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Chapter 438: Hes Pretending, Right No, It Cant Be, Its Impossible!

Good guy.

Hes really tough!

The four people from the City Lord Mansion were shocked by Xu Xiaoshous decisiveness.

This guy, hes acting too much like a human.

Even though everyone thought that Xu Xiaozhu was definitely the ghost beast host body, they couldnt help but feel puzzled by his decisive action.

Maybe the Night Guardian had made a mistake

The Night Guardians expression was uncertain.

Xu Xiaoshous words were reasonable.

He really couldnt refute.

Tonights series of interrogations about this guy was indeed true.

Even the Night Guardian himself didnt realize that it had added too much subjective emotion.

“Thats not right.

I wouldnt be like this normally!”

“How did it change tonight What went wrong”

The Night Guardian was puzzled.

It was fine if he was in the wrong first.

However, after this series of questions, there was not a single inappropriate answer from Xu Xiaoshou.

Even before his final rejection, he had shown everyone his strength that was enough to kill a Sovereign.

There was more than one!

Under such circumstances.

Everyone had no choice but to believe that it was already the limit for a Spiritual Cultivator with such a destructive spirit to cooperate with the interrogation to such an extent.

Xu Xiaoshou had done extremely well.

No matter how hard he tried, it would be hard for him to come up with any other results.

“TheBerserk Giant”

The Night Guardian muttered, and surprisingly he wasnt angry.

He also knew.

If Xu Xiaoshou was really the ghost beast host body, and he had already asked this question tonight, this fellow still did not leak a single detail.

Then, there was no point in continuing to persist.

One side had the disguise of a perfect plan, and the other side had only one-sided information.

In a contest between two sides, it was impossible to find out Xu Xiaoshous tail.

And if this kid was truly innocent…

To be honest, the Night Guardian felt that he had gone too far.

If it had been him, his final decision might have been even more decisive than Xu Xiaoshous.

“Ill trust you for now.”

His indifferent eyes landed on Xu Xiaoshous resentful face as he said softly.

“Trusted, Passive Points, 1.”

Did it work

Xu Xiaoshou almost relaxed, but he had a sudden realization.

Perhaps this was the last hurdle of the Night Guardian.

Once he started to relax, he would look like he was hiding something.

And this “what”, at this moment, everyone would be able to see it at a glance.

“Whether you believe it or not, thats up to you, what does it have to do with me”

Xu Xiaoshou spat, but he didnt dare to overreact.

He only said gloomily, “You guys didnt pursue the matter of Zhang Taiying.

Instead, you came to mess with me.

Its very uncomfortable.”

“To be honest, its probably hard for anyone to be able to accept your trust.”

The Night Guardian laughed lightly and didnt comment.

In his heart, he finally put down that suspicion temporarily.

It was too peaceful.

This fellow was acting too much like an ordinary person who had been wronged.

“Is he faking it…”

The crows feet at the corner of the Night Guardians eyes started to furrow.

However, no matter how he narrowed his eyes, he could not continue to sense even the slightest bit of abnormality from Xu Xiaoshous words and actions.

“Forget it.”

“Lets just do it like this!”

Looking at the night sky, the Night Guardian realized that it was too late.

If they continued to pursue the matter, another person might really fall.

“I can believe you, but if you dont show your so-calledBerserk Giant, you should know.”

The Night Guardian said meaningfully, “As the suspect of a ghost beast host body, even if its just asuspicion, you might still live under the surveillance of a Red Coat in the future.”


Xu Xiaoshous eyes lit up when he heard that.



The Night Guardian replied.

However, he felt that there was something wrong with this kids tone.

As expected, when Xu Xiaoshou heard that he had agreed, he was actually so happy that he slapped his thigh.

“Thats simply too good!”

“With the Red Coats protection… bah, surveillance, does it mean that once a ghost beast continues to find me, all of you must take action”

“Standing by and watching should be a major crime, right Right Right”

Xu Xiaoshou calculated with his fingers while feeling wronged.

“Can this be considered a special constitution One from Tianxuan Gate and one from the City Lord Mansion.”

“It has only been a short while.

With my constitution that attracts ghost beasts, I might sleep for a few more nights before new ghost beasts come looking for me.”

