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When the golden crown came crashing down, he was still high up in the air, looking down on everyone…

However, in the next second, the golden crown that carried boundless suppressive force smashed down.

It could be said that he couldnt even maintain his space chair and was smashed down instantly.

For someone whose cultivation level was only at the master stage, Xu Xiaoshou didnt even have the time to react.

He could only let himself fall in an intangible manner.


After taking this blow, Xu Xiaoshou felt dizzy, and his heart almost stopped.

Fortunately, he was vigilant.

As his body fell, he held his breath and forcefully activated the vanishing technique, which didnt require anything to be cast, and erased his existence from the environment completely.

This prevented the dignified Yama boss from having his image and reputation destroyed due to getting smashed by an unknown object.

The golden light ended all conflicts.

On the Lone cliff, there was only an awkward dead silence, which gradually spread in the whistling demonic wind.

“Sword Will…”

“Golden crown…”

“Isnt this the Absolute Imperial Control!”

Rao Yaoyao completely woke up from the momentary daze and her state of mind almost collapsed.

Outsiders might not be very familiar withAbsolute Imperial Control, but to her, the Seven Sword Deity, the term was highly familiar!

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In this world, there were very few ancient swordsmen who could master the Ten Thousand Sword Technique.

Those who had mastered the first stage of the Ten Thousand Sword Technique, the Absolute Imperial Control, could be counted on one hand.

Putting aside those who could not show their faces in the Yunlun mountain range, Rao Yaoyaos thoughts turned.

There was only one person left in her mind that could explain the current situation.

However, at the same time, she had countless questions.

“Hasnt he always been in the Southern Region”

“How dare he suddenly attack and destroy the internal world of the Divine World Why did he choose to go against the Holy Divine Palace”

“Has he gone mad”

Rao Yaoyao could not contain her anger.

As her voice echoed in her mind, she raised her sword and looked at the center of the Golden Storm.

She could not help but feel shocked and mad.

She shouted,

“Feng Tingchen, do you know what youre doing!”


Gu Qinger, who had wanted to flee immediately after using his latest understanding to teach the higher void stowaways outside a lesson, looked at the hundreds of people around him who he had blasted out…

He fell silent.

Feng Tingchen

What the hell

Wasnt this the name of one of the Seven Sword Deity What did this furious girl mean…

Huh! Cang Godhood Sword

Why did she look like Sword Deity Rao, one of the Seven Sword Deity

F*ck! F*ck!

There were so many people hiding here

“No way, no way.

These people cant have been hiding in the spatial fragment or in a corner that I cant see, waiting for something… and then, they were all blasted out by me, right” He thought.

Gu Qingers body suddenly twitched violently.

His face seemed to have undergone a rapid change of expression before it was instantly drowned in the color of blood.

He suddenly thought…

If these hundreds of people had actually been here all along, and they just didnt show themselves, then, wouldnt his previous wave of “ambitious words” and “passionate venting” have been completely seen and heard by others

Thinking of this, Gu Qinger felt extremely ashamed.

Like a groundhog, he covered his head and let out an extremely shrill and strange cry.


This cry stunned everyone immediately.

It was clearly a violent person, but why did this persons cry reveal an extremely aggrieved and unbearable feeling

When Rao Yaoyao heard this shout, she also saw the true appearance of the violent person in the gradually disappearing golden color.

It was a young swordsman.

She was also stunned.

“Its not Feng Tingchen”

“Then, where did thatAbsolute Imperial Control come from It cant be… that it was created by this young swordsman, right”

Just like how Gu Qinger was astonished that he had blasted out more than a hundred hidden people with a single strike, Rao Yaoyao was astonished that there was no true culprit behind theAbsolute Imperial Control in the external world of the Divine World.

At the scene, there were many more people who were shocked by this strange and mysterious situation.

Bai Lian and Mu Ling were stunned.

They had never expected that there would be so many people hiding on the Lone Cliff in another world.

The 13 higher voids that Teng Shanhai had brought with him were trembling in fear.

They were shocked by the sight of law enforcers, who were supposed to be grand and magnificent, lying on the mountain by the cliff.

What kind of great battle had they experienced in there for them to end up in such a state

The five gold hunting token killers, who were hiding far away in the way of the heavens, were also so regretful that they almost wanted to cut off their heads and give them away!

What the hell was going on

There were actually so many people at the scene

All of them were at the Dao realm, the cutting path stage, the higher void level…

As long as they knew this information earlier, even if it was just a little bit, the five of them wouldnt have stayed here and watched for so long.

Wasnt this the same as placing themselves next to a cauldron, waiting for others to discover them, before getting carried into the cauldron and being refined to death!

It turned out that the Lone cliff was not really empty.

On the contrary, it was filled with a crowd of invisible ghosts that could not be easily passed through!

Shocked, doubted, shame, fearful, regretful… and so on.

At this moment, the people on the Lone Cliff were displaying all sorts of emotions and expressions that ordinary people would not be able to see for years.

After maintaining a long period of silence and observing in secret, the first person to break the strange atmosphere on the Lone Cliff was still Gu Qinger.


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