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Chapter 299: My Dear Big Brother


Fu Xing looked at the finger above his forehead.

His eyes were crossed, and he gnashed his teeth harshly.

He could endure all kinds of tawdry words, but with just this action, he felt ultimate contempt and mockery.

Coupled with Xu Xiaoshous words…

He had already called him Big Brother, yet he was still not spared.

Fu Xings eyes flashed angrily.

His biting sword intent could not be held back any longer.


The sword in Fu Yinhongs hand was not yet back in her spatial ring.

Under his wrathful sword intent, it flew out of her hands with a tremor.

Xu Xiaoshou looked back.

His gaze instantly fell onto the sword.


The sword fell to the ground.

The sword bounced a few times on the ground with a clanging sound before it fell into silent stillness.

Fu Xings hand made an empty grasp in the air.

The sword did not fly into his hands as he expected but was cut off halfway.

“Sword intent”

Even President Shi Ti could not help himself and let out a cry of surprise.

Fu Yinhong also saw Xu Xiaoshou in a new light.

Could a fellow in the Origin Court State actually perceive the sword intent

Though the others displayed different reactions, Fu Xings eyes were left with nothing but a shocked look.

“Innate Sword Intent”

As he said this out loud, everyone in the court scrambled over.

“What Is this Innate Sword Intent”

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked by the crowds reaction and hesitantly asked, “Is Innate Sword Intent very rare”

Everyone was silent.

Was Innate Sword Intent rare

Amongst the younger generation in Tiansang City, the only person who was slightly more renowned for Innate Sword Intent was none other than Su Qianqian.

Fu Xing glanced at Xu Xiaoshou appraisingly as if he had discovered a treasure.

He was born a noble, so there were not many things that could stir his emotions.

Even though Xu Xiaoshou spewed out a lot of nonsense earlier, Fu Xing had agreed to the requests that were within his means.

It was just money.

It was not a big deal.

When it was related to the Sword Path, Young Master Fu was very excited.

In all of Tiansang City, who did not know that the idol of the City Lords eldest son was the former Eighth Sword Deity

Even though he knew he was in the Magic Pill Technicians Association, when he saw this prodigy, who had perceived the sword intent at merely the Origin Court State, Fu Xing could not contain his excitement.

He was also learning Innate Sword Intent but lacked opponents of his level, so he was itching to put his skills to the test.

At that moment, he no longer cared about what others thought.

His fingers stretched out.

A finger sword sliced toward Xu Xiaoshous chest.


Shi Ti was immediately alarmed.

This was Elder Sangs underling.

Even if he was only there to give Mu Zixi a distraction, he had to tread carefully, nonetheless.

If something happened to this kid, and Mu Zixi reported back to Elder Sang, according to that old mans overprotective nature, he would likely tear down the entire Pill Pagoda in vengeance.

He was obviously too late in his rebuke.

However, Xu Xiaoshous reaction was not slow, to say the least.

In the time it took Fu Xing to move his two fingers, he had already acted.

Two fingers were drawn together.

He instantly commanded the psychokinesis power and launched the Agility skill.

A translucent shadow manifested from Xu Xiaoshous arm and slashed on Fu Xings two fingers.


A vigorous white sword power caused a direct explosion on the spot.

It caused the tables, chairs, and decorative ornaments in the court to be blasted apart.

The old alchemists who did not have sufficient strength suffered from the strong impact and recoiled back from the impact.

Thankfully, most of the people were far away from the center of the commotion.

Apart from being in shock, they did not suffer any major injuries.

It was a different story for those who were standing close by.

The seven-layer protective barrier was directly blown up into shreds.

The floorboards crumbled apart, sending wood pieces and shavings everywhere.

Fu Yinhong was blown back by the intertwined Double Innate Sword Intent on the spot.

Mu Zixis condition was worse.

Her double ponytails rose in the air as she was sent flying from the ground.

With a swoosh, Shi Ti appeared in the blink of an eye and caught the little girl, shielding her behind him.

When the wave of energy inflicted by the sword intent finally subdued, Fu Xing was dumbfounded.

He gaped at Xu Xiaoshous finger in bewilderment.

“Finger Sword”

“10 Sections of the Finger Sword”

Likewise, Xu Xiaoshou gasped in surprise.

Did this guy know that move

It could not be,

One day in the Spiritual Library Division, Elder Sang told him that his Finger Sword was just a replica or just a spiritual technique, and no Ordinary Sword Cognition existed.

