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The sea of clouds in the Lone Cliff shone brightly, indicating that Granny Tianling had had a final struggle when she was dragged down the cliff by the ghosts hand.

However, that miserable wail also indicated that she could not resist the forbidden barriers seal at all.

“Theres something suspicious going on!”

Everyones hair stood on end when they saw this.

This was too strange.

A dignified stowaway of the higher void level was swallowed up instantly just because she tried to fly over the sea of clouds between the cliffs.

Even Granny Tianling, who had stopped at the last moment of her chase, was dragged to the bottom of the cliff by an unknown force because she was too close to it.

If this wasnt “suspicious,” what was it

“Spell Forbidden Barrier…”

“Someone had set up a trap here!”

Mu Ling was greatly shocked by the scene of Granny Tianling falling off the cliff.

The reason was that even he couldnt see what kind of force was hidden at the bottom of the cliff.

Mu Ling knew about the Spell Forbidden Barrier and was more familiar with it than anyone else.

After all, there was a Spell Forbidden Barrier in the Holy Palaces Shengxuan Gate.

As someone who knew the inside story, Mu Ling understood well that there was no spiritual cultivator who could use their abilities under the Spell Forbidden Barrier.

Moreover, the water-type power that caused the situation and the bloody hand that dragged Granny Tianling to the bottom of the cliff was not done by an actualghost.

It was the power of the element!


“Perhaps only the person who set up the Spell Forbidden Barrier could use their abilities within the barrier.

They are someone who only thinks of themselves.” Bai Lian guessed in shock and suspicion.

After a pause, he muttered to himself, “But who can set up such a barrier Even I dont know how to do that.

In this world, theres probably only Dao Qiong…”

“No matter what, lets leave this place first!” Xu Xiaoshou interrupted him rudely.

He did not care whether it was a ghost or not.

He felt that the Lone Cliff itself might be a huge whirlpool that used his arrival as the inexplicable connection that gathered many people in the outside world here.

Now, this whirlpool was about to start operating.

It had barely moved and two higher voids were gone.

Who could withstand this

No matter how strong a spiritual cultivator was, once they entered the Spell Forbidden Barrier, they would still become a giant infant that could not even truss a chicken!

“We cant run anymore.” Mu Ling shook his head and sighed.

He looked straight into the distance.

“Cant you see that the person who can run the most in this place has also stopped”

Following his line of sight, Xu Xiaoshou looked over and saw Ye Xiaotian standing in the distant void.

Behind him, there was Teng Shanhai who seemed to be resisting some strange power.

He wanted to chase after Ye Xiaotian, but it was difficult for him to do so.

Xu Xiaoshou swept his gaze in all directions.

Whether it was the scruffy-looking man, Rao Yaoyao, or the other trial officers at the higher void level and cutting path stage, all of them did the same thing.

Everyone seemed to be in a similar state as they would under sleep paralysis.

Their intention to move was obvious, and the fact that they could not move was undeniable.

“What are they doing” Bai Lian was stunned.

Xu Xiaoshou was deep in thought and tried to take a step away from the Lone Cliff.

However, he barely lifted his foot… and the blood, moisture in his body, the weight on his wet clothes, and the drops of liquid all stopped him from moving.

He lifted his foot.

However, he was only limited to lifting it.

He could not place it down again.

This was because Xu Xiaoshou could sense that the blood and water in his body would break through his blood vessels and muscles should he land his foot a step behind.

Similarly, if he took a step forward, he would only be able to take away a dried corpse of his that had withered to the point that there was no water in it at all.

The blood, water, and other human body components that were supposed to maintain life would be forced out of his body, causing him to die on the spot in a very short period of time.

“What a terrifying ability!” Xu Xiaoshou was frightened.

What kind of crazy ability was this

He had once experienced Yu Lingdis Water-type Upanishad in the Eighth Palace which left him with heavy psychological trauma.

However, at that time, Elder Sang could still come up with several ways to break the Water-type Upanishad, letting him know that it was not unsolvable or invincible.

Yu Lingdi himself had also been completely refined to death by Elder Sang at that time.

As for his subsequent resurrection, it was unknown what method he had relied on.

However, the situation now was different.

This kind of extreme control was so terrifying that it completely surpassed the stereotype of water-type power that everyone present should not have.

Not only did this person control him, but he had also controlled Mu Ling, Rao Yaoyao, the scruffy-looking man, and the others!

“Grandmaster, do you have a way”

Thinking that Mu Ling was Elder Sangs junior brother, Xu Xiaoshou immediately asked.

Perhaps, under such circumstances, Mu Ling could stand up and turn the tide like how Elder Sang did.

However, the only action that Mu Ling could do was to glance at his “Grand Disciple” and shake his head slightly.

He then said, “Hes not Yu Lingdi.

Yu Lingdi still cant control me.”

Xu Xiaoshou took a deep breath as his attention was diverted.

Its not Yu Lingdi…

Who else could it be

Bai Lian tried to save himself, however, even after shattering many of his protective spiritual artifacts, he was still unable to move.

He said in despair, “This kind of strength that makes people unable to withstand reminds me of a person.”

“Who!” Xu Xiaoshou resisted the urge to turn his head because this action might cause him to die instantly.

To have a water-type power that could control all the higher voids, including Mu Ling and Rao Yaoyao, such a person was definitely rare and famous throughout the world!

As Xu Xiaoshou thought of this, when he asked the question, he thought of another answer.

However, he did not believe in the possibility at all.


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