“But, with the protection of the Red Coat…”

The faces of the people from the City Lord Mansion changed when they heard Xu Xiaoshous mutter.

Did Xu Xiaoshou come into contact with ghost beasts before

And there was more than one

No wonder.

No wonder this fellow was able to kill Zhang Taiyings ghost beast calmly.

If it were anyone else, they might not even be able to meet him.

Before the fight even started, he was already scared to death.

After all, the name of the ghost beast was something that even the Sovereign could not comprehend!


Listening to what this guy said, what was going on

Was he already thinking about Red Coat

How big was this guys heart!

The matter in front of him was not over yet, but he had already started to plan what he called “being monitored”.

How could he make better use of it

The Night Guardian was in a bad mood.

Xu Xiaoshou was the first person he had ever met who could use a Red Coat as a bodyguard.

This time, he suddenly did not know if “being monitored” that he had used earlier with a threatening tone was good or bad.

“Thats not right.

Maybe Xu Xiaoshou is still pretending”

“He wants to trick me so that I will take back my words and stop monitoring him”

Suddenly, a thought flashed through the Night Guardians mind, and he thought of this possibility.

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou had finished spinning his fingers and raised his head.

His eyes were trying their best to conceal his excitement.

“How many people do you want to send to spy on me”

Xu Xiaoshou calmed down and said, “Spying on the ghost beast host body, even if its suspected, theres still a possibility of it exploding, right”

“I think Seniors strength is pretty good.”

“Those trash Sovereigns like Zhang Taiying…”

As Xu Xiaoshou said that, he suddenly felt a chill on his back.

He quickly turned to look at the people beside him and said in a panic, “Im not talking about you guys, Im not talking about you guys.

Please dont take the same seat, hehe.”

“What I mean is…”

He looked at the Night Guardian again.

“Those Sovereigns might not be able to stop such a powerful ghost beast host body like me, right”

“For someone like you to spy on me, you can have a few more!”

Xu Xiaoshous face was full of sincerity.

The Night Guardian felt as if his brain was swelling.

This was the reincarnation of a dog skin plaster, you Xu Xiaoshou!

How could you do it Every sentence was stuck at the most uncomfortable point of others

It was clearly a special “spy”.

Even the people who were being watched should be in fear and trepidation.

Why did everything change when it came to you, Xu Xiaoshou

“Cursed, Passive Points 1.”

The Night Guardian was speechless.

He was already unable to refute.


At this moment, it wasnt surveillance, but its also surveillance!


Facing the silence of the Night Guardian, Xu Xiaoshous reaction was similarly silent.

He only tilted his head slightly and added a nasal sound.

The Night Guardian immediately felt his headache has gotten worse.

This fellow, even if it was just a slight movement, it was still so hateful, and detestable!

“Missed, Passive Points 1.”

“Wheres your friend”

The Night Guardian suddenly made a 180-degree turn, and everyone was stunned.

“What friend”

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

But in his heart, he was secretly speechless.

This old fellow was really the hardest to deal with, and he was also the person with the clearest logic.

Even if everyone was confused and confused by him.

But this old fellow, every time it seemed like it was over, he would hit on the most difficult and most error-prone point in his new questions.


What other friend could he have that the Night Guardian would take a fancy to

Naturally, it was only Xin Gugu!

At that time, at the gate of the City Lord Mansion, he had only recognized the Night Guardian because Xin Gugu might have leaked the scent of a ghost beast.

Although this question fell on Xin Gugus head.

But if the answer was not good, he would probably also be greatly implicated!

“The one I met at the City Lord Mansion, the one with the golden staff, your friend,” said the Night Guardian.

Xu Xiaoshou thought to himself, as expected.

In an instant, all sorts of thoughts flashed through his mind.

However, he had only one thought in mind.

Based on their repeated contact, this Night Guardian was definitely a very irritable person.

If he really smelled Xin Gugus ghost beast aura, how could he have let him in

Therefore, when he was outside, he had only suspected Xin Gugu because of his experience.

Or rather…

When Xu Xiaoshou heard the words of the Night Guardian, it was obvious that he had a very deep memory of the “Golden Staff”.

What he had his eyes on should be the “Legendary Beast Control Artifact” that could seal the aura of the ghost beast

Xu Xiaoshou knew about the “Legendary Beast Control Artifact” because he had once discussed the topic of the ghost beast host body with Xin Gugu in detail in the manor.

