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Chapter 354: Dont Worry About Me, Catch The Attacker First

Upon hearing this, everyone started to stand up in shock.

They flew up one by one into the air using their spiritual source.

“Who could this attacker be”

“The Zhou family The Zhao family With such sensitive timing, I guess only those two powerhouses would have the strength and boldness to attack!”

“Same here.

Originally, the Su family would have the ability as well.

What a pity they encountered that situation.”

“Ugh, lets not talk about that.

Lets find the attacker first.

The fact that he dared to attack the eastern wing directly like this means he should not have run far.”

The group of them flew in the sky while having an intense discussion.

As soon as the order was made, the entire Zhang Mansion quickly got to work.

Suddenly, an elderly man took out his communication jade device and stopped whatever he was doing.

“Could it be that Xu Xiaoshou has arrived”

Everyone kept quiet.

After a while of silence, laughter could be heard.

“Seventh Elder, lets not go there.

He is just a mere Innate Stage cultivator and is probably hiding somewhere by now.

If you were in his shoes, would you have dared to come here”

The seventh elder retorted, “He can kill a Sovereign, can you”

“Ha-ha, kill a Sovereign Do you really believe that” The group of them mocked.

“It was most likely the case that the assassin took too long and got taken down by the City Lord Mansions people instead.

Have you not understood the situation”

“I really… cant take you!”

The seventh elder was silent.

To be honest, he did not believe it either.

He just wanted to raise that tiny possibility since everyone was discussing it.

“Or maybe…”

His mind lit up.

The seventh elder suddenly remembered that the eastern wing was also protected by arrays.

How could the intruder have passed through the protective barrier and gotten inside without anyone noticing

After all, with his spiritual senses, he could tell that the protective barrier of the eastern wing had been damaged but only in a small area.

Looking at the explosion, it was most likely to have originated from the inside and spread outward.

Obviously, there was a stowaway.

How had he entered

The seventh elder suddenly remembered the person they had been waiting for but did not arrive.

It was Zhang Xinxiongs friend.

“Maybe, the explosion was caused by Xinxiongs friend.”

The group paused again.

Someone quickly suspected something and said, “It cant be right.

No matter how strong Xinxiong was, he was only a Master.

Within the Inner Court of Tiansang Spiritual Palace, which friend of his could be stronger than him”

“Moreover, even if he or she was stronger, to be able to cause such a huge explosion and damage, who could do it”

Upon hearing this, the group of elders nodded in agreement at this explanation.

The seventh elder begged to differ.

“No, there was someone stronger than Xinxiong in the Spiritual Palace.”


“Xu Xiaoshou!”

The seventh elder naturally asked, “Wasnt it said that that fella used a lightning-quick way and beheaded… Uh, cough, cough.”

Everyone went silent.

After discussing it for so long, the focus was back to Xu Xiaoshou.

They had already removed the possibility of this fella at first.


“No more discussions!”

Zhang Duoyu appeared above the group and said seriously, “What the seventh elder said made sense.

Investigations will start immediately in Zhang Mansion to prevent anyone from entering through a disguise.”

“Also, gather all our strength and search from the inside out!”

“He dared to blast my Zhang Mansion.

Today, we will not him escape!”

Everyones heart tightened in resolve and rushed to reply.


In a corner right outside the eastern wing…

Cries sounding like howling ghosts and wolves could be heard.

Various kinds of voices and cries could be heard in Xu Xiaoshous mind.

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

‘The damage… Was it really so scary

He had thought about the kind of damage that the explosion would bring.

Since he had never tried using the Innate Pill with 18 exploding cauldrons, he was still shocked by what he saw.


Even Master Stage cultivators could not withstand it if they did not know and take precautions beforehand!

It could be visibly seen that there was a deep trench as if a small nuclear bomb had been set off.

The depth and width…

In the whole eastern wing, there was not a single house still standing, not to mention the private residence of Zhang Taiying.

All of them were wrecked by this explosion.

As for the spiritual pond, if he had not moved it, it would have probably been evaporated together with all the fish.

Foosh! Foosh!

Looking at the burning flames all around him, Xu Xiaoshou had no time to think anymore.

He had to flee immediately.

There were already many people gathering.

If he were to run in the opposite direction from them, he would become an obvious target.

Thinking about this, Xu Xiaoshou immediately rolled onto the ground.

Through rolling, his clothes were all black.

His face became unrecognizable as well.

After doing that, he struggled to stand up and shouted weakly, “Help… Help me!”

Upon realizing there was a survivor, the crowd that was rushing over immediately gathered around him.

“How are you feeling”

A look at this mans guard uniform let them know that he was one of them, so they asked with concern.

Xu Xiaoshou held onto one of their hands violently and said, “Dont worry about me.

Catch the attacker first!”

“Attacker Did you see the attacker Where!”

A few of them became excited.

If they could obtain first-hand information, they would be able to look good in front of the higher-ups.

“He went that direction!”

Xu Xiaoshou randomly pointed in a direction, swallowed his saliva, and said effortfully, “You guys hurry up and call the elders first!”

“He was a black-clothed, masked man.

Just with your abilities, you cant all defeat him!”

“Is there any other information” The few of them were eager.

Xu Xiaoshou shook his head and painfully shut his eyes, sealing off his six senses, and pretending to faint.


In the next second, he found himself thrown back onto the ground without any care.

The few of them who had gotten his information immediately ran toward the direction he had pointed.

Xu Xiaoshou was surprised.

‘Are they really so brave and fearless

‘Did they not suspect me at all

‘Even though I said not to worry about me and to catch the attacker first… Did you guys really not worry at all

‘F*ck, Im a casualty!

Before he could revive and flee, a few horrifying presences could be felt flying over.

They were none other than the group of elders who flew over Xu Xiaoshous head and rushed toward the direction of those few people who had told them about the information.

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked and immediately laid down more carefully.

There were 13 Masters and one Sovereign.

He quickly counted as the group of them flew over.

He was so shocked that his heart almost stopped.

Fortunately, his pretense was still rather successful.

Not far from him were similar casualties and corpses.

It seemed that all those cultivators at Master and below who were nearby did not fare well at all under this explosion.

The group of elders followed the direction he had pointed and left without talking to him any further.

Since he was just a mere guard, he did not have the right to be chatting with the elders.

The few of them who had obtained first-hand information from him similarly did not plan to give their intel up as second-hand information.

Xu Xiaoshou was abandoned.

All alone, he was elated.

‘Have I deceived all of them

Compared to what he had expected, this was many times easier.

With his Innate Stage abilities, it was all too easy for people to neglect his existence.

In no time, Xu Xiaoshous Perception could see emergency rescuers rushing over.

They were moving bodies one by one and would probably carry him away soon as well.

‘I cant lie here anymore.

At this point, most of the elders should be busy, and no one would come here…

Xu Xiaoshou pondered as his eyes lit up.

With his Perception plus the Watched notifications from the system acting as a warning system, he could easily discover if anyone was snooping nearby.

Currently, both of these were not triggered.

It meant that he had successfully deceived the enemies.

Xu Xiaoshou flipped up and brushed the dirt off his body.

He looked in the direction where the elders flew from and smiled slyly.

‘Zhang Taiying, he-he, watch me empty all your treasures this time!


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