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Chapter 360: The Secret Ancestral Skill of The Zhang Family: The Art of Being Beaten Up


Zhang Taiying and Zhang Duoyu were entirely befuddled.

Sovereign Stage Physique

What on earth was going on How could the guys who attacked tonight be so scary

“Are you kidding”

Zhang Taiying looked at the old man and still could not believe it.

Zhang Zhongmou smiled wryly.

Did he need to joke about such important matters

“I do not believe it!”

Zhang Taiying slowly shook his head.

Sovereign Stage Physiques were very rare.

Even if one appeared, it would be shocking news, let alone two in a row.

How could such a character go against Zhang Mansion for no reason

The Zhang family only took up a corner of Tiansang Prefecture.

How could it be possible to provoke this kind of existence

As he thought of this, Zhang Taiyings face was cloudy.

He said sternly, “Insignificant junior dressing up as God and playing the devil!”

As soon as his voice fell, the pressure of the heavens and earth blanketed over.

The void was slightly sunken.

Under Zhang Taiyings pressure, it collapsed abruptly.


Zhang Zhongmou hurriedly stopped him.

However, Zhang Taiying did not believe that Zhang Zhongmous claims were true.

He did not heed his advice and hold back his attack.

On the contrary, his momentum continued to increase.

Like a giant hammer, he suddenly blasted toward Xu Xiaoshou.

It was fortunate that Xu Xiaoshou was paying attention to these people at that time.

But Zhang Taiying, who had attacked as he spoke, really surprised him.

This was the kind of person he feared most.

He did not use his brain to filter false information but liked to verify it himself.

Such an act would completely nullify the efforts of others.

As the surging force rained down on him, Xu Xiaoshou violently shook as if struck by lightning and almost fell on the spot.

However, he had the existence of Toughness to fall back on.

No matter how powerful this aggressive attack was, it did not cause him to move a step.

Secretly clenching his teeth and persisting, Xu Xiaoshou knew that at this time, he could not reveal himself yet.

Otherwise, all his previous efforts would have been wasted.

He assumed a relaxed appearance and acted like the shaking of his body had impeded the surging energy directed at him.

He faintly spoke.

“Your energy is not bad.”

“Unfortunately, your strength is lacking.”

Zhang Taiyings face changed.

‘This guy…

‘If his cultivation level were truly Innate Stage, he would certainly not be able to cope with the pressure of this wave.

‘But he did endure it.

‘Could it be that Zhang Zhongmou was speaking the truth

He subconsciously wanted to increase the pressure, but Xu Xiaoshou would not give him this opportunity.

After speaking, the young man sneered coldly and asked, “Did you really think that only a few of you could call for support”

After saying that, Xu Xiaoshou waved his hand, and a light appeared before their eyes.

Xin Gugu, who was swimming in the spiritual pond, was summoned out.

He fell before the people with a dazed expression on his face.

His upper torso was bare, and his rippling muscles were dripping with water droplets.

Question marks were almost apparent on his chiseled face.


“Whats the situation”

Xin Gugu looked at Xu Xiaoshou.

In the next instant, he felt the Sovereign Stage pressure in the air.

He immediately focused his eyes and waved his hand.


An explosion sounded in the void.

Both sides were shocked that they had to retreat.

“Sovereign Stage”

With this, Zhang Taiyings heart hung in the air.

Xin Gugus breath was entirely different from the other two.

This was an upright Spiritual Cultivator, a befitting and respectable Sovereign Stage.

His powerful aura was rich and mellow and even more condensed than everyone present.

The realization was visible on Zhang Zhongmous face, as well as a look of deep despair.

He was full of resentment as he stared at Zhang Taiyings face.

He had already said much earlier that he should not attack, so he should not attack.

But he had refused to listen.

They had not only failed to force the other to reveal his hand but also another Sovereign Stage was introduced to the equation.

Who could stand this

Two Sovereign Stage Physiques were worrying enough to send them into desperation.

Now that there was another Spiritual Cultivator at the Sovereign Stage, he was afraid that no one would be able to go back tonight.

Xin Gugus spiritual senses swept across the scene.

He more or less understood the situation on hand.

Looking at the direction of the familiar eastern courtyard area and the strange pit, he knew at once that Xu Xiaoshou was the culprit behind it.

