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Chapter 435: Listen to My Quibbles

Five overbearing stares landed on Xu Xiaoshou.

Apart from Fu Zhi and Qiu Xuan, the other three had doubt written all over their faces.

However, even if they had suspicions, as the person involved, Xu Xiaoshou still had the right to speak.

As he spoke, everyone had no choice but to listen.

“The matter is…”

Xu Xiaoshou smoothed out the new story in his heart and quickly said,

“The Zhang Mansion has a grudge against me.

When I was in Tiansang Spirit Palace, that fellow Zhang Xinxiong wanted to kill me.

He had been targeting me, so I had no choice but to defend myself and retaliate.”

“Theres always some truth in the old saying.

If the younger one dies, the older one will come out.”

“Not long after I left the Spirit Palace, I encountered a Sovereign Stage assassin.”

After saying this, he looked at Qiu Xuan and Liu Jing.

“The two of you should know that before the giant axe fell from the sky onto the City Lords Mansion, there should have been a Sovereign Stage battle not far from the Pill Pagoda.”

“Am I right”

The Yin and yang Guardians looked at each other and nodded.

In fact, they still hadnt figured out what the Sovereign Stage battle was about.

The only thing they knew was that anyone who dared to make a move in Tiansang City had to be punished.

But in the end, the companion that the unkempt uncle called out was too terrifying.

He directly chopped the City Lords Mansions City Guardian Array into two halves with a swipe of his axe.

This also caused the imperfect City Guardian Array to be blown away by Xu Xiaoshous explosion attack that wasnt even at the Cutting Path Stage.

“What happened that day”

Liu Jing asked.

If she remembered correctly, Xu Xiaoshou was unconscious in the sack behind the unkempt uncle.

Could it be that he had something to do with this

“I wont hide it from everyone.”

Xu Xiaoshou sighed and said, “The Sovereign assassin that day was called Red Dog.

He was sent by Zhang Taiying to kill me.”

“They sent a Sovereign to kill you”

Qiu Xuan was shocked.

“If a Sovereign was sent killed you, how could you still be alive”

Xu Xiaoshou glanced at him and calmly spread his hands, indicating for him to calm down.

“Isnt Zhang Taiying dead now”

The rhetorical question instantly made everyone speechless.

Qiu Xuan felt his face twitch.

Looking at the young man in front of him who was only at the peak of Origin Court Stage, he just wanted to say that he was boasting without shame and slap him.

But that was the truth.

At this moment, he really had nothing to say.

The Night Guardian frowned.

Others might not be able to tell, but he was dyed red from the “White-clothed.” He could vaguely sense that Xu Xiaoshous way of speaking seemed to be hinting at something.

This guy seemed calm.

But every word he said was imperceptibly dominating his own position as a master of speech.

If others wanted to interfere, he would directly counter with a single sentence.

Not only was it reasonable, but it also planted a hint in his subconscious mind that “Zhang Taiying was also like Red Dog, wanting to kill me, Xu Xiaoshou”.

“Is it a coincidence…”

The Night Guardian was alarmed.

This kid was too mature for his age, to the point it was somewhat ridiculous.

Was this kind of interrogation technique something a young man of his age could learn

Or could it be that everything he said was the truth

What Xu Xiaoshou carefully observed with his “Perception” was the expression of the Night Guardian.

When he saw the “Suspicion” on the notification board, he could sense that his way of expressing himself had worked.

Other than Fu Zhi and the Night Guardian, he was actually not afraid of the others.

As for the former two, what he cared about more was the way these two handled things.

With their experience, if he lied from the start, it would be tantamount to courting death.


The moment Xu Xiaoshou opened his mouth, everything he said was the truth.

As for the hint…

Xu Xiaoshou indicated that this kind of trick was no longer a technique for him.

This was completely a spontaneous refutation!

In terms of lying through his teeth and telling the truth, of the people present, who else could be more skilled than him


“Is what he said true”

Fu Zhi looked at Qiu Xuan and Liu Jing.

