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Chapter 382: How Nice to Have a Little Brother

“Fu Xing”

Xu Xiaoshou turned his head to look at him and smiled suddenly.

Was this not the guy he had met by chance at the Pill Pagoda That day, he had wanted to play hero and save the damsel in distress, but the joke was on him in the end.

Finally, Young Master Fu even forcibly gave him the invitation card to the event tonight.

“You have come here so late.”

“I thought you would be standing at the door to welcome me.” Xu Xiaoshou sighed and tsked.

This guy was so obsessed with 10 Sections of the Finger Sword.

The fact that he did not show up in front of him from the start to play tricks on him surprised Xu Xiaoshou.

Fu Xing hurried forward to greet him.

When he got closer, he wanted to embrace the other with excitement.

However, when he stretched out his hand halfway, he suddenly remembered something and retracted it awkwardly.

“Big Brother Shou!”

“Its not that I dont want to welcome you.

I had some matters to deal with and was too busy.”

Xu Xiaoshou waved his hand carelessly.

“It doesnt matter, it doesnt matter.

I just mentioned it in passing.”

He chuckled lightly and turned his head to look at Wen Song, who was beside him.

His face was as dark as night.

“Since you have settled your matters, there is a situation here.”

“Hey, this old man dared to make a scene here.

He still wants to attack me.”

“How can I possibly defend myself if he makes a move”

“I definitely cant defend myself.

But even if I cannot stop him, I still must try.

How should I defend myself Of course, it is with my hands! But can I stop him with my hands I definitely cant!”

“So… My hands would be gone!”

Fu Xing blinked his eyes twice, and the corners of his mouth twitched.

He bared his teeth.

How could he not know what Xu Xiaoshou was hinting

This guy was using 10 Sections of the Finger Sword to bait him.

However, this did not prevent the joy in his heart from surging up.

Since Xu Xiaoshou had used this method to coerce him, was it an indication that he was finally willing to impart this technique to him

He looked at Wen Song with a clouded face.

“What is going on”

Wen Song had never expected the events to play out this way, and he froze in horror.

If he had a yearning for revenge before, that feeling was now entirely replaced by shock at this moment.

Was Xu Xiaoshou related to Young Master Fu

Fu Xing was many times better than Fu Yinhong.

Who did not know that the City Lord Fu ignored the world affairs

Regardless of the City Lords behavior, the City Lord Mansion had been flourishing over the years.

Whose credit was it all

Of course, it was the credit of the young rising star before him.

Fu Xing was well-versed in many subjects, except for alchemy.

His heart sank to the bottom.

“This is a misunderstanding.”

When he said that, he hung his head down in shame.

Wen Song wanted nothing more than to be swallowed by the ground at that moment.

For the White Cave quota of the Wen family this year, he had to endure it.

“A misunderstanding”

Xu Xiaoshou raised his voice.

After getting everyones attention, the young man lifted his chin and stared at Wen Song deeply for a long time.

Afterward, he did not say much but patted Fu Xing on the shoulder.

“You can take care of it.”

Wen Song staggered back.

The lack of elaboration was far more terrifying.

After Xu Xiaoshou left that order, he just walked past the crowd and left.

Mu Zixi, who was standing behind him, shook her head.

That wicked Xu Xiaoshou was indeed hateful.

If she were not in the same camp as him, she would be killed by his tongue-in-cheek.

Mu Zixi felt irritability rise in her heart as she imagined being on his opposing side.

No matter who it was, they would be vomiting blood in anger if they had to face him.

The girl was lost in thought.

She looked at the back of the young man in front of her in her eyes again.

‘How wicked!

“Wait for me!”

Fu Xing glanced at Xu Xiaoshou and realized that if he did not handle this matter properly today, he would have to bid farewell to his 10 Sections of the Finger Sword.

After so many years, that was the only true sword technique related to the Eighth Sword Deity.

How could he miss it

“Oh.” He looked at Wen Song, lamenting in his heart.

