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Horror Series 1 BEAUTY IS UGLY

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Immediately I was born, my head was wrapped with a bandage, I could not see but my mouth and nose were opened.

In a world where money, status and beauty ruled, I lacked it all. My parents were very poor and wretched people and they of no beauty. My mom decided with my dad that its best my face should never be seen for I was going to be a mocked.

I lived my life like a blind hacker, being unknown and being unable to see. I was always mocked for being poor and filthy. The world was terrible, I was glad not to see it after all.

In school, they divided the rich from the poor and the richest students always excelled with little to no effort while the poor ones suffered extremely for it.

Rich people married rich people and poor people married poor people just like my parents have.

I was always on my own at school, church and social gatherings, I had no friends as even poor kids wanted nothing to do with me. I wonder what having a friend feels like sometimes.

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