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Murong Ying tilted his head and shifted his gaze.

A sea of clouds lingered at the bottom of the cliff.

There seemed to be a strange attraction in the deepest part of the cliff, calling him to fall.

Murong Ying pulled back his mind and did not dare to look too closely.

He knew that there would be great danger hidden at the bottom of the cliff, so why would he go down

Yunlun mountain range was originally a spiritual mountain.

It was such a long mountain range that the Holy Divine Palace had to cut off a section for the Imperial City Trial.

There were also some dangerous places that had not been searched by others, which contained great risks.

Because of time constraints, these places were only sealed by the law enforcers.

Murong Ying did not know what was sealed at the bottom of the cliff.

He was not in charge of sealing this place either.

However, whatever was at the bottom of the cliff was able to grab his attention outside of the great battle.

One could imagine how terrifying it was.

“Wheres Wang Chao”

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Murong Yings thoughts returned to the battle.

As he swallowed the elixirs to heal his wounds, he turned his eyes to the other side and found that his team member, Wang Chao, had disappeared.

“Hes dead”

Murong Ying was stunned, grief welling up in his heart.

The “disintegrate” of Spatial Upanishad was too powerful.

Even though he could become a shadow and be immune to 90% of the damage, he could not defend against this move at all.

He was almost killed on the spot.

How could Wang Chao, who was only in the sovereign stage, defend against this move

“Damn you…”

Looking back at the short, white-haired stowaway, Murong Yings heart was burning with anger.

He wanted to avenge his team member, Wang Chao.

However, his remaining rationality made him realize that the short, white-haired youths condition wasnt quite right.

This guy didnt pay any attention to him at all.

Ye Xiaotian didnt even care that he was taking elixirs.

He only looked around, as if he was looking for something… Murong Yings mind suddenly flashed with lightning.

Wang Chao!

He was looking for Wang Chao!

In this place, there were only Wang Chao and him.

Ye Xiaotian had seriously injured him, but lost track of Wang Chao.

So his enemy was keeping his guard up to prevent an accident from happening

“Thats not right.

How could Wang Chao have any technique that could have avoided this attack”

“Did he use escape techniques in advance, or did he use the Spatial Teleportation Array Wheel to leave this place”

“Spatial Array Wheel… thats impossible, right With the seal of the bounded domain under the Spatial Upanishad, can the Spatial Array Wheel even work”

Murong Ying was puzzled.

Just as he was thinking, a figure who had just removed his disappearing state suddenly appeared on the other side.

His face was full of shock as he shouted in a strange voice.

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“Headmaster, are you dumb Im really the outer yard disciple, Xu Xiaoshou.

I was the one who saved you just now, from Huang Quans hands!”

“You ungrateful dog…” Xu Xiaoshou was angered to death by Ye Xiaotian, but he did not dare to say this sentence.

Ye Xiaotian moved his finger and stopped moving.


He narrowed his eyes slightly and thought that this was indeed one of Xu Xiaoshous abilities.

Any escape techniques or spatial teleportation was useless against hisdisintegrate technique.

This was because in the bounded domain of theLord of Ten Thousand Realms, escape techniques were only slightly faster than normal movement.

No matter how powerful the teleportation technique was, it would still be detected by the bounded domain.

Therefore, Xu Xiaoshou, who was unscathed and did not even have a shred of his clothes on him, really did disappear in the terrifying explosion ofdisintegrate just now.

“Wang Chao…”

Ye Xiaotian thought suspiciously.

He didnt know if this law enforcer, Wang Chao, had really mastered a vanishing technique similar to Xu Xiaoshou, or if this was still part of the other partys plan

Did Wang Chao have some kind of trump card that could allow him to imitate Xu Xiaoshou

Or was he really Xu Xiaoshou

Thinking about how he was trapped by Huang Quan just now, and the sudden appearance of the Eighth Sword Deity…

When he thought about how Xu Xiaoshou liked to impersonate others and defeat the strong despite being weaker…

Ye Xiaotian didnt dare to move recklessly for a moment.

He was afraid that this situation was indeed a misunderstanding between him and the actual Xu Xiaoshou, and he might accidentally hurt his own people.

He knew that Xu Xiaoshou was skillful in impersonating others, but his real cultivation level was only that of a master.

In front of the Spatial Upanishad, a mere master was as fragile as a pancake.

“I shall restrain him and get rid of that cutting path first.”

Ye Xiaotian didnt dare to be careless.

He didnt dare to let the uncertain factor get away.

He immediately clenched his fist in Xu Xiaoshous direction.


Bounded domain power converged.

The space was framed, forming six doors to lock down Xu Xiaoshou.


Xu Xiaoshou cursed in his heart, but he knew that he couldnt blame the headmaster for not recognizing him.

He could only blame the other party for choosing to be cautious in the current situation.

However, even though he understood Ye Xiaotians behavior, he would never allow himself to be imprisoned by him.

After all, there was a possibility that Ye Xiaotian didnt recognize him as the outer yard disciple of Tiansang Spirit Palace at all.

After imprisoning him, Ye Xiaotian would kill him on the spot.

“Vanishing technique.”

With a flash, he turned into intangible again.

Before the space was sealed, Xu Xiaoshou took the easy way out and stepped out of the confining area.

“Well done!”

On the other side, Murong Ying was full of praise in his heart.

He was just short of clapping and cheering.

His initial plan for bringing Wang Chao here was to ensure that both of their confession to the higher-ups matched.

Murong Ying had never thought that Wang Chaos performance in this battle would be so extraordinary.

Not only had he revealed all kinds of trump cards that he had never used before, but he had also cleverly thought of using the identity of “Xu Xiaoshou” to distract his opponent, which had bought them a lot of time.

Taking advantage of the white-haired stowaways attention being drawn away, Murong Ying did not waste the great opportunity created by his teammate Wang Chao.

He secretly reached out his hand and touched his earlobe.

The highest level of communication only required three taps.

As long as the white-haired stowaway did not react fast enough or restrain him, then even if he died in this battle, the stowaway would still die under Sword Deity Raos sword!

“Tap tap…”


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