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Teng Shanhai was confused.

He turned his head and stared at Mu Ling in astonishment.

He thought,

“Stop talking!”

“You did it on purpose, didnt you!”

As expected, after Mu Ling spoke, Gu Qinger, who was still hesitating whether to attack or escape, chose the former without any hesitation.

“Swords, raise!”

With a shout, the faded 129,600 golden swords on the Lone Cliff once again became solid.

“MOTHERF*CKER!” Teng Shanhai threw a heavy punch into the air.

He was so angry that his liver started hurting.

He could neither roar at Mu Ling nor use words to calm the young swordsman down.

After thinking for a while, he only had one way left…

“Stop!” With a roar, Teng Shanhai dashed away.

Mu Ling was already prepared.

He subconsciously reached out his hand, and a black “Flame of Annihilation” lit up in his palm.

He wanted to stop Teng Shanhai from “hurting people”.

However, in the next second, he caught a glimpse of Gu Qingers nervous expression, so he immediately gave up and watched with a smile while the armored man dashed away.

On the other side, Gu Qinger had already sensed a great danger when the armored one-eyed man rushed over.

His immediate response was to raise the 129,600 golden swords at the edge of the cliff.

Then, like a rain of swords, he suddenly suppressed them.

“You want to kill me Ha!”

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Gu Qinger sneered, and his aura exploded.

With his earlier breakthrough, he made the countless golden swords instantly assimilate all the great path, divine secret, and the elements in the surroundings… The swords turned into a golden crown that stood at the top of everyone and then suppressed them.

“Absolute Imperial Control!”

With a boom, the space above Lone Cliff suddenly exploded, and a black spatial fragment swallowed everything.

Even the higher voids present couldnt help but lower their heads the moment they saw the golden crown, and their bodies trembled.

Teng Shanhai was the same.

As the first to bear the brunt of the attack, even his body, which was pouncing forward, was suppressed to the ground by the Golden Crown, and he was temporarily unable to move.

“Damn it, he is clearly just a junior, and he is not Xu Xiaoshou.

How can he suppress me…”

Being pressed to the ground by the Golden Crown that exerted an extremely suppressive force, Teng Shanhai felt ashamed, but at the same time, he knew that the situation was over.

He then thought about how he had the ability to control the other party.

However, he was too late!

Teng Shanhai could clearly see the effect on the path principles of the internal world of Divine World under the suppression of Gu Qingers ten thousand sword technique, “Absolute Imperial Control”…

It shattered with a loud crack!

Divine World, internal world.

In the same place, at the same time, two different stories played out at the wrong time.

Xu Xiaoshou and the others, who had been sucked into the internal world of the Divine World, had no idea what had happened in the outside world.

Even Situ Yongren, as the sole controller of the internal world of the Divine World, had no choice but to focus on his next target after receiving Rao Yaoyaos order.

With Yamas Huang Quan present, he could not be distracted by what was happening outside.

After all, his current mission was to rescue the red-clothed Night Guardian who was captured by Yama.

While he was rushing toward the members of Yama, the visitor from the Netherworld, the Hundred Ghost Night Walk, and the Night Guardian who was held hostage by the two of them, Rao Yaoyao raised her sword and rushed towards Huang Quan.

Behind them, Wang Dachui followed.

His target was not the Night Guardian, but Huang Quan, the only person who had the ability to threaten him and Rao Yaoyao.

The remaining law enforcers, regardless of whether they were at the Dao realm, the cutting path stage, or the higher void level, were all in formation.

Without Rao Yaoyaos command, they split up into different groups and quickly formed the Seventy-Two Dragon Essence Array to prevent Huang Quan and the others from escaping.

A great battle was about to break out!

Huang Quan, who was transformed by Xu Xiaoshou, was completely powerless.

He couldnt stop Situ Yongren and the others from confirming the identity of the Night Guardian.

He subconsciously thought about how good it would be if time was frozen.

Then, he wouldnt need to clone himself and had no power to turn the situation around.

“I should just do what I thought of!”

Xu Xiaoshou calmly pointed out a finger and nailed it in the air.


The word “Freeze” had not yet appeared, but Xu Xiaoshou suddenly felt that his own ability was lacking.

He had never seen Huang Quan use the move “Time freeze”, nor had he obtained Huang Quans blood.

Naturally, he could not use the imitator to extract the understanding of “Time freeze” in Huang Quans blood.

Thus, when he was halfway through using this move, Xu Xiaoshou knew that he would definitely not be able to use “Time freeze”!

Thus, he changed his words at the last moment.

“Time delay!”

A fresh move could eat up the sky.

Even if this fake Huang Quan only knew one movetime delay, it was enough for this critical moment.

After his shout, the great path of time dominated everything.

Thedelay ability encompassed everyone in the internal world of the Divine World.

Rao Yaoyaos sword-wielding figure slowed down…

Wang Dachuis grimacing expression suddenly distorted…

Situ Yongren, who was trying to save the Night Guardian and had the ability to control the path principles of the internal world of the Divine World, had initially wanted to break through the force of rules influence on everyone.

However, even his actions had become abnormally slow and clear.


Xu Xiaoshou snorted coldly, like thunder from the nine heavens.

He ignored Rao Yaoyao, who had suddenly appeared in front of him.

From the beginning to the end, he had accumulated a violent aura that could swallow mountains and rivers.

Without the slightest mistake, he poured it all over Situ Yongrens body in the distance.

“Wu!” Situ Yongren seemed to have sensed something.

He grunted and turned his head with difficulty.

When he met eyes with Huang Quan, who was sitting calmly under the golden mask despite being in a desperate situation, he felt that his soul was attacked by a huge force, and his mind exploded, his thoughts ran until only a blank space remained.


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