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Xu Xiaoshou decisively skipped this scene.

There was no doubt that the location of Little Ninjas soul memory was the Dragon Cave, one of the Seven Breaks.

His adult baptism would probably be similar to that girl from the Black Heart Fruit Clan where he would meet a demi-saint!

“This guy is lying.

His Gold-swallowing Dragon body wasnt possessed at all.

He is a member of the Dragon Clan in the Dragon Cave!”

After the scene flashed past, and when he looked again, Little Ninja had already escaped from the Dragon Cave.

According to the fragmented memories, he should have tried to steal the supreme power of the Dragon Clan during his adult baptism.

Of course, he failed.

However, Little Ninjas blasphemy did cause him to have no place to stay in the Dragon Cave.

After coming out of the Dragon Cave of the Seven Breaks, Little Ninja had nowhere to hide.

To survive in the human world, he faked his identity and pretended to be a lucky person from the Dragon Cave, who received the blessings of the Dragon Clan.

And to escape the pursuit of his clan in the Dragon Cave, he joined the Three Incenses.

From then on, the magnificent Gold-swallowing Dragon with a bright future began to kill people and steal their goods.

Dragon Clan was strong, but only in the Dragon Cave.

Only with excellent dragon luck and endless cultivation resources, could a true Dragon Clan be considered strong.

If Little Ninja had stayed in the Dragon Cave, he could have lived carefreely and become the higher void (level).

However, after defecting from Dragon Cave, his dragon body became a burden for him to become the higher void (level).

He had to spend a thousand times the resources of an ordinary Spiritual Cultivator to become the higher void (level) successfully.

It was not exaggerating to describe the current Gold-swallowing Dragon as completely destitute.

“There was no more profit left at all…

“No wonder this fellow was willing to go to the extent of dealing with a mere Master (stage) for the Spirit Crystal and the opportunity of Saint Ascension…

“The resources that the dragon outside the Dragon Cave needs to survive alone are enough to drag down everything it has!”

After Xu Xiaoshou concluded that the dragon was useless and that taking it in would even cause trouble for Dragon Cave, one of the Seven Breaks, he decisively ended the Soul Reading.

“Ugh!” Little Ninja let out a muffled sound and began to wake up.

The powerful recovery ability of the Gold-swallowing Dragon made him different from the Golden Foot, who would not be able to wake up under the deep sea.

As soon as the power of mind control was removed, Little Ninja returned to reality.

Then, he heard the emotionless and cold words from Water Ghost, “Give him a quick death.”

Little Ninja was stunned.

“Im really useful.

Dont kill…”

Before Little Ninja could finish his words, Xiao Kongtong was stunned for a moment before he received another confirmation.

Without any hesitation, his two fingers pointed toward him.

“10 Sections of the Finger Sword, go through!”

There was a sound.

The sound in the deep sea didnt travel far.

However, the silver-white sword light went straight through from the mouth of the Gold-swallowing Dragon and directly through its winding body.

It then pierced through the tail of the dragon.


The dragons mournful roar sounded.

After a violent spasm, Little Ninja completely couldnt withstand the ravaging power of Sword Cognition and ended his wailing in pain.

“It died just like that…”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at Eldest Senior Brothers simple execution and was stunned in an instant.

Wasnt this a little too powerful

Just one finger!

10 Sections of the Finger Sword plus Sword Recognition, and the Dao Penetration of the 3000 Sword Styles could end the life of the Gold-swallowing Dragon so easily

It was the real Dragon Clan in the Dragon Cave, not the fake created by the Imitator or Fantasy Sword Technique!

“No wonder he is the Eldest Senior Brother of Fringe Moon Immortal City!

“No wonder this guy became the hidden tenth-in-command saint servant!

“Even with the restriction of the Spell Forbidden Barrier, the power to destroy Gold-swallowing Dragon with one finger is as easy as him killing Red Dog that day…”

Xu Xiaoshou let out a breath slightly and hid the shock in his heart with an expression that said, “Its reasonable.”

“Senior Water Ghost, its done.

“This Gold-swallowing Dragon seems to be from the genuine Dragon Clan.

I didnt destroy his body.

All the power is gathered in one place.

“It can be said that this dragon corpse alone is priceless…”

Even though Xiao Kongtong was the Eldest Senior Brother of Fringe Moon Immortal City, he couldnt help but drool when he saw the nearly complete dragon corpse in front of him.

There were indeed dragons in the Dragon Cave, one of the Seven Breaks.

But the dragons were so powerful that almost no one could kill them in such a way.

And if they really did this, they would definitely suffer a crazy backlash from Dragon Clan.

This situation caused everything related to the dragon in the world to be extremely precious.

And the one before their eyes…

Whether it was dragon bones, dragon blood, dragon horns, dragon meat, dragon tendons, dragon scales, or dragon eyes…

Any one of them would be a world-class treasure!

Moreover, what appeared before their eyes wasnt just a few bits and pieces, but a complete dragon corpse!

This Gold-swallowing Dragon had been executed in the deep sea.

Even in the Dragon Cave, not a single trace could be found because the power of the Spell Forbidden Barrier was still present in the deep sea.

No dragon could pry into it!

Xu Xiaoshou had read Little Ninjas soul memories, so he knew more than Xiao Kongtong.

As a traitor of the Dragon Clan, this Gold-swallowing Dragon had long been stripped of any connection between it and Dragon Cave, let alone the demi-saints will!

Every member of the Dragon Clan in the Dragon Cave wished that they could find it, capture it, and skin it alive in front of their clansmen as a warning to others.


How could the death of the Gold-swallowing Dragon be remembered by other dragons

“I see.”

Xu Xiaoshou calmly responded to Xiao Kongtong, and naturally saw the greed in Eldest Senior Brothers eyes.

He pondered for a second, then exhaled deeply.

He exhaled several bubbles in the deep sea, then raised his hand.


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