Although this fellow did not say much, the existence of the “Legendary Beast Control Artifact” was still revealed.

As a Red Coat, the Night Guardian naturally had a deep understanding of this thing.

At that time, he would also have his eyes on it and suspect Xin Gugu.


As long as he didnt really smell the ghost beasts aura, Xu Xiaoshou would have a way to cover it up!

All sorts of thoughts ran through his mind, but reality only lasted for an instant.

After hearing the Night Guardians words, Xu Xiaoshou rolled his eyes.

As if he had thought of something, he casually said, “Him, I dont know.”

“You dont know”

Such a casual tone actually made the Night Guardian suspicious.

Originally, he had expected that if it was related to the ghost beast, then this young sovereign with special fluctuations would naturally be implicated.

Because to be honest, compared to Xu Xiaoshou, with his Night Guardian experience, Xin Gugus existence was more like the ghost beast host body.

But at this moment…

Xu Xiaoshous tone, as if he was just a friend, made him feel that he was being paranoid.


“Could it be pretending again”

This thought flashed through the Night Guardians mind.

But he eventually gave up.

It couldnt be pretending.

If it was really pretending, then this young man in front of him shouldnt be a young man.

With such deep shrewdness and natural acting skills, even the Night Guardian felt that he couldnt have such a perfect cover-up at this moment.

“You dont know”

The Night Guardian also casually said, “You guys came in together.

Dont you know where he went”

“No way, Senior”

Xu Xiaoshous mouth suddenly opened wide.

“Dont tell me that I have to follow him when he goes to take a dump After all, we are all adults and Im not his parent.

Why would I keep an eye on him”

The Night Guardian said directly, “I saw him follow you out earlier”

He was one of the few people in the banquet hall who could notice the commotion.

Xin Gugu and Xu Xiaoshou, one after the other, said that they were both going to take a dump.

He would be the first to not believe them.

“Is that so”

Xu Xiaoshou was puzzled.

“I remember not seeing him after I came in.

I dont know where he went to fool around with this guy…”

That was indeed the case.

The Night Guardian verified step by step.

That was indeed the case.

When the two of them came in, one went to the wine table, and the other mingled with the group of youths in the arena.

Perhaps Xu Xiaoshou was really not paying attention

“It cant be”

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly widened his eyes.

“Could it be that Senior really suspected that he was a ghost beast host body”

“This, this, in just one night, you suspected two No, three”

“To be honest, Ive actually known him for a short time…”

Xu Xiaoshou tried to decline.

It was as if an ordinary person didnt want to get into big trouble.

In fact, he had only met Xin Gugu after entering Tiansang City.

Indeed, they had only known each other for a few days.

The Night Guardian was still thinking.

Xu Xiaoshou tried to probe again, “Could it be that youve mistaken the smell”

“There should be another junior sister in my banquet hall.

Why dont you go and smell her as well Who knows, maybe shes one of them too”

“Or perhaps, shes not only a ghost beast that was born from another dimension, but she might also be an ancient mighty figure that devoured the origin point of the world that was born from another dimension At this moment, shes still in a sealed state”

“To be honest, Ive always felt that my junior sister was very strange when she said…”

Xu Xiaoshous expression was very serious.

However, the Night Guardian smelled a thick sense of ridicule.


He flung his sleeves and almost left in anger.

However, looking at Xu Xiaoshous various physiological reactions, it didnt seem like he would have any fluctuations from lying and faking.


The Night Guardian was powerless.

If he couldnt even unravel anything regarding Xin Gugus, then he really had nothing to ask.

That was all.

Xu Xiaoshou was too powerful.

In the future, if he really wanted to find out that this fellow was a ghost beast host body, he would be the first Night Guardian and would definitely not kill him.

Instead, he would personally hand over an “Acting emperor” trophy before beheading this fellow.

It was so real!

It was simply… too real!

And it was so genuine that it made people wonder if he was faking it.

But to say that it was a perfect “truth,” the Night Guardian would be even more suspicious.

But Xu Xiaoshou…

He was too authentic!

It was a perfect resolution, and there was an insignificant flaw in his words.

