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Chapter 298: My Foolish Younger Brother

Fu Xing was shocked.

Mu Zixi was also shocked.

Even Fu Yinhong was bewildered.

This guy, who had appeared from nowhere, was calling her sister.

It could not be right.

She had met this guy before.

“Are you… Xu Xiaoshou”

Fu Yinhong suddenly recalled that day she was out on a mission and the black spectral lotus descended from the sky.

She had encountered an Innate by chance in the street behind Plenty Gold Company.

That day, she had many things to deal with and had met many people, so there was no way to recall everything.

Regardless, this guy was quite recognizable.

At least his mouth and the familiar tone of voice instantly tugged her memory.

Xu Xiaoshou only slightly shook his head at her words.

Drawing his hands behind his back, he took a step back and raised his head.

“Show some respect! What Xu Xiaoshou You have to call me Big Brother!”

After hearing that, Fu Yinhongs face darkened.

She felt the veins in her forehead throbbing and was instantly angry.

He had developed quite the thick skin in a short time.

The day she interrogated him, he had been treading on thin ice and behaved carefully around her, but now…

He wanted her to call him Big Brother.

Who gave him the guts to speak in this manner in front of a vice commander

“I heard that you did not follow my orders that day and also knocked out the guard.” Fu Yinhongs eyes narrowed, and her expression instantly became dangerous.

To be honest, after taking off her armor, she was not fond of handling official business.

Yet, this young man had spoken so wildly that if she, a vice commander, could not teach him a lesson, then how could she save face

Xu Xiaoshou gave her a deep look and did not intend to argue about the matter.

This matter could not be justified.

If he were to speak further, he was afraid he would be imprisoned.

He turned his head to look at Fu Xing and asked, “This is your younger sister, right You should have called her just now.”

Fu Xing did not reply.

He had a bad feeling deep down.

It was just a bet, and it was just a punch…

So why did it turn out this way

Since Xu Xiaoshou received no reply, he took it as a silent agreement.

If he did not make a pre-emptive strike and exert dominance over this girl now, he was afraid that he would be the one who was dominated.

He calmly said, “Since this is your sister, then isnt it appropriate for me to call your sister,Sister”

Young Master Fu thought,You have a point, but I dare not speak.

Fu Yinhong, on the other hand, observed her brothers wordlessness and followed with a moment of silence.

After realizing that he had nothing to say, the red-haired young lady raised her eyebrows and burst out in anger.

She was not sure what had happened between the two of them but failing the test was frustrating enough.

Although it was partially due to the earthquake that had just happened, this was the will of God and beyond her control.

However, as soon as she left the alchemy room, she was greeted by such a mouthy Innate scumbag who called her his “Sister.”

And to think that it was the little ant who resisted her orders before.


Did he think she had a good temper

A loud clanging followed as she immediately pulled out a long sword from her spatial ring, which even startled Shi Ti.

“Put down your sword! Dont be disrespectful!”

The association president bellowed before realizing that his tone was rather harsh, to which he immediately added, “This is the Magic Pill Technicians Association.”

Fu Yinhong bowed apologetically and slowly put her sword away.

In her heart, a shocking suspicion began to rise.

‘This Xu Xiaoshou…

‘Since when did he get involved with President Shi Ti

‘Listening to his words of concern, and realizing that this person was personally invited by the president…


‘Since when did my elder brother start tolerating a mere Innate to behave so wildly and overstep his authority

“Xu Xiaoshou, what exactly do you mean”

Xu Xiaoshou saw that the girl had calmed down and thought that the situation would be easier to handle.

He glanced at Fu Xing.

“Explain yourself, Younger Brother.”

Younger Brother…

Fu Xing almost spurted out a mouthful of blood.

He swore that if life could rewind, he would never get involved in that so-called heroic rescue.

Moreover, he would never engage in such a humiliating bet with Xu Xiaoshou.

Even if he were to give this kid a million spirit crystals, it would be preferable to their bet.

The development of the events strayed greatly from his imagination.

Actually, they had gone south completely.

He covered his face in shame.

How on earth did the situation go this way

“Fu Xing!”

Fu Yinhong pressured him loudly.

This group, who was at the entrance of the alchemy room, had started attracting a lot of attention.

Fu Yinhongs impulsion to draw a sword had already caused the old alchemists hearts to tremble.

After all, not everyone could maintain the same level of alchemy and cultivation, and those who were the likes of Sang Lao and Shi Ti were far and few between.

Fu Xing thought nervously,If we wait any longer, everyone will be drawn here again.

He dawdled and said, “Its actually nothing.

Its just a gamble.”

“What gamble is it, and with this kid”

Fu Yinhong was in utter disbelief that her older brother would be a bully.

She started telling him off.

“With your cultivation level, why do you go bullying people, you–”

She suddenly stopped talking.

That was not right.

If Fu Xing had won, how could this awkward situation occur He also would not have behaved in this squirming manner.

“Did you lose” In her shock, her volume increased.

Fu Xings face turned green at the thought that so many people were watching them.

Couldnt she leave her brother some dignity

After all, there was not much left.


He hurriedly shushed her.

“Why dont we talk in the alchemy room”

“Now, immediately, tell me the whole story clearly!”

Fu Yinhong was on the verge of exploding.

Not only had he lost, but he also pulled her down with him.


When she thought of this word, her chest started heaving violently.

Xu Xiaoshou was getting on her nerves.

Previously, she had not managed to imprison him.

Now, he had found another way to exert his dominance over her.

Fu Xing was feeling down in the dumps, “Actually its nothing.

It was just a punch bet.

We are just joking only that the loser will call the other Big Brother.”

He had completely let go of the matter and turned toward Xu Xiaoshou to lower his head.

“Big Brother!”

“I shall call you Big Brother, alright Dont pull my leg anymore.

Lets put this behind us.”

Xu Xiaoshou was already satisfied.

Upon hearing the latter part of the sentence, he immediately signaled Fu Xing to stop talking.

“What did you say”

Fu Xing thought that he was going to use his tricks on him again.

He did not even allow the other man to finish saying “I didnt hear you! Speak up louder!” before shouting with all his might.

“Big Brother!”

His loud and clear voice startled the sparrows outside the windows, not to mention the people in the court.

Everyone in the court heard him clearly, and all of them looked confused.

Had Young Master Fu called this Innate Big Brother

Doubted, Passive Points, 36.

Admired, Passive Points, 22.

Xu Xiaoshou gritted his teeth and leaned back, covering his ears.

“Why are you screaming so loudly I am not deaf!”

“I meant to say, what was your previous sentence”

Fu Xing was silent a moment.

He thought for a bit and asked, “Are you letting this matter go”

“The sentence before that!”

Fu Xing did not know what he wanted, but as a Spiritual Cultivator, he had a good memory.

He immediately searched his mind and spoke without missing a word.

“Its nothing really.

Its just a gamble.

Everyone is just joking…”


Xu Xiaoshou suddenly reached his hand out to stop him from talking.

Fu Xing held his tongue instantly and asked with a bad feeling, “So”

“Just kidding…”

Xu Xiaoshou muttered.

He suddenly shook his head and stretched out a finger against Fu Xings brow.

“My foolish younger brother, do you really think I am joking with you”

“If you agree to a bet, you must accept loss! You cant run from being my younger brother!”


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