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Chapter 458: Xu Xiaoshou, the Enemy of Mankind!


After the White Bone Giants skull exploded, the stream of red and white sticky energy that flowed in its brain and spurted out.

“Brain matter”

Xu Xiaoshou was dazed for a moment.

It was made of white bones and didnt even have muscles, so how could there be brain matter

Soon, he realized that something was wrong.

The energy contained in this spurting viscous liquid was a little too majestic.

Xu Xiaoshou even felt that this thing was even better than pills like the Origin Court Pill.

If it was condensed into a nucleus..

“Energy nucleus”

Yu Zhiwens words just now suddenly flashed through his mind.

“Thats right, this should be the source of the White Skeletons energy.

Its similar to a Spiritual Cultivators… energy reserve”

Xu Xiaoshou immediately waved his hand.

As the spirit threads revolved, a simple Spirit Gathering Array appeared.


The air current revolved and the reddish white viscous liquid gathered in his palm.

It was boiling hot, sticky, and emitted a burning smell.

“Infernal aura…”

Xu Xiaoshou frowned.

He could actually sense the aura of the same lineage from this liquid.

It was not much, but it did exist.

“Elder Sang said that the Advanced Infernal Fire Seed appeared here, and now this thing here also has the Infernal aura.”

“Could it be that the Infernal Fire Seed and the like all came from here”

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly understood.

If it was the “energy nucleus”..

Wasnt the nucleus the “Infernal Fire Seed”

The energy fire seed which had tortured him to death back then was obtained from the White Cave

Or was it obtained from the head of the White Bone Giant which was of a higher level than the current one

When Xu Xiaoshou realized this, his eyes immediately turned grim.

He had originally thought that the Ember Spark was a special existence which could only be produced in an extradimensional space.

However, he did not expect that the cultivation resources of the Infernal lineage seemed to have come directly from the White Cave.


“Didnt the White Cave only open up a few years ago”

“If theInfernal Fire Seeds that the Infernal lineage needs to cultivate came from here…”

“How did Elder Sang rise up”

Xu Xiaoshou knew that the probability of repetition for the extradimensional spaces in this world was almost zero.

However, at this moment, he felt that his understanding of this world was slightly deviated.

“Theres a problem.”

“Theres definitely a problem!”

Originally, Xu Xiaoshou already felt that Elder Sangs mission indicators were very strange.

At this moment, he was even more certain.

Elder Sang definitely had some special and unspeakable goal by letting him into the White Cave!


A roar interrupted his thoughts.

Xu Xiaoshou jumped and easily dodged the attack of another giant axe behind him.

To others, these White Bone Giants might be invincible in close combat.

But to him, whether it was their attack, reaction, speed, or even defense…

They were really his younger brothers.


He turned around and swept his leg across like a whip.

With a bend of his foot that contained a terrifying amount of strength, he directly made intimate contact with the skull of the White Bone Giant with the giant axe.

In an instant, another skull exploded.

Yu Zhiwen, who was outside, was already dumbfounded.

If it was said that she didnt understand the punch just now, then the kick at this moment really made her realize it.

Xu Xiaoshou was indeed able to crush such an existence just by purely using physique strength.


An obscure spirit array aura appeared.

Behind Xu Xiaoshous body, Yu Zhiwen frowned.

She could feel that this fellow seemed to be hiding something from her, using some kind of spirit array power.

Soon, that familiar scene appeared.

The energy liquid that had clearly splashed out, had inexplicably gathered in front of him when Xu Xiaoshou turned around.

She couldnt see it, but it didnt stop Yu Zhiwens curiosity.


She gently raised his eyes.

Under the pair of Star Eyes, everything in the world seemed to have become the texture of an array.

Even Xu Xiaoshou, this person, had become an existence outlined by dense threads.

“Its really a spirit array”

Yu Zhiwen saw the small spirit array in the persons hand at a glance.

It was a very simple “Spirit Gathering Array”.

However, no matter how simple the spirit array was, it was at least in the Tenth Grade.

The grade of the spirit array used by Xu Xiaoshou seemed to be quite high.

Otherwise, it would really be impossible to absorb the dense energy liquid.

Yet, this fellow was able to cast a spirit array that was close to the Ninth Grade in an instant

“Suspected, Passive Points 1.”

Yu Zhiwen was marveled.

