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The pretentious Huang Quan was unable to dispel the fighting spirit of Rao Yaoyao and the others.

Rao Yaoyao and Wang Dachui had also recovered from their state of being in a trance ever since Lei Xiers “Devils Might” and “Gods Fall” lost their effects.

The former had a strong foundation in Heart Refinement.

The cultivation process of the Secular Sword allowed her to quickly regain her consciousness even if she was demonized for short period.

The latter had the foundation of a higher void.

No matter how strong the spiritual impact of Gods Fall was, the gap in cultivation level could not make up for the huge gap in the foundation.

Hence, he was able to quickly regain his consciousness too.


Rao Yaoyao did not waste any time.

Right after she regained her consciousness, she tightened her grip on the Cang Godhood Sword and was about to raise it, not even sparing some time to organize her emotions.

Xu Xiaoshou remembered this starting move.

If nothing unexpected happened, her next move would definitely be “Secular Sword”, which was capable of controlling him for a long time.

Currently, his energy reserve was almost out of spiritual source, just enough to support him for another “Time delay”.

At this moment, a sudden change occurred.

Golden light suddenly burst out from the surrounding heaven and earth.

In just the blink of an eye, the golden color that shot out from the spatial crack filled the entire Lone Cliff.

Rao Yaoyao was slightly startled.

She subconsciously stopped moving and turned to look at Situ Yongren.

“You made a move”

The internal world of the Divine World was very stable.

If Situ Yongren had not made a move, Rao Yaoyao could not imagine what could have caused such a transformation in this world.

However, the overflowing golden light made Rao Yaoyaos heart palpitate for no reason.

This did not seem to be the power of the Divine Secret


On the contrary, Rao Yaoyao was quite familiar with the aura mixed within the golden color – Sword Will!

“No…” Situ Yongren was also stunned.

The internal world of the Divine World was under his control.

He didnt even make a move, so how could this golden Sword Will break into the space of Heaven and Earth

Rao Yaoyaos heart sank as she suddenly looked at Huang Quan.

This guy was also an ancient swordsman

However, when she looked over, she could clearly see the shock in Huang Quans eyes under the mask.

“He didnt make a move”

Rao Yaoyao suddenly thought of something after seeing Huang Quans emotional transformation.

In the outside world, someone was forcefully making a move, trying to break through the internal world of the Divine World

“Damn it, what is Teng Shanhai doing!”

On the other side, Xu Xiaoshou was also shocked.

Did help come

His first reaction was the unknown will that led him to the Lone Cliff.

It could be the will of Bazhunan guiding someone else, or it could be that Bazhunan himself, made a move and wanted to help him.

However, in the next second, Xu Xiaoshou thought that he had been waiting for help for so long, and there was no reason for the help to come at such a coincidental time.

Then, was it a third party

Or was it some other unknown reason that caused this place to be embroiled in another crisis

In any case, Xu Xiaoshou, who had never embraced optimism, immediately treated it as someone was “approaching with ill intentions”.

In a situation where he did not know who his enemy was, he could not pin his hopes on the unknown.

Instead, it should be up to him to control the pace of the situation.

He wanted to land on the ground and observe the changes in the situation while hiding somewhere behind.

However, before Xu Xiaoshou could do anything, the golden light suddenly brightened after dissipating, leaving no time for anyone to react.


A melodious and surging sword cry sounded.

As the golden light shone, space cracked, and morph forms of path principles appeared.

The densely packed golden swords filled everyones field of vision, driving away any colors that werent gold.

The people on the Lone Cliff were confused.

They wanted to find out the origin of this golden sword, but in the next second, they felt unbearable pressure on their heads, causing them to stagger.


Along with a loud sound, the golden light gathered into a crown and suppressed the entire Lone Cliff, causing the mountains on the cliff to fall apart.

If the 13 higher voids outside the Lone Cliff, including Bai Lian, Mu Ling, and the others, were able to survive under the absolute suppressive force of the Ten Thousand Sword Technique, it was because they were far away from the core of the technique.

Moreover, Gu Qingers target wasnt them, but Teng Shanhai, who was charging toward him.

At this moment, the internal world of the Divine World was shattered by theAbsolute Imperial Control.

The people inside were exposed, and they all appeared at the center of the Golden Crowns pressure at the same time as Teng Shanhai.


The first to be unable to withstand such heavy pressure were the law enforcers of the sovereign stage, the Dao realm, and the cutting path stage.

As these people stared at the Golden Crown, blood flowed out of their eyes, ears, nose, and mouth.

They suddenly knelt on the ground, as if a giant had stepped on their shoulders.

They were unable to resist.


Rao Yaoyao, Wang Dachui, and the others from the higher void level groaned.

Their bodies suddenly bent, and they almost fell.

Fortunately, with the internal world of the Divine World as a buffer, they didnt lose their composure like Teng Shanhai and instantly kneel on the ground.

As for Lei Xier and Ye Xiaotian, they were lucky enough to survive and avoid the center of the storm.

This was because the two of them were standing behind Gu Qinger, at the edge of Lone Cliff.

Even so, the pressure that spread in all directions still crashed into everyones minds.

Lei Xiers already weak body swayed slightly, and she almost fell off the cliff on the spot.

Fortunately, Ye Xiaotian made a move and created a spatial barrier above her head, conveniently supporting Lei Xier, thus preventing any misfortunes from happening.

However, even if everyone present was caught off guard, lost their composure, or vomited blood, they were not the ones who suffered the most.

The one who was most affected by the golden crown in the internal world of the Divine World was Huang Quan, who was transformed by Xu Xiaoshou!


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