Instead, it made this “truth” a little more lively, and it was no longer an illusory perfect lie of idealism.

“I lost.”

After asking for an entire night, the Night Guardian realized that he didnt get anything out of him.

Not only that, but he had also been questioned so much that all the conclusions he had made before the battle had been overturned.

He had only managed to research the fact that the dead Zhang Taiying was a ghost beast host body.

This was an unreasonable fact.

Was it useful

He was already dead…

At this point, no matter what the outcome was, in essence, he was a complete failure.

The Night Guardian sighed.

His problem was over.

Xu Xiaoshou had passed the test.


With his head lowered, the Night Guardian turned around.

He couldnt be bothered to greet Fu Zhi and the others.

He was about to head back to the banquet room to explain the final matters.


Xu Xiaoshou called out to him without fear of death.

“Whats wrong”

The Night Guardian turned around in annoyance.

Towards this kid in front of him, he hated him but at the same time, he liked him from the bottom of his heart.

He was too amazing!

This was the first place he had seen when he traveled across the entire continent in terms of intelligence, talent, and strength.

No one was better than him!

“Senior, are you leaving” Xu Xiaoshou seemed like he still wanted more.


The Night Guardian kept his words to himself.

He felt that he had used up all the conversations he had with this kid tonight.

If he continued talking, he would only be angered.

After all, there was no problem with him anymore.

“I should be fine, right” Xu Xiaoshou asked.

“Youre still a suspect!”

The Night Guardian shouted.

“Then my friend is also a suspect”

The Night Guardian was stunned, then he slowly nodded.


“Wheres my Junior Sister”

The Night Guardians face darkened.

He felt that there was something wrong with Xu Xiaoshou.

If he continued talking, something bad would happen!

He did not want to speak anymore.

He immediately flew up and flew in the direction of the banquet room.

Xu Xiaoshou rolled his eyes in annoyance.

Then, he cupped his mouth and shouted, “Senior, I feel that theres something wrong with you!”

“There should be something wrong with your nose.

It might be rhinitis.

Hurry up and go see a doctor!”

The Night Guardians figure, which was flying in the air, immediately staggered.

He was so angry that he almost flew back in a flash and gave Xu Xiaoshou a fierce beating.

But in the end, he still endured it.

Forget it.

After all, he had wronged the other party.

It was already too much for him not to apologize.

If word got out that he was going to beat up the other party after being scolded a few times, Red Coats reputation would be affected too.


Passive Points, 1.”


“None of them are accurate.”

Xu Xiaoshou snorted.

He looked like a villain who had achieved success after winning a battle.

He turned his head and looked at the four people from the City Lord Mansion.


With a soft sound, the four people took a step back.


Xu Xiaoshous expression immediately became a little awkward.

Whats going on

You four great Sovereigns, youre still afraid of a mere Innate

What are you all afraid of

“Im a good person.”

Xu Xiaoshou stretched his neck and said in disbelief, “Im really not a ghost beast host body.

Brother Fu, you guys wont believe that old fellows nonsense, right”

Old fellow…

The few people in the City Lord Mansion their mouths twitched.

“Impressed, Passive Points, 4.”

Old Fu Zhi looked at Xu Xiaoshou turning his head and immediately felt the headache of the Night Guardian.

From the moment they met, Xu Xiaoshou had brought the sea of flowers to explode.

He knew that this young man in front of him was definitely not simple.

However, he never expected that the side of this fellow that he had expected was not simple was actually his normal form.

That nimble mouth, that method of blowing his City Lord Mansion into pieces…

This was truly extraordinary!

Compared to these, the sea of flowers

That was nothing!

“Not to the extent, not to the extent…”

Fu Zhi waved his hand and said, “From the beginning to the end, I have always believed that you are innocent.”

“Of course, Red Coat has his own rules.

A routine interrogation is unavoidable.

Everyone can take a step back and relax.” He started to be a good person.

“Of course I know Red Coats rules, but this old man is too subjective.

He puts everything first and makes it seem like Ive done something wrong.” Xu Xiaoshou nodded.

This grumbling from his own people was sometimes very important.

Perhaps, it could even be heard by the Night Guardian to reduce his suspicion!

“Ive done something wrong…”

Fu Zhi and the others looked at each other.