Just who was this Xu Xiaoshou

Even within the Holy Divine Palace, such geniuses werent common, right

Not only was he of Master Physique and a Master Swordsman, he was even able to cast a Ninth Grade spirit array in an instant

“Could he also be a member of an aristocratic family that ran away from home and refuses to reveal his identity… The Higher Void Families Demi-Saint Families”

Yu Zhiwen pondered.


“Ive never heard of this surname before”

“Could it be that even his surname is fake”

“Suspected, Passive Points 1.”

After the kick was finished.

The carefree feeling of release from his body was transmitted over.

With a flash, Xu Xiaoshou landed on the right arm of the headless White Bone Giant.

He had already confirmed that the Infernal energy liquid was indeed the energy pump in the body of these White Bone Giants.

Since he could explode them with a punch, it meant that there were almost fifty of them here, and each of them probably all had this energy.

“Im rich!”

At first glance, fifty portions of energy liquid seemed to be a lot.

In fact, this was an extremely large amount!

Not everyone had the combat strength to fight fifty at once.

To fire-type Spiritual Cultivators, these could be said to be the energy to cultivate precious treasure.

But it would most likely be extremely difficult for them to obtain even one portion.

Xu Xiaoshou was truly an exception.

He did not dare to use the “Breathing Technique”.

Instead, he tried to swallow a portion, and the burning feeling in his body hit him.

Violent, destructive, rampant..

All sorts of things that he had expected to happen had happened, but for a someone of the Master Physique, it was a piece of cake.

“I can endure it!”

Xu Xiaoshous eyes lit up.

After realizing that this thing was indeed not as harmful as the “Infernal Fire Seeds”, he used the “Exhale Technique” to secrete the energy liquid and sucked it back into his mouth.


The spiritual source in his energy reserve instantly surged, and a large wave of energy entered.

“Too full, Hnn…”

Xu Xiaoshou moaned in comfort.

The figure standing on the White Bone Giants right arm almost lost its balance and fell off.

With a stomp of his foot, he once again avoided a series of attacks.

Due to his usage of his strength, his cells vibrated with joy, and it almost made him ascend to heaven on the spot.

“Its worth at least three to five Origin Court Pills…”

“To a fire-type Spiritual Cultivator, its even more priceless!”

Xu Xiaoshou instantly made a judgment.

Origin Court Pills were already grade seven pills.

If he could get his hands on a pool, a lake, or even a sea of this Infernal energy liquid..

“Tsk tsk.”

Xu Xiaoshous scalp went numb.

The White Cave was so big, and as the most basic being here,.

There should be a lot of White Bone Giants, right

A greedy look appeared in his eyes.

The surrounding White Bone Giants were already frightened by this fellows violent attacks.

They had never thought that this puny human in front of them would actually show the expression that only they would show when they saw a human.

They were instantly enraged.


“Roar! !”

They raised their heads and roared angrily.

However, Xu Xiaoshou, who had finished testing his own combat strength, no longer had the mood to play around.

With a flick of his finger, his sword cognition attached itself.

Xu Xiaoshous eyes were slightly narrowed.

At this moment, it was as if his entire being had merged with the Way of the Heavens.

Sword Will rose, and gravel rolled.

The ground within a thousand feet instantly cracked.

“This is…”

Yu Zhiwens pupils constricted.

This was the first time she had seen such a terrifying Sword Will from Xu Xiaoshou.

Could it be those that the fellow displayed at the entrance of the Eighth Palace was only the tip of the iceberg

She held her breath and focused.

Even if she was on the sidelines, she could feel that everything in the world seemed to slow down.


“Its Xu Xiaoshou who has become fast!”

Her Star Eyes werent switched off.

Therefore, Yu Zhiwen could see Xu Xiaoshous two extremely exquisite finger points even more clearly.

With just a sweep after lowering his body, the White Bone Giants that had raised their heads to roar could not even lower their heads before the sonic boom that could be heard from thousands of feet away.


As the boom fell, then only could the Star Eyes see the white sword energy that was released in a circle.

It was like a silk thread that cut through in a circle before reaching its point of impact…

The land of sonic booms!

“This speed…”

Yu Zhiwen felt a chill down her spine.

If she had not opened her Star Eyes, she felt that she wouldnt even have been able to withstand the reactions of the White Bone Giants.