Liu Jing shook her head slightly and sneered in disdain.

However, she secretly replied through telepathic communication, “It may be true.”

The Night Guardian also received feedback.

He was even more confused.

If they let Xu Xiaoshou continue talking like this, who knew what kind of lie he would be able to come up with

But if he wasnt allowed to talk..

That wouldnt do!

They still had to go through the necessary procedures!

“Senior Night Guardian hasnt seen the battle situation back then.

I believe you still do not believe in my words.”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at him seriously and said, “Its alright.

Ill get to the main topic right now.”


Night Guardian snorted.

“Cut the crap.

Remember what I said just now, careful that Ill twist your head off!”

Xu Xiaoshou shrunk his head while laughing “hehe”.

He knew that the first wave of attacks had been received by these people.

After that, things would be easier for him.

“After Red Dog died, I, Xu Xiaoshou, dont think Im a gentleman.

I have to return the favor, right”

“But hes only an assassin.

Therefore, my target was set on Zhang Taiying.”


Suddenly, Qiu Xuan interrupted Xu Xiaoshou.

“You said Red Dog is dead”

“That guy is the assassin ofThree Incense Sticks.

I know him.”

“He could even have to chance to kill a Sovereign if he caught them off guard, so how did you survive”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at him in bafflement.

“That uncle saved me!”

Qiu Xuans lips curled up, revealing a smile that showed that his trick had succeeded.


“Such an intimate term, whats your relationship with that guy”

In the investigation after the event, the strength of the unkempt swordsman who appeared that day was simply unimaginable.

With a mere Acquired Stage cultivation, he actually forcefully controlled Qiu Xuan and Liu Jing.

In addition, there was also that mysterious person who had broken the City Lords Mansions array with a single swing of his axe but was nowhere to be seen.

The City Lords Mansion had already made a small deduction about the origins of those two fellows.

Xu Xiaoshou was one of them

“Oh my God, calling him uncle is considered intimate”

Xu Xiaoshou was instantly displeased.

“Dont slander me.

I have nothing to do with that fellow.

If he wanted to mess with the City Lords Mansion it wasnt on my orders, and he definitely wasnt someone I could order around!”

“Hehe, no relationship If the both of you have no connections, why would he save you”

Qiu Xuan laughed coldly.

This time, everyone realized the flaw in Xu Xiaobeis words.

The Night Guardian gave an approving smile.

He had never seen the situation that day, but after listening to the twos dialogue, he already had a basic impression of it.

Xu Xiaoshou was lying!

As long as he was lying, then his following words would fall apart!

“Save me…”

In the face of everyones gaze that seemed like they were going to eat him alive, Xu Xiaoshou was not flustered at all.

He spread his hands and said helplessly, “How would I know why he wanted to save me To be honest with all of you, before I met Red Dog, I did really bump into him on the road.”

“I thought about it after the incident, perhaps at that time, he could already see that death was at my door and wanted to save my life.”

Qiu Xuan felt that it was too absurd.

“Youre not making any sense, how could there be such a terrifying powerhouse who wanted to save you You should at least be more serious when making up stories.”

“Do you really think that we are three-year-old children who can be easily fooled by you”

Xu Xiaoshou was now serious.

He stared straight at Qiu Xuan and said slowly,

“Indeed, I dont understand why he wanted to save me.

If something similar were to happen to you guys, you might find it unexpected, but for this kind of situation to happen to me, it might be a matter of course.”

The five of them were momentarily stunned.

Then, they saw Xu Xiaoshou suddenly clasp his hands behind his back and look at the moon with a melancholic expression.

“I remember when I was in the Spirit Palace, because I was too outstanding, I achieved the Innate Level Physique early on in my cultivation.

Then, I was involved in a major incident, and a mighty figure took a fancy to me.”

“I also remember when the Spirit Palace was attacked, because I was too outstanding, I accidentally exposed my Innate Sword Intent.

