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Xu Xiaoshou hadnt accessed the interface in a long time.

He opened it and looked at the first section.

One, Fundamental Passive Skills:

Breathing Technique (Acquired Lv.



Eternal Vitality (Acquired Lv.


The new passive skill hed gotten was in the “Fundamental Passive Skill” section, which surprised him a little.

He was no longer a newbie that didnt know anything about the system.

While fundamental passive skills werent comparatively as functional as extended passive skills, their supportive capabilities were terrifying.

This was evident in the Breathing Technique, which belonged to the same category as the new technique.

Xu Xiaoshou had never leveled up the Breathing Technique, but not because the skill wasnt powerful.

On the contrary, it was too powerful.

The side effects that came with making the technique stronger were a little scary, and Xu Xiaoshou was afraid of them.


“So will Eternal Vitality also be this powerful” he thought.

Xu Xiaoshou mulled over the passive skills name.

“My life force will be eternally flowing”


“If thats the case, wont it be a great help to me”

He looked into his body at his energy reserve and then focused his attention on the Infernal Fire Seed that was continuously being refined.

The seed was only the size of a fingernail, but it harbored a horrifying amount of energy that was impossible to quantify.

Xu Xiaoshou would be put through torturous pain as long as this item was inside him.

It was releasing a scorching aura every second that was manically eating at his insides.

His blood, nerves, bones…

Everything, including his cells, was being engulfed by the scorching aura.

The surface of his body was blood red, but that only looked terrible.

If a person could see inside his body, theyd realize that he was injured all over.

Every inch of his muscles had been charred to a crisp, and his meridians had been baked until they severed.

However, because of the Breathing Techniques existence, all he needed to do was take a whiff of a Red Gold Pill whenever his injuries were aggravated to instantly recover, allowing him to last a little longer.

Now, he was almost at the end of his supply of Red Gold Pills.

He no longer had any to smell.

However, when he observed himself now, he saw that his ravaged nerves and bones were slowly recovering on their own.


But their recovery speed couldnt keep up with the speed at which they were being destroyed.

However, his recovery rate had become much faster than that of the average person!

Xu Xiaoshou immediately realized that this was the effect of Eternal Vitality.

“So the effect of this new passive skill is accelerating the speed at which my injuries heal”

It was the best technique he couldve asked for!

Xu Xiaoshou didnt hesitate.

He still had 20,000 points after spinning the wheel 20 times.

Thus, he purchased five Skill Points and dumped it all into the passive skill.

“Eternal Vitality (Acquired Lv.


Xu Xiaoshou looked visibly more refreshed.

Vitality coursed through his body, and his injuries were instantly greatly alleviated.

“Indeed!” Xu Xiaoshou looked surprised.

What a miraculous technique!

He once again purchased five Skill Points and used them on the technique.

“Eternal Vitality (Innate Lv.


A rich life force spread out into the surroundings like a web, and it made the attendant who was constantly glancing at Xu Xiaoshou suddenly more energetic.

He was shocked and immediately averted his gaze.

However, he now felt like he had unlimited energy and suddenly started to miss home.


If it had this strong of an effect on an outsider, then it probably had an even stronger effect on him.

His mouth opened wide in shock as he observed the situation in his body.

The destruction speed of the Infernal Fire Seed had been forcefully evened out by the Eternal Vitality.

Both effects had reached a stalemate, neither of them surpassing the other.


Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

This recovery rate was a little too terrifying!

Hed had to use two bottles of Red Gold Pills to counteract half a days worth of the Infernal Fire Seeds effects.

That was nearly ten Red Gold Pills.

Yet the recovery rate of Eternal Vitality could go toe to toe with the destructive capabilities of the seed.

Didnt that mean hed no longer have to consume Red Gold Pills to recover from his injuries in the future


That would save him a lot of resources!

Then, the attendant, who was still glancing at Xu Xiaoshou out of curiosity, became mortified when he saw him take out the ninth-grade spiritual sword from within his ring and stab it into his palm.