Of all the people he could have provoked, must he goad this nutcase

Even if he had a death wish, he should not seek it like that.

Did he know that even President Shi Ti was helpless in front of this kid

The spectators gave way to him.

Xu Xiaoshou followed the passage that the crowd had created for Fu Xing and walked out of sight.

The following matters were left to Fu Xing to handle.

He had no interest in toying with this small peak of Master Stage.

There were only two goals he wished to achieve tonight.

The first was to gather intel about the White Cave, and the other was to locate the whereabouts of Zhang Taiying.

Even if there was a newfound channel to collect more Passive Points, those two goals could not be left behind.

‘Where did Zhang Taiying go

‘Is he not here yet

Xu Xiaoshou was not quite aware.

After all, Xin Gugu had not yet sent him a message, and he did not dare to ask.

What if he was fighting now

Wouldnt it be distracting if he made a phone call

‘If Zhang Taiying is not here, perhaps I can familiarize myself with the route in advance and set up a trap for him

Xu Xiaoshou felt deeply tempted in his heart.

The City Lord Mansion was too big.

This place was a maze.

What was more, many powerful personalities would inevitably gather here after a while.

It meant that elsewhere, the security would be less tight.

Perhaps he could bring his plans forward first.

With Aje and Xin Gugu, who would join him there soon, maybe they could achieve victory and take down Zhang Taiying.

As the saying went, the most dangerous place was the safest place.

Who would have thought that in the heavily guarded City Lord Mansion, someone was plotting against a Sovereign Stage

Even if it were made known to others, they would only think that this person was crazy.

However, Xu Xiaoshou was not crazy.

He was very alert.

As long as his demands were not too unreasonable, no one could stop him with Fu Xing around.

If he exposed his weakness, then he could only rely on his background, or…

Xu Xiaoshou glanced at the two full suits in his spatial ring.

These were his two newly acquired Divine Instruments.

One of them was a set of black robes that covered the face.

It came with gloves too.

If he put them on, only his eyes would be visible.

The second was an unkempt linen shirt with dried grass on it.

It was old and ratty, but there was a straw hat on it.

He would practically be pretending to be a tiger eating a pig.

How enticing was that

Everyone watched Xu Xiaoshou leave with eyes full of admiration.

He could casually decide the fate of a peak of Master Stage.

Was this the effect of influence

“Look closely.

Xu Xiaoshous back figure seems to be a bit domineering!”

“Hmm, trifling Innate Stage, he made me feel like I am powerless against him.”

“Heh, let alone you, Elder Wen couldnt resist this kids behavior.

He is a character indeed… I am to blame.

It is my oversight.”


After he heard murmurs at the back, he sighed and continued.

“How wonderful… I also wish to have such a little brother who will call me Big Brother, shield me from wind and rain, and wipe my ass…”

Everyone was speechless when they heard that.

Begrudged, Passive Points 343.

Envied, Passive Points 226.

Resented, Passive Points 66.

Xu Xiaoshou smiled and looked at the numbers in the Information Bar, feeling like he was on cloud nine.

Passive Points: 24,006

It was simply terrifying.

There were a few unrestrained roars behind him.

Fu Xing was obviously dealing with the matter.

The young master had attracted everyones attention with his presence.

Xu Xiaoshou held his hands behind him, composed and serene.

He felt that the moonlight in the night sky was like a refreshing breath of air caressing him.

“Little Junior Sister!”


“Something major may happen tonight.

You have to prepare yourself.”


“At that time, maybe you can see a magical place of refuge.”


“Why are you so calm” Xu Xiaoshou was surprised.

“Heh heh.”

Mu Zixi gave him a knowing smile.

‘I have followed you down from the mountain and been by your side for so long.

Do you think I dont know your true nature

‘If the City Lord Mansion dares to accept you tonight, it is destined for doom.

‘What do you want to do now that you just finished dealing with a person

“Where are we going” Mu Zixi asked.

Xu Xiaoshou smiled mysteriously.

“We are going to pluck carrots.”


“Dont you understand We are digging a hole!”


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