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Bai Lian thought for a moment and realized that this was also one of the “opportunities” that his supreme master had mentioned.

He did not strike them but replied in a friendly manner.

“Hello, are you all… also stowaways”

As soon as he said this, Bai Lian was shocked to realize that he had never noticed the existence of the other party, but the other party had always been there.

In other words, didnt that mean that they had already heard the conversation between him and his supreme master and knew that he was an emissary from the Holy Palace

This discovery made Bai Lian feel embarrassed and uneasy.

After all, he had wanted to pretend to be a stowaway just now to avoid a fight.

However, an unexpected reply came.

The other party seemed somewhat relaxed and said with a clear intention of deceiving himself, “Ah, yes, yes, both of you are stowaways too This is great.

Since everyone is hiding in the way of the heavens, then… lets not meddle in each others affairs and do our own thing.

How about it”

“Are you trying to deceive me!”

Bai Lian only had this thought in his mind.

However, on second thought, the one who was terrified was the other party and Bai Lian was the first to initiate a friendly greeting.

After knowing that he was an emissary of the Holy Palace and his supreme master, Mu Ling, was there too, how could they dare to make a move against him and his master

Bai Lian understood the logic…

However, his heart was extremely complicated at this moment.

“This world must be crazy.

Am I, an emissary from the Holy Palace, working with stowaways”

After pondering for a long time, Bai Lian saw that his supreme master still showed no signs of making a move against them.

Bai Lian knew what he should do.

He suppressed the madness in his heart and sorted out the complicated words that he didnt know how to say.

In the end, it turned into a simple one-word response.

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On the Lone Cliff.

The middle-aged man standing alone with a sack on his shoulder suddenly felt a little lonely.

“Those two guys clearly saw me…”

“Infernal White Flame… Are they from the infernal lineage of the Holy Palace That browless one should be Mu Ling…”

“Why did they turn a blind eye”

The scruffy-looking man couldnt figure it out no matter how much he thought about it.

The first thing that came to his mind was that the other party was here to rescue Xu Xiaoshou, but wasnt that a little too obvious

Moreover, the Holy Palace and the saint servant were on opposite sides.

After seeing his Bazhunan image, they should have drawn their swords instead of turning a blind eye to him.

The opposing stance made the scruffy-looking man wary as he tried to figure out the other partys deeper intentions.

He felt that the two of them had chosen to go into stealth immediately due to a bigger conspiracy.

Moreover, in the situation where the two emissaries of the Holy Palace were nowhere to be found and might not have left the scene, it would be very abrupt if he stayed on the empty Lone Cliff alone.

The wind and waves were at the tip of the iceberg, and everyone was pointing their arrows at him.

After thinking for a moment, the scruffy-looking man did not continue forward.

He knew that the two people of the Holy Palace might have chosen to hide in the way of the heavens, waiting for the time to change the situation.

If he still integrated into the way of the sword, the situation that followed would be very awkward.


With a swipe of his finger, the man cut a hole in the void.

Compared to hiding in the way of the heavens, he felt that hiding in the spatial fragment was a better choice.

Without further delay, he walked into the spatial crack.

The various attempts to escape over the years made the man feel as if he was going home.

When the spatial crack was closed and restored, the man carried the sack and let out a sigh of relief.

“They are hiding, and so am I.”

“If the enemy doesnt move, I wont move.”

“Im waiting for time to change…”

He had yet to finish his breath.

In the violent spatial fragment, there was a huge ball of darkness not far away.

In this sealed spatial fragment, it seemed to be out of place.

“Who!” The man was shocked.

There was someone hiding in this spatial fragment

The scruffy-looking man tightened his sack and waited solemnly.

Upon noticing that the other party did not make a move after the wait, he calmed down and observed, finally seeing the person who was hiding clearly.

The person was dressed in black feathered clothes and was one with the darkness in the spatial fragment.

On their shoulder stood a three-legged black owl.

Its eyes were like ink, and it had the gaze of a death god.

“Ye Xiao”

The scruffy-looking man immediately recognized the other partys identity.

He recalled that while he was running wildly just now, he had a feeling of being stared at from behind constantly.

He immediately raised his voice and said, “Are you the one who has been following me”

Unfortunately, the spatial fragment could not transmit sound.

After the scruffy-looking man reacted to this realization, he no longer spoke, and only stared at the other party.

The other side also fell into a state of shock.

Even after a long time, neither of them reacted.

Ye Xiao didnt expect that the usually arrogant Bazhunan would be frightened by just two emissaries from the Holy Palace and hid in the spatial fragment instead of moving forward.

She was very self-aware and knew that in a one-on-one fight, who in the world could win against the Eighth Sword Deity

However, the other party was keeping a close watch on her so that he would be prepared for her next move.

Ye Xiao did not want to make a move, nor did she dare to act rashly.

She was afraid that a casual movement from her would be interpreted as a provocation by the other party, which would lead to an unnecessary fight in the spatial fragment.


There was no retreat.

Just like that, the two of them looked at each other and recognized each other.

However, neither of them said a word and neither of them dared to move.

In the midst of the heavy atmosphere, only the three-legged black owl on her shoulder was pacing back and forth in a nervous and uneasy manner.

“Awkward, awkward, awkward…”

“Whoosh! Whoosh!”

The Lone Cliff was extremely mystical, but it had fallen into an extremely unique balance that restricted the cliff.

In just a moment, two more figures flew over.

This time, they were flying on their swords.

“Eldest senior brother, why do I feel like theres a trap Weve obtained a total of six Holy Power Treasures along the way, and theres even a saint origin crystal at the end… .”


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