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Then how did you learn it

Xu Xiaoshou almost blurted out this question, but he soon figured it out.

Xiao Kongtongs teacher was Bazhunan, while Wen Ting, the tomb guardian of the Burial Sword Tomb, who was also one of the Seven Sword Deity, was Bazhunans friend.

In this way, the Eldest Senior Brother of Fringe Moon Immortal City had mastered the first level of the Swordless Sword Form.

There was no problem at all!

“What a powerful network…” Xu Xiaoshou thought.

After thinking about it carefully, he realized that back in Bazhunans era, even if he didnt talk about the Ten High Nobles, almost anyone who could leave their name in the annals of history could be related to the “Eighth Sword Deity”.

There were good or bad.

But wasnt this a persons epitome of a complicated social relationship

Xu Xiaoshou thought of himself.

As he grew up, the appearance of the First Pavilion in the Sky meant that the bonds he had established in this world would grow deeper.


He was only at the Grandmaster realm, yet he was already the number one bait on Lone Cliff, attracting the good and the bad.

In between, Bazhunan was naturally in the picture.

However, Xu Xiaoshou knew that he had quite a number of problems.

The attribute of causing trouble ultimately came from himself.

Self-awareness, he was quite good at it.

Xiao Kongtong seemed to have understood the hidden meaning behind Senior Water Ghosts words.

However, it was normal for Spiritual Cultivators to know very little about the ancient swordsman.

He added with a smile.

“Senior, apart from Ye Xiao, if you want to personally deal with Rao Yaoyao, you have to be extra careful.

“Rao Yaoyao may not be proficient in the Swordless Sword Technique, but other than Teacher, her understanding of the emotion sword technique is probably second to none in the world.

“This deep-sea Spell Forbidden Barrier is completely useless to the ancient swordsman, and the water pressure…”

Xiao Kongtong paused for a moment before he continued.

“Rao Yaoyaos ability can easily give spiritual quality to the deep-sea water.

Its called “fear”, and water doesnt dare to get close to it.”

Xu Xiaoshou was astonished when he heard this.

Was this also the unique function of the emotion sword technique

Giving spiritual quality to dead creatures, “fear” and water would not get close, “joy” and water would come near

Emotion sword technique…

It was my lack of knowledge!

Xu Xiaoshou became even more determined to find Bazhunan and then truly study the Nine Major Sword Techniques of the ancient swordsman.

In the past, he didnt have this foundation and didnt even dare to think about it.

But now that his sword technique expertise had reached the Sovereign (stage), theoretically speaking, as long as someone gave him some pointers, it wouldnt be impossible to obtain the title of the Seven Sword Deity!

Xu Xiaoshou, who didnt know if Xiao Kongtong was testing him, was still as calm as ever:

“Dont worry.

Ive fought with Rao Yaoyao before, so I know what Im doing.

“She has the Cang Godhood Sword, and I have the Sea Gods Trident.

If we really meet, the deep sea is my home ground, so I wont end up not being able to defeat her.

“However, the main mission right now isnt Rao Yaoyao.

If we meet her, I wont do anything.

On the contrary, Ill let her win.”

Xu Xiaoshou swung the Sea Gods Trident in his hand.

The expression under the golden mask was all a fake absolute confidence.

So this was the Sea Gods Trident, one of the ten Great Psionic Weapons… Xiao Kongtongs gaze unconsciously fell on the big trident in Senior Water Ghosts hands.

After sizing it up for a while, he realized that there was nothing special about it.

Xiao Kongtong praised without understanding.

“Good trident, its really a good trident!”

“Im afraid youre blind.

It is just plain water…” Xu Xiaoshou found it funny in his heart, so he didnt linger on things that could easily expose his identity.

He took the lead to wade into the water and said in a doting tone.

“Lets go.

Before meeting Ye Xiao, follow me so that I can take care of your safety.”

“Thank you, Senior.” Although Xiao Kongtong didnt need extra care, his teacher had never given him this kind of warmth.

So he was still touched.

It was so easy to fool a child!

It was a pity! I hope that when you know the truth in the future, you wouldnt hold a grudge against me.

It would be best if you held a grudge against the incompetent Water ghost, who could be imitated easily.

Xu Xiaoshou led the way, laughing silently at the same time.

After flying for a while, even though his “Perception” could see that Xiao Kongtong was there, he still turned his head around.

After confirming with his eyes that Xiao Kongtong, the big bodyguard of Fringe Moon Immortal City, really followed him, Xu Xiaoshou immediately felt at ease.

“Senior” Xiao Kongtong was confused by Senior Water Ghosts faint smile.

Xu Xiaoshou chuckled and comforted him, “Dont worry.

If you run into Ye Xiao, you can just turn around and leave.”

Senior Water Ghost was really a good person.

He even put himself in his position.

He was completely different from his teacher, who only knew how to order people around… Xiao Kongtong felt warm in his heart.

“Praised Secretly, Passive Points, 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou retracted his gaze, and the smile at the corners of his mouth became strange.

He sighed in his heart that he had really changed.

He was no longer that innocent little sheep from before, only being used by others.

What he wanted to say was actually…

“Dont worry.

If I really meet Ye Xiao, I, Xu Xiaoshou, have 10,000 ways to make you, the Eldest Senior Brother of Fringe Moon Immortal City, inadvertently expose your identity.

And then you would have no choice but to kill him.

“If you can escape, I, Xu Xiaoshou, will write the name upside down!”

The water ball drew ripples in the deep sea.

Night Guardian, who was on his last breath, had only an empty abandoned pill bottle and honey jar floating in front of him.

He could not hold on any longer!

The lowest grade elixir he had taken was at least the Master elixir of the fifth or sixth grade.

Even the third or fourth-grade Sovereign elixir had been used up.

Now, even with the large number of honey jars that Xu Xiaoshou had given him, how could these low-grade elixirs withstand the increasing power of the spiritual source that came from the water ball

“Ghost beast…”

His consciousness began to become muddle-headed.

Other than his blurred vision, there was also the occasional darkness that descended.


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