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This situation seemed to have been a little serious!

No one had expected that Night Guardian of the Cutting Path (stage) would be instantly killed by the enemy.

More importantly, Night Guardian was not an ordinary Cutting Path (stage).

He was one of the first batches of experimenters in the Holy Divine Palace.

He had mastered the power of the Higher Void (level), the Grand Vital Energy.

If he died physically, it would still be fine.

But Night Guardian had disappeared without a trace.

If he was really captured by the Saint Servant, the secret of the Holy Divine Palace might be exposed under the soul interrogation.

At this moment, Rao Yaoyao could no longer remain calm.

Her situation now was just like watching a very exciting magic trick in the secular world.

This should have made people clap their hands in admiration, but if the person who disappeared was one of their own, and his fate was unknown…

Who would be able to laugh

The show had begun, and she had inexplicably become an actress.

Falling into the rhythm of the magician opposite her, she had no choice but to fit into the performance like a marionette…

Who could withstand this

The big fish had never been fished up, but the fishing rod had broken…

Which fisherman could continue to wait indifferently

Rao Yaoyaos expression turned serious, and there was a hint of gloominess in her eyes.

She gently raised her hand, opened her red lips slightly, and blurted out a word.


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They could not wait any longer.

If they waited any longer, just like what Night Guardian had said, the situation would be completely under the control of a young man.

And now, the situation was slowly heading toward the worst situation.

Only by forcefully taking action could they break this stalemate!

The hundreds of law enforcers at the back received the order, and with solemn expressions, they shouted in unison.


Murderous intent shot up into the sky.

Then, under the shocked gazes of Ye Xiaotian, Lei Xier, and the others, each of the Sovereign (stage), Cutting Path (stage), and Higher Void (level) moved their hands to their sides.

The spiritual source of the energy reserve was released without explanation.

“Bounded domain, open!”

“Bounded domain, open!”

“Bounded domain, open!!!”

More than a hundred people shouted in unison.

In an instant, a multicolored light covered the entire Lone Cliff.

In just a short while, with a boom, layers of bounded domain rose from the ground and covered everyone.

Like the nesting doll, everyones route of the retreat was completely sealed off.

A hundred bounded domains suddenly appeared!

“Startled, Passive Points 1.”

Not to mention Lei Xier and Ye Xiaotian, even Xu Xiaoshou, who had just kicked away Night Guardian, was shocked by this spectacular scene.

Metal, wood, water, fire, earth; light, darkness, wind, thunder, ice…

Xu Xiaoshou had never seen such a complete range of bounded domain of all attributes appear in front of him.

He had never thought that there would be such a day where he would provoke a hundred or so Sovereign (stage) at the same time, and be drowned by a hundred or so bounded domains at the same time!

This was simply…

No way to escape or retreat!

And when such a crisis came, he had not yet grown to the Sovereign (stage) realm which was the lowest means to deal with it.

He was just a Master (stage) …

Mmm, strictly speaking, the Heavenly Image State.

I was numb!

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the layers of the bounded domain above his head, and his state of mind was about to collapse.

He was resentful why he had delayed for so long and still had not received any support.

Had he made a mistake in his judgment The thought that led him to the Lone Cliff wasnt from one of his own, but from an enemy that he had never met before.

Fortunately, Xu Xiaoshou had never placed all his hopes on anyone else.

Ever since he kicked away Night Guardian, he had thought of the worst outcome — the worst outcome which was nothing worse than the current situation!

“If I want to make a move against the law enforcer, I definitely wont be able to keep my identity as Yi.

“Then, do I make a fool out of myself and sit in this meaningless vest until I die, or reveal my true identity and completely face the enemy”


Xu Xiaoshou had already formulated the “third plan”!


At the critical moment, Xu Xiaoshou suppressed the trembling in his calves that was about to come.

In front of everyones eyes, he slightly opened the corner of his mouth and sneered.

He raised his voice and said.

“I have already given all of you a chance to deceive yourselves.

However, you are useless and have repeatedly challenged my bottom line…

“You must know that curiosity kills the cat!”

The voice that came from the little girl Yis mouth became neither male nor female.

It was very neutral.

That ethereal charm, that special tremolo technique that drifted down from all directions, evolved into an image of a sleeping boss that was finally awakened from his morph.

This voice sounded slightly familiar… the surrounding law enforcers were on guard, feeling as if they had heard this voice somewhere before.

Rao Yaoyaos following move was also interrupted.

She looked in the direction of the little girl Yi, and in the next second, her expression changed abruptly.

“Attention, Passive Points, 144.”

Under the attention of everyone, Xu Xiaoshous body began to squirm once again.

This time, his height suddenly increased.

The clothes on his body were no longer simple but had turned into a gorgeous and extravagant golden color.

He wore a big hood on his head.

A golden mask appeared on his face.

A blade and a sword also appeared on his back, both of which were entangled by the sealing belt.

The blade was the Tang Sword, and the sword was the longsword!

As soon as this very eye-catching image appeared, the movements of all the Sovereign (stage), Cutting Path (stage), and even the Higher Void (level) stopped, and shock appeared on their faces.

Wang Dachui was dumbfounded.

Rao Yaoyaos eyes seemed to have lost focus as well.

“Yama, Huang Quan”

“Suspected, Passive Points 144.”

Even Ye Xiaotian and Lei Xier, who had landed at the edge of the Lone Cliff and were trapped by a hundred or so Sovereign Domain, were also shocked beyond words.


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