In the end, the leader of the attacking organization actually abandoned his own goal and wanted me!”

“I still remember that during the fight for the White Cave quotas in the City Lords Mansion, once more, because I was too outstanding, I exposed the strength of my spirit array cultivation in advance.

Then, someone forcefully gave me a red jade…”

As Xu Xiaoshou said this, his gaze suddenly landed on the Night Guardians face.

This time, the Night Guardians overcast old face immediately lengthened.

“Cursed, Passive Points 1.”

“Cough, I wont say anymore.

At this point, you should understand…”

Xu Xiaoshous face revealed a hint of embarrassment.

“Im too outstanding.

Its easy to attract bees and butterflies.”

“Perhaps youll never experience the joy of encountering someone who recognizes your talent in your lifetime, but what you cant even understand is that when there are too many who recognize your talent, it also becomes a kind of pain sometimes!”

“I simply…”

As Xu Xiaoshou spoke, he suddenly stopped.

He looked at the five faces in front of him that were as black as ink.

With the naked eye, he could see that they were emitting an endless amount of curse power.

He immediately swallowed the words “I have no choice at all” in his heart.

Was this too much

They wont hit me, right..

“Xu Xiaoshou!”

A suppressed voice that sounded like he was gnashing his teeth rang out.

Xu Xiaoshou immediately glanced at the Night Guardian and said in panic, “No way, sir, he asked me to explain.”

Pointing at Qiu Xuan, he continued, “Im explaining now, what are you doing Im a victim, you cant hit me!”

“Calm down.”

“Calm down!”

At the critical moment, it was Big Brother Fu Zhi who was more reliable.

His words immediately calmed the people who had been ridiculed.

“Xu Xiaoshou is too detestable!”

Qiu Xuan communicated telepathically.

The five people in front of him suddenly became a small group that discussed in secret.

They communicated with each other with just a few sentences.

“Right, this guys mouth is full of sh*t, hes not even making sense.

He cant be trusted.”

Liu Jing also had a bad impression of Xu Xiaoshou and chimed in.

However, the other three were silent at the same time.

Seeing that even the Night Guardian who had always been against Xu Xiaoshu didnt say anything, the Yin and Yang Guardians couldnt help but be secretly shocked.

After pondering for a moment, Feng Ma finally spoke.

“Maybe this guy isnt lying.”


The Yin and Yang Guardians looked at him in shock at the same time.

“You guys havent stayed in the banquet hall before, so you naturally dont know the true strength of this kid…”

When Feng Ma said these words, he felt that his entire being was in a utmost discomfort.

However, since the Night Guardian didnt want say it, he had to stand forward.

“If it wasnt for this kids appearance, I wouldnt even be able to imagine it even in my dreams.”

“The legendary Master Physique, the Ancient Swordsmans Master, a supreme spiritual technique that can instantly kill a Master, and the Way of Alchemy that is more lethal than all the techniques mentioned above…”

“It can be integrated on one person!”

With a click, the Yin and Yang Guardian as well as Fu Zhi were petrified on the spot.

“What, what do you mean”

They looked at Xu Xiaoshou and their mouths gaped, unable to close them again.

“Doubted, Passive Points 3.”

Feng Ma shook his head and sighed, “Its means the thing that in your thinking is most unlikely to happen.”

“Im not afraid to tell you that this fellows words just now were really too modest.”

“Hes not at the Innate Physique, nor is he at the Innate Sword Intent.”

“He was probably afraid that you wont believe him.

This fellow has actually already reached the Master stage in these two paths.”

The three of them felt as if their jaws were about to be torn off by Feng Mas words.

The arrogant, self-satisfied, and conceited Xu Xiaoshou..

And youre telling us that he was actually being too modest just now

“Doubted, Passive Points 3.”

The Night Guardian patted Feng Mas shoulder and helplessly added, “You left early and didnt see the ones after that.”

“If we were to really count, we should add the title of a Spirit Array Master on this fellow, or perhaps even a Spirit Array Grandmaster.”


