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And these were definitely treasures left behind by Bazhunan!

Since that was the case…

Xu Xiaoshou pondered for a moment before turning to look at the surrounding members of the Xu Faction.

These people obviously should not follow him.


He calmed himself down and looked at everyone before saying solemnly, “I suddenly thought that if all of us leave the Fourth Dragon Range and someone takes this opportunity to steal the mountain, our home will be lost.”

The Xu Faction members were stunned.

“Didnt Leader Mu plant a large number of poisonous seeds at the foot of the mountain”

“But Im not on the mountain right now,” Xu Xiaoshou spread his hands with an expression that said, “Are you having a pigs brain” He then said, “I need all of you to return to the mountain right now and guard the Fourth Dragon Range!”


When he said this, the Xu Faction members were stunned.

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They were not Young Master Xu, nor did they have Leader Mus combat strength of one against a hundred which she relied on the geographical advantage.

How could they guard the mountain

How could Xu Xiaoshou not have thought of this He chuckled and took out the “Dragon Lords flag”.

He turned his head and swept his gaze over, and his gaze fell on a familiar face.

“Li Yan!”

“Ah” Li Yan was stunned.

He stared at Leader Mus “Dragon Lords flag” and he seemed to have realized something.

Xu Xiaoshou passed the flag over and patted his shoulder.

He then said earnestly, “Ill leave the Dragon Range Grand Array to you.

I believe in your ability and talent.

You need a platform to show your ability!”

Li Yans face darkened and he almost knelt.

He then shouted, “Leader Mu, think it over.

I dont have the ability to take on theDragon Lords flag.

Moreover, I, Li Yan, dont have the intention to usurp the position!”

What was he thinking… Xu Xiaoshou then said happily.

“I know youre very loyal to the Xu Faction.

Otherwise, I wouldnt have given theDragon Lords flag to you.”

“Dont worry.

As long as the Xu Faction still exists and its reputation is still out there, very few people would dare to have any plans on the Fourth Dragon Range.

“What Im worried about is onlywhat if.

“As long as you hold theDragon Lords flag and have the support of the Dragon Range Grand Array, you can eliminate the possibility ofwhat if!”

Li Yan was still trembling with fear.


“Theres no but!” Xu Xiaoshou waved his hand and said solemnly.

“Everyone, listen up and immediately return to defend the Fourth Dragon Range.

If anything happens to our Xu Factions headquarters, you can bring your heads to see me!”

With this military order, the Xu Faction members did not dare to disobey.


The ten or so people responded and carried the “Dragon Lords flag” as they hurried back.

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“Theyve left.”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the departing figures of the Xu Faction members and began to have a bold idea in his mind.

With a heavy heart, he sank into the Yuan Mansion world.

In the Yuan Mansion world, which was full of vitality and spiritual energy, poisonous flowers, plants, and vines were growing wantonly.

There was the collapsed tower, the fish pond, the expanding land area, and the chaotic mist at the edge of the space as usual.

At the center of the world, there were treasures like the Bodhi ancient wood, the Blood Trees Yin Branch, and the Nine Great Ancestral Trees.

Surrounded by all kinds of high-grade spiritual ingredients, they were growing healthily.

On the other side, Greedy the Cat Spirit, who had put in a lot of effort, was constantly moving among the 100,000 alchemy cauldrons, jumping back and forth.

“How did it become like this”

Xu Xiaoshou entered the Yuan mansion with his thought and was immediately stunned.

The originally chaotic structure of the Yuan Mansion world had been well-organized.

The most eye-catching spiritual herb fields had all been moved to the center of the world.

It was located under the Spirit Mark of Life, Path Principles Origin Stone, and so on.

“Lei Xier”

Xu Xiaoshous thoughts entered his portrait clone, and the corners of his mouth suddenly curled up as he thought of a person.

Without a doubt, the only one who could clean up the dirty and messy situation of the Yuan Mansion world to such an extent was undoubtedly the newly promoted little gardener Lei Xier.

He turned his gaze toward the center of the herb field.

As expected, the silver-haired Lei Xier was dressed in a robe that belonged to Xu Xiaoshou.

She was carrying a watering jug and moving around among the various spiritual plants.

A dignified Sovereign (stage) expert, a dignified descendant of the Lei family, and a dignified host of the God Devil Eyes…

Due to the monotony of the Yuan mansion world, it had fallen to such a state!

Xu Xiaoshous expression became awkward.

He walked to the vicinity of the herb field.

He opened his mouth and subconsciously wanted to call out “Junior Sister”, but when he looked at the tall and graceful silver-haired woman, he paused for a moment.

“Lei Xier,” he called out her real name.

“Mmm” Lei Xier stopped and turned her head around.

The breeze brushed past her silver hair and landed on her delicate face.

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

“What are you doing”

Lei Xier regained her composure and gently gestured at the small wooden pot in her hand.

She bent down again to water the spiritual plants.

Artificial cultivation of spiritual ingredients indeed required regular watering, but Xu Xiaoshou did not understand these things.

His aggressive cultivation method was to move all of these things to the Yuan Mansion world and use vitality and spiritual energy to madly irrigate them.

It was all thanks to the birth of the Yuan Mansion world and the Spirit Mark of Life.

Otherwise, these spiritual ingredients would have long withered to death in other places.

At this moment, Lei Xier walked past the spiritual herb field and came to the side of the Bodhi ancient wood.

She squatted down and gently stroked the ancient wood as if she could feel the aura of the same origin.

“I can help you raise the Bodhi ancient wood.

You already have the primordial purple mist.

The rest is just a matter of time.

With the Nine Great Ancestral Trees guarding it, your Yuan Mansion world will be very stable when it takes shape in the future.”

Lei Xier paused for a moment and looked at the Blood Trees Yin Branch beside her.

“This wont do.

Its just a withered branch that broke off from the blood tree.

Although it contains the power of the blood tree, it has no chance of becoming a tree.”

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly remembered that his junior sister had a wood attribute, to begin with.

Raising these things was indeed her specialty.


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