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Chapter 383: The Impermeable Sea of Flowers

He did not speak to Fu Xing much.

When this lad came, Xu Xiaoshou conveniently used him as a tool.

After successfully using Fu Xing to attract everyones attention, Xu Xiaoshou took advantage of their momentary distracted state and quickly disappeared.

The banquet room was an enticing place…

But digging holes and burying people were obviously more important to him.

Money was only an object.

If one could use the money to kill people, that was the highest state.

As for Passive Points, the same was true.

He walked out of the banquet room without interruption, Mu Zixi trailing behind him.

After turning one corner, their surroundings dimmed into the moonlight.

Shady trees surrounded the secluded roads.

In the cold night breeze, some night pearls lit up the areas in front.

The deeper they went in, the darker it got.

In the end, even the light disappeared.

Mu Zixi felt her little heart starting to pound.

‘Where is he going

‘The grove

‘Wasnt the grove in this direction

She did not know what was lying ahead of them, and Xu Xiaoshou also did not have a map.

They were wandering around aimlessly.

It seemed that he was actively avoiding every exit he encountered.

As the road turned east and west, Mu Zixi had lost her sense of direction.

“Xu, Xu Xiaoshou… Where are we going”

There were only two of them there, and it was eerily quiet.

When Mu Zixi spoke, she felt that her heartbeat was louder than her voice.

Xu Xiaoshou noticed that the little girls speech was rather strange, but he did not think much about it.

“We are digging a hole!”

“How can I bury people without digging a hole”

Mu Zixi immediately felt her heart stop in her chest.

‘Digging… Digging holes and burying people

‘What does that mean

‘Digging holes is only for burying the dead.

‘Could it be… He wants to… First…

“Well, where is this place”

Xu Xiaoshou interrupted her thoughts, which had wandered off course with a cry of surprise.

She looked in that direction and realized that the scenery had changed drastically before her eyes.

In front of them was a colorful sea of flowers.

The floral fragrance wafted out, which made people feel invigorated.

It was so refreshing that it seemed to blow away some evil thoughts.

Xu Xiaoshou was a little wonderstruck.

Mu Zixi had followed him all the way.

Naturally, she was completely unaware that he had shattered many Restraining Arrays with Perception.

However, to practically apply the Weaving Expertise skill that he had learned in his mind…

Xu Xiaoshou did not even use Perception afterward.

He only relied on the All-Beings Diagram to infer the Array Shattering Methods.

The Innate Stage Restraining Array could not stop him at all.

He only used Perception and Weaving Expertise to shatter the first Master Stage Spiritual Array before a strange feeling came over him.

“Sea of flowers”

“Is it possible that there are treasure burying grounds ahead”

Xu Xiaoshous eyes lit up with excitement.

He did not know whether to bury the treasure or not, but it was very secluded here.

Moreover, there was a Master Stage Spiritual Array as an additional deterrent.

It was an excellent place to bury bones.

Zhang Taiying only needed to be lured there.

Once he initiated the bounded domain, who could know that there was a battle here

“Little Junior Sister, follow me.

Dont wander around.”

Xu Xiaoshou called out and stepped into the sea of flowers.

The sea of flowers was extremely tall.

It almost hid his waist.

Of course, this was for Xu Xiaoshou.

As far as Mu Zixi was concerned, she only had a tight feeling in her chest as she walked into the sea of flowers.

She only felt better when she flew a little higher.


Before her, Xu Xiaoshou trembled.

He reached for her waist with his hand.

Mu Zixi was speechless.

The warm and ticklish feeling at her waist made her suddenly shrink back and retreat.

“What do you think you are doing”

The girl blushed a deep red and squeaked.

Xu Xiaoshou withdrew his hand in embarrassment.

“Why are you flying so high”

He had been focusing on the spiritual array and almost forgot about the girl behind him.

“Why cant I fly high” Mu Zixi raised her chin defiantly.

“Is that a good reason for you to fondle me”

Xu Xiaoshou was speechless.

“Dont play around and come down quickly.”

Mu Zixi flew higher and higher.

She was about one head higher than him.

He hurriedly persuaded her.

“The spiritual array here seems to be a bit strange.

It is not an ordinary Master Stage spiritual array.

Dont mess around first and wait until I investigate it.”

“How strange can it be…”

Before the girl could finish her sentence, her elevated body suddenly stagnated as though someone was dragging her down.

With a thud, she came into contact with the ground.

“Ouch… Oof!”

Her face was covered in mud.

“Pfft!” Xu Xiaoshou let out a laugh.

Looking at his little junior sister, who got up from the ground with a grudging expression on her face, he teased her and replied, “Yes, how strange can it be Its just a light fall…”


Mu Zixi raised her fist to jump up and smack him.

As a result, the spiritual array seemed to be triggered and adopted a keen sense.

As soon as she lifted her foot off the ground, the unknown force dragged her down again.

With another thudding sound, Mu Zixi felt her knees crash into the ground due to her instability.

Xu Xiaoshou hurriedly stepped forward to support her.

“No can do, no can do…”

Mu Zixi was speechless.

Cursed, Passive Points 1, 1, 1, 1…

Xu Xiaoshou steadied the girl, whose little skirt was streaked with dirt.

He began to think.

‘Is this an Impermeable Barrier

He was a little surprised.

The level of the Impermeable Barrier was not low at all.

When it came to the theories of space and limits, this level was far beyond the Great Path.

It was not an exaggeration to say that it was the power that the Sovereign Stage could possess.

However, the spiritual array here was only Master Stage.


How was it done

Xu Xiaoshou had his Weaving Expertise skill.

If he could hold out his spiritual source for an extended period, he could draw a spider web in the void.

But the intangible and invisible were currently beyond his limits.

“This sea of flowers is a little strange!”

He recalled the time he was in the Back Mountain of the Tiansang Spirit Palace.

When he first entered the spiritual site of Rao Yinyin, it was also a sea of flowers.

The difference was that they were all psychedelic Red magical poppies.


He had the same bad feeling about this place.

“Be careful.”

Xu Xiaoshou frowned and cautioned Mu Zixi.

He continued to move forward, stepping directly into the sea of flowers.

Mu Zixi frowned and looked at the dirty little skirt on her body.

She wanted to change it immediately, but it was clearly inappropriate at this time.

Fortunately, as soon as she entered the sea of flowers, it had blocked everything.

It was nice.

Except for the tightness in her chest…

While thinking about it, she suddenly saw Xu Xiaoshou in front of her.

He was flying.

At this moment, the girl widened her eyes.


The two of them already had a massive height difference.

When Xu Xiaoshou flew, Mu Zixi had to lift her head to the sky just to see him.

“Its not fair! How can you fly”

Doubted, Passive Points 1.

Xu Xiaoshou coursed in the air leisurely, and his mutterings transmitted down from the sky.

“Its not that I want to fly.

It is the night sky… Shes calling out to me.”

Mu Zixi was speechless.

She managed to suppress her urge to attack him.

After all, if she jumped up, she would only fall to the ground.

Xu Xiaoshou looked around curiously from above the sky.

The fact that he could fly in here was not because he could figure out the workings of the spiritual array.

It could be credited to his superior Passive Skills, which were a bit too powerful.

The Impermeable Barrier was strong, but it could not hold a candle to his Toughness and Strengthen skills.

Xu Xiaoshou was ecstatic that the spiritual array level here was only at the Master Stage.

Otherwise, even if he had a Master Physique, he would not be able to fly in a peak Master Stage spiritual array.

But now…

Xu Xiaoshou was curious.

Who could be behind this


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