And the speed of Xu Xiaoshous attack was even much faster than the White Bone Giants furious roars

“Dong Dong Dong –”

There was no follow-up.

Almost all of the White Bone Giants were dismembered after the Two-finger Point Circle swept past.

Their heads and bodies fell to the ground one after another.

The terrifying weight caused the ground to shake.

“So strong.”

Yu Zhiwen clenched her fists.

Without looking at anything else, just the physique combat strength and Sword Will that Xu Xiaoshou had displayed during this battle could sweep away all the geniuses that she had seen in the Eastern Region..

All the them!

It was clear that he could crush his opponent to death with a single method.

This fellow had multiple roles!

Could a mere Tiansang Prefecture really cultivate a person with such methods

Yu Zhiwens heart pounded wildly.

She suddenly had a thought.

Her master must have known that she had sneaked out.

After all, her Master was an old lady with great powers and knew everything in the world.

Even if she had acquiesced to her private activities, she would definitely be punished when she returned.

But what if she could bring back such a young and talented guy to the Holy Divine Palace

“Good idea.”

It was the first time that Yu Zhiwen had the idea of recruiting talents.

It was not that the young people she had met before were not strong.

It was really that Xu Xiaoshou was too eye-catching.

This guys whole being was almost perfect except for his talkative mouth.

Such a figure would definitely have a place even in the headquarters of the Holy Divine Palace.

Tiansang Prefecture was too small!

It could not suppress this dormant dragon.

One day, he would definitely walk out of there.

If that was the case, why couldnt he be on the same side as her, the Holy Divine Palace


Yu Zhiwen was conflicted in the next second.

She bit her lips tightly.

“How should I say it”

“So powerful!”

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked as he looked at the scattered corpses of the White Bone Giants.

The 10 Sections of the Finger Swords power was so terrifying that it could probably even cut open a bounded domain after he had cultivated to the Master Sword Will plus the sword cognition that came with the Sword Observation Manual.

“As expected of a sword move created by the Eighth Sword Deity.

Such power is completely unstoppable!”

Xu Xiaoshou knew that as his Sword Will and Sword Cognition increased, this spirit technique of his had no upper limit.

This was what it meant to win a move without a move!

Those spiritual techniques that were limited by their grades were bound to be outdated and left behind someday.

However, his 10 Sections of the Finger Sword could accompany him for a lifetime.

“Too strong…”

After coming back to his senses slightly, sharp spirit threads shot out of Xu Xiaoshous ten fingers toward the skulls that had fallen to the ground.


“Clang Clang…”

Even if they were dead, the skulls of the White Bone Giants were not something that ordinary spirit threads could destroy.

Xu Xiaoshou paused for a moment, but did not change his move.

Instead, he shot out another round of spirit threads.

However, this time, each spirit thread was accompanied by the strand of sword congition that he had cultivated.


Like cutting tofu, the spirit threads easily pierced through the skulls.

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked again.

“So easy”

The solidity of these white bones was extremely shocking, but it was still unable to withstand his sword cognition.

Xu Xiaoshou hesitated.

The stronger he was, the more he could feel that the people and things around him were not simple.

“Sword cognition…”

This kind of terrifying attack completely went against common sense.

Even a genius ancient swordsman would not be able to cultivate it easily.

He might not even be able to figure out how to cultivate it.

However, theSword Observation Manual was an ancient book about the cultivation of the sword cognition that could be used as a standard answer from the beginning till the end.

That uncle had simply slapped it in front of him at that time

It was as it wouldnt make sense if he didnt learn it

“So annoying.”

Similar to being unable to figure out Elder Sangs intentions.

Sometimes, Xu Xiaoshou really couldnt understand the thoughts of these big shots.

But he only ridiculed them in a wave, and he immediately let it go.

The damn old man was right.

Before he became the chess master, it was his best effort to obediently do his part as a chess piece.

“Sizzle, sizzle~”

Nearly fifty portions of Infernal energy liquid returned to his hand, and Xu Xiaoshou was happy again.

He had specially segregated a small portion of the space in his ring to store almost a bucket of it.

Only then did he withdraw his gaze in satisfaction.



Yu Zhiwen was finally willing to fly over.

There was a hint of awe on her face, as well as the little joy she felt when she could secretly come and enjoy the benefits after her teammates had wiped out their opponents.