Blood splattered everywhere, and the attendant thought that the situation had taken a turn for the worse.


Hed shaken his head and fainted for no reason, which was bad enough, and now he was starting to mutilate himself

There must be something wrong with that Xu Xiaoshou!

Xu Xiaoshou didnt care.

He looked at the stab wound on his palm.

It recovered at a rapid pace and was fully healed in an instant.

It didnt even leave a scar!

“Oh, f***…”

Xu Xiaoshou couldnt help but curse.

The Innate-stage Eternal Vitality healed him a lot faster than the Red Gold Pill.

Thud, thud, thud!

Xu Xiaoshou heard footsteps from far away.

He looked over and saw that it was the attendant whod run off just now.

He had ten medicine bottles in his hands, and his face was filled with disbelief.

He didnt expect to obtain the Red Gold Pills from Elder Xiao just by following what Xu Xiaoshou had told him to do.

He even managed to obtain ten bottles.

It was like a dream.


More importantly, this batch of pills had been given to him for free!

Xu Xiaoshou smiled widely.

“You managed to get it.

Ten bottles”

The attendant felt as if hed just woken up from a dream, and he nodded in a daze.

“Did it feel good” Xu Xiaoshou asked.

“Talking like that to the chief elder of the Spiritual Law Division That mustve been the highlight of your life, right”

The attendant nodded profusely.

“Feeling good is great.

And theres something for you to feel even better about!” Xu Xiaoshou waved his arm.

“You can have all of those!”


The attendant was dumbfounded.

“No no no, these are your items.

I cant take these!”

He hadnt come to his senses.

Even though he didnt know what kind of insanity Xu Xiaoshou was under, he had professional standards and would never accept bribes.

Xu Xiaoshou chuckled.

“Its fine.

Im willing.

Keep them!”

The attendant continued shaking his head.

“You really dont want them”

“I really dont!” Xu Xiaoshou fetched the ten bottles of Red Gold Pills from him and waved at the other attendant, who looked envious.


Ill give these all to you!”

Attendant A was speechless.

Attendant B was also speechless.

Both of them were completely silent.

They looked at each other and saw that they were both trying to suppress their desire.

Xu Xiaoshou fought back the desire to laugh.

“All right, there are only the two of you here.

No one will notice if you guys split this among yourselves!”

The two of them shook their heads.

Xu Xiaoshou couldnt take it anymore.

“Must you put a damper on my mood” he scolded.

“Two bottles for each of you.

End of discussion.”

The attendants still wanted to decline, but Xu Xiaoshou took out Hiding Pain and stabbed it into the ground.


“Are you taking it or not!”



He secretly gifted four out of the ten bottles hed received.

It couldnt be helped.

These people were too cowardly to accept his gift, so he had to use his sword to force them to accept.

Fortunately, with a little bit of force and coercion, he eventually ended up sharing his happiness with the people around him.


After all, these were Red Gold Pills.

These were recovery pills that someone might not be able to obtain even if they begged for it.

Thus, the two attendants were happy to go against the rules this one time.

Of course, they were rather morally upright under normal circumstances.

Xu Xiaoshou could vouch for them.

Evening was approaching.

The 32 people advancing to the next round had finally been determined.

According to the rules, they had to determine the top 16 candidates today.

Xu Xiaoshou hadnt finished being happy after giving away the pills when he heard the judge call his name.

He immediately left the waiting area and headed toward the arena.

His shadow elongated under the setting sun.

The two attendants each held a bottle of Red Gold Pills in their hands, feeling that the heavily injured figure returning to the arena looked extraordinarily attractive.


“I never once thought that Xu Xiaoshou was like that.”

“Yes, yes!”

“Generous, suave, a cut above the rest.”

“Yes, yes!”

“Even though he gets a little insane from time to time, it actually makes him look rather cute.”


“Yes, yes!”

“I… Urgh!”

“Yes, yes, oh”


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