This time, the Yin and Yang Guardians could no longer stand.

The two of them staggered and almost collapsed on the spot.

Are you f*cking kidding me !

Could this f*cking person in front of them really cultivate everything

Even if he started cultivating in his mothers womb in the life before his previous life, he would never have made such progress!

After knowing everything, the Yin and Yang Guardians looked at Xu Xiaoshou, who had just barely broken through to the peak of the Origin Court Stage, and suddenly felt relieved.

It was understandable.

It was completely understandable.

Even this Origin Court cultivation had actually been broken through a little too quickly!

Even if the person in front of them was in the Acquired Stage, or even had no cultivation at all, then only would it seem that he had more time to study the various Great Paths!


“What Xu Xiaoshou said might be true.

That unkempt swordsman might really only have seen through his talent in the Way of the Sword, so he wanted to help and form a good relationship with him.”

“In case theres a possibility in the future that he would want to take him in”

Qiu Xuan stuttered.

The Night Guardian kept silent.

Although he didnt want to admit it.

But to be honest, when he saw Xu Xiaoshou reveal his talent… in those few moments, how could he not have thought of pulling him into the Red Coats team

And he had those thoughts for more than once!

“Indeed, he didnt lie.”

Fu Zhi nodded, ending this discussion.

He really wanted to add on:

“You guys are wrong.

This Xu Xiaoshou is actually a person who has mastered theWeaving Art which is a technique at the same level as theDivine Secrets, and is suspected to be an heir of the Higher Void Families.”

But, forget it!

Looking at the small hearts of the people around him that were about to collapse, Fu Zhi silently swallowed the bitter taste in his mouth.

One of them had to endure more.

If you guys cant handle the critical hits, just let me take them in secret.

It couldnt be helped since Im your City Lord.

In the end, Im one who has to take on everything…


After ending the discussion, the Night Guardian looked at Xu Xiaoshou again, his cold expression remained.

However, at this moment, even he didnt realize that Xu Xiaoshou had built up a foundation that could easily gain the trust of everyone under a series of foreshadowing that had nothing to do with this incident.

Even though subjectively he still thought that Xu Xiaoshou might be lying.

Secretly, if he was honest, he was just lying to himself.

“Suspected, Passive Points 4.”

“Admired, Passive Points 3.”


The spamming of the information bar finally stopped.

Xu Xiaoshou steadied his mind and knew that the most critical test had arrived.

If he didnt say it well for the following moments, all his efforts just now would be in vain!

“Where were we”

“Yes, didnt Zhang Taiying send an assassin to kill me”

Xu Xiaoshou paused to let them calm down before he went into the topic, saying: “I dont look like the kind who would submit, so I want to kill him too.”

Everyone was stunned and almost had their waists broken by Xu Xiaoshou again.

You are just a mere Innate and you want to plot against a Sovereign

Then, they thought about the discussion earlier.

Oh, its understandable, its understandable…

Qiu Xuan looked at the sky with a slightly absent-minded expression.

He had exchanged blows with Zhang Taiying a few times, but in fact, he had never gained the upper hand.

But this guy died just like that..

“Hm, his death was not unjustified, his death was not unjustified…”

When Xu Xiaoshou saw that they could easily accept the fact that he wanted to kill a Sovereign at this moment, he immediately felt that the time was right.

He adjusted his aura and slightly puffed out his chest.

Under the moonlight, his entire person seemed to be out of this world.

“Zhang Taiying wants to kill me.

I want to kill him too.”

“So, Im not afraid to tell you that Ive actually made preparations for this operation.”

“The reason I came to the City Lords Mansion was not for the White Cave quota, but purely for the purpose of ending Zhang Taiying here!”

The Night Guardian was suddenly baffled.

You didnt come for the White Cave quotas, and then you took more than a dozen away


Realizing that he had gone astray, the Night Guardian shook his head and said seriously, “The power of the Sovereign is not something you can withstand alone, even if you have so many positions now…”

“Touching the Path and stepping into the gate of Path are different in the end.”

