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Chapter 265: Xu Xiaoshou, Help!

The atmosphere suddenly became chilly.

The sudden kick made the crowd fall silent.

Everyone looked at the woman with jaws agape, feeling incredulous.

They wondered how the woman dared to strike in full view of everyone.


Xin Gugu raised the Zen staff in his hand, feeling somewhat stunned.

She had told him that he wasnt allowed to hurt people, so how come she had herself

On the road, she had advised him that they shouldnt act conspicuously, yet she forgot about what she said after she entered the city.

“Senior Sister.”

He came over nervously, thinking that the guy, unlike himself, might die from the kick.

“Dont worry.

He wont die.

I know what Im doing.”

The woman pointed to the person on the gold emblem with a smile and said, “Go bring him down!”

No sooner had she finished the sentence than the figure slid down from the gold emblem with blood trickling down.


Xiao Sixteen landed on the ground.

He was unconscious.

Xin Gugu shrugged, indicating that it was no longer necessary for him to do anything.

As for saving him…

He thought, “Forget about it.

There is no such a thing as saving others by spilling my blood.”

Standing on the side and observing, Gu Qingyi was horrified, even though he didnt show it on his face.

It had only been one kick.

With a single kick, a Master Stage swordsman was knocked unconscious.

How strong was she

If he were asked to do so, he would have to at least use his sword.

The kick…

The swordsman with nine swords and the swordless swordsman looked at each other.

They were obviously also shocked.

In the eyes of those two, the kick was indeed not simple.

“Little girl.” The woman came before Mu Zixi and bent her body forward.

As far as Mu Zixi was concerned, this woman was really tall.

“At the very least, I could only reach her shoulders if I was on tiptoes,” Mu Zixi thought.

After the woman bent down, Mu Zixi felt more ashamed of her own height.

She opened her eyes wide.

A shocked expression was visible in her eyes.

How could she be so big

The woman lifted her chin with a smile, saying, “My name is Jiao Tangtang.

You can call me Big Sister Tangtang.”

“To tell you the truth, Big Sister Tangtang liked you at the first sight.

Come with me!”

“I need you very much.”

Jiao Tangtang shot a glance at the conical hat on the head of Mu Zixi casually.

It seemed that Greedy the Cat Spirit didnt notice her arrival.

Apparently, it enjoyed this girl with a special spiritual physique.

She had a spiritual physique with an abundant life force and wood attribute.

Jiao Tangtang had to admit that this was the first time she had seen such a physique.

Compared to the few saint physiques within the sect, her physique still lacked strength, but the special nature of her life force was unparalleled.

The girl would be a perfect ghost beast host body for Greedy the Cat Spirit.

Greedy the Cat Spirit had been able to find the ideal physique, which was hard to find, by itself.

It was indeed a fortunate encounter.

An undetected greedy expression flashed in the deep part of the womans beautiful eyes.

Mu Zixi opened her mouth and found that even though Xiao Sixteen had fainted, the force of Heavenly Image that trapped her hadnt faded away.

“A Master Stage swordsman has been kicked unconscious by this woman.”

The little girl had nothing but shock in her heart.

She didnt understand why everyones focus was suddenly on her, including Xiao Sixteen, the three swordsmen, and this woman.

She thought, “It is apparent that Im very ordinary and usual, so it shouldnt have happened!”

“Ive been just waiting for Xu Xiaoshou to come back!”

Mu Zixi was on the verge of crying, but she couldnt speak, and her senior brother was not back yet.

She hadnt experienced such a scene before.

“Those who can deal with these people have to be at the level of Master,” she thought.

“Cant move”

It was apparent that Jiao Tangtang had noticed the strange state Mu Zixi was in.

She shot a cold glance at the unconscious Xiao Sixteen on the ground and thought that he deserved death.

“How dare he confine the ghost beast host for Greedy the Cat Spirit!”

“On the other hand, how come Greedy the Cat Spirit didnt stop it”

She stole a glance at the white cat standing on Mu Zixis head before she waved her hand to dismantle the confinement of Mu Zixis body.

“Dont be afraid.

Big Sister will protect you!”

“Hiss…” Mu Zixi exhaled and found that she could finally hear her own voice.

She felt excited.

Jiao Tangtang saw her take a deep breath with a trembling body and comfortingly said, “Do not worry.

Ill protect you from now on.”

Before she could finish the sentence, the little girl sucked in her stomach and cupped her mouth with her hands.

Air spurted out from her throat.

Any ear-piercing cry as loud and powerful as the eagles suddenly rang out, echoing in the sky.

“Xu Xiaoshou!”


The sound wave containing the power of the Innate spiritual source exploded violently.

The surged airwave knocked the onlookers to the ground.

Everyone was shocked.

Those who couldnt cover their ears in time felt like their eardrums were going to explode.

Jiao Tangtang was the first one to be assaulted by the sound.

Unprepared for the sudden cry, her soul was almost scared out of her body.

She stabilized herself, but her face was full of confusion.

Her clothes rustled, and the chain clanked.

She had no idea why the girl had suddenly gone crazy.

As for the white cat on Mu Zixis head, it was in an even worse condition.

The little creature had been enjoying a nap in the conical hat.

At the moment, it was as if it experienced a nightmare and encountered an unnamable thing.

The hair on its body puffed, and it jumped hundreds of feet up in the air.

Those close to her, such as Xin Gugu and three swordsmen, responded the same way.

Their faces twitched fiercely because they didnt expect a human being to make such a terrifying roar.

But the question was…

Why did she roar in the first place

Was it a call for help

Was someone here trying to kill her

And more importantly…

What was Xu Xiaoshou

Was it the name of a person

After the roar, Mu Zixi took advantage of everyones confusion and darted toward Plenty Gold Company without turning her head around.

In her opinion, all of these people had ill intentions.

Without the help of Xu Xiaoshou, she was afraid that she couldnt handle the situation.

Fortunately, the heartless Xu Xiaoshou mentioned before leaving that she should hide in Plenty Gold Company if she encountered any mishap.

At the critical moment, the little girl chose to trust her senior brother.

She ran as fast as her legs could carry her.

After taking two steps, Mu Zixi found her body was once again confined to the same spot.

The front door of Plenty Gold Company was only a few steps away, but it seemed to be very far away.

She swept the area with her spiritual senses.

Obviously, it was Jiao Tangtang who did it this time.


The only thought the little girl had at the moment was desperation.

“Little girl, you can shout at Big Sister, but how can you scare Greedy the Cat Spirit” Jiao Tangtang was very upset after she regained her senses.

She thought, “I have comforted you with kind words, but you treated me with such disrespect.”

She believed that she had been humble enough.

Xin Gugu, who was often beaten by her, agreed completely.

However, her sincere intention earned the distrust of the other party, and…


Jiao Tangtang took large steps forward and secretly watched Greedy the Cat Spirit, which stayed high in the sky in disbelief but didnt want to leave.

She was worried sick.

It was hard to find Greedy the Cat Spirit.

In case it left home again, who could catch up with it

Mu Zixi found her knees were weak.

She decided that she was right.

None of them were trustworthy.

She looked at the woman with a vicious expression on her face approach her step by step from the rear through spiritual sense.

Her heart sank little by little to the bottom.

“Am I going to die”

“Damn you, Xu Xiaoshou! Where the hell are you”


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