Naturally, Xu Xiaoshou would not give the Infernal energy liquid away.

Although they were on the same team, the girl didnt put in any effort, so she definitely wouldnt be able to get anything good.

But he wasnt stingy either.

He pointed at the big corpses below and said,

“I took all the energy liquids.

Were teammates, after all, so Ill give these corpses to you.

Theyre also some good stuff.”

The joy on Yu Zhiwens face froze.

She had never thought of getting anything, but it was fine if Xu Xiaoshou didnt say anything.

Once he said it, she freaked out a little.

Everything had been taken away, and there were only corpse left.

What value could they have

Xu Xiaoshou seemed to be able to see through her thoughts.

He landed on the forearm of the heavy hammer giant from before, squatted down, and knocked on its wrist joint.

“Dong Dong!”

“Da Da!”

One was a crisp sound, while the other was very solid.

Obviously, although the heavy hammer was connected to the White Bone Giant, its density was many times more than the main skeleton of this fellow.

Xu Xiaoshou, who had never been hit by a single blow, found it difficult to truly feel the difference.

However, the moment he held the hammer and axe just now, he was certain that if this thing landed on anyone who was not a body forger.

The effect was probably exploding!

“This is something good.”

Xu Xiaoshou swiped with his fingers, pinching the gap between the skeletons arm and the handle of the hammer, separating the White Bone Giant from its weapon.


A heavy punch landed, and the ground suddenly exploded.

However, even with the force exerted on the handle of the hammer, there was not even a trace of a crack.


Yu Zhiwen wanted to ridicule, but she had already knew about Xu Xiaoshous physique strength.

With a punch from this guy, even a spiritual weapon would be shattered.

The bone hammer could actually withstand it

Seeing Xu Xiaoshou pick up the bone hammer and swing it around wantonly after jumping into the air .

The whistling sound of the wind blew her black hair into the air, and her clothes rustled.

One could imagine how terrifying the attack power of this thing was.

“Its indeed a good thing.”

Yu Zhiwen was only happy for less than a second before she became dejected.

But this hammer, she estimated that only Xu Xiaoshou could wield it as if it was light as a feather

“Envied, Passive Points 1.”

“Try it”

In the air, Xu Xiaoshou could clearly see the envy in Yu Zhiwens eyes.

He chuckled and threw the big hammer in his hand over.


Yu Zhiwens pupils dilated when she saw the huge object smashing towards her head.


“Cursed, Passive Points 1.”

This unexpected sneak attack made it too late for her to fly away even if she wanted to.

The mouth of the heavy hammer was facing her.

It was as if a heavenly pillar had fallen.

Even the ground was covered in darkness.

“Can she do it”

Xu Xiaoshou was a little worried, but he suppressed the urge to make a move.

He did not believe that Yu Zhiwen only had this bit of ability that she would be smashed to death with a single hammer.

As expected.

Under his “Perception”, the girl raised her eyes, and her pair of Star Eyes seemed to come to life.

They were flowing with light and brilliant stars.

The galaxy hidden deep in her eyes seemed to have exploded with endless energy in an instant.

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly felt that even the void seemed to have stopped for a moment.

“A misconception”

“Restricted, Passive Points 1.”

The information panel told him that this was not an illusion.

Just now, the entire space-time had really been frozen!

The power in this girls eyes could actually affect space-time

Xu Xiaoshous heart was filled with shock.

Before this, the highest quality Innate Elemental Power that he had witnessed was Ye Xiaotians space attribute.

But Yu Zhiwens move, which did not show any other abilities, she only opened her eyes and it was space-time restriction


The bone hammer landed on the ground and dust filled the sky.

The ground was directly split open.

“Xu Xiaoshou!”

While he was still in shock, Yu Zhiwens angry cry was already transmitted from the ground.

His eyes turned and he laughed out loud in joy.

One could see that Yu Zhiwen, who had even run to the side and avoided the attack, was still covered in dust and sand under this smash.

If she had not used her spiritual source to protect herself in time, she would have been able to shake something out of her clothes.

“Sorry, Sorry, I really didnt do it on purpose.”


Xu Xiaoshou hurriedly landed on the ground.

His gaze turned to the bone hammer and changed the topic, “Since you cant take this thing… Should I take it”


“Cursed, Passive Points 1.”

