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“AHAHAHA, wonderful!”

“This is really wonderful! This is amazing!”

In the ruins of the Lone Cliff, Water Ghost pushed up the Half Beast Golden Mask on his face with the base of his palm and stared at the Void in front of him.

There was nothing in front of him, yet he was so amused that he slapped his thigh as if he were watching a play in the secular world.

In fact, there was no Deep Sea at the bottom of the Lone Cliff.

The entire Deep Sea here was the Bounded Domain of Water Ghost.


It seemed inappropriate to use the wordBounded Domain to describe it.

Because strictly speaking, the Bounded Domain of Water Ghost had become one with the Internal World of the Sea Gods Trident, forming an existence similar to an Extradimensional Space.

Naturally, as the Master of the Bounded Domain in the Deep Sea, Water Ghost would be able to see what was going on inside at a glance.

At that moment, he was watching the confrontation between Huang Quan, the Five Decays of Heaven and Man, and the Half-Saint of the Jiang clan.

At the same time, he was looking at the Demi-Saint incarnation of Jiang Buyi, whom Xu Xiaoshou had managed to lure to the Void Gate.

He was staring at Rao Yaoyao and the others with a confused look on his face.

“Thats amazing!”

Water Ghost couldnt stop grinning.

He shook his head and sighed.

He had used the Pearl of the Sea to shroud the Way of the Heavens and lure Jiang Buyi and Huang Quan into the sea.

He thought that it was a brilliant plan.

Initially he only wanted Jiang Buyi.

Xu Xiaoshous backhanded move had immobilized the entire Jiang clans Demi-Saint.

Situ Yongren, the disciple apprentice of Dao Qiongcang had accused Jiang Buyi ofscheming against the Holy Emperor. Then, the charges were then spontaneously brought to the notice of Rao Yaoyao, the current advisor of the aristocratic family of the Holy Emperor, without any due explanation

“How would Jiang Buyi ever clear his name”

Even if he had a hundred more mouths, his tongue would have tobloom like a lotus flower in order to save himself.

Situ Yongren couldnt let Jiang Buyi live for the sake of his own self-protection and interest.

And when all these things fell into Rao Yaoyaos ears.

How could the Rao Clan of the aristocratic family of the Holy Emperor allow such a malignant being like this Demi-Saint from the Jiang clan to undermine their power

A mute couldnt speak about suffering…

It was nothing more than that!

“This kid is ruthless!”

Water Ghost was full of praise.

He really did not expect Xu Xiaoshou to play so many tricks in the Deep Sea.

Now, he was very satisfied with this kid.

This was indeed Bazhunans special instructions.

A chess piece that must be moved when necessary and to make it move when not necessary.

There was no need for the chess master to make any strategic plans.

As long as the chess piece was activated, it could move on its own.

It could often bring about wonderful effects that were not expected.

It was simply too wonderful!

“Ahem… Whats the matter Why are you so happy”

Just as he was getting excited, a weak cough came from behind him.

Water Ghost turned his head and saw a middle-aged man in a dispirited state slowly walking over with the support of an Elder who had a small axe slung at his waist.

His facial features were firm and strong, and his appearance was outstanding.

Unfortunately, he only had eight fingers on his hands, and there was a sword scar on his neck.

In addition, his eyes were cloudy and yellow, as if he was already in his twilight years.

His looks were really a marked contradiction.

He looked both young and old…

He was obviously energetic, but at the same time seemed very weak…

The man was holding a Golden Scroll in his hand, which emitted waves of extraordinary Holy Power.

This was perhaps the only part of his body that was alight.


Water Ghost stared at it for a while and his eyebrows shot up.

He then looked at Cen Qiaofu who was supporting Bazhunan.

He nodded slightly and asked, “Why are you here”

“Its been a long while since Ive seen you so happy.”

Bazhunan walked over with a smile and raised his arm to indicate that he didnt need to be supported.

After walking out of the Spatial Fragment, he was not about to fall flat on the ground.

“Your man is very useful.” Water Ghost thought of Xu Xiaoshou, and the corners of his mouth inadvertently curved into a smile.

“The surprise he gave me is not small.”

“Of course.” Bazhunan also smiled and said.

Xu Xiaoshou was indeed useful.

Otherwise, he would not have thrown this kid into the center of the storm every time he took action.

There was no need to give further instructions.

As long as he gave a final direction, this guy was really a ** stirrer, able to stir the vortex into the shape he wanted most.

Although he was not aware of what Xu Xiaoshou had done under the Deep Sea.

But looking at Water Ghosts appearance… Bazhunan was certain that that kid was stirring up trouble again.

“Your condition seems to be worsening.”

Water Ghost saw Bazhunan walking over one step at a time and his brows gradually furrowed.

As the former Eighth Sword Deity, if he hadnt known the actual person, Water Ghost really couldnt believe that this legendary figures condition had worsened to such a degree with each passing day and that he would fall into this state.

Just look at him!

However, based on the cultivation level, Bazhunan was at most at the third level of the Spiritual Cultivation Realm.

This was almost no different from an ordinary person!

If he gave an ordinary person a sword, he might really be able to kill a sleeping Bazhunan with a covert attack… This was simply ridiculous!

“We agreed to leave the matters here to me.

If you do everything yourself, Im afraid youll die very quickly,” Water Ghost said with a smile.

“I dont believe you.” How could Bazhunan not be aware of the hidden meaning in his words He teased, “Its just that youve taken all the limelight in this matter.

If I dont show my face, Im afraid the world will forget about Bazhunan.”

Water Ghost: “…”

In this generation, even if they forgot about the Holy Sword, Gu Louying, they probably wouldnt forget Bazhunan!

Bazhunan didnt think too much about it.

He raised his hand towards the sea of clouds and praised, “Look! The Lone Cliffs game of chess has managed to take down all the Higher Void levels in the Five Regions.

I heard that even a Demi-Saint has fallen”

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