to laugh.

She hesitated for a moment, then slowly reached out her hand again.

“What are you doing”

“Dont do anything rash!”

Xu Xiaoshou was on guard.

It was fine if this girl wasnt honest, but she still wanted to take advantage of himr

It was fine if you were sent flying, but if they were discovered by those guys above them, they would all die together!

“Sneak attack!”

Yu Zhiwen snorted.

The hand that had already reached Xu Xiaoshous face opened up, revealing a small handkerchief inside.


Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

The words “how dare you” came to an abrupt stop.

He stared blankly at the girl in front of him who was seriously wiping the sweat off his forehead.

Thump thump…

Thump thump…

He did not know whose heartbeat it was, but it was magnified infinitely in his “Perception”.

“Cared for, Passive Points 1.”

“Taken Care of, Passive Points 1.”


For the first time, the information bar showed a side of warmth.

And for the first time, Xu Xiaoshou felt the uncomfortable feeling of wanting to say something but being unable to say it.

“Xu Xiaoshou.”

Yu Zhiwen suddenly called out in a low voice.

Xu Xiaoshou fixed his eyes on the girl in front of him.

For the first time, he realized that this girl was actually very good-looking.

Her thin willow-like eyebrows were flat and her jade-like brows were warm, and her eyes were warm and gentle .

Even though the veil covered the lower half of her face.

And even if he directly ignored the most eye-catching pair of Star Eyes.

The combination of Yu Zhiwens facial features was also comforting to the extreme.

Just a glance was infinitely gentle.


Xu Xiaoshou could not shift his gaze away.

Yu Zhiwens hand that was wiping away sweat paused slightly.

Her lips and teeth were slightly open, as if she was somewhat embarrassed to speak.

Her face was flushed red.

She slightly shifted her gaze away, not daring to look at him.

Only then did she use her toes to exert force.

“Xu Xiaoshou, come with me!”


The scene instantly quieted down.

“Seduced, Passive Points 1.”


Xu Xiaoshous feet shook, and his hand became unstable.

The soil above poured down, drenching Yu Zhiwen into Yu Chitu (a fish eating soil).


“Cursed, Passive Points 1.”

“Missed, Passive Points 1.”

“You seduced me!” Xu Xiaoshou said emotionlessly.

Yu Zhiwen instantly rolled her eyes.

She stretched her neck and tilted her head, “What I mean is! After we get out of the White Cave, do you want to come with me and return to the Holy Divine Palace !”

“Tiansang Prefecture is too small.

The Central Region is your stage.”

“If you spend too much time in this kind of place, it will only waste your talent!”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at her increasingly excited expression and pursed his lips, “Lower your voice.”


Yu Zhiwen also realized that she had lost her composure.

She immediately took a step back with a red face and stuck herself to the mud behind her.

“Exhale ~”


The pit quieted down in an instant.

The booming sound from the top was extremely ear-piercing at this moment.

“What do you say”

Turning her head away, Yu Zhiwen did not dare to look at him.

Thinking of the sentence “you seduced me” just now, she was unable to vent her anger.

However, after hesitating for a moment, she still asked.

“Do you really, only mean that” Xu Xiaoshou asked.


Yu Zhiwen paused for a moment before nodding her head.


“You hesitated.”

Xu Xiaoshou said bluntly, “You paused for half a breaths time.

Youre lying.”


“Cursed, Passive Points 1.”

“Xu Xiaoshou!”



“Cursed, Passive Points 1.”

Crack Crack!

The sounds of Yu Zhiwens clenched fists suddenly rang out.

The two of them lowered their heads at the same time.

The girl hurriedly pulled her hands behind her back and buried them into the soil.

“You want to beat me up”

Xu Xiaoshous expression did not look good.

He had worked so hard to hold up a world, but his fellow comrade wanted to beat him up instead of thinking about repaying the favor to him


Yu Zhiwens face turned red again.

“Im didnt.”

“Deceived, Passive Points 1.”

“Hehe, woman!”


“Is this your sincerity Using your fists to recruit me” Xu Xiaoshou sneered.

“No, listen to my explanation.”

“Theres no need to explain.

Its impossible for me to go with you.”

Xu Xiaoshou pretended to be confused and decided on this matter.

He had heard similar invitations countless times.

The masked man, Luo Leilei, Xin Gugu..

Almost everyone who had some power behind them wanted him.

But how could he, Xu Xiaoshou, answer

He had tried all kinds of apparent rejections, but the results were not very good each time.

Moreover, with Elder Sang watching him from above, how could he go

There was no way out.

Yu Zhiwens eyes widened.

She could not believe that Xu Xiaoshou really rejected her just because of such a small fist.

“You, you can consider it carefully.”

She pursed her lower lip.

“Im serious.”

“He he, woman.”


“Cursed, Passive Passion 1.”


Yu Zhiwen felt that her heart was very tired, and she did not have the strength to continue wiping Xu Xiaoshous sweat.

She leaned against the back wall which supported her legs.

Her back was drenched in sweat, and she felt a chill.

This was the first time she had tasted rejection.

To be honest, she felt very uncomfortable.

It was as if the sky had collapsed, and everything was silent.


Yu Zhiwen did not hold on for long before she felt that something was wrong.

“Its really quiet”

The noisy roars on the top suddenly became quiet

“The White Skeletons have passed”

She asked in surprise.

Xu Xiaobei also sensed that something was wrong.

He compressed his “Perception” to become longer and swept it upwards.

It was a dense mass of White Bone Giants!

“They havent passed.”

He swallowed his saliva and forced himself to calm down.

“Theyve stopped.”

With a thud, Yu Zhiwen felt her heart skip a beat.

“Stop where”

“Above our heads.”

“What do they want”

Xu Xiaoshou did not respond.

How would I know what they want

Could it be that these beings goal was really the two of them

But something was not right!

How could the two of them be attractive to these White Skeletons

Yu Zhiwen did not have this possibility.


A little!

But even if he had the Infernal aura, he didnt have the Infernal energy core, nor did he have the emergency syrup!

What the f*ck were they chasing after!


“Theyre not chasing us…”

Xu Xiaoshous pupils suddenly constricted.

Before the White Bone beast tide arrived, why were the two groups of White Bone Giants fighting here

Was it a coincidence

If it wasnt for this beast tide, it might have been a coincidence.

But at this moment..

“For the treasure!”

Xu Xiaoshous breathing instantly became heavy.

To be able to attract the White Bone teams to fight and to attract the White Bone beast tide, it must be a fire type supreme treasure!

Then, where was the supreme treasure

Xu Xiaoshous “Perception” looked at the White Bone Giants that were hovering above and slowly closed his eyes.

He had misjudged.

Since these guys stayed here, the supreme treasure must also be here.

So, where is it


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