“Moreover, Zhang Taiying is not just an ordinary Sovereign.

You will never be able to kill him.”

“So, in the end, you borrowed the power of the Ghost Beast!”

The Night Guardian was resolute and decisive.

“Who said that”

Xu Xiaoshou refuted him directly.

“Who said that the gap between touching the Path and stepping into the gate of Path is so big”

“Do you think that I cant hurt a Sovereign now”

The Night Guardian was taken aback.

He suddenly thought of Xu Xiaoshous cauldron explosion.

Even Shi Ti and his dual bounded domain was almost unable to block this guys wave of attacks.

And that was just an attempt.

If they hadnt directly cut off any opportunities for the fellow to make a move again in the future.

Perhaps his idea ofadding two pieces of meat would be implemented, and the City Lords mansion would be in an even more worrying state.

Thats right!

“Being in the Path”and “being at the door of the Path” might be very different to others, but to Xu Xiaoshou, it might not be much

Qiu Xuan also subconsciously wanted to mock him, but when he saw the silent Night Guardian, Feng Ma, and Boss Fu, he chose to shut up.

“How did you kill him” The Night Guardian asked.

This time, Xu Xiaoshou felt embarrassed.

He glanced at Fu Zhi and said, “Big Brother Fu Zhi should be able to testify about this for me.”

“I know that Big Brother still has a question in your heart, but you havent asked it yet.

Youre just giving me face.”

Fu Zhi was stunned momentarily, he had already understood something.

“At that time, why did you come to the Sea of Flowers” He blurted out.

Xu Xiaoshou nodded.

“Yes, thats the problem.

I came to the Sea of Flowers because I took a fancy to the large-scale Nested Spirit Array here.

It was set up by Big Brother Fu using a few years.”

“Although I cant use it, I can tweak it a little to seal some things.”

Liu Jing closed her eyes in pain.

She knew that Xu Xiaoshou wasnt lying this time.

At that time, the explosion in the Sea of flowers could be heard by the entire City Lords Mansion, let alone her.

The Night Guardian looked at Fu Zhi and asked, “Is that so”


Fu Zhi didnt realize that he had been separated from the original small group by Xu Xiaoshou.

He tried his best to provide a testimony.

“At that time, Brother Shou came to the Sea of flowers.

I was actually suspicious and wanted to kill him.”

“I didnt expect that in the end, with his explosion… guidance, I was able to escape from the Sea of flowers.”

Everyone was stunned.


The use of this word..

The Night Guardian was shocked.

Giving guidance to Fu Zhi on the Way of the Spirit Array

It seemed like he had still underestimated Xu Xiaoshous attainments in spirit arrays!

He didnt think too much about it.

It turned out that Xu Xiaoshou had really been planning against Zhang Taiying who was in the Sovereign Stafe from the very beginning.


But, it was understandable.

He had to let go of this matter too.

The Night Guardian continued to pick on him.

“You said you wanted to use the spirit array to seal something”

Xu Xiaoshou didnt say anything.

He stretched out his hand and activated his spiritual source.

Everyone was shocked and quickly retreated.


“Im just demonstrating….”Xu Xiaoshou laughed.

“Cursed, Passive Points 1.”

The Night Guardan narrowed his eyes and only felt a toothache.

He had received too much physical and psychological shocks that night, and he was a bit jittery.

Under everyones gaze, five compressed fire seeds slipped out onto Xu Xiaoshous hand.

“Just this”

Qiu Xuan laughed.

With just this thing, he wanted to kill Zhang Taiying

Xu Xiaoshou glanced at him and silently nested the compressed fire seeds in his hand.

“Weng –”

The air currents in the void surged, and after a searing aura surged, everyone felt that the feeling of the previous battle had descended again.

Xu Xiaoshou did not stop.

After one, another.

Double nesting!