As if he didnt see the girls angry expression, Xu Xiaoshou immediately took theHumph asyes.

“Wouldnt that be embarrassing for me After all, Ive already taken so much energy fluid, and now Im taking all these weapons away.

Thats not nice!”

“Were teammates, you should take even just a little.”

Xu Xiaoshou picked up the bone hammer again and positioned himself as if he was about to throw it.

Yu Zhiwen was shocked and quickly dodged.

Her spirit source was surging, as if she was facing a great enemy.

“Ahem, Im just kidding, I wont really throw it.”

Yu Zhiwen:”…”

Xu Xiaoshou, the enemy of mankind!

“Cursed, Passive Points 1.”

“You really dont want it”

Xu Xiaoshou really felt embarrassed.

He really wanted to share the happiness.

“No need!”

Yu Zhiwen said in a muffled voice.

“Take one.

Treat it as a souvenir.

Treat it as a gift from me.”

“I dont want it!”

“You can exchange it for money…”

“I have money!”

Good Heavens!

Xu Xiaoshou was amused by the angry girl.

What did it mean to be impervious to all temptation

This was what it meant to be impervious to temptation!

She didnt even want the treasure that was delivered to her door.

She was really mentally ill!

He cheerfully waved his hand, “Forget it if you dont want it.”

After saying that, he threw this thing into his Yuan mansion and then ran towards another White Bone Giant, beginning his journey of harvesting corpses and treasures.

Yu Zhiwen was so angry that she was trembling.

Why did it feel like she was chocking till she panicked if she wanted something that belonged to Xu Xiaoshou.

And even if she didnt want it, it was still so uncomfortable

“Cursed, Passive Points 1.”

“Missed, Passive Points 1.”

“Come over and help”

Xu Xiaoshou shouted from the side, “Even if you dont want it, can you give some effort to help me the wrists off This is too much, there are more than forty of them.”

Yu Zhiwen held her breath and slowly relaxed.

Ignore this person, ignore this person..

She shouldnt even reply.

“Come over!”

“Its not good to just stare.

Cant you come over and do some exercise”


Another heavy thud was heard.

Xu Xiaoshou was so busy that he forgot himself.

Yu Zhiwen didnt even have the slightest desire to move her feet.

If it was anyone else, even if she didnt want anything, she would still go up and help.

But Xu Xiaoshou..

He He!

“You dont have gaming experience here.

Youre already in the White Cave.

Are you just going to watch the whole time”

“Youre not going to fight, youre not going to enjoy the spoils, and youre just going use your eyes to watch the whole time”

“Dont you know that its easy for you to get eye fatigue that way”

Eye fatigue

Yu Zhiwens eyes twitched violently.

She had always thought that she was someone with a good temper, but at this moment she almost turned around to argue

However, just as she tried to calm herself, the voice behind came again.

“Let me tell you, with abilities like yours, dont open it simply.”

“I know a friend.

His surname is Yu.

He has the Gou Jade in his eyes.

Hes also very powerful.”

“But if you use your eyes too much, theyll bleed and they might even go blind in the end.

Take it easy.”

“Cursed, Passive Points 1.”

Yu Zhiwen could no longer hold it in.

Her body trembled with anger as turned back around abruptly.

She was about to say something when she suddenly saw Xu Xiaoshou looking at her in terror.

“What are you looking at” She was momentarily taken aback.

“Not you.”

Xu Xiaoshou shakily stretched out a finger and pointed behind her.

“Behind you! Behind you… Theres something.”

“Ha, trying to lie to me again”

Yu Zhiwen took large strides forward.

However, when the moment she stopped, she could suddenly feel the violent shaking of the ground.


Her heart tightened.

She steadied her body and looked at Xu Xiaoshous expression.

It did not seem like he was faking it

She abruptly turned her head back.

Behind her, the dust cloud was hundreds of feet high as if it was a sandstorm that was sweeping through the sky.

If it wasnt a White Bone Giant in the lead, what else could it be

“This number…”

Yu Zhiwen was shocked.

Was it because of Xu Xiaoshou

This time, there were hundreds and thousands of them

However, after she saw the true appearance of the beings behind her, the white light that shone from the sandstorm almost swept across the entire horizon.

Yu Zhiwen was shocked.

It was not limited to hundreds and thousands of them!

This was a beast tide!


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