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Situ Yongrens face flashed with a hint of intense struggle.

Greedy the Cat Spirit had no choice but to increase his control over Situ Yongren.

He had pushed the power of the Three Loathsome Eyes to the limit.

Finally, he managed to gain control back after putting in a great effort.


“Give it to me.”

“I… only… left with… a few of… them…”

Situ Yongren took out the nail-sized exquisite jade box from his spatial ring slowly.

There were six of them.

Each jade box contained a golden Holy Blood.

“Only six drops”

“Well, a few indeed!” said Xu Xiaoshou.

Xu Xiaoshou was amazed.

The bottle of Holy Blood he had was left with quite a lot of them.

He had yet to use it all.

However, it did not mean that Holy Blood could be mass-produced!

Xu Xiaoshou had encountered many Cutting Path and Higher Void battles before.

However, not every one of them had Holy Blood with them.

Only those with higher ranking or status had a drop of Holy Blood with them.

They treated it as their protective talisman.

However, a young man like Situ Yongren actually had six of these protective talismans, not counting the rest of the things he had.

He was a Holy Son indeed!

How extravagant!

Xu Xiaoshou executed the spatial displacement again and obtained the six Holy Bloods from Situ Yongren.

“Whose Holy Blood are these”

He saw that each of the Holy Blood contained different energy.

Some of them even have vague colors mixed in them.

He could recognize that it did not belong to a sheep… Oops! Demi-saint he meant.

“Three of them… are from… Dao…” said Situ Yongren halfway.

Xu Xiaoshous pupils dilated as he said immediately, “You dont have to tell me their full name.

Just tell me their title will do.”

Situ Yongren felt so pain.

He felt that he did not even stand a chance to defend himself.

He had no choice but to tell Xu Xiaoshao about it.

“Three drops… from… master, two drops… Xuanji… demi-saint, one drop… Lord… Cangsheng…”

Oh my God!

How precious!

Xu Xiaoshao was so excited about it.

He still remembered the characteristics of the Imitator.

Even though he rarely used it, he knew that as long as he had the blood of the person to imitate, he would be able to imitate that person and possess a few percent of his ability.

In other words, Holy Blood was also blood.

As long as Xu Xiaoshao wanted to, he could possess a demi-saints ability temporarily by using a drop of the Holy Blood.

Although it seemed to be a little wasted though.

However, he was not sure to what extent he could imitate the Demi-saints power.

Xu Xiaoshou had always kept such a terrifying idea in his mind.

He was waiting for the right time to give it a try.

“Previously, I have already obtained the Holy Blood of Demi-Saint Infernal, Molten Dragon.

Now that I have Dao Qiongcang, Dao Xuanji, and Ai Cangshengs Holy Blood.

My combat strength will be increased drastically for sure!”

“However, the only question is.

If I use their Holy Blood to transform, would the main body sense my presence and punished me with Gods Punishment from afar”

Demi-saint was too strong indeed.

The reason why Xu Xiaoshou did not dare to act recklessly in the past was that he was afraid that something bad might strike him.

However, he still had to collect more trump cards as backup.

After all, when it came to the moment of life and death, who would have cared so much about it

If he dripped four drops of Holy Blood on the imitator and obtained their abilities at the same time, he might be able to break through all obstacles in an instant.

As for the mess he created, he would clean it up if he could survive then.

“Meow! Meow! Meow!”

Greedy the Cat Spirit gazed at the Holy Blood.

He was drooling over them.

Suddenly, he had an urge and desire to consume them.

Xu Xiaoshou patted the little white cats forehead.

It was Holy Blood!

How could he waste it by giving it to Greedy

However, how could he have ones cake and eat it too It would be too inhuman by doing so.

Xu Xiaoshou gave it a thought and took out a jar of Amber Juice cultivated by Greedy the Cat Spirit.

He then handed the juice to Greedy the Cat Spirit to replenish his nutrients as a reward for his contributions.

“Is there anything else”

“Such as cash… Oh yeah! How about something like Spirit Crystal or Spirit Gem Is there anything else that you can give me Of course, those that do not recognize its owner…”

Xu Xiaoshou asked again.

Suddenly, a spiritual light flashed through his mind.

He slapped his thigh in frustration.

“Why am I so stupid”

“He could just remove the authorization from his space necklace and give it to me, right Why didnt I think of it just now”

When he came to think about it, Xu Xiaoshou instructed Greedy the Cat Spirit to execute his order.

Greedy the Cat Spirit was stunned.

He was shocked to see how greedy his master was.

His master seemed to be worse than himself.

Greedy the Cat Spirit was so stunned that he did not move for quite some time.

“Ahem! Ahem!”

Xu Xiaoshou cleared his throat awkwardly, “Do I look a little ugly now”

Greedy the Cat Spirit purred, “Meow! Meow!”

Well, Greedy the Cat Spirit felt that he should be more confident.

He should replace the “a little” with “very” instead.

“Shut up and do your job!”

Xu Xiaoshou lifted Greedy the Cat Spirit and made him face Situ Yongren in a bad mood.

Soon, Xu Xiaoshou had the space necklace in his hand.

Xu Xiaoshou checked on the inventory of the space necklace.

There were so many things in it.

Clothes, ancient books, Divine Secret Jade Scroll, all kinds of seals, command tokens, Imperial Jade Seal, and a whole lots of strange things that he could not recognize at all.

In order not to have any hiccups or be tracked down by someone else, Xu Xiaoshou threw all the things that he did not recognize into the deep sea.

With the deep sea as the natural water pressure crusher, every useless item would be crushed into ashes in no time.

After going through the inventory, Xu Xiashou obtained a large number of spiritual medicines, ancient plants, high-quality crystals that were required to carve the Divine Array Wheel, and case studies of the Divine Secret.

Among them, there were also handwritten notes by Dao Qiongcang.

Xu Xiaoshou took a quick glance at them.

Still, he was afraid that someone would track him down.

So, he threw all the books that might relate to the Demi-saints power in the deep sea water pressure crusher.

He was indeed a professional in terms of emergency avoidance.

Finally, Xu Xiaoshou sorted out a large number of usable treasures.

He then stuffed everything into the Yuan Mansion world.

In fact, there was a second line of defense in the Yuan Mansion world.

That person was Lei Xier, the gardener.

She would probably go through everything again.

As long as there were some unknown objects, she would throw them away.

No matter what, they could not get themselves into trouble because of greed.

With such a term of a syllogism, Xu Xiaoshou was conservative, steady, and insatiable when it came to greed.

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