From the corner of their eyes, they saw the entire City Lord Mansion that had been blown to smithereens.

Other than those places that were protected by special spiritual arrays, there werent many surviving buildings in this place.

“Hehe, of course, Big Brother Shou didnt do anything wrong.”

“Brother Night Guardian was right.

Regarding the killing intent of the Sovereign that you encountered in the City Lord Mansion, it was indeed the negligence of the guards.”

“We should compensate you.”

Xu Xiaoshou was embarrassed.

He looked at Old Fu Zhis smiling face and thought that these old guys were all smiling tigers.

“Its not necessary, its not necessary…”

“After all, its my fault for blowing up the City Lord Mansion.”

“Of course, I know that Brother Fu is one of us, so I definitely wont mind.

In that case, I wont say such polite words about compensation.”

Fu Zhis smile immediately froze.


We can separate the two!


As Xu Xiaoshou said this, he stepped forward and put his hand on Fu Zhis shoulder.


What else could Fu Zhi do

He could only put on a fake smile and let out a bitter laugh.


In the banquet room…


On a barren and scorched land.

A group of unkempt and unkempt barbarians surrounded them with excited expressions, chattering.

All that was missing was a bonfire.

It would be a grand event.

“Did you hear that explosion” The barbarians discussed.

“Are you blind Didnt you see that huge explosion just now”

“That was a battle between the Sovereigns!”

“The key is, did you hear the words of the Red Coat Elder before he left”

“Im guessing that the only thing that could make him give up his responsibility in the Way of Spirit Array was those ghost beasts who had snuck into the City Lord Mansion!”

“Ghost beasts”

“What are ghost beasts”

Many people were knowledgeable, but most people did not know much about the secrets of ghost beasts.

“I dont know.

I heard that they are the legendary evil existences, the terrifying devils that can cause chaos on the continent.”

“But for a decent force like the City Lord Mansion to be able to sneak in a ghost beast, it means that the current situation isnt that simple!”


“Didnt little princess fu just say that it was a battle between Zhang Taiying and Xu Xiaoshou” Someone was puzzled.

“Zhang Taiying and Xu Xiaoshou Are they crazy Who said that Is it really Fu Yinhong”

“Thats not right.

Could it be that one of these two guys really is a ghost beast…”

“Xu Xiaoshou! That must be Xu Xiaoshou without a doubt.

This guy looks like a ghost beast.

He has a fair face and makes people jealous.

He must be a ghost beast!”

“Cough cough, shouldnt ghost beasts be extremely ugly…”

After the explosion, the crowd of onlookers in the banquet room became completely unharmed.

Under the protection of the several Sovereign bounded domains, the only thing they could do now was to eat the invisible melon.

After a long time.

After watching the battle and asking questions, the Night Guardian returned to the ruins of the banquet room with a whoosh.

“Hes back.”

The crowd was originally overjoyed when they saw the old man return.

However, the terrifying sword scar from his shoulder to his feet and the torn clothes from the explosion frightened everyone.

“Ghost beast, so terrifying”

The Night Guardian didnt say much.

He glanced at the empty space behind him and immediately strode forward.

After giving a few instructions to the few Great Spirit Array Masters, he directly left without looking back.

As soon as he left, Xu Xiaoshou received the four great Sovereigns and landed on the ground.

“Watched, Passive Points, 1220.”

It was like a golden millet dream.

The familiar feeling of the information column flooding the screen came.

Xu Xiaoshou felt so comfortable that he really wanted to shout out.

“Junior Sister, lets go!”

He shouted and suddenly paused.

“Oh, right, have you gotten the White Cave quota”

Mu Zixi ran over with her two ponytails bouncing.

“We should be waiting for them to announce the White Cave quota should, right”


Xu Xiaoshou looked at this girl.

“Yes, they are all waiting for you.”

“Waiting for me”

“Yes, after all, you have the majority of the White Cave quota.” Mu Zixi giggled.

“Bighead, how much is it”

Xu Xiaoshou patted the little girls head and asked.

Before Mu Zixi could reply, he felt numerous murderous gazes shooting over from the sky.

When he raised his eyes, the entire place was filled with scarlet eyes.

“Envied, Passive Points, 886.”

“Begrudged, Passive Points, 1211.”

“Resented, Passive Points, 1220.”


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