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Chapter 314: The Grand Banquet

Xu Xiaoshou was surprised.

“So early”

He had thought that in this vacation, he would at least have a one-month break before it would be over.

Fu Xing nodded.

“The date is still not confirmed but seeing the frequency of the vibrations of the extradimensional space, it will only be a matter of a few days.”

Xu Xiaoshou acknowledged it and asked, “What does this have to do with that opportunity that you mentioned earlier”

“Heh heh.”

Fu Xing smiled mysteriously.

“Big Brother, you might not know this, but even though White Cave is an extradimensional space, it is under the control of large organizations in the surrounding 12 counties and cities.”

“To enter it, you need a nomination.

For those who want to try smuggling in, they are executed on the spot!”

Xu Xiaoshou raised his brows.

Was it that serious

Fu Xing knew what he was thinking and explained, “In the past, there was a highly skilled cultivator that tried to sneak into the extradimensional space, but his entering caused a whole area in the space to collapse.”

“If that was just an ordinary place, it might not have mattered that much.

For a place as highly sacred as White Cave, even the Holy Divine Palace has to treat it solemnly with respect!”

“In these unprecedented times, the number of guards keeping watch, no matter whether the red-clothed or the white-clothed, will be doubled in their numbers.”

“At this time, if you want to enter White Cave, you have to have a nomination.”

Fu Xing waved his hand without any regard and continued, “Tiansang Prefectures White Cave nominations are decided by Tiansang City.”

“And Tiansang City is controlled by the City Lords Mansion!”

At this point, he raised his chin proudly.

Obviously, the Fu family would have the final say in the City Lords Mansion.

In short, the White Cave nominations would be decided by the Fu Family.

Upon hearing this, Xu Xiaoshou was a little curious and said, “If I remember correctly, Tiansang Spiritual Palace also has some White Cave nominations!”

The Spirit Palace was the most prestigious educational organization and respected by every prefecture.

It was half-controlled by the Holy Divine Palace, affiliated to the Central Regions Holy Palace, and an entity that was totally above normal organizations.

To put it to comparison in terms of status and power, it far exceeded the various famed families of each prefecture, and even that of the City Lords Mansion.

Of course, the Spiritual Palace did not need to compete.

No matter how much they did, they could only be as large as the landmass of a prefecture.

Each Spiritual Palace, as long as it could be established, would automatically contain the top talents of that prefecture and, hence, would not need to compete that much.

Fu Xing smiled and said, “Due to the extradimensional spaces opening, each Spiritual Palace would naturally have some quotas.”

“The quotas they hold will be given to the top talents in the Spiritual Palace…”

Xu Xiaoshou said, “Oh” in a higher pitch, causing Fu Xing to panic.

“Of course, Im not saying that you will not make it.

What Im saying is that you are still so young and have lots of growth potential.

Even if you do not get it now, you will eventually do so.”

“Besides, dont you still have me”

Xu Xiaoshou could sense what he was hinting at and asked, “Do you want to gift me a nomination to White Cave”


Fu Xing smiled wryly.

“This gift…I do not have that much of a control, but what I am saying is…”

He straightened his face and looked into the distance with a serious face as if having some deep thought.

“In the days before the extradimensional space opens, according to past rules and tradition, the City Lords Mansion will organize a large banquet.”

“During the banquet, there will be a competition for the younger generation of cultivators, as well as Tiansang prefectures indirect ranking of the various cities and organizations.”

“In short, whoever becomes outstanding during the banquet, it will mean that within Tiansang prefecture… Well, not just within Tiansang prefecture, but including the other regions… Anyway, this person will possess the capabilities to step out and explore!”

Fu Xings eyes were bright and filled with ambition.

He did not mention how different this years banquet would be.

Compared to the banquets before the opening of other extradimensional spaces, this year, because it was White Cave, not just organizations from Tiansang prefecture would be there.

Even those from outside the prefecture were arriving one by one.

To the families and organizations originating from Tiansang prefecture, this was naturally extremely bad news.

After all, the cake was only so big.

The more people there were with stronger abilities, naturally, more of the cake would be given out to them.

But to the younger generation, this banquet was a chance for them to become known.

If they could defeat those who came from outside the prefecture, that would be such an amazing and exciting feat for them.

Fu Xings idol was the Eighth Sword Deity.

Within him flowed the proud ideal of crushing all his opponents beneath his feet.

But now it seemed like it might not be impossible.

At least from those younger cultivators he had seen visit the City Lords Mansion, there was only a handful that was stronger than him.

Xu Xiaoshou looked at Fu Xing weirdly as he saw him start to become more excited by his own words.

“In the end, you still did not say what this banquet has got to do with White Caves quotas.”

Fu Xing was stunned for a moment.

He then smiled awkwardly.

“Big Brother, I forgot to say.

The banquet naturally has its own procedures, but its main purpose is to decide who should be nominated to take up the White Cave quotas that the City Lords Mansion has!”

Xu Xiaoshou nodded his head lightly.

Even if Fu Xing had not said that he had already guessed it.

He had guessed that this banquets original purpose was to distribute the quotas for entering the extradimensional space.

Under the infighting between each organization during the banquet, it eventually caused the banquets nature to be slightly changed.

Ultimately, to find out the White Caves secret, this banquet was extremely important.

Xu Xiaoshou asked, “Based on what you had said, since the quotas will be distributed according to abilities and there will be competitions, are these quotas all obtained through fighting”

“What is the competition like”

“It would not be good for all the Sovereigns to start fighting for real within the banquet!”

Xu Xiaoshou thought of Ye Xiaotian and Elder Sang.

If this level of battle were to occur…

A Hand of Ripping Heaven and another Dragon Melting Realm would be enough to destroy Tiansang City, not to mention the City Lords Mansion.

“Unless… Is it arm wrestling”

Fu Xing suddenly felt faint.

‘Asking Sovereigns to arm wrestle

‘What are you thinking No wonder you are Big Brother Shou!

“Sovereigns naturally cannot participate.”

Fu Xing said confidently, “The region has already ruled that if these high-leveled cultivators were to battle, they would have to fight in their own realms or up in the sky.

Otherwise, there would be millions of casualties.”

“As such, the battles that occur during the banquet are usually between the younger generation of each organization.

There will be simultaneous competitions for Master Stage cultivators, alchemists, and swordsmen taking place.”

“The nominations will naturally go to the winners.”

Xu Xiaoshou hesitated.


“So, even if I cannot give you a nomination directly, I can make use of my status as prince of the City Lords Mansion to cordially invite you to the banquet!”


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