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Such a dispirited transformation of her body made him feel disgusted.

“This host body has already decayed and no longer matched my identity.

Why dont I just leave and transfer myself…”

Feng Yujin was shocked when he thought of this.

Big trouble!

Dirty clothes, withered hair, sweat under armpits, body odor, and unhappiness…

The arrival of the five decays, wasnt this killing him !

Besides, Mo Mo was a body of seal that was hard to find.

If he left this body just now, his soul would have withered by the time he found a suitable second choice.

“Little Mo Mo, did you see it”

“This is the appearance of the five decays that I am desperate to show you.”

“Remember this in the future.

When you meet such people, you must never make eye contact with them.

Otherwise, you will die without a doubt.

Now you know the consequences of not running just now, right”

Feng Yujin said this frankly in his mind.

Then, he immediately broke the palm strike of Five Decays of Heaven and Man.


Feng Yujin spat out a mouthful of blood.

He flipped in the air and suddenly retreated.

If he didnt retreat, even if he sealed the masked man, he would have to bear the five decays and accept the result of the death.

He would definitely die!


On the other side, Five Decays of Heaven and Man, who had broken off the confrontation, also spat out a mouthful of blood under the mask, smearing his face.

Fortunately, the one who broke off the confrontation was Feng Yujin, this guy suffered even more.

This mouthful of blood from Five Decays of Heaven and Man was just a drop in the ocean of energy in his body.


Looking at his energy reserve, the eyes of Five Decays of Heaven and Man dimmed, and fear rose in his heart.

His energy reserve of the higher void was directly 70% sealed by Feng Yujin in a short confrontation.

This was even after he had used the power of the higher void, the power of Filthy Nightmare, to support this fight.

The opponent had only used an ordinary palm strike…

It was easy to see who was stronger!

“Senior Feng is so powerful as the Holy Emperor in the past.

Its my fault for being rude today.”

Five Decays of Heaven and Man stopped when the situation was still under control.

They had the intention to retreat.

He glanced at Fengtang Meng Po who was still unconscious on the side.

The battle had just begun, but one of them had already been defeated.

They still had to complete Lord Huang Quans mission, so Meng Po couldnt die.

He couldnt just die in the hands of a ghost beast for no reason.

Since he was a former Holy Emperor, Lord Huang Quan could understand why he wanted to retreat…

Thinking of this, Five Decays of Heaven and Man didnt want to fight anymore.

He cupped their fists and bowed:

“Senior, youre still recovering your strength in your current state.

Junior is grateful that youre willing to give me a palm strike, but I have no intention to offend you anymore.”

“Why dont we stop the battle today”

“As for the abrupt action just now, you can pay it back in the future.

What do you think”

This was undoubtedly the best solution for both of them.

Feng Yujin was moved.

It was just a random battle, and they were not mortal enemies.

Why did they have to fight to the death

He was not afraid of this masked man of Yama.

It was just that the body of seal was too precious.

It was already not easy for him to find such a host when he escaped from Abyss Island.

If they continued fighting, both sides would be injured.

Mo Mo was in danger of dying, but what he could get was only two heads.

The loss outweighed the gain!

“Little child, no matter what, your body cant hold on anymore.”.

“Others may not know about the power of Five Decays of Heaven and Man, but I can solve it.

I just need time.

Wed better leave the battlefield immediately and find a place to hide.”

“As long as we dont hide in the Lone Cliff, I can completely seal off your symptoms of five decays after ten days or half a month.

“But if we continue to fight…”

Feng Yujin spoke in his mind and laid out the pros and cons clearly.

He knew that Mo Mo was a smart girl and was very considerate.

She must be able to understand his thoughts and the current situation of this body that they shared.

But it was very obvious.

Under normal circumstances, Mo Mo had no desire, so she would have retreated.

However, this matter concerned the First Pavilion in the Sky, and this masked man came for Mu Zixi.

Even the Holy Emperor Fengtian, Feng Yujin didnt want to fight with him.

If the masked man really came for Mu Zixi or Xu Xiaoshou…

How could they fight

Mo Mo couldnt imagine how Mu Zixi and Xu Xiaoshou could solve the five decays that would kill them even if they won.

And since everyone was helpless about this, she just happened to run into this trouble.

If I dont go to Hell, who will

“Feng Yujin, didnt you say that youre the number one person below demi-saint Didnt you say If I let you out, I can do whatever I want in the five domains of the continent” Mo Mos tone was filled with anger.

Feng Yujins scalp went numb.

Oh my god!

Who doesnt know how to boast

You have to see what kind of state Im in now!

As long as you accept my enlightenment earlier and break through the throne earlier, I could at least recover some Holy Power.

And as long as I have the Holy Power, you can take no matter the body of decay or whatever down directly or even cut it into a thousand pieces.

But now…

Its a draw!

If they continued fighting, this body would be useless.

Xu Xiaoshou, could you not be so empathetic You probably didnt know how the Bazhunan on Abyss Island tortured people!

To that guy, it was fine to be submissive on the surface.

Why would you do so much for him

“I did say that, but…” Feng Yujin didnt dare to say it out loud.

“You have said it.

You also said that you would take these two down and let me deal with them.

Are you lying to me” Mo Mo was angry.

With a loud bang sound, Feng Yujin was stunned by this undisguised anger.


He suddenly felt an inexplicable anger rise in his heart.

“Little girl, what kind of joke are you making When have I ever lied to you”

“Have I already said that accepting the inheritance wouldnt harm you, and its even more impossible for me to possess you”

“But youre so arrogant.

You dont shed tears until you see the coffin.

You only accept the inheritance when you cant keep up with that Xu Xiaoshous pace of growth.”

“Who is Xu Xiaoshou There were so many people supporting him.

How many Holy Emperors are setting up schemes and how many big shots are giving him resources But you still want to wait!”

“Its fine now.

How much time has been wasted because of waiting”

“But even so, did I forcefully pass on the power to you Didnt I go your way Take your time…”

The more Feng Yujin spoke, the angrier he became.

He was so angry that his expression had gone out of control.

Five Decays of Heaven and Man were recovering his power while looking at Holy Emperor Fengtian grimace in silence as if he had gone mad.

It was obvious that he was no longer focused on him.

He could not help but be stunned.

However, he stealthily moved in the direction of Fengtang Meng Po, trying to sneak away.

In his mind.

Mo Mo calmly accepted Feng Yujins harsh criticism.

When Feng Yujin realized that something was wrong and his voice gradually became softer, she calmly replied,

“So its my fault”


Feng Yujin was immediately at a loss for words.

He almost hugged his head and cried.

What the hell was this

Was this a woman

Of course, it was right not to marry or interact with women in my previous life.

What kind of creature was this I completely couldnt understand!

“My fault, my fault…”

“But we really cant continue fighting now.

In my opinion, the best choice is to leave and immediately solve the five decays in our bodies!”

Feng Yujin noticed the orange-masked mans careful movements, but he just wanted to curse at him for being so damn slow.

What was the meaning of moving so slowly Was he stupid

Mo Mo also saw it.

She stopped trying to persuade him and said calmly, “If you dare to leave, I will ignore you from now on.”




Five Decays of Heaven and Man were originally approaching Meng Po, but suddenly there was a burst of hysterical laughter like cultivation deviation.

It made his heart skip a beat, and goosebumps rose all over his body.

He turned his head around abruptly.

He saw the guy who was hiding the gray sealing aura all over his body suddenly had a flash of black devilish energy in his eyes.

Then, suddenly, an endless amount of black-gray energy gushed out from his body, it was like a volcano erupting.

“Whats a body of decay Wait a moment, Ill cut off his head right now!”

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