‘Pill concocting… Can it explode like this

Although there was strong disbelief in his heart, this was not the best time to ask about it.

He looked at the three Sovereign Stages in front of him and licked his lips hungrily.

His eyes were filled with excitement.

“Shall we start the fight”

Even if he did not want to fight in the city, if he had no choice but to face a battle, Xin Gugu would not refuse it at all.

Xu Xiaoshou stood behind Xin Gugu.

Since Zhang Taiyings momentum was interrupted, he had regained his freedom of movement.

“How many do you want to take on” he asked absently.

However, in his heart, he was asking how many of them that Xin Gugu could restrain.

If this guys answer was for each of them to tackle one person, then he could pack his things up and go home.

Xin Gugu waved his hand grandly and shook his staff.


“You dont have to do anything.

Leave it all to me!”

Xu Xiaoshou was shaken by this wild claim.

After witnessing the cultivation level of these three people, Xin Gugu still dared to utter such crazy words.

‘Good, I like your confidence!

Xu Xiaoshou took a step back, crossed his hands in front of his chest, and nodded.

His look was as if he were saying…

“Very well, you can take the stage.

Ill have the backseat.”

The three people from Zhang Mansion were amused.

The head of them, Zhang Taiying, could not bear this tone at all.

He was different from Zhang Zhongmou.

In his path, there was never much talking or suspicion.

He had come to rely on were his fists alone.

Brute strength and combat power triumphed above everything.

He took one step out, and the void trembled.

Zhang Taiying commanded in a low voice, “Black Pattern!”

Bang! Bang!

His muscles started bulging and expanding.

This guy was already as strong as a little giant, and his figure skyrocketed again.

Not only that, but as he uttered these words, the Devil Veins wrapped around his body, and a black mist instantly oozed out.

His eyes were glowing a fiery red, and he went into a frenzied state on the spot.

Xin Gugu did not dare to delay any further.

He slackened his grip of the staff in his hands, and the Energy Seal on his body instantly loosened.

A faint blood mist began to emerge.

Before Xin Gugu could move too much, a “bang” sounded in front of him.

It was an air blast caused by the friction of muscles.

‘What Has the fight commenced

‘Arent I this guys target

Xin Gugus heart shuddered.

He looked back abruptly.

Xu Xiaoshou was still there.

He also looked to the front with a blank expression on his face.

That was…


Xin Gugus eyes flashed with spiritual light.

He turned his head again to look in the direction of Zhang Taiying.

There were still figures in that place.

However, their identities had altogether changed.


Xin Gugus eyes widened.

When did this guy fly to the front

Where was Zhang Taiying

Where was he

“Ma Ma…”

Aje turned its head slowly.

Its eyes were glowing red with excitement.

If there were people in the face of battle who displayed more enthusiasm than Xin Gugu, it could only be this guy who was born to kill.

The other two people from Zhang Mansion were also stunned.

Zhang Taiying, who had turned on the Black Pattern, was sent flying by Aje with one punch.

Was Zhang Taiying beaten up

This was simply unimaginable.

Zhang Duoyu tilted her head and looked at the old man in horror.

Zhang Zhongmou smiled wryly.

“This old man said earlier that this is a Sovereign Stage Physique.

Do you really think that my Tianyuan Mist Mountain was seized for no reason”

“This…” Only a look of shock remained in Zhang Duoyus gaze.


There was a cry of pain from afar.

The remaining arm of the one-armed Zhang Taiying was completely twisted under that punch.

His Ancestral Bear Spirit had been launched to its peak state, so this injury was nothing to him.

With a flick of his arm, he turned his head again.

His eyes were red in his fury, and he rushed toward Ajes direction.

“Die, you thief!”

Aje tilted its head, quietly looking at Zhang Taiyings thunderous and terrifying punch.

It did not move until the fist neared his face.

With a foot and a lift of his jaw…


Zhang Taiying was hit in the chin by Ajes raised heel.

He was sent flying high in the air in a right-angled posture.

This time, it wasnt just the two people from Zhang Mansion who were dumbfounded.

Xin Gugu and Xu Xiaoshou were equally shocked.

Four faces were thunderstruck.

“What… What kind of combat power is that”


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