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Chapter 404 - Large-scale Supernatural Event

“Team leader, this is the latest situation.”

After knocking, Gui Bin pushed the door open.

With his current position and familiarity with his boss, Gui Bin did not need to remain too polite.

Once he entered the door, Gui Bin was flabbergasted.

He found that the team leader’s office, which was large enough to be a conference room, was holding a meeting that included not only employees of their department but also experts.

Gui Bin knew most of them, but several faces were unfamiliar, especially the serious looking people in military uniforms.

When Gui Bin arrived, the team leader hurriedly introduced him, and only then did he know that these people were famous and high-ranking people from the national military and political circles.

Nowadays, Gui Bin was also considered part of the military, so he hurriedly saluted and greeted.

“You are Gui Bin, right You can carry on with your matters, don’t mind us.

We’re just here to listen.”

Another leader said amiably.

Gui Bin stole a glance at team leader Si, and after seeing him gently nod, he also dropped his nervousness.

“Team leader, this is the latest information about San Soliel Magic Academy.”

Gui Bin handed a piece of paper to Team Leader Si and asked in a low voice, “What’s going on here Why are there so many leaders here”

In the past, the upper echelons of the country would be concerned whenever supernatural events happened.

They would have the ‘Dragon Group’ department send detailed information every day.

As to whether the top had meetings every day, it was not something that Gui Bin would know.

However, witnessing so many leaders arrive at the same time was rare.

“The supernatural events that happened in the past are too… how to say this, too mythical.

That man surnamed Zhang was simply like a Superman, even Christ has affirmed that he is similar to an angel.

According to our country’s religion, you know that we have something like land gods, right”

“Such a strong man could not be dealt with using the power of state machinery.

By our country’s upper echelons, we were forced to treat the old man with a gentle attitude in order to gain information about the mysterious.

Thanks to your contribution, our country was even able to obtain a few hundred powerful soldiers.”

Hearing the leader speak in an official tone and say words of encouragement from time to time also made Gui Bin smile.

“But This time, the event is different.

This time, things are related to magic.

Our department had also studied the events that happened in Buckingham Palace and confirmed that those wizards and witches that appeared were humans.

Although they mastered magic power, scientific weapons could also face them.

It is also closer to mortal matters, so it’s only natural that the officials would be concerned with this.”

The leader’s voice enlightened Gui Bin.

Those supernatural events that happened in the past were simply out of this world.

On matters about Cthulhu and Satan, scientists had studied them, but did not dare rely on the results to move forward.

After all, countless movies and novels had already proven that believing in such evil creatures would not end well.

As for the Torch Dragon and Christ, they were simply beyond understanding.

It could be said that mortals dare not peek into the glory of gods.

Even if these gods seemed to be on the side of good, the major countries were cautious enough not to come into contact.

But this time, the appearance of magic was something that attracted the attention of the major countries, because the ones who mastered them were mortals.

According to the video material from Buckingham Palace, especially some information revealed by the Queen, people understood that those wizards were ordinary people living on Earth.

Even the leader of the said group was surprisingly an Englishman born during the Victorian period.

These wizards and witches were closer to humans than gods, especially with how modern technology could stand against them.

The magic that they mastered should be the foundation of the mystical world.

It was these things that could be mastered and controlled by mortals that the governments were interested in.

Just like if someone wanted to understand natural sciences, they would not just jump through to study college-level material.

That was absolutely irrational.

What was more important was to study the basics first which were elementary level textbooks.

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This was also true for the governments.

Compared to those incomprehensible gods and monsters they could not understand, they’d rather take in the most basic knowledge first which was more important.

This was also why many higher-ups had gathered here.

Gui Bin thought about things deeper.

The emergence of this so-called San Soliel Magic Academy was something countries would need the luck to be able to gather information on.

The country which could obtain the basic mystical knowledge first would be able to have a head start in future international situations.

From the current situation, those from the British Isles had the best luck because wizards and magic were more in line with their culture.

The location of the map was also just close by.

Gui Bin and the team leader displayed the latest information.

A slightly condescending scholar stood up and slapped the screen, “according to the existing information, I was able to conclude that this is definitely not group hysteria, but a real situation….”

This expert babbled on.

Although the people below were listening carefully, they were actually unimpressed.

The professor who was explaining in front was a psychologist who was explaining the multiple identical events happening around the world from a psychological point of view.

Although there were rumors that supernatural events were hoaxes, this was ultimately a niche perception.

Those events that happened in Kenya, Tokyo, and England, had already confirmed the existence of these mythical beings.

The only thing that made people doubt these events was inaccessibility.

This time, the so-called magic academy had appeared out of nowhere to make up for this, so these superhumans seemed to have a foundation, convincing the masses that there was a system of power that was different from natural sciences in this world.

Under this kind of situation, calling yourself a researcher of psychology and using psychology to explain magic was simply a joke.

The expert who gave the lecture may have been stupid as he could not read the impatience of the people.

He kept on talking and elaboration on his theory.

Under the eyes of the leader, Gui Bin took a deep breath and walked to the lectern of the conference room.

Seeing a ‘professional’ on stage, the people present stood up straight and had the spirit to listen.

“Chiefs and colleagues, I will get to the point.

Please look at the screen, this is information shared by supernatural research departments from governments all over the world.

After sharing information, the number of known recipients of those magic invitation letters totals to one hundred and twenty-six cases involving one hundred and twenty-six people.”

“Naturally, we believe that there are more people involved.

The ones we collected were only from those who took the initiative to contact us.

They have one thing in common, and that was that these people were not able to travel to the island marked on the map within 15 days of receipt for various reasons.

It was only then that they informed us of these mysterious letters.”

“I believe that the people who received the invitation with the ability to travel to the place marked on the map would never take the initiative to contact us and choose to go on their own, thinking that it was their own strange encounter…”

Speaking of this, the people present were unable to resist chuckling.

On modern Earth, all great powers had united to understand the unknown, so there were almost no secrets to be kept.

“However, according to experts of statistical probability, there should not be too many people, so we do not need to care about them.

What we need to do now is to strictly monitor the sea area where the event will happen, and we can know their identity.”

“By asking and investigating the people who are known to have received the invitation, we found that there was no regularity in the invitations.

In all countries and regions around the world, all kinds of people received it.

It’s said that the only thing in common between these people was their belief in the existence of magic, along with the so-called magic talent.”

“From the term magic talent, we can confirm that not everyone can master those mysterious powers, and only specific people could do so!”

Saying so, all the people present had heavy expressions.

These hundred or so people having so-called magic talent could be considered lucky.

Would they be able to master powerful magical abilities Would they gradually break away from being mortals If these people could really master mysterious skills, what kind of impact would it have on Earth's society Would the people of Earth be divided into hierarchies These were all unknowns at the moment.


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