“Be careful!”

Thinking of this, Xu Xiaoshou could not help but give a warning, but it was already too late.

Even if he withdrew his strength now, his sword cognition had already taken on its form.

After the force of the two finger swords clashing was offset, Fu Xing was in a defenseless state.

Suddenly, a large and spectacular white sword aura flew out from Xu Xiaoshous finger.

Fu Xing was astonished.

Before he could defend himself, that sword aura knocked the defensive spiritual weapon off of his body.

He was carried by its immense force through the door panels of the alchemy room, passing through the walls as they cracked apart from the energy, and was sent straight out.


The side of the Pill Pagoda exploded from the inside out.

A wretched figure was interspersed between the chaotic flying stone slabs.

Pedestrians on the road looked sideways.

“Whats going on here”

“The Pill Pagoda has experienced an unusually high number of explosive furnaces today, and their power is also getting more and more terrifying.

It even blew a hole through the wall!”

“No, look guys, its a sword aura!”

“That figure… Is it Young Master Fu”

The pedestrians were frozen in shock from the rare sight.

In the middle of the Pill Pagoda, Shi Tis entire body almost split apart.

He gazed at the sunlight pouring in through the torn-down walls only to find it blindingly dazzling.

Immediately, he clenched his fist so tightly that his knuckles cracked.

Alarm bells rang in Xu Xiaoshous head.

He did not expect Fu Xing to react like this, moreover, he did not anticipate the guy to launch a covert attack.

Unfortunately, Fu Xing was no match for Xu Xiaoshou, who had sent him flying due to his insufficient ability.

In the process, he also managed to demolish the outer wall of the Pill Pagoda.


“He made the first move.” Xu Xiaoshou played innocent.

Shi Ti clenched his jaw so tightly that his muscles were tense.

He craned his neck but did not utter a word.

Xu Xiaoshou was instantly deflated.

“Alright, I am also at fault.

I admit my wrongdoings.”

“But if I did not strike, I might have been killed by him.

What is wrong with this guy”

“When I attacked, I never expected him to be so weak, so…”

Looking at Shi Tis increasingly dark face, Xu Xiaoshou decided that silence was golden and kept quiet.


“Im sorry!”

Xu Xiaoshou bowed deeply in apology.

Shi Tis face was white with anger.

His outstretched fingers were still trembling, but he was no longer able to say anything.

He suddenly thought of Elder Sangs letter…

“Forgiveness is a virtue.”

“Generosity reflects good upbringing.”

He was too careless.

He originally thought that the letter could put an end to the cavities in the Pill Pagoda, but he never imagined that it was just the beginning.

The old president took a deep breath and looked back at Fu Yinhong.

“Hurry up and check on Fu Xing.”


A blood-drenched figure flew up from the sunlight.

Fu Xing was like an unrelenting cockroach who refused to admit defeat.

This time, a jade pendant was pinned to his waist.

His expression was exuberant, and his eyes were glowing.

Even though his dust-covered face was speckled with blood from their earlier scuffle, it still could not hide the scorching glimmer in his eyes.

With a whoosh, Fu Xing directly leaped in front of Xu Xiaoshou.

It startled Xu Xiaoshou.

He once again extended two fingers in defense.

Young Master Fu was not bothered in the very least.

He grabbed the shoulders of the youth in front of him and blurted excitedly, “10 Sections of the Finger Sword!”

“You just said 10 Sections of the Finger Sword, right”

His eyes glittered with amazement as he muttered to himself.

“Yes, you said that!”

“How could you possibly know the Eighth Sword Deitys 10 Sections of the Finger Sword technique Moreover, your finger sword is not a replica!”

“This is the real thing! I can see that!”

Xu Xiaoshous eyes were filled with disbelief.

Was this guy crazy

“Impossible… How is this possible”

Fu Xing stopped muttering to himself and shook his head.

As an avid fan of the Eighth Sword Deity, he had researched and investigated his idols famed technique 10 Sections of the Finger Sword down to the smallest detail.

It was this extreme obsession that led him to the conclusion that Xu Xiaoshous 10 Sections of the Finger Sword was the real deal.

He covered his head with both hands, and his eyes glinted wildly.

After letting out exclamations of surprise, he cupped Xu Xiaoshous cheeks with his hands.

His eyes revealed a look of longing.

“Brother, my dear big brother…”

“Please teach me.

I want to learn the 10 Sections of the Finger Sword!”


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