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Xu Xiaoshous thoughts suddenly returned to reality.

Xiao Kongtong also recalled all the emotions that he should not have at his age.

The two of them looked in the direction of the source of the voice.

It was Gold-swallowing Dragon!

The Gold-swallowing Dragon, Little Ninjas morph forms, could no longer suppress the trembling of its body.

It was surrounded by a dense atmosphere of fear and horror.

Xiao Kongtong had revealed his identity and called himself a Saint Servant…

He had changed from Yama to the Saint Servant Water Ghost, and his seniority had also jumped to become the Eldest Senior Brother of Fringe Moon Immortal City…

From the two of them pointing fingers at the internal affairs of the Holy Divine Palace, commenting on the two sword deities, Rao Yaoyao and Gou Wuyue, and disdaining Hallmaster Dao and Emperor Cangsheng…

And there was more!

These two were actually here to protect Xu Xiaoshou!

Little Ninja, who only wanted to cut off Xu Xiaoshous head, could no longer hide the fear in his heart.

He hated the fact that there wasnt a single crack on the ground for him to crawl in.

Only then could he avoid the embarrassment of listening to the shocking information openly.

“Im still a living person, and Im not deaf or blind.

How can you share such important information in front of me like there are no outsiders” thought Little Ninja.

Little Ninja was on the verge of breaking down.

He did not want to listen to all of this!

Each time he heard one more sentence, he felt like he had fallen deeper into hell.

Finally, a gap appeared…

Perhaps this was not a gap that he could interrupt, but Little Ninja could not wait any longer.

He raised his dragon head and tried his best to look at Water Ghost, who had higher seniority.

But when he felt the cold gazes of the two people around him, he changed his words sadly.

“Seniors, I, do I still have the right to live”

Xu Xiaoshou finally remembered that there was an external dragon here.

And he was so enlightened that he knew that after listening to so much, he was probably halfway to the gates of hell.

“You know too much…” Xiao Kongtong said expressionlessly, then looked at Water Ghost above the dragons head, indicating with his eyes how he should deal with it.

What else could he do

Xu Xiaoshou had no intention of keeping the dragon in the first place.

It was the higher void (level) killer who wanted his head.

How could he let it live

“Theres still the restriction of the Spell Forbidden Barrier.

Its current strength is less than 10%, and only its dragon body can withstand the water pressure… Ill leave the rest to you!” Xu Xiaoshou said with an expression that said, “I dont want to fight.

Xiao Kongtong, you deal with it yourself.”

In fact, even if he were to do it now, he wouldnt be able to kill it.

In the deep sea, his ability to execute this dragon was too weak.

It was probably the best choice, but not the cleanest, to take out the Fourth Sword and stab it.

However, this action would inevitably expose his identity as Xu Xiaoshou.

Xiao Kongtong had just shared so much bitterness with his “Senior Water Ghost”.

If he found out that this “Senior Water Ghost” was a fake and his real identity was a young man…

Under the deep sea, wouldnt another corpse be added because of a specific persons embarrassment and impatience

“Dont kill me!” Little Ninja heard the hidden meaning of the persons words and cried out in horror.

“I didnt hear anything just now.

As soon as you spoke, I blocked my six senses.

I, I…

“I can be your pet! Having a dragon as a pet is a very cool thing, isnt it”

Before Xu Xiaoshou could finish his sentence, Xiao Kongtong refuted coldly, “Where did you get the spiritual source that can seal your six senses”

Little Ninja was stunned and cursed in his heart.

Xiao Kongtong received the approval and didnt give him any time to think.

He directly extended two fingers into the deep sea.


A low sword buzz came through his fingertip.

Little Ninja immediately saw that this was the signature technique of the Eighth Sword Deity, the 10 Sections of the Finger Sword!

“No! No! I cant die!

“Let me go! Please, let me go!

“I can join Saint Servant.

I am a gold hunting token killer.

I am the higher void (level), Saint Servant Nine… No, among the 10 commanders, not many are higher void (level), Im aware of this.

“With my combat strength, even if I cant provide timely help, I can add glory to Saint Servant.

I am very useful! I am a dragon!”

Little Ninja said in a panic.

To survive, he would say anything.

Unfortunately, Xiao Kongtong didnt have the authority to take in the eleventh-in-command saint servant for his teacher.

Moreover, among the eleven persons in Saint Servant Nine Thrones, even the Cutting Path didnt have such a cowardly existence.

If such a person joined Saint Servant, it would only lower Saint Servants standard!

“10 sections…”


Before Xiao Kongtong even pointed his finger, Xu Xiaoshou suddenly stopped him.

“Senior, save me! Senior, save me!” Little Ninja seemed to have grasped the last straw and cried for help crazily.

He wanted to see the person who spoke on his dragon head.

So you were the good guy!

Xu Xiaoshous expression became strange.

Who said I wanted to save you

He didnt say anything else.

He jumped down from Gold-swallowing Dragons head and landed in front of it.

Then, his eyes widened and focused on Gold-swallowing Dragons eyes, which were looking at him as if he was a star of hope.

“Soul Reading!”

“Oh…” Golde-swallowing Dragons body trembled.

Its eyes went from disbelief to dullness and listlessness.

Memories began to flash…

From the moment it was born from the dragon egg to the moment it opened its eyes and saw this world, to the moment it wantonly wandered about in the boundless ocean of clouds, to the moment it became an adult and an extremely terrifying dragon appeared in its clan, wanting to baptize Little Ninja…


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