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Chapter 287: Suppressing All Things


Xu Xiaoshou pushed open the window.

Sunlight poured in.

He stretched his back.

The bones made noises like beans being fried.

‘What a relief!

After lying in bed mindlessly for two days, he felt happy again.

He had encountered that annoying incident as soon as they got out of the mountain.

As a result, he couldnt implement his original plans properly.

Xu Xiaoshou let himself have a holiday.

Waking up from a long sleep, he felt that his mid-stage of Origin Court State had been solidified.

The streets were bustling with people passing by each other in a hurry.

It was obvious that the world would go on in an orderly manner without him causing troubles.

“Its time to get down to business.”

It was time to go and get the magic pill technician badge.

With that item, he would at least have real identity protection.

Whether it was for trading or something else, the item was extremely useful.

Magic pill technicians in Shengshen Continent had a very high status.

Those with a higher grade were respected even more by people.

Xu Xiaoshou was curious to know how many Passive Points he would gain if he put the badge on his forehead while traveling.

He closed the window and looked back at the big bed.

“Little one, can you get smaller”

Greedy the Cat Spirit was a bit too eye-catching.

It was invisible, but what if someone could see it…

A person who could see Greedy the Cat Spirit had to be extraordinary.

In such a situation, what would the other party think of Xu Xiaoshou

He was certain it would attract unnecessary attention.


In the face of Xu Xiaoshous question, Greedy the Cat Spirit leaped into the young mans arms with a gentle whine.

After all, they had slept together for two days, so the relationship between the two of them had improved.

Xu Xiaoshou felt troubled when he thought that one of them made the sound “Ma Ma” while the other a “Meow.”

“Cant you get smaller”

If his question had an answer, Greedy the Cat Spirit would have replied affirmatively to him.

It was something he had figured out in the past two days.

For example, when he asked, “Do you want some water”

Greedy the Cat Spirit would not respond.

When he asked, “Do you want to drink milk”

The creature would leap over and greedily suck the Life force.

Since the creature didnt give a response, it must not have been able to make itself smaller.

“Well, its not like everything can get smaller and bigger like Aje.

It can even change into the shapes it wants.”

Xu Xiaoshou thought of Jiao Tangtang and Xin Gugu.

As a ghost beast host body, he wondered if the creature could enter his body.

As to how it entered the body, Xu Xiaoshou didnt know.

He figured that Greedy the Cat Spirit perhaps knew how.

Hence, the young man bared his chest and gave an invitation to the little cat on his chest, “Do you want to come in”

Greedy the Cat Spirit was startled.

A delightful expression quickly appeared in its purple eyes.

The creature then had a look of disbelief as if asking “Is it really OK”

Xu Xiaoshou nodded with a smile.



After obtaining permission to enter, Greedy the Cat Spirit was afraid that he might regret his decision and immediately jumped onto Xu Xiaoshous forehead.

Xu Xiaoshou was startled.

Before he could react, he felt like the Yuan Mansion was being pried open by something, causing him to grimace in pain.


He inhaled and realized that the way Greedy the Cat Spirit entered his body was different from what he had imagined.

“Did the creature enter the Origin Court of Yuan Mansion”

Origin Court was the most precious place for a Spiritual Cultivator.

If this place was injured, the cultivators spiritual source might be damaged.

If a mishap happened, the cultivator would at least have dementia or, at most, die.

Xu Xiaoshou hastened to gather his spiritual senses in the Origin Court.

Over the chaos and emptiness, there seemed to be a windless and waveless ocean and a dead cat in the ocean.

“Whats going on”

Xu Xiaoshou was astonished, wondering why Greedy the Cat Spirit was not as excited as he had been before entering his body and looked drained of energy.

He used his spiritual senses to investigate and found that the cat was rolling its eyes and spewing white foam.

This guy was spewing so much white foam that it seemed it would last forever.

No, that was not the point.

The point was why the creature could spew the white foam endlessly.

Origin Court was the life source of Spiritual Cultivators.

The importance of it was no less than ones own fleshy body.

As far as the quality was concerned, it was even purer than the fleshy body.

If this was the case, shouldnt Greedy the Cat Spirit have been more vigorous by now

Soon, Xu Xiaoshou realized that something was wrong.

Something that he thought to be normal might have been a terror for others.

He looked up and saw the Red Interface at the top of emptiness.

He remembered that the grey mist figure had employed Celestial Dragon Seal, but the effect of it was limited and fiercely suppressed when it entered Origin Court.

It was like vegetables being chopped.

Thus, not only that dragon but also this cat…

Faced the same consequence.

Xu Xiaoshou felt agitated.

‘As a result, all the creatures and things in the outside world cant avoid the fate of being suppressed when they enter my Origin Court!

It was truly wonderful that he had such a powerful faculty.

He thought that if he could figure out a way to invite the thoughts of others into his Origin Court, they would be a mindless person after they were let out…

Or they couldnt go back at all.

“My goodness, it turns out that this is a powerful weapon!”

Xu Xiaoshou excitedly spoke, but soon realized that he hadnt tried to invite someone in his body actively like the name of Passive System.

‘Perhaps the value of the Red Interface existing here is to guard the Origin Court and defend against the invasion of outside demons!

‘However, if someone comes to take my body as a host or forces others to take my body as a host…

Xu Xiaoshou was naturally unwilling to let that happen.

After some thought, he found that he had no way to avoid it.

Since he was aware of the matter, he advised himself that he should be careful when he met Spiritual Cultivators who specialized in mental strength and spiritual strength.

‘Complete defeat

Xu Xiaoshou smiled, thinking that the injury of his spiritual source wouldnt happen at all.

Whoever came in would kneel.


A somewhat suppressed cat moan rang out.

Xu Xiaoshou didnt pay much attention to it.

He didnt trust the ghost beasts too much.

Since it knelt there, he figured hed let it be.

At least it will not cause any harm to him.

Moreover, the life energy was extremely dense in this place, and Greedy the Cat Spirit would evolve faster there.

‘Well, Ive done everything for its benefit!

“Little kitten, wait here patiently, and you will be able to get up some time later.”


Greedy the Cat Spirit raised its head.

Its aggrieved purple eyes displayed a sign of “Let me out.”

The creature lifted its tender paw and waved it helplessly in the empty space.

Xu Xiaoshou laughed and muttered to himself, “Feel free to suck the life energy here.

But the condition is that you are not allowed to touch that thing.”

He pointed to the well-nourished Life source and advised, “Try not to get close.”

“Its unpleasant to be suppressed here, isnt it Bear with it, and it will soon be fine.”

“Once you get close to this thing, its not a matter of whether you feel good or not but a matter of whether you will die or not!”

“The consequences are very serious,” Xu Xiaoshou said in a stern voice.


Regret was written all over Greedy the Cat Spirits eyes.

Before it could call again, Xu Xiaoshou puffed once.

The creature rolled over and fainted happily while trembling.

“Happy growing.

Maybe you will have a surprising evolution outcome for me!”

Xu Xiaoshou backed out from the Yuan Mansion with a smile.

As far as Xu Xiaoshou was concerned, the sole role of Greedy the Cat Spirit was the communication jade device, which he could use to contact Jiao Tangtang at critical moments.

He was not interested in raising pets.

However, he could accept pets that could grow up by themselves without him cleaning up after them.

“As such…”

Xu Xiaoshou came before Mu Zixis door and knocked on it lightly.

“Its time to get down to business.”


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