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Chapter 358: Aje and His Crazy Attacks

Blood splattered like a flower onto his forehead.

Zhang Zhongmou stopped himself from flying.

He looked at his fractured forearm and suddenly doubted his Sovereign Stage cultivation a little.

‘Have I become too old Is it because I have not battled for quite a while so my cultivation and body have both deteriorated

His arm dangled downward with no energy.

Zhang Zhongmou suddenly realized something.


‘That is not the case!

‘Its that the straw hat boys attack power was is too terrifying!

‘What stage of muscle strength must he possess to be able to infiltrate a Sovereigns spiritual source, which was enhanced with cultivation, as well as the Zhang familys Ancestral Bear Bloodlines body, to crush the bones with just one hit

‘On top of that, regarding the blow from earlier, the other party did not use any spiritual source at all!

At this moment, Zhang Zhongmou was really panicked.

A single punch might not have meant much.

If they were to really battle, he had the confidence to take him down completely.

After all, that one punch was not totally indefensible.

Most of his spiritual techniques prowess could suppress it.

The problem now was that this straw-hat boy seemed to be a powerful person.

He appeared to have a Sovereign Physique.

‘Where did this f*cking guy come from

It was already very difficult for cultivators to achieve Sovereign Stage cultivation.

For him to achieve a Sovereign Stage Physique…

‘That is also not the main point!

Zhang Zhongmou shook himself awake to stop himself from thinking any further.

He knew that the scary part of the problem was not due to that.

It was whether this young man who had punched him was really so strong and did not fake his abilities.

Then, the real powerful person…


With the sound of wind in his ear, Zhang Zhongmou regained control of his flying body.

He could not help but stare at the young man wearing the guards uniform.

‘That fella is the real horrifying presence!

He was panicking deep inside and felt a disturbance coming from the back of his head.

After having experienced it once, Zhang Zhongmou knew that the young man wearing the straw hat had made a move again.

If not for preparations beforehand, even Sovereigns would be injured by his horrifying speed.

Zhang Zhongmou already had the experience of dealing with this.

He flipped his body in the air.

With a move of his fingers, he called out a purple shield from his ring.


Ajes punch, which was aimed at the back of Zhang Zhongmous head, landed on the huge purple shield.

There was a vibration as the array patterns on the shield activated.

A black source of sucking energy swallowed the force of Ajes punch.

The purple shield shook and expanded a little.

As if it had a full meal, it let out a loud burp.

Xu Xiaoshou looked at this from the back with shock.

This shield was at least a Master Stage defense spiritual weapon.

Moreover, looking at its strange ability to swallow attacks, it might even be possible that it was a Sovereign Stage weapon.

Envy flashed across his eyes.

If he were to possess such a weapon, it would definitely save his life during emergencies.

After successfully blocking that attack, Zhang Zhongmou rejoiced a little.

As a Sovereign Stage cultivator, as well as possessing the Ancestral Bear Bloodline and successfully awakening the Ancestral Bear Spirit…

His favorite tactic when engaging in battle was that of close-distance combat.

But now…

‘Close-distance combat

‘Close f*cking combat!

So what if he had the Ancestral Bear Spirit He was still in essence a Spirit Cultivator.

How could he use his spiritual cultivational skills to engage in close combat with a Physique Cultivator

Zhang Zhongmou took advantage of the breathing space to instantly pull back, increasing the distance between them.

Other than close combat, his far-distance battling skills were similarly strong.

They might have even been stronger if he engaged the power from the Way of the Heavens.

Using his spiritual senses, he wanted to keep his Tianyuan Mist Mountain.

This defense spiritual weapon was made using an entire spiritual mountain that had good defensive abilities.

Under such an intense and strong attack, it was not damaged at all.

A simple swallow and burp neutralized the attack.

Zhang Zhongmou moved his hand and realized that his Tianyuan Mist Mountain could not be retrieved.

‘What is going on

Zhang Zhongmou paused and tried to use his spiritual senses again, but all he could feel was a sense of powerlessness coming from the Tianyuan Mist Mountain.

“Ma Ma…”

A call was heard.

Zhang Zhongmous scalp was numb as he turned to look.

He saw Ajes head was tilted, and the straw hat was slanted.

Aje was holding the purple shield in its hand, looking at it curiously with shiny red eyes.

‘What kind of a toy is this How can it suppress my attack without being damaged

‘Even Ma Mas head had something red coming out of it after my attack!

‘No, it cant be…

Zhang Zhongmou saw Aje raising its fist with its mouth agape and pupils rapidly contracting.

The next second…

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Furious yet fast explosive sounds could be heard resonating.

It was as if the death bells and drums had been mercilessly struck, and this drummer was someone who had an element of craziness in him.

Ajes punches were so quick that they looked like afterimages.

The red in its eyes shone brightly as if it had found something fun to play with.

After receiving the blows, the purple shield was not totally unresponsive.

It was just that its reaction was very minimal.

With every punch that landed on it, it still would uncontrollably expand a little.

Even if it was only a little, there was still a change.

Though the change was small, after accumulating many of them…

Aje understood this principle as it saw that the purple shield in front expand rapidly like a balloon.

It became even more excited and started to hit it with even more power.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Zhang Zhongmou was stunned.

This was his Tianyuan Mist Mountain, which he had spent countless years and needed three spirit array masters to barely forge it.

This high-level weapon was priceless to him.

How could he let it be mistreated this way

“Hey there, stop what you are doing!”

“You must not mess around with it!”

The surroundings were silent for half a second.

“Ma Ma”

Aje stopped its attacks and lifted its head to look at Zhang Zhongmou.

At this time, the old man was no longer of any interest to Aje.

Tianyuan Mist Mountain only had time to rest for half a second, which was not even enough time to contract, before loud booming sounds could be heard again.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

It could be seen with the naked eye that this purple shield was rapidly turning red.

It was as if a balloon was blown to its maximum capacity and would explode the very next second.


Zhang Zhongmous entire face turned green.

Cursed, Passive Points 1.

Xu Xiaoshou was totally shocked by Ajes attack power.

When he was being attacked by Red Dog at that time, Aje was imprisoned.

If he could have let it out…

Just based on this mad dogs equivalent attack speed and power…

Aje could have blocked Red Dogs crazily strong final attack.

‘I was so wrong!

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou was extremely sorry for ever having doubts Ajes combat abilities.

Aje was not given a chance to showcase its power and strength in the past as it had always finished enemies off within seconds.

By looking at how Aje attacked enemies in the past, Xu Xiaoshou could understand Ajes lower limits, but what about that of its upper limits


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