Qiu Xuan could not hold his calm anymore.

This guy..

He finally understood why this mere Innate was able to receive such a high evaluation from everyone in the banquet hall.

However, just using on this wrapped fire seed, even if there were five layers of compression, it was still impossible to kill Zhang Taiying!

In fact, whether wrapped fire seed could touch Zhang Taiying was still and uncertainty.

“With just this”

“You want to kill Zhang Taiying with just this Do you think he is a wooden stake, standing still and letting you attack”

Xu Xiaoshou sneered and retorted without holding back.

“Now you know how Zhang Taiying died, right”

“Thats right.

His reaction was exactly the same as yours.

There wasnt even any difference in his words.”

“The Sovereign didnt die by my hand.

He died because he underestimated his opponent and was too conceited.”

Qiu Xuans expression was unsightly, but he couldnt think of how Xu Xiaoshou could kill the throne.

It was still the Night Guardian who came to his senses first.

“You said you used the spirit array to seal something, is this the thing”


“How many did you seal”

The Night Guardian looked at the vast sea of flowers and suddenly felt his heart palpitate.

If one was unable to kill Zhang Taiying, then perhaps this fellow was using numbers to kill people

Xu Xiaoshou glanced at Qiu Xuan and smiled brightly, revealing a mouthful of white teeth.

“Not much, just 1,048.

‘Just this number.”


Qiu Xuans back turned cold instantly.

Xu Xiaoshou said calmly, “Zhang Taiying probably thought the same as you when I threw this thing out.

That it couldnt hit him at all.

He should just dodge it.”

“Then he dodged and triggered the Spirit Array.

Thats it, thats all.”

The Night Guardian suddenly recalled the scene of the spirit array exploding, and his heart turned cold.

“So, the thousand or so fire seeds that you hid earlier surfaced directly from within” He asked in shock.

“Thats right.”

Xu Xiaoshou snapped her fingers, feeling rather pleased.

The hearts of the five people turned cold.

This was too freaking terrifying!

No wonder.

No wonder the City Lords Mansion exploded just like that.

It was understandable, it was understandable…

If it didnt explode, it really couldnt be justified.

After the Night Guardian recovered from the shock, his face turned cold again.

“Xu Xiaoshou, do you know that the Continent has a clearly written rule that in a battle at the Sovereign Stage, if innocent people are injured, the parties will be handed directly to the White-clothed to deal with!”

“I know.”

Xu Xiaobei looked at him calmly and said casually, “Thats why I asked Zhang Taiying to open a bounded domain!”

“But that thing of his was too useless.

It was blown up all of a sudden.

What can I do”

The Night Guardian was so angry that his liver hurt.

He said angrily, “Even so, you cant hurt the other servants of the City Lords Mansion!”

Xu Xiaoshou fell silent.

“Im very sorry about this.”

“But, shouldnt the one you put the blame on be the dead Zhang Taiying”

Everyone was stunned.

What the hell was this kind of statement

Xu Xiaoshou exhaled and said unwillingly,

“Youre only allowing him, Zhang Taiying, to send people to kill me, but not allowing me to retaliate”

“The Continent clearly states that the Sovereigns cannot make a move.

He, Zhang Taiying, bullies the weak.

Youre not going to settle the score with him.

On the contrary, I retaliated in self-defense, and now youre questioning me”

The more Xu Xiaoshou spoke, the angrier he got.

His anger went straight to his head and crazily questioned the five people in front of him with an interrogating tone.

“Am I wrong”

“The Continent does indeed state that the Sovereigns cannot make a move, but does it state that the Innate cannot make a move”

“I am not a Sovereign.

Damn it, I killed a Sovereign, and I broke the rules”

“What you guys should be searching for is Zhang Taiyang who still made a move viciously against a junior with Innate cultivation, and not me, who is a mere feeble and weak Innate!”

“I am not in the wrong, you are in the wrong.”

Xu Xiaoshou felt like crying, “I am the most innocent one!”


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